Cold Case

January 16, 2018:

Jessica Jones picks up a new case: the 2-month old disappearance of 19-year old Kendra Walker. She interviews Alice Walker, Kendra's Mom…only to learn the prime suspect is an ancient Queen of the Unseelie Court.

Walker Mansion, Gotham City

Tasteful appointments and family secrets on site.


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Jessica had woken from her drugged stupor to a message on her service from one Alice Walker. The one who has been in the news pleading for help to find her daughter, kidnapped two months ago.

"Greetings Miss Jones, My name is Alice Walker. You come highly recommended by a friend and I would like to hire you. I know you were very busy the previous evening, but I would like to invite you to my home in Gotham to discuss hiring you. I have a driver and car waiting to pick you up at your call. The cops are useless, I need special help.?

One thing and another and the black Lincoln pulls into the loop out front. Alice is standing there with a small smile, dressed like a stablehand, waiting. "I am -so- glad you could come so soon!? Alice says in her refined English accent, descending the steps to greet her at the car door. The driver has, of course, come and opened the door for Jessica. Fancy!

Cops are useless 99.9 of the time. This is a fact one Jessica Jones has structured large portions of her life around in fact. "Certainly," she'd said. She metabolises really fast, she is no longer in a stupor, though many of her friends received enthusiastic, ridiculous messages that she will soon regret.

Quickly she showers and dresses. When she heads to that car she's in black slacks, a very nice long black trenchcoat, and a bright red scarf and bright red fingerless gloves. She had her moment to look up Alice Walker, to pull up everything she could find about the case. She even asks the driver to stop in the alley in question just long enough; she wants a quick look around. Once she has it— and determines that it's just an alley— she sprints back to the car through the snow and asks them to please continue.

Jessica is someone who can adapt fast. She has lived in every part of the socio-economic spectrum. So she offers a hand and says, "I appreciate the invitation, Ms. Walker, and I hope I can help you find your daughter."

"Me too, please come in,? Alice says as she turns to trot up the stairs and inside. She holds the door for Jessica and asks, "Can I get you anything to eat or drink? I know the ride from New York to Gotham can seem forever," She heads into the living room. And unlike many mansions hers shows it belongs to a family. She picks up a well-loved Twilight Sparkle off the couch and tosses it expertly into a bin with other toys against the wall.

"Your success rate is pretty impressive,? Alice comments as she goes to a swinging door. Inside is a kitchen and she pokes her head in, "Autumn, come meet Miss Jones, you can finish your math later,? She says and Jessica hears a very distinct and put-out, "Aaawwwwww," From the girl. But then she is there with her mother.

Autumn is also petite like her mother, but with curly brown hair and a cherub-like face. Obviously shy around strangers she lifts a hand and waves, "Hi," She says softly.

"Black coffee, if you don't mind," Jess says, with a flash of a smile. "I'm in and out of here a little more than you'd think though, and the drive was pleasant. That was kind of you, sending a car."

Jess Jones likes kids. Their presence softens all the hardnesses that creep into her face from time to time. She offers a hand to Autumn and says, "Hi Autumn, it's nice to meet you. I'm Jess. You can actually do your math? You're ahead of me by a long shot. Decimals, man, who needs those, right?" It's easy-going, the way she says it, but not overly cheerful; they've lost someone in their life and that needs to be accounted for here.

She looks back at Alice, letting her lead the way on this interaction. She has, in fact, handled quite a few missing persons cases, and they are never easy for anyone involved. It's the situation bringing out her softer side, in sharp comparison to her street battle persona, not just Autumn's presence.

Sensation smiles and nods, "I watched the coverage from last night, I figured the last thing you would want is to drive," She says before sticking her head into the kitchen. She speaks in a foreign language (Portugeuse) while Jessica introduces herself.

Autumn stares at the hand like it is a venomous snake behind glass, fascinated with wide eyes but also kind of scared. "I like trig," Autumn says after a moment with a little smile. Alice looks back and sees the hand, "Oh! Autumn has a thing about touching other people," The mother explains with a strained smile, used to the explanation.

"It's okay mom, she's gonna find Kendra and maybe it'll help," Autumn is very soft spoken, but she has an American accent. Alice shows surprise but watches as Autumn takes and shakes Jess' hand. There is a shock when she does, like rug scuffing or balloon shenanigans, and her eyes widen a bit. "Hi," Autumn says after a moment, barely squeezing before dropping Jessica's hand. Is the girl autistic? She is avoiding Jessica?s eyes too.

"Over here, Petre is getting Tea and your coffee ready,? She is English after all. Alice moves to the couch and gestures for the PI to join her. It's a people eater couch, the kind where you never want to leave. Autumn curls up against her mother, watching Jessica thoughtfully.

"Oh hey, she doesn't have to touch me if she doesn't want," Jess says, very, very conscious about that. Autumn takes her hand before she can withdraw it, and she allows that to happen for just 10 seconds before she withdraws. But Autumn decided it for herself, so that assuages her consciene. She looks solemnly at the girl. "Nothing wrong with not wanting to be touched. I apologize."

Jess takes it in stride either way. On the spectrum, traumatized, shy, her mind ticks over the possibilities without any particular concern. She joins Alice on the couch and brings out some real high tech equipment…

A notebook and a pencil.

She clears her throat and says, "I've a long list of questions for you, do you mind if I jump right in? Some of them might not make much sense to you, but they will have a reason. Hopefully none of them will offend you, but I want you to know I'm not judging. I'm just gathering information. I'm probably going to take a lot of avenues the cops don't take, but that's why I'm here, right? And eventually, I'm going to want to start the hard work of investigating, which means I'm going to need to do some deep digging. I will tell you I don't guarantee results, no matter how impressive you think my stats are. Some people just cannot be found. However, I will not leave any stone unturned, either. If there is an avenue for finding your daughter, I'm going to make it happen. I also want you to realize it can take longer than you think. The case is cold at this point. It could take months. It could take years. I will always keep you appraised of what I'm doing and why, however, and I'll be able to give you solid information on the avenues I'm trying and why I'm trying them. Fair?"

"It is indeed why you are here," Alice agrees solemnly as she wraps an arm around Autumn. The girl is watching Jessica thoughtfully and with a little smile. "It won't be that long," She whispers with a glance at her mother. This causes an obvious reaction of surprise and Alice's attention focuses on Autumn

"what did you see, lovey?" She asks her daughter, taking her hand without any worry.

Autumn smiles sadly and sighs, "Nothing. Just it won't be long now.?

Alice looks up at Jessica and gives her a wan smile as Petre brings in a silver tea service, complete with English cakes and sandwiches and a gigantic mug of coffee. He smiles warmly and he looks to be Portugeuse as he sets it down, pouring two tea cups and then setting the coffee on the side table by Jessica. He retreats and Alice says bluntly, "Autumn is a mutant. So is Kendra. Autumn has precognitive abilities and telepathy," There is a sad but proud smile on her face. Autumn bites her lower lip and looks pleased but embarrassed. "I'm not hiding anything. I want my girl back. Ask anything," She leans forward to make her tea and Autumn takes a cake for each hand.

"I was going to ask if Kendra was," Jessica says, glancing contemplatively at the young lady. Well, if she were a telepath she wouldn't want to touch people either. She almost warns Autumn about the very painful anti-telepathic security wards all over her noggin, but decides the precog might well know. She didn't just go barging in, anyway, which means Autumn is officially the most polite telepath Jess has ever met, and she's met quite a few. Well done, Autumn; Jess' esteem of the girl rises.

"Any reason to suspect she might manifest teleportation, interdimensional travel abilities, phasing…?"

This wasn't where she was going to start, but since they're already here she might as well work this thread for a moment. "You said there was no ransom, how did you come to the conclusion she was kidnapped?"

Sensation shakes her head and says, "She could give objects life. Make a statue dance, the floor act like liquid to make openings, things like that." There is a pause and she sips her tea as Autumn eats cake. She certainly is a waif of a thing so the calories can't hurt.

"At first they thought she had run away, but she had so many things that she or we had planned. A dance was coming up and she was asked to it by a boy she fancies," The mother smirks a bit at the memory. "We were going shopping for her dress when she got home. With her friends from school. And she was in a play at school, the lead, and so many other things she was in the middle of,? Alice sighs as she finishes and sips from her cup again.
Jess makes her first bullet point to do list note: check sewers/underground/subways or whatever is under that alley. She didn't find any doors before, but if Kendra could have made one by accident, or have been forced to make one, that's an avenue.

"Can you walk me through the day of her disappearance?" Jessica asks. "Everything from her activities and the times as best you remember them, but her moods too? Looking forward to shopping or no, was she stressed that morning? Anything seem off? Just everything you can remember."

Sensation nods slowly and grows quiet as she watches Autumn drink her tea and reach for another cake. "Uh uh," Is all she says and the child takes a sandwich instead. Autumn continues to look at Jessica with curiosity.

"She yelled at me for taking her hair clip that morning," Autumn says with a serious nod and frown. "She said it was Jake's favorite. That's her boyfriend," Trust the younger sister to have good dirt. "I told her she wouldn?t get to go to the dance anyway and she threw her brush at me," That's not surprising among powered siblings. "She made it chase around brushing my hair till we left for school." She seems done speaking now and eats her sandwich neatly.

"So there was that," Alice chimes in. "The morning was fairly standard. I had work, the girls got ready for school and were just fighting like normal. In the car Kendra was talking about what color dresses she was hoping to find, asking if she could get henna for the dance, and talking about how her friend Laurie hadn' found a date yet." A pause while she sips. "I dropped them off at Crest Hill Private Academy just down the hill. Then I went to work…here," She reaches and picks up a folder from the coffee table. It had blended with the other family clutter. "These are the transcripts from the police interviews with her friends as well as the people they canvassed."

"Good, this will help," Jessica says, taking that. With a bulk of her questions answered by this file, she smiles faintly at the hairclip incident. "I'm going to retrace a lot of their steps just to see what they missed, but."

She taps the folder. "There's some things they might have done that I can't do without your legal permission. I'd like her phone records, stretching back six months. If she has her own bank accounts I'd like to see bank records. I'd like any email accounts and passwords you know about, and I'd like to look at her computer and take a look at her room. I'd like you to call your cell provider or hers and ask for a cell tower dump."

She's writing rapidly, adding more to-dos to her own list. "I want to look at some of this before I even leave here today."

She looks at Alice frankly. "And I'd like your permission to interview Autumn a little bit more, given her abilities. And Autumn, I'd like yours." Autumn is a minor, either one of them could shut that down and Jess would respect it.

And then she meets Alice's eye. "This is why I think the police have stalled, ma'am."

She waves an expansive hand around the room. "They see 'woman has money' and they jump straight to 'it must be about Alice Walker's money.' But since you haven't had a demand, that's no longer any kind of a possibility. Nobody waits two months. Or if they do, they're way more patient than I've ever heard of."

She ticks points off on her hands. "It could be about you, but the motive isn't money, but revenge, mental anguish, torment."

She ticks off another point. "It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with Kendra. Police probably worked that angle at least somewhat adequately, but we'll see."

Another point. "It had nothing to do with you or Kendra; it was a crime of opportunity, or part of a pattern of crimes— that last is a search I'm going to start as soon as I get back to the office. There might be dozens of girls mostly fitting her profile that never made the news because they weren't Kendra Walker. Or, final possibility: this was not a kidnapping at all. She hit her head and wandered off in a fuge state. She lost control of her powers. She walked into a wormhole— which is more common than you might think. Any of those could have produced a disappearance that she didn't want to make happen. Though running away is still a possibility too, because sometimes runaways act more chipper and normal just to throw you off the scent. And even kids who are well-treated sometimes run away for stupid reasons. What I'm going to be doing is trying to narrow all these possibilities down."

Sensation pulls a phone out of her pocket and nods, tapping buttons and swiping quickly as Jessica speaks, "Luckily I have all that. I am not specialized, but I'm used to looking at big things to find the tiny important bit. Chemist as I am I thought maybe…" When Jessica mentions revenge Alice's lips thin in a line. ?I…? She seems uncertain of something.

Autumn glances at her mother curiously and then to Jess and back. ?You can tell her,? Autumn says simply between bites of her second sandwich. Alice eyes her daughter with a raised brow.

"Well then…" Alice says and her eyes go from Autumn to Jess and back. The girl nods a bit at being asked for an interview and so Alice says, "Sure. Autumn can't force her precog. And all she has been able to figure out is Kendra is fine and waiting,? The last word seems to puzzle Alice slightly.

"I'm afraid revenge is likely the case here. I need to show you something else. And then I'll tell you why I couldn't share it with the police,? She leverages herself up from the couch of devouring and heads for a door that mostly blends with the wooden walls. It was a ring for a handle instead of a nob and it is tucked in the shadows beneath the staircase leading up.

"Come see the family secret…" She opens the door and walks down a flight of steps. Autumn giggles and grabs another cake when her mother heada down.

Jessica Jones nods as if she's not at all surprised to find secrets. She didn't lay that out in the list of possibilities, but Alice might well get the feeling it is because she was setting up a quick ambush question. This is because she looks pleasantly surprised not to have to. Fine and waiting? Good to know. "I only want to ask about other visions you've had, Autumn, not ask you to force new ones."

But for now? The family secret is the one that has her interest. This is about to tell her a lot. This is something the police didn't get.

She leaves her coffee as she's led down, unsure what they're about to find. Her notebook gets tucked back into the pocket of her trench, for now.

Alice heads down into a basement that appears to connect to the kitchen. A root cellar is opened and she goes down more stares. Then she tugs three times on the dangling light switch. The cement wall on the right slides open a standard doorway width. Alice leads the way through and into the room.

There are pictures from seemingly as far back as the 1800s as well as a fancy oil painting of Alice, a much older man, and a small child in clothing and style from Victorian England. Newspaper clippings from the time of The Guard are framed in shadow boxes with bits of memento. Alice turns around once she is standing by her suit, arms crossing, and gives Jessica a lopsided and slightly uncertain smile. "Tada!? Jazz hands.

"Huh. Did not see that coming," Jones admits, but…she takes it in stride. Well, this explains how she got Alice's attention. "Thanks for the healing yesterday."

A crooked grin, a sparkle of excitment.

She can fly!!!

She will always have a spark of affection for this woman for helping her discover that one.

She walks around the suit a little bit, gazes at the photographs thoughtfully. "You're older than you look," she observes.

"I've never heard of your particular identity— I didn't even catch your moniker yesterday— but you're thinking this is related to one of your alter-ego's enemies. Got any theories as to whom? Definitely going to need the other half of the Alice Walker story now."

"I figured," Alice says with a little chuckle and smirk. "And you're welcome. It's a lot. I'm over 200 years old,? She says and watches Jones' reaction to -that- one. She loves those. "I'm a little surprised, but it was ten years ago," The woman sighs as she sips and considers just where to start. She stares at the suit as she does and finally, "I was a founding member of The Guard. Britain?s version of JLA or maybe the Avengers. We were government sponsored and sanctioned. We dealt with things the government couldn't, yada yada. Over close to fifty years people came and went. I was always there and till the end. Many are dead now…actually all of them are as far as I know. I'm the only living member left," There is a great sadness in her eyes as she speaks, eyes going over the pictures thoughtfully. "A little over ten years ago one of our own betrayed us. We were dealing with an extra dimensional being who was corrupting people. Odd thing is that it set up shop in my the town I considered my own, Manton, Britain. I spent much of my life there. Being forever young until recently garnered attention, so I hid in a country estate…anyway, it had possessed or corrupted all those in the village. We had a mystic with us who was finally going to give us an edge…" She trails off and takes a drink. This part seems hard.

Jones' reaction is to take her notebook back out, and to jot it down.

Despite all her grousing and griping and swearing yesterday, when she's in Detective Mode there's little she can't take in stride. Alice might be the oldest she's met, but she's not the only person she's met who is over a century old.

That is a lot of time to make a -lot of goddamn enemies.- That is mostly her very pragmatic reaction.

Extra-dimensional beings and mystics? Well. Jones seems completely comfortable with those, too. She might have to fly to the UK to get to the bottom of this; she makes a note of that, too. She's keen eyed, attentive, quiet. She lets Alice take her drink without any interruption whatsoever. She's familiar with needing to pause, to collect thoughts, and this is not a happy story.

"Autumn was just beginning to speak. And she looked at me and said clearly, which three year olds don't, 'Remember the vault at home,' then went back to playing with her blocks…" Alice says with a shake of her head. "The first hint was Nuke not showing up right away at the convergence point. Turns out the being, it called itself Mab, had seduced him. He came running up late saying he had seen Mab at the orphanage. Devouring children. So everyone mostly didn?t hesitate. The orphanage was my old country home. I'd converted it after the second World War," She pauses and sips.

"Mab was waiting and down as he had said. Nuke…he grabbed Mystery's head and…he can make explosions. I'll let you guess what happened to Mystery. She was our mystic.."

"Like Queen Mab? Or no connection or coincidence to that? Or rather— was it actually Queen Mab of the Fae, or was this just an affectation, or a name that this thing had taken that has no connection to that?" Jessica asks. She grimaces. Yeah, this is an ugly picture indeed, and now she just watches Alice, switching from furious notetaking to something more empathetic and attentive. "And yeah, I can guess. Please, go on."

"We were still unsure, but it seemed like Queen Mab of the Fae, Mystery was going to verify for us,? Alice makes a face and moves to pull a scrapbook from a shelf. She lays it on the workbench next to her disassembled water gun and opens it to an overhead picture of a mostly decimated town. It is part of a news article about the destruction. "Conan was our lead and tough guy, he just went crazy. The others didn't know if they should attack Mab or Nuke…" Alice licks her lips and leans against the table. "Conan and Nuke went out it in the courtyard, the possessed attacked us, and we had to retreat into the building while Nuke and Conan were outside. Mab cornered those of us who survived, myself and Crazy Eddy and Chance faced off beaten already to shit. She offered us power if we served her. We said no and she just smiled. Then the air siren went off, she waved and vanished, and Conan screamed over the comms, 'He's gonna blow.' Nuke had never been able to pull off more than gas tank size explosions. Big and nasty sure, but he had Mab's power. I opened the cault which I had converted into a bomb shelter during the 80s Russia missile crisis. We got inside as he went off…we all got mega-doses of radiation…"

"I'll see what I can do, I have some contacts in the mystic community," Jessica says. "Getting whisked away to the Unseelie Court would certainly explain the lack of evidence or contact. Time moves differently there than it does here, to boot, if that part of the lore is true— I'd have to ask, but that could be having an impact."

The detective steps up to have a look at what Alice is laying out for her. She quickly scans the article, frowning. But she is still keen on letting Alice tell this story at her own pace. At the moment the woman is laying it all out in intricate detail for her; she may have questions again but as much as possible she wants to hear the whole thing without any interference, even from her very own person.

Alice frowns deeply at that possibility and nods slowly, "Nuke had never reached that level. Nothing was found of Conan or Nuke. They were presumed dead. I survived only because my body instinctively creates anti-radiation chemicals and I heal faster than most. I was in a coma for two months and when I woke I was reviled by most of Britain."

"Got it. You took the fall because you had the absolute gall to live," Jessica says dryly, thoughtfully. She has noted all of this down. It is all a start, deltas of possibility which all will converge on one river of truth sooner or later. "Who else knows knows both of your identities, Alice? Who else did know? You came here, you started over, 9 years later your eldest disappears…I don't suppose, since they're dead, I can have the names and dates of birth of the team members who fell?"

Alice smirks a little and goes to a file cabinet. As she does she says, "Ten, but yes. To the day of the explosion now that I really think on it. I've been running from my past. Ah, here we are," She pulls out a folder and pulls out an very fine legal piece of paper. It is an honorarium of Knight status with the names of The Guard, but for her. Dates of service and death. She places it in the combo printer tucked in the corner.

Jessica appreciates a client who is utterly prepared. It makes her job so much easier.

"Excellent," she says thoughtfully. This is a lot to sort through, but it's a big job. "Did you start receiving any death threats, disturbing messages, see anyone following you or your daughter around, anything strange in the days prior to Kendra's disappearance?"

This still might not even be the problem, but the Queen Mab angle is definitely one that's going to receive some of her time. It's unfortunate Zatanna's library is locked up whenever the witch isn't at Shadowcrest, or Jessica would pop right over and give herself the Mab refresher, to boot.

Alice shakes her head sadly as she hands Jess the photocopy, returning the original to the cabinet. "No…everything was as normal as you can get." She says and picks up her cup, finishing the tea. "So after I woke my husband and the British secret service had set things up in America. A senator here, someone I don't know in SHIELD. About 10 people I think."

Ten people. Ten people is a lot of people. And Alice isn't even sure who they are. She exhales. Her best contact in MI6 just got disavowed. Not ideal. But SHIELD she can work with. She has the contacts, she can work her way backwards.

"Alright," she says. "Let's go have a look at Kendra's room, let's see what I can find on her computer." This is going to be a long and complex case file.

But she remembers Autumn. "Sweetie," she asks. "You were having visions pertaining to this. Can you tell me about the place where Kendra is waiting? And what you saw when you told her she couldn't go to the dance?"

They head up the stairs and Autumn looks up from watching Bill Nye. She turns off the tv and hops up with a nod, following the adults. "It isn't always seeing. Sometimes it is feeling. Kendra was calm and just waiting with a minor impatience. And then when I told her about the dance I just…I didn't know why I just did," Autumn says as they head up the stairs.

The room has been returned to normalcy, though it is obvious police came through. "The police just returned things after cataloging it," She says. "Password is on a post it already on the screen."

"Handy," Jessica murmurs.

And it is.

She starts there, rapidly logging in. She opens e-mail, browser history, checks to see how recently that was deleted, combs through files, looks for anything out of the ordinary. She isn't a hacker, but she is savvy enough to check the recycle bin to see if it hasn't been emptied yet. She pulls up messenger logs, Facebook histories, any account with a saved password, she's in it. Making notes, reading it all with a dispassionate air, looking to see what, if anything, jumps out at her, if any conversations or exchanges or web searches are weird, break pattern, indicate something amiss.

She checks dates and times pretty carefully too. And calendar; ye gods calendar, though she asks, "Was Kendra more a paper calendar keeper or was she pretty attached to the electronic one? Or did she keep one?" Not everyone does.

While she's doing all that she pulls out a Stark Phone. It's working well again, though she's still noticed some blips. "Morgan," she says. "I want you to do a full search of public missing persons reports in Gotham City within the past six months for any other girls who went missing in a similar fashion to Kendra…ages…we'll try 15 to 20, we'll try…no bodies, evidence, signs of struggle…bonus points if they disappeared in an alleyway. Let's see if this might be a larger pattern while I'm doing this."

From the phone, Morgan Freeman's voice. "Excellent, Miss Jones, on it."

This girl is a twitterfacegramchat girl and there is a lot to go through. "You can take it if it will help," Alice says as she leans against the doorframe. "But everything was there or her phone. And her phone vanished and hasn't been turned on," Alice says.

In the last two months she had made a new guy friend at school. Lots of selfies doing stuff, a shared kiss a month before she vanished, and relationship status updated to dating him.

"It's okay if her phone vanished. Android or Iphone?" Kid is either on Google back up or iCloud, and with these passwords? Jessica can pull either one up on a new phone. "Just order a new phone for her," Jessica says, "and we'll use the backups to see what we can see as far as texts, phone calls, contacts, all of it. But I will take it with me." She closes it up.

She switches out fingerless gloves for skin-tight black ones and begins a thorough evidence search of the entire room next. She has an evidence collection kit, though she doesn't bother taking prints or the like in here. She's just scouring every inch. It's the last thing she'll do here today before she goes and inputs all this into a case file that will give her a reasonable series of steps; these are the preliminaries, and as preliminaries goes they're very good ones. Usually she walks out with about a quarter of this, if she's lucky.

Alice watches from the doorway as Autumn plunks down on the bed. She seems fascinated by what Jessica is doing, "Why don't you use disposable gloves?" She asks just as her mom says, "iPhone." She glances as Autumn and smiles a little, but the teen doesn?t seem to care. The young girl kicks her legs and pulls an old teddy from by the pillow, squishing it before handing it to Jessica. Bears aren't supposed to had corners in them…

"I don't like the feel of the latex," Jessica says honestly. "And some of the police detectives do wear these. I don't deal in a lot of blood. When I do, it's latex all the way." PIs still don't handle too many murder scenes, even given the sorts of cases Jessica works. She has, though. She certainly has.

She quirks an eyebrow at Autumn as she's handed the teddy, and feels around to try to figure out what's going on there. "Good instincts," she tells the girl. What's inside and how can she get at it without destroying the stuffed toy? Is there a zipper? Has someone already cut into him?

"Iphone, good, the iCloud's not bad. If you have an old iPhone you're not using anymore I can probably get that up and running right now, assuming her password is the same. If not I'll have to get a specialist on that bit."

The bear has a zipper…in its crotch. A hidden one, but it is there. And inside is a diary. Autumn probably would make a good detective one day. The girl smiles, pleased, as Jessica eyes the bear.

Alice actually frowns and stands up. This is obviously new to her. "What is it?" She asks with sudden intensity. This is new and potentially life-saving as far as the mother is concerned, but she waits for the PI to look it over first.

It is indeed a diary though no lock is needed, she hid it after all. It is all dated within the last year. Beautiful drawings and sketches riddle the sketch diary as well. An entry from a month ago is of a woman given unearthly beauty in a gown with crystal fractals lacing through it. In the background is a blizzard and she stands unconcerned, holding out a hand to the reader. It is definitely the most creepy, but also beautiful, page in the diary. Underneath the title simply reads, The Snow Queen.

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