House Crasher

January 18, 2018:

Danny meets his random house crasher Owen and the two discuss Luke's bar and future plans.

Rand Manor

The largest private residence in Manhattan located in Gramercy Park. 4 Floors, 37 rooms, and couple amazing showers.


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Luke Cage, Emery Papsworth, Jessica Jones

Mood Music: Hypnotize - Notorious B.I.G.

Fade In…

Owen hadn't planned on sleeping in. He had threatened Luke with early morning badgering about his plans for rebuilding the bar and shutting down whoever the hell this Fisk person is. What Owen hadn't taken into account was the fact that he has been going from fight to fight for four days straight, with only the most meager breaks in between. Ever since the blackout he's been camping out among the SHIELD folks, borrowing credentials to keep an eye out and try to see what he could do. So between gangsters mowing down Shooky in Gotham, military black ops trying to steal Kennis and two rounds of bear infested tech with a surprise bonus of Joker's goons, Owen is toast.

Waking up at the crack of 7PM in the evening ensconced in literally the nicest bed he has ever slept in Owen blearily tries to take in his surroundings. He slowly rouses himself from the delicious nest of luxury linens and pulls on a pair of sweats and a tee shirt from his duffle bag. His once blood splattered uniform has of course been cleaned and hung in the closet by Emery. In fact he realizes that all of his clothes smell way too good. And they were folded! What is this magic?

Coming out of the room he quietly starts peaking in doors, trying to remember where the kitchen was and which way Luke headed. He is acutely aware of the fact that he is out of place and while that normally wouldn't bother him, he is infringing on a friend of Luke's and Emery's boss so he at least feels a modicum of self-consciousness.

"Luke? Boss? … Emery? … Kennis?"


There's a sound that sounds incongruous given the lush surroundings of 19 Gramercy Park South. Despite the fact that the city is a mess, the house's generator supports it just fine. Well, with a chunk of the rooms closed off. It's a big house.
Still, the last thing you expect to hear in the halls of a fancy-ass Midtown mansion is the Notorious B.I.G. Specifically, 'Hypnotize.'
The door to the basement is ajar. Down the steps is a fully equipped gym. In the middle of the mat is Danny Rand, who moves through a series of slick ninja moves to the beat of the music. Music that is ear-splittingly loud.


Moving through the house takes a while, but he can hear the music and it's obvious as he makes his way lower in the house where it's coming from. Having not seen hide or hair of Luke or either Papsworth he makes his way towards the noise with one small detour. He stops in the kitchen for another bowl of the fantastically good bread pudding from last night.

Descending the stairs, munching on his dessert / breakfast / dinner, Owen is surprised first to see what the basement consists of, and then even more so that Danny appears to be a really competent fighter. It takes Owen only a few moments of watching to realize that he's more than competent, he's much better than Owen. Hunh. Rich people hobbies.

"Yo! Rand! Sorry, to crash last night. You .. uhh.. seen the big guy? He was lookin' a little worse for the wear last night."


And for a super white kid, he can actually move. To the beat, even. Some people have all the talent.
Well, maybe not ALL the talent.
"WHO ARE…" beat, "Hey, turn the music down." The AI chirrups in understanding and the volume drops to 'background' rather than 'minor hearing damage is happening and you don't even realize it.' "Hey, uh, who are…ohhh," he snap-points. "Are you the guy Emery texted me about? Luke's friend?" Yep, he put that together all by himself. He steps over to a table and grabs a towel to dab at his neck. He also picks up one of those fancy stainless steel water bottles with the Rand logo. He shakes his head regarding Luke. "No, but he's been sort've down since what happened at his bar."


"Oh! Yea. Sorry, I'm Owen. We met at Luke's at the Christmas party.." You were wasted. Owen doesn't say that last part out loud, but he is certainly thinking it.

Owen continues to munch on his food through out talking. "Yea, I wouldna crashed but the blackout and I uhh.." Does Rand know about Emery and Luke being metas? He's a fighter so it's not super unlikely but regardless Owen doesn't get into the whole fighting at Stark tower bit just yet.

"Yea, that shit needs to end. I mean I thought he was just blowin' off some steam, but now I'm straight up worried. He needs to get his head back on straight and you don't know it, but it pains me to say this, probably cut back on the sauce until he can crawl out of this hole."

Owen is loathe to suggest anyone cut back on any bad decision ever usually, but even he admits Luke is in a bad way right now.


Danny steps a little closer to Owen and rubs the sweat out of his labradoodle-curly hair. He squints at him and then whether he places him or not, he says, "Oh yeaaah. Welcome, man. I know places with heat and lights are in short supply right now. I'd turn the whole place into a shelter if I could, but there are some…security issues I need to be careful of." Including Emery and his kid. And, well, himself.
He frowns a little at talk of Luke and the sauce. He nods slowly. "Well, the good news? There's only so much booze in the house right now." He's forgotten he owns an entire wine cellar. He forgets about a lot of stuff like that.


There you go. Owen just kind of up nods as the recognition sets in.

"Yea, I appreciate it. And I get that must.. be an issue. I know that yer keeping Kennis safe here and that's great of you to do. I'm sure Emery really appreciates it. I saw what happened when his place lost power." It's also like the least a billionaire could do, but that goes unsaid as well.

"Ha, well that's good news for Luke but means I'm not sticking around." Owen is mostly joking, as he wasn't planning to stay anyway. But he is serious about the fact that just because Luke needs to lay off the sauce, he has no plans to do so.

"He talked to you at all about what happened? Apparently his bar was targeted. Wasn't some random thing. He's spewing nonsense about not doing anything about it, not even trying to reopen or something. I told him I was going to kick his ass to get him in gear, but I think I might leave that job to you." Here Owen indicates the workout that Danny just apparently finished or was interrupted during.


"Luke needs some time to work through it. It was more than just a bar to him." Which is what Danny deduced with his great powers of…deduction. "Give him time? He'll come around." He manages to sound like a sufer dude dispensing wisdom. It's both sage and totally flaky at the same time.
He tips back the water bottle again. "We kicked a hornet's nest. But none of us were expecting to be stung like that. I've been warned that I'm probably next, but I have good security." And, as his exercises demonstrated, he can (shockingly) take care of himself.


"Oh." Owen takes another look at Rand, and sees him just a bit differently when he mentions the 'we' kicked a hornets nest. That gets an slightly more impressed nod from him and gives Owen reason to cut him a little slack on his ideas on dealing with Luke.

"Yea well, I'll see. I don't care if he wants to get pissed or wasted or really any kind of fucked up that works for him. Hell, I'll help. But I'm gonna take exactly zero amount of him sad sacking around. I know exactly what the bar meant, and why. I just.."

Here Owen tries to sort out his own feelings and realizes that maybe it is a little more complicated. And maybe he can't quite verbalize why hopeless Luke bothers him so much.

"I want to see him come out of this okay. That's all. And… I kind of want to blow up something of Fisk's now." Because blowing things up is how normal people deal with their feelings in a healthy way. Obviously.


If Danny was smart, he would be watching what he says around Owen. But he's a trusting sort. Emery let him into his house. Luke invited him to his Christmas party. For him, that seems to be enough. He doesn't have a paranoid bone in his body, even though he probably should.
"Don't worry. I'll help him get out of it." Because despite everything, he's sort of a cheer factory. Optimism, thy name is Daniel Rand. "I'm going to help him rebuild the bar, one way or another."


"Alright, alright." Owen grins as Rand suggests what he was hoping he would, without Owen even having to prompt him. And he's glad that Luke has someone else besides Jessica that will help when push is going to come to shove.

"And count me in for helping. I don't just mean the bar. Obviously, I'm gonna help figure out how we make Luke's Bar two happen. I mean next time we get to kick this guy in the hornet's nest.. or whatever." Yes, he's mixing metaphors but just like last night, he's eager to bring the fight right back to Fisk. Of course he, unlike Luke or others, has very little to lose. His one surviving family member is someone Owen doesn't even know is related to him.

"Ya missed me in full costume last night, but apparently I'm doing the hero gig now. So giddy the fuck up. Let's wreck this piece of shit's world."

Owen is obviously very unclear on definitions like 'hero' or whatever Luke and Danny have been doing. He knows Luke has been using his powers to help people in crazy circumstances and it sounds like Danny is a part of that.


"Costume. Uh, right. Um…" Danny looks around his gym. "Maybe uh, don't tell people I can fight? I should've locked the door, but I forgot you were here." He looks sheepish and rubs the side of his neck. He's obviously really, really bad at this secret identity thing. He DID wear a ski mask when he was out the other night, at least. And a hat with a pompom.
"If Luke and Emery both say you're OK, you're OK with me, but…it kinda goes without saying that a lot of stuff you might see could kinda…screw me if the wrong people found out?" He shrugs and takes another drink from his water bottle. "Although my part in the Fisk thing was a financial blow rather than a…" he chops the air.


Owen just kind of shrugs it off. He says "Oh sorry. Yea no worries. I'm good with secrets." Ugh, boy is he ever good with secrets. From many people. For many reasons. Isn't he? Okay maybe only certain secrets.

"Oh! Ha! Yea, I guess. I just assumed because Luke…" Okay, maybe he's not so good with secrets. Luke made it sound like he was in a super hero brawl, so Owen assumed secret ninja Rand was a part of that 'we'. But he at least knows about Luke, right? Maybe.

"I was working on some tech to help with that. My uh.." He laughs a bit realizing he's already just spilled it so may as well talk about it. "My mask had tech to screw with facial recognition systems, help keep other tech or cameras from matching your face digitally. Course, I just busted my only prototype last night… and my only place to work on it blew up… so I'm basically no help what-so-ever in that area, right now."


"I'd offer some help on that front, but even my sophsiticated generator can only run basic household systems," says Danny. Then, a beat and a bit of a sheepish look again, "…or…that's what I've been told. I'm still trying to figure out technology. But hey, the speaker that you talk to like the Star Trek computer lady is pretty cool, right?" He's the only Millenial who sucks at new tech.


"Yea the AI's cool. But just a heads up, apparently it can be infected by dark magic to murder everybody. Happened at Stark's. It's what caused this crazy black out. I think." Owen has yet to confirm this, but he's ninety-nine percent certain that he recognized the shadow magic from his two attacks working on the Stark tech.

He does quirk an eyebrow though at the fact that a billionaire CEO is impressed with any of it. Most rich people seem to not notice anything like that, let alone enthuse about it.

"Well. I'm good with tech. If ya need something figured out. Even if it's just like synching random shit in yer house so that it communicates. I owe ya one for letting me crash. And for that shower." His face gets a bit of a dreamy look at the mention of the shower. Life changing washing experience there.

"But I should head out and track down Luke. At least text Jess and see if he headed that way. Thanks again for letting me crash. I'll be out of your hair.." Why did he bring up the hair? He was doing so good not staring, not even making eye contact for fear that it would somehow hypnotize him.


Danny is quiet for a moment after Owen's words. Then, he wordlessly snakes over to a spot on the wall, extends a foot, wraps it neatly around his leg, then pulls the plug out of the wall. The light of the smart speaker up on the shelf fades from bright green to off in a slow extinguish. Then he kicks the cable off his leg like it was a piece of clingy seaweed at the beach.
He looks back to Owen. "It's good, right? The rainfall thing is kinda life-changing. Better than actual rainfall." He says that with a straight face. That's not a quip. And if his glorious poodle mop is hypnotizing anyone, he doesn't seem to realize it.


Owen can't help but smirk as Danny starts unplugging things. Normally he would say that's crazy, but he has spent the last two nights fighting magic infected tech so maybe not a bad call. He nods his approval at Danny, "To be honest, it's not a bad call right now. I have a SHIELD comm back up in my room. Once they give the all clear.. I'll let ya know." Why does he have SHIELD comms? Let's brush over that.

"It is good! And the jets from the sides and like… ugh, seriously. I told Emery I wanted to marry your shower." Well, he was actually a bit more dramatic and crude than that, but something about Danny's goofy innocence keeps Owen's darker humor in check. For now.

He picks up his bowl and starts to head back up now. "But seriously. Thanks again."

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