A Matter of Concern

January 21, 2018:

While at the X-mansion getting packages, Lorna and Darcy run into Rahne and Piotr


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Lorna should have been going to get a medical check out. Should have been getting everything in order for the baby. Jean wasn't giving up on pestering the green haired magnokinetic over her choices to have the baby in Genosha, but Lorna was stubborn. So when she left Genosha for an afternoon, it was to pick up a few packages she'd had long ago shipped to the X-mansion.

Boxes and boxes of baby things, and prep for the Wedding. No one was shipping to Genosah, so the X-mansion had to be the best bet.

Stored as they were in the staff wing, Lorna had to carry them down to the basement where the portal lay. For the moment, she was taking a break, sipping a cup of hot chocolate as she perched on the edge of a couch in the staff room.


One of the doors in the hallway opens, letting someone out of an office. Bare feet are nearly silent against the floor whether touching hardwood or carpeting. Bare feet are also clawed and covered with a light layer of fur.

It's Wolfsbane, so it's probably no surprise. She tends to spend a lot of time in her midform, a matter of choice for her. Pausing to sniff at something, curiosity leads her over to the staff room where she pokes her head in through the doorway. "Och, Lorna?" she begins, looking and sounding mildly surprised. Probably, she wasn't expecting to see the green-haired woman here. "Whit's going on?"


Lorna? Carry boxes? Not alone!! Darcy doesn't admonish her friend for the manual labor, but the human does hussle to take as much of the burden as she can with naught but her own two hands and a fair bit of sassy sass to try to distract Lorna from the fact that Darcy is even trying to keep Lorna from carrying things. Box in her arms, Darcy looks up at the new voice, green eyes wide for only a heartbeat.

"Just carting boxes about. Wanna help?" chirps the human, bright smile to help smooth over her grand plan of Do Not Let Lorna Carry Heavy Shit Unless It's With Her Freaking Mind


Lorna look up from nursing her hot chocolate, she hated the cold that was covering New York. It made her miss the tropical heat of Genosha, which she was slowly becoming addicted to. It was one thing that she'd fallen in love with at the island, it was the little things that made life bareable sometimes. A grin was flashed to Darcy as the woman continued to sass her. "Hey, I mean, if they were metal boxes that would be one thing."

Then came the greeting and the green haired woman twisted around, a grin flashed over her features and she got up from the side of the couch. "Rahne! Oh my God, it's been years! How are you?" She gushed, it was a rare sight for the green haired girl, who found a matching shift of fashion over the years from her old high school classmate. Lorna rarely gushed, but here she was.

Maybe it was the chocolate, and sugar rush. Maybe it was the pregnancy hormones.


There's a flash of a smile from the wolfen woman, clad in her somewhat flowing outfit that would be a departure from what some remember Rahne wearing. Maybe she stepped out of a Renfaire or something like that. "Has it been tha' long? I'm..I'm well. An' ye? I heard ye've been around Genosha, an' ye're expecting?"

A few questions right off the bat, with a pause for a peek toward Darcy as she enters the room the rest of the way. She's seen or at least heard of the woman, but the name, the name..oh, right. "Hullo, Agent Lewis," she offers more politely.


"Pssht. Fucking please. Darce's fine. Or Darcy. Or Sassy Ass. Or You With The Tits. I fucking gives," Darcy replies to this Rahne. She does settle the box down to offer a hand for a proper handshake. Because that's proper and polite and nice. Plus, Darcy's firmly in the #MutantLivesMatter camp.

"You want more hot cocoa, Lorna?" Darcy asks to her friend then, because she's happy to go make some for… Darcy turns back to Rahen.

"Would hot chocolate make you sick? I'm not trying to be rude, but I was going to offer but you've got a canine like appearance? And I know that doggos are allergic and I don't want to make you sick or anything. I could make some tea or coffee or something else for you?" Darcy, rambling!


A soft laugh escaped Lorna and she sheepishly glanced down at her stomach, and shoved her hair back behind an ear. "Eh, well, yeah. I guess the rumor mill has been alive and well around here. Jeanie has been on my case to stop being in Genosha and to have the kid here. Which, isn't happening." She snorted and rolled her eyes as she glanced down at the hot chocolate mug and back to Darcy.

"You know I care less about the contents of what I'm drinking and more just using it to warm my hands, right?" She joked and looked to Rahne. "The boy that's responsible for this state of being has the ability to warm up things. He's a natural heater. And Genosha is tropical. It's killed my ability to not whine while I'm here."


Wolfsbane's expression goes from polite and pleased to see people to something much more reserved when Darcy gives her a variety of choices when it comes to what to call her. "I'll stay with 'Agent Lewis' for noo, I think," she replies, crossing her arms after only the briefest of handshakes, meant to be little more than a moment of contact before she can withdraw. What got under her fur?

"Genosha's no' safe, an' it's nae place tae raise a child or even have one. Ye'd be much better off staying here. It's less dangerous." Less hot and humid as well, at least part of the year, but just imagine someone fuzzy in tropical weather. She's still looking mildly uncomfortable and distant as she shakes her head at Darcy. "I can handle it, an' I'm no' a..'doggo.'" Oh yes, she's miffed by something.


Eesh! Darcy gives Rahne a nod and a smile, though it's a bit more reserved than before. So, she turns her attention to Lorna, her smile once more bright and chirper.

"Yes, I know. Still, if it's cold I'll go make you a fresh cup to warm you up!" Darcy offers happily, ,before turning back to Rahne, seemingly having forgotten the other woman's miffedbysomething demeanor.

"Still happy to go make you one, if you want."


+MEET: Piotr Rasputin has arrived via +meet.


Lorna groaned at Rahne's agreement with Jean's words and she rolled her eyes. "Right, because the house that explodes once a month, in a state that's talking about mutant registration laws.. is so much safer." She drawled and finished off her mug, handing it off to Darcy with a grin.

"Yeah. Yeah.. More coco is needed. I'll have some more." She made to settle down once more on the edge of the arm of the couch and scratched at the back of her head.

"Genosha isn't that bad.. I mean, sure there are a few loose Sentinels, and the Magistrates.. and Zealot.. but I mean, it looks like it can be done and finished in at least two months. That gives us another six or so to work on rebuilding." She shrugged and looked some what sheepish. "Hopefully I won't have to ship everything I need to here by then."


Fortunately for Rahne, the fur hides much of the coloration in her cheeks and ears that she's feeling in the wake of Darcy's choice of words just before. However, the body language still reads as uncomfortable, put off. Without her explaining anything, however, she isn't helping them figure out the problem.

"Genosha's still an active war zone, aye?" she asks Lorna, trying to make a point that way instead, like it may appeal to a more reasonable way of thinking. "But even if no' there or here, Muir Island's safe an' th' area is pretty as well. I'm sure ye'd be welcome tae stay there for a while." No, Lorna's mentions of what dangers are still around in Genosha didn't much help things there.

Finally, she adds for Darcy's benefit, and with a mild sniff and shake of the head, "Thank ye, Agent Lewis, but I'll get something later." Oh, she's gone /way/ formal all of a sudden, then she plucks at one of the longer flaps of her outfit, something else to focus on.


Mug in hand, and with no one in this house having Lorna's back, Darcy frowns lightly.

"No. She's made her choice. Ya'll can get with the fucking program and support her or she does this solo, capiche?" Darcy blurts out, annoyance and protectiveness for her green-haired friend more than apparent in the tone of her words and the scent of almost aggression rolling off the human.

"And suit yourself on the drink. I'm going to the kitchen," she says, waving herself out and heading for the door.


Pete has been out working in the garage, his makeshift studio space for a few hours now. It's one of the few places around the mansion that he can successfully get quiet time to himself to focus and get away from it all. He is still dressed in his studio clothes, a plain white tee shirt with various bits and blobs of paint and stains, and a pair of tan canvas pants likewise decorated.

Hearing the topic of conversation as he walks in he smiles. "Da Lorna, you should have known coming back home would just open you up to more concerned worrying speeches."

He is distracted by Rahne though and he opens his arms for a big hug. "Rahne! So good to see you again. I didn't realize you were back to help us convince Lorna to let us help her."


Lorna colored faintly, "I'm fine in Genosha, really. Rahne. I've got a bodyguard there that won't even let me lift a hand when things go south. And it's good politically for me to be there. I can help stablize the council, and bring some sympathy to those on the edge of the fence. I'm there to help control Magneto's tendancies. And yell at him when I feel like it." She smirked faintly at that.

Though there was some darker emotion in those green eyes' of hers when she spoke of her estranged father. Not many people knew for sure that he was her father, and she certainly hadn't advertised it.

"But thank you for the invite." She glanced toward Darcy as the brunette went off on Rahne and she winced. "Darce, Darcy. Down. It's fine. She means well." She smiled weakly, glancing toward Piotr as he entered and the smile warmed.

"I know. Jean has been talking my ear off in Genosha and she's promising me a kitten if I move back home." She drawled, "But I had to get the packages I ordered online. No one ships to Genosha."


"Lorna an' I have known each other for years noo, so dinna come in here an' tell me how tae act, Agent Lewis." All of a sudden, just as Piotr's starting to enter the room, there's the hint of an actual growl out of the wolfen woman. "An' another thing. Ye should watch yuir language when ye're a guest in someone else's home. It's verra rude o' ye tae be going around swearing like..like some sailor." So now it's becoming more clear what caused her to turn standoffish with Darcy instead of warming up to her.

She steps aside, all the better to let Darcy go if that's her decision, a lingering frown marring her features. Even as Piotr comes in and tries to offer the hug, she withdraws a little further by wrapping her arms around /herself/ instead. "Och..hullo, Piotr. It's nice tae see ye as well, but apparently it was a mistake tae offer any advice." She flashes Lorna a somewhat apologetic look, murmuring afterward, "It's yuir decision, really. I'm sorry for getting in th' way o' it."


Not offended at all by Rahne's reluctance to give him a hug as apparently he just stepped into a rather more spirited version of the debate than he expected, Piotr just shrugs it off. He understands Rahne to a certain point, as Darcy is certainly an acquired taste for some and the situation with Lorna is difficult for many of the members of the team to grasp.

"You aren't the first to be overprotective of Lorna Rahne. Agent Lewis in her way is just doing the same. We all care about her."

Here he addresses Lorna, "But you are not a student any longer. Some of us older folks may tend to forget that but surely you know that we are all just wary of anything to do with Magneto or Genosha. So the combination sets us all on edge."

"But enough of this concerned old woman talk. I hear Marcos has returned? Then you will be making plans down there?"


Told to stand down and with Pete in the doorway long enough to arrest her immediate departure, Darcy calms.

"Yeah. Sorry, Rahne. This place feels more like home than my own apartment some days. Haven't been back there since Christmas. I'm pretty sure the landlord's about to evict me anyway. What's being homeless when there's a country to help stablize and mutant rights to secure, right? Right." Calmer, but still prickly. Darcy turns to Piotr.

"I'm going to the kitchen to make Lorna some more hot chocolate. Lemme know if you want some," she says to the big man, waiting just long enough for a aye or a nay before she turns and makes her way out, head slightly bowed and tension on her shoulders. A guest. Ouch. Knife to the heart, but Darcy was asked by Lorna to stand down, so she's removing herself for however long it takes to make the hot chocolate lest she say anything else to make Lorna's day worse.


Lorna offered Darcy a sympathetic look. It was honestly Darcy's sailor's mouth that let her take down her walls enough to try to trust the Agent. A mumbled thanks about the hot chocolate had her leaning back on the couch and folding her arms over her middle.

"Don't apologize, either of you. It's fine. I'm fine. Really. It's been a rough few weeks, but I'm feeling better now. Honest." She exhaled a breath, "And I know you all just care about me and the kid. It's okay. I'll be annoyed when you all start playing keep away though when it comes to me doing anything physical." She muttered dryly at that.

Of course then Piotr was commenting about Marcos and she colored. "Did Alex or Scott tell you?" She grumbled, and rolled her eyes the Summers boys could not be trusted to keep anything to themselves. "Marcos and I are just trying to get through the day by day. We haven't set a date or anything yet."


Her stomach rumbled for a moment, and she winced, a hand dropping to her still flat middle and she frowned. "Oh no, no, no, no. Kid. Give me hot chocolate and whipped cream. Pizza is already a no go." She rose and grimaced, suddenly looking vaguely green.

"Someone tell Darcy no whipped cream nex time." She made a noise at the back of her throat and she made a bee-line for the bathroom.


"We just want th' best for ye an' yuir child, that's all," Wolfsbane explains, giving evidence to the place she's coming from in her worries and concerns, initial strife with Darcy notwithstanding.

Then, a grimace as Lorna's body is suddenly reacting poorly to whatever she's had. Oh, she's definitely giving her a wide berth to keep her from being held up.

And so it leaves Piotr and Rahne alone, the shorter mutant rubbing the back of her neck self-consciously. "Right, then."


Piotr is about to make a similar point to Rahne or just agree with hers but is interrupted by Lorna having to make a break for it. He quirks an eyebrow and watches her curiously as she runs by him. He watches the door as if it's going to make that move make any more sense to him, but obviously that doesn't happen.

He slowly turns to Rahne and says "Okay. So, let's try that again. Rahne, welcome home! When did you get back in? I am glad to see you back and looking well." His tone is a bit more formal now even, after she didn't seem to be /super/ friendly mood earlier. Maybe he needs to approach more cautiously?


Wolfsbane faces the tall Russian, brother to Illyana. "A few days or so. I was over in Scotland again for a few things," she explains, arms still mostly wrapped around herself before they loosen and move back to her sides. "I think th' agent an' I got off on th' wrong foot. I hope ye've been well?" It's small talk, but it's something. It's a start.


From the kitchen, the sounds of Darcy making something can be heard.


Piotr was familiar with Rahne, at least as a student and member of New Mutants, and remembers how conservative she has always been. Her current outfit gets a slighty confused look, but he isn't about to bring it up. He shrugs and says "She asked me to dance naked for her the first time we met. She is .. unconventional. Something tells me that if you apologize and move on, it will be fine."

He offers the antectode as a way of explaining that he isn't maybe the best person to ask for how to understand Darcy, but there is no judgement or annoyance in his voice.


"..she did /whit?/" Wolfsbane looks rather aghast at the idea of someone making a request like that during a first meeting. Now she's /very/ thankful he's seeing her in the fur, because it definitely hides the blushing. "Och. I know I'm no' th' shy, wee slip o' a girl I was when I first got here, but I'd never ask someone tae do /tha'/ even if I knew them well!" She may not be judging, at least not specifically, but she's definitely on the side of shocked.

Quick in her attempt to change the subject, she wonders, "Uhm, so whit have ye been up tae around here?"


While Pete may have thought the request was outrageous, and to be fair it was to be a stripper at Lorna's bridal shower, he isn't embarrassed to bring it up now. He just shrugs and says "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I simply meant to say that you are not alone in finding her a bit outrageous. I believe she enjoys this."

He looks around as if that will help him answer. He shrugs and says "I have been teaching, and starting to paint and work in my studio again. And also infuriate Lorna by showing concern. That last one is my personal favorite." He grins, he is the inveterate older brother who can't help but show concern and worry, but at least he can also joke about it.


All things considered, even with her newer tastes in style, Wolfsbane still seems like she has a ways to go before she's more completely out of certain shells she's been in. "I think I can see this noo, aye," she confirms as far as Darcy liking to poke at others goes, or whatever the motives truly are.

"I always did like yuir paintings," she adds, now fiddling with her hands and a few claws, glancing down toward them in the process. She may see him as an older brother she's never had, given some of their past interactions. "It's natural tae be concerned about someone else's safety when they're pregnant. Noo there are two lives tae be thinking about."


In the kitchen, having not found any more sandwich meats, Darcy instead found not paper thin but not super thick cut steaks in the fridge. It would work. Steak sandwiches are totally a thing. She pulls out the counter grill she saw and sets about grilling the meat while cutting veggies for sandwiches as the water boils for the hot chocolate.

A large serving tray is set out onto which Darcy is setting things. A stack of plates. A stack of four mugs, including Lorna's - freshly washed. A stack of napkins. A plate of lettuce and tomatos and pickles (because preggo, amirite?). A plate with a stack of bread slices. The squeeze-me jars of mayo and mustard and ketchup (becuase ketchups is the SHIT on sammiches, yo!). And a plate for the steaks when they are ready. Knife and the kettle to hold hot water, the canister of whipped cream and the container of hot chocolate mix…

Darcy is about ready to make her return!


Piotr just smiles as it seems like Rahne has at least figured out that it's not just her that is riled up by Darcy. He smiles and says "I am not saying I will ever know what to expect from her. But merely, it is not what you would expect." Does that make sense? Sure. He seemingly gets distracted by that train of thought by the smells emanating from the kitchen.

"Well, feel free to stop by the garage. I have set up a little studio out there."

He is distracted enough by the smells now to lean back to look towards the kitchen.


Sniff, sniff. Wolfsbane's brows scrunch together. "Whit is she making doon there?" comes the question as the two talk a bit longer, giving time for the cooking to proceed. "I'll have tae come see soon, though. Every time I'm away from here for a while, it feels like there's a lot o' catching up tae do. New people around, others no' here, people changing.." Like her.


The last of the steaks cooked and her serving tray set up, Darcy hefts it with the practiced skill of a once broke girl who worked as a waitress in a diner once upon a time. She carries it, one handed, back to the staff room they are all in - now minus a Lorna. The tray is hefted over head so she'll fit through the door way.

"Full tray, coming through. Beep Beep," Darcy calls out ahead of herself so in case anyone was in the doorway they could move and give her clearance to get in and get to the desk or a stack of boxes or something.

"Yo. Where's Lorna?" she asks, green eyes sweeping about as the tray is sat down and her offering available for display.


"I believe she is currently throwing up."

Piotr rather succinctly sums up the situation. He of course is not bothered or concerned enough to not eat. He puts together a sandwich with a smile at Darcy. "So Agent Lewis. Have you had any progress in discussing the Zealot situation with SHIELD?"

He indicates the platter to Rahne and implicitly offers her to join in. Again, he either doesn't realize this isn't for him, or is being willfully ignorant of that.


Wolfsbane is well within the room by the time Darcy returns, and while the aromas of what she's brought with her may appeal to the Scottish mutant, she's still taking a somewhat cautious approach with how she reacts to the brash woman. "Lorna was no' feeling well. She may still be in th' nearest bathroom."

Of course, she's giving the tray of food an extra long look.


"Aw shit. Really?" Darcy blurts out, brows pulling together as she looks toward the direction of the restroom. Clearly, it's already slipped the SHIELD Agent's mind NOT to curse around Rahne, but at least it's clear that it's because of worry for Lorna than try ing to get a reaction out of anyone. With Piotr helping himself, Darcy steps back from the tray, motioning for them both to have at.

"Maybe I should go get some chamomille…" she muses softly before turning her green gaze to Piotr. There's an unhappy and ruefull smirk at his question.

"Yeah. If by discussion you mean ignored emails to the Head Honcho? Total progress, man. I swear to God, I am THIS close to up and quitting, blasting my Facebook with just how stupid they are for this," Darcy retorts, leaning back on the sofa's armrest, arms folded under her chest unhappily.


Pete digs in, even before Darcy gives permission. He smiles and thanks her for the food, and then it kind of dawns on him that it was probably for Lorna. Oh, well that makes more sense. He is a bit more sheepish now.

"Would quitting and blasting your facebook be helpful?" See, now if Illyana asked that, it would be biting sarcasm. From Pete, it's actually a genuine question. He plows into his food with happy abandon.


Wolfsbane remains polite enough to refrain from eating anything unless invited to, since she's not the one Darcy has been trying to dote on. Far from that, in fact. There's only a mild grimace when another swear is heard. As far as things go, it could be worse than the occasional 'shit' being uttered.

"She probably had a bad reaction tae something. I'm sure she'll be fine in nae time." She remains ignorant of the matter Darcy and Piotr begin to discuss, standing by a little awkwardly as a result. "Quitting SHIELD?"


"No. Probably not," Darcy replies to Piotr, eyes watching how much is being eaten and weighing that against Lorna's potential want to eat again after throw up. Not very likely. More food will be made later. For now, let these two have it all. A weak smile is turned to Rahne.

"Maybe. I've been trying to get something, anything going, to help the situation in Genosha, from when I was first told there was an issue. But it was deemed something that SHIELD couldn't touch because of some stupid UN thing. Crooked politicians in someone's wallet, if you ask me. I just sent SHIELD's main Boss a nastigram with all the crap that's been going down in Genosha. Pictures, Videos… Anything I could think of. Making it clear that I got hired because I cussed out a contingent of Agents for not evacuating a pet store when they were told to clear out all innocents from a town under fire… to have THIS happening on their watch, when one of their own is asking for help in the capacity to which I was promoted, your Liason. It's bullshit. And I don't think I want to work for a place with such blatant hypocracy and douvble standards. HYDRA almost seems a better option. They'd at least have no qualms squelching the side they felt was wrong. Sucks that they are like Nazi-bad so calling them is not a thing that will happen EVER, but you know. SHIELD needs to stop up their game. And.. that reminds me. I need to ask Lorna if she got those store houses hit or not. I'm pretty sure that by now SHIELD used them or moved them."


As Darcy explains how it is she came to work at SHIELD it's as if a light goes on over Piotr's head. Yes, that actually explains a lot. He has a bit of trouble following all of what she says, because it's Darcy level of expostion, but he nods anyway.

"I am sure it is difficult to get a government agency to act against a sovereign nation. No one is expecting a miracle. Is there anything that would help our case? Perhaps we could … discover something." Did Pete just offer to do something not quite legal?! No. He really meant that he would offer to track down some evidence that would sway SHIELD in their favor, like legitimately. Again, someone else might have meant something more devious, but it's Pete.


"Tha' all sounds like a lot more than I can help wi'," Wolfsbane admits while chewing at her lower lip briefly. There's probably a reason she isn't involved in matters related to the government. "But..for whit it's worth I hope ye can find a solution tae it tha' satisfies ye." Since it seems the food will need to be eaten by someone and not just Piotr himself, she gravitates toward the steak-related portions.


Darcy smile at Rahne, shoulders lifting then dropping on a sigh of resigntion.

"Thanks, Rahne. I apprecitate it," she says, one hand coming up to scrub at her messy brown locks.

"Hmm.. If you can think of something more than the shots of that last explosion and the faces of those innocent kids and families I evacuated, I'm all ears," Darcy tells Piotr, sighing again.

"I'm just frustrated. Told not to help, then that I'd be disavowed if I got caught, and then this radio silence.. It's gotten on my last nerve. Worried about Lorna…. dealing with… soemthing personal and trying not to go off about THAT. It's got me testier than usual." Darcy pauses, before pushing away from the sofa.

"Ya'll eat all that. I'm going to make sure she's okay and gets to bed for a nap. Piotr? If I could beg a favor? All these boxes need to get tot he Genoshoa portal, please? Baby stuff, and all. Thanks," she says, blowing a kiss at the tall man before waving out and leaving for the bathroom.


Piotr is used to being used as the mutant forklift. He nods at Darcy and says "Of course." waving at it as if it's to be expected now.

"And we will find something that will help compel them. Perhaps we can more information on whomever is launching attacks like the little robot spiders." He frowns at her talk of being frustrated and getting nowhere. "And perhaps it would be better from an outside source? Not to put you down Darcy. Just maybe we need to feed them information through another intelligence agency for it to have more official impact."

He keeps his thoughtful furrowed brow as he continues to demo the steak sandwiches. His serious demeanour is somewhat undercut by the happy mhmm noises he makes.

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