Plushie Kittens Not Knives

January 20, 2018:

Jean follows through on her threat to visit Lorna.

Genosha, Lorna's Room


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Genosha had been more or less quiet as far as further attacks went since Jean had last called Lorna. Though Scott had made an appearance via the Blackbird, and Marcos had returned… Lorna had also had an eventful visit with her half-siblings, who as far as she knew were still on the island. Just not near her chambers. Magneto had move to the Spire and the living arrangements from the military base were a significant step up. No more cobbled together furniture for Lorna and Marcos it would seem.

When Jean arrived it would doubtlessly gain mutters, side long glances, and no small amount of disgust or annoyance from the Acolytes. But there were more than a few mutates that the red head had passed which were more than thankful and seemed heartened to see the woman pass through.

Someone would escort Jean to Lorna's rooms where the green haired mutant reclined on the bed, a knife floating barely above her finger and spinning there in an idle manner. Lorna looked better than she'd sounded a few days ago, only a few shadows ringed her eyes at this point. She wore a pair of sweat pants and a black tank-top.. and her mind was a tangled mess of emotions. Anger, depression, and no small amount of hurt lingered, and was more than a little obvious to anyone with even a hint of telepathy.


Jean is all pleasantries and smiles despite the feelings of disgust and annoyance she can feel creeping off of the Acolytes. A pair of boots, tight fitting pants, a high-necked sweater, and a leather jacket with an X-Symbol on the side made it clear that she was here as an X-Men and she wanted the followers of Magneto to know it.

"Playing with a knife is probably not the best choice with how you're feeling." Jean said as she stepped in the room, reaching into her jacket to remove a small plushie of a cat, "Trade you?"


Lorna shot Jean a flat, dry look over the edge of the knife and she sighed, tossed it once and held it out toward the redhead by the hilt with ease. "I'm not going to cut myself on a knife Jeanie." She rolled her eyes and accepted the plushie of a cat with a raised green eyebrow.

"What's this? You know I haven't even planned a baby shower yet? Because if this is for the baby, it's about eight months early.. I think. Maybe seven?" She tilted her head and winced. "I should really get that figured out sooner rather than later.." She muttered and sat up, heaving a sigh.

"Though I think planning a wedding and securing Genosha's borders really get priority.." She added on, mostly to herself.


"Well, it's a kitten and it's cuddly." Jean replied with a little grin, mostly brushing off Lorna's concerns about a baby shower and any matters of timing, "I thought it would be the next best thing to a real one."

Taking a seat on the edge of the bed as she accepted the knife and sat it down on the table, she looked towards Lorna's stomach, "Or maybe you've got it backwards? The Institute could use an extra Instructor, and it would be a much safer environment to nurture a baby. Cause it's, not in a warzone."


Lorna eyed the kitten plushie and turned it over, "Aw, but it's not even one of those cool ones where you squeeze it and it turns into a vicious cat. A real one would've been so much cuter…" She sighed, plopping back against the mattress and dragging her hand over her features. A glance spared for Jean and a sardonic look flashed over her features, along with no small amount of stubborn determination.

"Right, because the house that explodes every other week is safer than a war zone. They're talking about passing the mutant registration act again Jean. I'm not having a kid in that country." She grabbed a pillow and propped her head up with it, watching the red head. There was a certain instability in Lorna's mind. She was close to a downwards swing emotionally, a tipping point that she'd balanced on for sometime.


"I suppose you're too old for a trick like.. move back to the Institute and you can have a kitten to work." Jean tried to lighten the mood but couldn't help but sigh a little, "Besides, it's been at least two or three months since the Institute almost blew up and registration? It's not going to last, they'll find something else to worry about next like why guys like Superman fly around without restrictions placed on them."


Lorna rolled her eyes, grinning, "I dunno, I like kittens, and if I wasn't already going to be dealing with something keeping up at all hours of the night soon.. maybe.." Her grin faded a little and she exhaled a rough breath, her hands closing around the kitten plushie as she turned the thought over in her mind. Marcos would love to move into the Mansion. He'd be happier. To be able to train with the X-men, to get better at his powers and know that Lorna was tucked away safe and sound with a baby?

He'd be over the moon.

And Lorna would be miserable.

Or at least, she'd convinced herself that much.

"How can you be so sure it won't last this time Jean? I heard Pietro and Wanda speaking, they're not going to stop their attacks. People are going to get more riled up. And I mean.. it's already bad for those with open mutations. At least here I feel like I can make a difference. That I can build a future for my kid. Now. Not … two or three generations down the road. That maybe, the bigots and racists will come around.." She shook her head.

"I love you guys, but I couldn't 'move back home and have a kid'. Do you know how lame that is?" She joked, rolling her eyes. But any humor in her voice was forced.


"Lorna." Jean frowned just a little bit as she looked at her friend's face, "This is what they want. We've both seen what can become of the world if it's driven to the brink, the oblivion that faces us all. The emptiness, and sorrow that comes. We've seen it too many times as members of the X-Men."

"Pietro and Wanda need to be stopped. They're not just terrorists, they're mutant terrorists and that endangers us all. If Scott, and the others don't want to take action. I will, Lorna. The longer this continues, the worse it's going to get." A sigh escaped her lips as she stood up from the bed, "I can sense, I can't convince you to leave this all behind, but I'm not going to give up until you do."


Lorna paused, frowning as she sat up on the bed, the pillows sliding to rumple beneath her as she clutched the stuffed cat to her chest. A frown marring her expression and her brows furrowing. "That world didn't start because my father made a place for mutants to live on their own, Jean. It started with Apocalypse. My father was a hero in that world. So don't go telling me that this is wrong." She pressed a hand to her lower stomach, exhaling a breath and closing her eyes briefly.

She could feel the baby, sense it, through her powers and with every spike in her emotions, it was like a bright spark behind her eyelids sometimes.

"Pietro and Wanda.. they're flawed. I know, Jean. What they're doing, attacking random people is wrong and they're making it worse." It was the lines of nonviolence that had been repeated to her throughout high school. And saying them felt like route memorization. There was now a lack of belief that wasn't there before. Lorna's mind was too busy screaming that they were her family, that they deserved a chance to be something more.

And how she'd be damned if she saw them thrown into some mutant hell hole of a prison…


"Lorna, I know this is hard. I'm not saying this is that world, I don't ever want it to be but it should be a lesson." Jean shook her head, not enjoying the fact that she was having to speak ill of her friend's own family, "Your father, he could have been a hero in this world to, but he chose not to. Registration? It's the kind of thing someone like him wants. It will drive mutants to Genosha, to him. Then he'll wage war, because we both know."

Jean was fighting to keep her voice from cracking, "He wants mutantkind to rule this world, and he'll have his army and a cause to give them to fight for when they've fled their homes."

Her temper was rising, and her fists balled together as she turned away from Lorna, "We've given our whole lives to see a world where humans and mutants can live in peace. I'm not about to give that dream up Lorna, and I'm not going to let anyone jeopardize it."


Lorna watched the redhead become more impassioned by the moment, her brows furrowing as she watched Jean from over the edge of the plushie cat. Her lips twisted and Lorna let her friend run through her whole rant. Never once interupting her. She exhaled a breath, and sat up again. Her head lowered as she played idly with the edges of the cat's ears.

"I'm not saying that my father isn't a sociopath with a complex manic super-villain like agenda. That's.. that's not what I'm arguing Jean.." She grimaced.

"I don't want mutants to rule the world, not even close. But I don't think that humans and mutants will ever co-exist peacefully without some sort of external pressures to unite them. Something that they fear equally, because I don't see understanding and compassion wearing them down anytime soon.. And soon is what I have to work with Jean." Her lips pursed together and she sighed heavily.

"I didn't want this kid, but it's coming regardless. And I have to have a world to bring it into. And I don't want it to grow up scared or ever to feel ashamed of who and what it might be. I don't want that Jean. I want Genosha to be a home, a place where I can raise my kid and it can go to school, and just be without having to be scared. Without having to hide." Her voice choked up and she blinked back tears that seemed to well up from some spring inside her. Lorna hated crying. Hated it with a passion. And here she was, tearing up over nothing.


Jean wasn't quite sure what to say to Lorna, but she didn't wish to upset her more; especially not in her present condition. Moving towards the bed she learned down to give Lorna a hug, "Don't worry about it right now, just try to get some rest. Okay?"

There was so much she wanted to say, so much she wanted to convince Lorna of but she couldn't right now. She would show her though when she had the means.

Her first step would be exposing Magneto…


Lorna heaved a breath, furiously rubbing at her eyes. Even as Jean sank down beside her and wrapped her arms around her. Jean was on the short list of acceptable people that Lorna didn't mind hugs from. Marcos, Piotr, and Jean. Really short list in all honesty. Maybe Darcy if Lorna was really bad off.

So the green haired mutant sank against the redhead none the less, her shoulders slumping heavily.

"I didn't want any of this Jean, I didn't.. But I have to do it. I have to." She squeezed her eyes shut. What that 'it' was, well, it was a jumbled mess even in Lorna's mind. Expose herself to the world as Magneto's daughter. Support her father to secure Genosha's borders. Step up and put her all into leading people when she didn't even know how to take care of herself.

It was a lot, and it was tangled up in the complicated emotions of her hatred for her father, her anger, and hurt at his abandonment. The new revelations that Pietro and Wanda were in fact her siblings… somehow. Marcos leaving. Marcos' return. Wedding. Baby. Her mother's death. The fact that she'd killed her.

Small wonders Lorna was falling into a depressive episode that was spiraling horrendously. Perhaps Jean's demand to come to Genosha was perfectly timed all along.

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