The Return of Eclipse

January 19, 2018:

Marcos returns and Lorna isn't okay.

Genosha, Lorna's room


NPCs: Frenzy



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Lorna, Magneto and most everyone else had moved out of the military installation to another building that was larger and more spacious. Gone was the ramshackled furniture and tiny, sparse military room for Lorna. Now she had 'quarters' that weren't an embarassment for someone to actually call them that. Magneto had given her something that she thought of as excessive to say the least.
But it didn't matter all that much to the green haired mutant. She sat in the center of the room, in a blank tank-top and shorts. Her hair a swirl of magnetic energy that held most everything in the room up in the air by several feet. She herself sat off the ground and cross legged.
Immediately to the notice of anyone though, was the fact that there dark shadows ringing Lorna's eyes. The woman hadn't been sleeping much if at all. As well as the distinct lack of a little black ring on her finger.
Marcos himself would recieve a cold greeting by the Acolyte that escorted him into the complex and directed him to Lorna's rooms. They had noticed Marcos' sudden departure, though Lorna hadn't said a word. Magneto knew, and by extension so did the Acolytes.
Marcos being gone was simply the price he needed to pay. As far as he could say he deserved, he knew he didn't deserve Lorna. He made a sacrifice that no doubt damaged their relationship, though now was the time to repair it. Once he sees the Acolytes, he says nothing. greeting a cold welcome with a cold meeting. Soon, when he arrived at their room, the door opens and Marcos walks through with his bags. Judging by how he looked, he didn't sleep either.
"Lorna…" he says softly, dropping his bag on the floor. He had metal on him, so she could fling him at a wall or some such, but Diaz had his eyes on Lorna. "I know..I don't deserve you. You don't have to forgive me or even look at me…but that's how desperate I was to find you." he stands a few feet behind her.
"I'm sorry." she could see his sorrow. he knew what he had done.
The room snapped with magnetic pulses and the lights flickered once over head as everything slammed down with a crash of furniture. Lorna was on her feet the second that Marcos was inside the room and his bags were on the ground. She glared, her features colder than before. "You lied to me, Marcos. For months. You didn't say a word about what you did and what they had over you." She swallowed a hard lump in her throat and didn't move toward him, even as he neared.
"You didn't tell me and tried to keep me in the dark. We're supposed to be a team, aren't we? Us? You and me? Isn't that what the ring you put on my finger is supposed to mean? You left and you went back to work for the Cartel. A bunch of horrible, sickening, drug dealers, murderering flatscans that wanted to use your mutation for themselves and you told.. me.. You told me that you hated that life." She hissed. Her jaw tight and clenched as much as her knuckles turned white.
Marcos was stone silent as she spoke. He knew he crossed a personal line. "…I have no excuse." He approached her then. "You mean far to much to me to let you stay captured…they had info..I made a deal…this was my price." He sighs then. "And I didn't want you to come with me because I didn't want…I didn't want to endanger our child." He states then, though he doesn't mention he kept her safe.
"we are a team. To me, I'll be at your side even if you hated me. I love you." He says then, teaching for her clenched hand. "I'm sorry Lorna." He noticed she wasn't wearing He wedding ring…
Lorna's features twisted and pink dusted over her cheeks with a heat of anger. "That's a bullshit excuse, Marcos. I can take care of myself. A bunch of flatscans with guns? I can handle them with my eyes closed." She snarled, trying to wrest her hand away from his grip. Her lips pursed into a thin white line, as she shook out her hand.
"I'm in a war zone if you hadn't noticed and I'm just fucking dandy. Sentinels, snipers, Zealot.. you didn't think I wasn't in danger already? I'm not pissed that you cared Marcos. I'm pissed that you lied to me and that you left me behind on some vague idea that I might get hurt. I didn't do that to you! I brought you to Genosha despite my fears, despite my worries that you'd get hurt. That it was too dangerous. And you wouldn't give me the same consideration." She snarled. Her chest pounded as she turned away and paced, her arms crossing over her stomach.
Marcos seems to just listen to her spout her words of hate, but her last sentence sent the cool-headed Marcos into a rare, but brief fury. A clench of his hands and a heat wave touched everything in that room -except- Lorna, objects steaming but not catching into flame due to a careful restraint. "I KNOW!" He says then, his hand loosening as he paces a moment too. A shake of his head then before he does what he always does when he's, upset…he looks Lorna in the eyes. "I know. I'm a fucking selfish moron." He says then with a quiet rage against himself.
His hands fall to his side. "Because I'm an asshole who cares -way- too damn much about you to actually give a logical damn about my own demons. -anything- else you would like to cover?" He says then, lowering his head.
"I'm sorry…I just…." He shakes his head as he just looks beside himself.
The magnetic fields rippled around Lorna as Marcos exploded with heat and light from his hands. She was jarred from her anger, her pacing, her cicular thinking and hurt. She just stopped and stared, even as the curtains in the room smoldered as much as the carpet in a heated ring around Marcos. She stared, her jaw falling open as she gaped.
She didn't flinch, or otherwise act fearful.. just surprised.
A rough exhale followed and she turned, grabbing the pillows from the bed and yanking off a blanket. "You can have the bed. I'll be in the side room on the couch." She murmured, her expression closed off and tight. Her lips pursed and her brows pinched into a thin line of thought.
Marcos sighed as he and Lorna stared each other in soft silence, but when Lorna grabs stuff, Marcos shook his head. "Absolutely not. I have the couch." He says then, as if to turn her right back around. "I fucked up, now I pay for it." He says to her, though his hand touched hers. "Lorna.." his apology was heartfelt..but despite Lorna's desire to be independent (stubbornly so) Marcos could match it easily.
Lorna glared at him as he blocked her way to the side room, they had a side room now, an actual sitting room with chairs and a table and Lorna had yet to figure out what the hell she was going to do with it. Still, her grip on the pillows and blanket didn't relent, awkward as it was as he came up and brushed his hand against her own. "Stop it. Just stop trying to coddle me Marcos. I am sick and tired of it. I'm done with sitting on my hands while everyone else around me does something. I am not going to stand for it anymore. I'm pregnant, not an invlaid. You want the fucking couch? Fine." She made to shove the blankets and pillows into his arms.
Clearly she was enraged not just by Marcos' return, by his leaving.. there was a lot of other factors and he'd found her on edge already.
Marcos says nothing at her rage as she turns and shoved the pillow and blanket into his hands…though truthfully, he was not going to be sleeping. He -hated- himself….he likely wasn't going to be sleeping until he and Lorna shared a bed again. He turns around then and walks through the door, realizing his words fall on deaf ears. "I love you Lorna." Is all he says before he sits on the couch, running two hands through his hair, looking over as if to see if his necklace was still on the floor.
She took off her wedding band…she must hate him, he thinks.
Lorna swallowed a hard lump in her throat as she stared at Marcos, his words driving a knife into her heart and she wanted desperately to sink into his arms and kiss him. But anger was easier than being sad. Than crying. Than admitting she hadn't slept since he'd left. She didn't even go for the mattress. Instead there was a bang as the dresser flew open and she pulled out a sweat shirt. It seemed Marcos wasn't the only one that planned to not sleep.
Considering that they had moved buildings.. there was no necklace for Marcos to find. Only plush carpet and a cleanliness that screamed it wasn't Lorna that kept the rooms neat.
Lorna made for the door, slamming it shut behind her as she stepped over Marcos' bags and left.
Marcos heard that door slam..and he thought long and hard. Goddamn it Marcos…before he realized he wasn't going to lose her like this. So he braved his jacket from his bag and followed her from a distance, though he was determined to earn her trust back. He loved her. Were it his choice, he would wish that he and Lorna were incapable of lying to each other…
Even though Marcos is the devil this time. He looks for Lorna then, brown eyes looking for his fiance
Lorna hadn't gotten far, just down the hall by the time that Marcos exited the chambers she now had. The lights flickered as she approached, went out and turned on once more. It wasn't as if he could miss her. Though as she stopped at the end of the hall to an elevator there stepped out one of the Acolytes, a tall woman in armor. Lorna was scowling and huffed something, the look that crossed the green haired mutant's face was one of contorted rage.
Frenzy, if Marcos remembered her name as he approached, remained still and unmoving. There had been an attack a few nights ago. Lorna was most definitely not going out without an escort. No matter how much she raged and demanded it.
Lorna walks off into town, and Marcos follows. Despite protests, he also likely gets an escort. He needed to make amends with Lorna.whatever the cost.
With his passing, people felt a sunshine on a cold night. He would follow Lorna to the edge of the earth if it meant he got her back.
Lorna didn't even get out of the building in her rage, too irritated to get outside. She paced the halls of the complex. They were long and winding and Frenzy stayed behind Lorna far enough away to give the green haired woman some measure of privacy. But never far enough away that should the slightest thing happen, that Lorna wouldn't immediately be grabbed and pulled away to safety. Frenzy was super fast, super strong, and durable. The perfect body guard for someone that was none of those things.
She paced, that was literally all she seemed capable of doing. Thought was difficult, as exhaustion pulled at every inch of her. She'd been going for days. Running herself ragged and pushing herself beyond any reasonable limits. Most nights she spent it outside, but since attack, security had tightened and Lorna really didn't want to deal with it. Marcos found her, tired, and exhausted. Sitting on a lounge chair on the ground floor. Her knees drawn up to her chest, and her arms wrapped around them. Her eyes shut as she sat there.
Even Frenzy seemed to have melted away to the entrance of the lobby area when it became clear that Polaris wasn't going outside.
When Marcos found her, his heart just melted. Any power from him ceased completely when he saw her huddled against the wall in her sadness and frustration.
Though suddenly, strong arms wrapped around her in the most loving of affection and sincerest apology. He was still the hottest body-heater ever.
"Lorna.." he hugged rest her weary head. He would carry her back to the room if he must. He knows that he did this. "I'm so sorry." He whispers, hugging her with a love that burned brighter than the sun.
Lorna stirred as warm arms wrapped around her, and she looked slow to respond. Even as he hugged her and pulled her close. His words whispered in her ear had her shifting around in his arms. It was difficult to not just sink back against him, as she turned and caught sight of those brown eyes locked on her. She felt some of her anxiety, her anger, her hurt melt away. It was hard to sweep it away entirely, that would take time..
But Marcos hadn't abandoned her, as much as the thoughts had surfaced in her mind as of late. He had come back. As he said he would.
Her figure slumped against him, her head pressed against his shoulder as exhaustion won out.
Marcos's heart felt -whole- when Lorna slumped against him and returned every affection he gave her. He stayed right there with her, unmoving as he just lived in her. Head next to hers as a hand caressed her hair, his other arm holding her close to him as his warmth soothes her. "Never will I keep anything from you." His grip tightens a little bit, his heart guilt-wracked.
Lorna looked up, shadows hanging around her eyes as she pulled her head back briefly to look up him. Even as his fingers smoothed her hair, and his other arm wrapped around her. She exhaled a breath, and reached up to capture one of his hands.
"That's only part of it, Marcos. I need you to treat me as if I can handle what your troubles are. That you give me the same respect I gave you, when we came here. I struggled with bringing you. But I knew I had to let you come. That you can take care of yourself. You took that choice from me. And I know, it comes from a place of concern.. but you have to let me make my own choices." She murmured softly.
"Even if you disagree with them."
Marcos looked her in the eyes then, unwavering and devoted. His hand is easily claimed by her and their fingers lace together.
"I know Lorna…I took it into my own hands instead of letting you choose..I know that now." A squeeze to her hand. "You will have your choices. On my word." He agrees…and his word was his bond. "So…want to go wreck a Cartel?" He asks her with the softest smile…"of course..after we rest up."
Lorna smiled weakly, she was tired, and there was still no small amount of hurt after the chaos of the last few weeks. But at least, the edge was gone. And it had lessened without much in terms of property damage. Which was a plus. She just looked tired at him, even as he joked about wrecking a Cartel.
His comment about resting had her brushing her hand against his cheek. "Probably should go up to the room again.." She muttered, her voice rasping faintly. She pressed her hand against his then, though no rainbow lights burst to life this time. Her magnetic fields shunted to the point that nothing happened. She was exhausted, mentally and physically.
At Lorna's words of returning home and sheer exhaustion of herself, Marcos picked up Lorna in his arms, carrying her back towards the room as he cradled her. He kissed her forehead a few times as he walked…though eventually they arrive in their room. Lord Eclipse and Princess Polaris still sounded weird to him….though he didn't mind it. After setting Lorna in their bed, he works off her sweater so she can be comfortable.
Lorna made a sound of surprise as Marcos carried her all the way back up to their rooms. She swatted at him faintly, grumbling the entire time about being perfectly capable of walking. Though that was truly all she did. Even as he settled her back onto the mattress and helped her out of the sweatshirt, she was more or less silent.
There was a glassy hint to her eyes as she watched him, as if unsure that he was well and truly there. But he was. And he was warm and she found herself curling up into his arms on her side. Her eyes slipping shut as she seemed to finally let herself relax.
Marcos chuckled softly when they walked. "I know. Call this a favor." He justifies. Marcos was just making sure Lorna was comfortable, sitting right next to her before she wraps her arms around him to nuzzle and snuggle into him. His arms once again wrapping around her, he simply laid back and laid on the bed with Lorna,the two sleeping together like nothing had changed…

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