Boomerang v Boomerang: Hiring Madrox

January 22, 2018:

Owen hears over law enforcement channels that someone else is using the name Boomerang, his intended hero codename. Resolving to put a stop to that, he hires X-Factor Investigations to help track the other Boomerang down.

X-Factor Investigations

Non-descript office building in Mutant Town


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Mentions: Boomerang (Fred Myers), Jessica Jones


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Luke's bar is no more. Stark tower is in shambles. Owen is out of coke and has to stick to a budget. Which all adds up to one bored Mercer spending an inordinate amount of time holed up in his apartment working on trying to fix his battered gear with rudimentary tools while listening to his not-so-legally acquired SHIELD comms. For the most part it's miserably boring chatter that means less than nothing to Owen, until he hears something something "Boomerang" something "suspect" something "Mutant Town" something something.

"What the hell?! What do you mean? I did not!"

Owen of course sets all his gear aside now to focus on what is going on and why they are using his intended heroic codename across SHIELD comm lines. As he listens in further the picture starts to become clear. He isn't the only stick chucker in town. And what's worse the man currently known as Boomerang is involved in some shady drug racketeering business it sounds like. Owen groans as he feels his plans slipping away. The Boomerang identity was going to be a clean start. A break from being Captain Boomerang the not so notorious villain.

A good nights rest, some google searching for PI's whose names don't rhyme with Messica Moans and a terrible cold excuse for a shower later and Owen is making his way downtown. Walking through the the freezing cold streets, he consults his phone often making sure he's got the right address. It's so cold he doesn't even stop for a last cigarette outside Jamie's offices. He just makes his way in knocks on the door of X-Factor Investigations, and stands waiting outside listening for a response.


The building itself is well very nondescript. Outside of the fact that it's in Mutant town of course. There is a knock on the door and a voice from inside just says, "It's open." The office themselves are pretty basic actually. Like any detective office in those old noir films.

At the reception desk is a rather average looking man, who appears to be trying to do some filing, "If you want the boss, he is in the office at the back. You can just go right in, he doesn't have anyone else in there." There are sounds coming from the office though, but from the distance, it sounds like the TV is on in there.

Once a person gets to the office though, they will see a guy who looks exactly like said receptionist. And he is indeed watching TV. One of those old Noir movies actually. The intercom goes off in there, "Hey Jamie, I just sent someone back there, at least look professional, maybe wear pants this time."

The detective actually stands up, and he is wearing pants actually. "Come on in, ignore the guy he's a joker. What can I do for you?"


Opening the door and taking in the scenery Owen is about to ask but the receptionist obviously knows what he is going to ask and sends him through without any fuss about it. So Owen, dressed for the cold with scarf, leather jacket, pants (okay jeans) and black leather boots strides in to Jamie's office. He does the requisite double take of looking back out at the reception area and then at the PI in question. "Wha..? Who..?"

These are obviously not the important things that Owen came here to discuss but it is really strange. Twins? Why is one the receptionist and not partners? He just shakes it off and states as if this means anything:

"I'm Captain Boomerang."

Here Owen waits and makes a small open handed gesture as if expecting something from Jamie. Specifically he is expecting laughter, a couple wisecracks or something. He waits for it before continuing. "At least I was. I'm turning over a new leaf. Leaving my life of crime for a brand new day of being a good two shoe as Boomerang. Except I got a problem. Turns out that name is taken. By some two bit hood here in New York. I need to find him. So we can talk about branding and why he's stealing my shitty gimick."


Twins, or maybe Owen is just seeing things, you never know down in Mutant Town! There is no laughing from the detective at all though. He does take the offered hand and shakes it. "Jamie Madrox. Boomerang's huh? Interesting. Tough to master unless you put in the effort to do so. But they can be deadly or very useful if they are used correctly." He is of course assuming that the guy does use them correctly.

"I can help you find him of course. Noble to turn over a new leaf, something I can get behind. Do you know anything about him that can help me get started? Or am I playing this blind, and just going to cops to see what they know?" Hey any information the guy could toss his way, would help. "Obviously we are looking at someone who also knows his way around boomerangs. So that is going to help narrow it down."

"Sorry I am getting ahead of myself here. Can I offer you something to drink? Coffee or anything?" He goes over to his desk and grabs a note pad, "So once again, what do we know about this guy?"


"Really? No cracks about Australia or if I slept in late when they were handing out gimmicks?"

That's how used to it Owen is that he actually is prompting Jamie. But he quickly recovers and nods along at the rather insightful comments about boomerangs usefulness. He doesn't add that they come back, because duh, but hey it's really useful!

"I - uh. I would love a cup of coffee." Owen stops himself from diving right into it when offered something hot. It's miserable out and the chill still feels like it's clinging to his bones. "Maybe a splash of whiskey in that if you have it lying around?" Most people would be to shy or abashed possibly to just ask that right out, not him.

"But yea. I don't know much. He's active in Mutant Town, I picked up something on … a police scanner. And they mentioned something about acid. Which means the punk nuts is stealing my tech. I invented the acid boomerang!" Owen puts a little more emphasis on that statement than some would think it merits. Not quite 'I invented the piano key neck tie!' but it's close. "Which means I can probably narrow down who he's buying his tech from. And I don't mean like Best Buy, these are shady… fine, they're fences for stolen shit."


"I don't insult perspective clients, that's just not good business you know." Maybe later Jamie will have a list of insults that he can use when the case is over of course. He presses a button on the intercom, "Jamie will you please bring in a cup of coffee for our guest. Also put some whiskey in it please." There is a slight pause after that, "The good stuff."

He goes back to the note pad after that and starts to write, "So he is stealing your stuff. Or well buying it from someone. Are you sure there isn't someone else he can be buying it from? Perhaps someone can find a way to duplicate the tech that you use?" There are plenty of smart people who can do stuff like that after all.

"But it gives me a place to start looking of course. Though most of those aren't going to be forthcoming with information. So it's going to involve a stake out it seems, try and catch the guy in the act." He hmmms at that, well it may be some long nights he guesses. At that moment the other Jamie returns with the coffee, and sets it down in front of Owen.


Jamie? Isn't this guy Jamie? Are they.. both Jamie? Why are they both Jamie? Owen is glancing with a confused expression at the detective in front of him and then back out towards the reception area again. "Okay. So.. yer both Jamie? Like fucked up mutant twins or something?" The mutant part isn't meant as a dig, but it seems like Jamie's going to let Owen get away with a lot more than most people in his life so he doesn't worry about it.

He hems and haws a bit about the tech. "Yea. I mean technically, the trigger mechanism is Star Labs, and the acid blend is just a combination of stuff. I mean, he /could/ have come up with it on his own? But I'm assuming someone I bought from decided to double their rich customer base of dickbags buying supplies for trick boomerangs."

"Nah. But after one of 'em got blown up in Gotham last week the list is lookin' pretty short now a days." Owen does at this point in fact hand over a list with aliases, mobile phone numbers and addresses for three fences. "I buy most of my stuff through them. Two are in Gotham, one here in the city. I would guess it's the New Yorker, but who knows?"

"Ooh thanks." He accepts the coffee and takes a big sip appreciatively, even closes his eyes to savor the added the kick. He's kind of squirelly, and certainly looks rough with a messed up nose and bruises on his face. And he already admitted he was a (former?) villain. Maybe this is Jamie's normal clientele though. Who knows.


"I am a mutant who has the power to make exact copies of myself. My receptionist is one of my copies." He says that matter of factly of course. Like it's a very common mutant power or something. But heck even Jamie has no idea how his own powers work.

"So it can be duplicated. It can be someone who is also stealing your tech, and trying to duplicate it. But it does give me a start to work on of course." He writes down some more, "This is a special type of deal of course. So the list is short."

Man Jamie is realizing he needs to expand his own personal, he needs someone who can deal with the underground people. "I will start looking around of course. And see what I can find out." There is a look at the guy at his face. But once again nothing is said about that, nope completely nice on that.

"I am guessing when I find this guy, you want me to just let you know where he is? Don't want me to do anything before I let you know, right?"


"Yea. Just give him this phone, it's preset with my number. Have him call me." Owen produces what is obviously a cheap prepaid phone and sets it on the desk. In response to Madrox's explanation he just furrows his brow as if trying to figure out how that would work. And then he's immediately taking it to a dirty sex place mentally and so he has to shake his head a bit to refocus on the conversation at hand.

He takes a big sip of his coffee and then suddenly feels the need to clarify, "I'm not gonna kill the guy." He looks off to the side trying to decide if that sounded reassuring or worse. He meant it to be reassuring, somehow out loud that sounded a lot more like 'I totally am going to murder this man.' Weird.

"I mean, I just want to offer him a deal. That's it." Again, he's not trying to sound vague and threatening. It's just he is so used to being vague and threatening that everything kind of sounds like that now?

"But yes, if you can give him the phone and then give me anything you know about his whereabouts, his real name, what have you. That'd be great."


"Okay I can do that. Anything else that I should know?" Have to cover all of the bases after all. Everyone always goes to the sex place, and that's just wrong. Everyone is really just a pervert.

"Don't kill the guy. I would be forced to stop you. If I lead you to him, he doesn't die. He can serve jail time for what he did. If you can't agree with that one, sorry you'll need to find another PI." Maybe that Jessica Jones chick that he's heard about.

"I can deliver the phone though. That is easy enough." He reaches into his desk and pulls out a quote, "This is the standard contract. It just covers the hourly rate, and that you agree to expenses. Once you agree to that, I'll be ready to get to work."


"No. I mean it. I'm not.. I'm a good guy now. I just need to sort it out with this guy. I'm sure I can work a deal. No murdering, promise." Definitely not murder. Maaaaaaybe maim, a little though. A little. But that's only if he doesn't take the deal.

He takes the sheet and makes a few animated eyebrow raises, squinting, studying of it before shrugging and saying "Yea. Fine." He yoinks a pen, fills out the sheet and signs the contract.

"I don't know much else. There was an old photo I found online of the guy, but it's a full suit and helmet deal. Nothing to help with recognizing him."

Owen takes another big couple swigs of the coffee, no shame in letting it go to waste. "So yea, my contact details are all there." He stands and offers his hand again "Looking forward to hearing from you."


Once again Jamie shakes the guys hand, "As long as you agree to the terms, I'll work for you of course." Contract is signed of course, so that means all is good now. "I'll see what I can start to dig up on the guy, and I will contact you."

After that he stands up and goes to open the door for the guy, "I should be in touch within a few days. If all goes well of course." Hopefully all will go well. But well criminals are good are hiding their tracks of course.

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