Zoom Arrives

January 20, 2018:

Eobard Thawne of Earth-65869 arrives… and 'introduces' himself to Terra in Metropolis.

Queensland Park - Metropolis

Originally, this land was set aside by King George III for his consort Queen Charlotte, though after the Revolution those who wanted to live like 'Kings' quickly set up their farms and became the shining welcome to newcomers to Metropolis.
This area is home to the bulk of the immigrant population and while in other areas, like New York and Gotham, would say that members of these diverse ethnic cultures cannot live in close proximity, the residents of Queensland Park prove it untrue, especially after the Apokolips invasion as most of the surviving residents sought home here and helped rebuild the part of this island that also suffered from the blast.
Welcome to the melting pot of humanity.


NPCs: Various civilians



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Fade In…

It isn't often that Metropolis has anything go on that Superman doesn't eventually get wind of… but then, it isn't often that multiverse travelers intentionally cross the multiverse, either. The Fantastic Four are usually a multiversal exception.

That is, until today.

Right at the edge of the park, a flash of red lightning arcs across the sky and into the ground. Then more. More. a veritable red lightning storm focuses on a particular spot as a hole in the fabric of reality appears right in the view of Terra… a glowing red coming from it as the hole is forced open by yet more red lightning.

Eventually, the hole becomes more than big enough for a car to come through… and it sits there, swirling.


Terra's work in progress freezes in place, when the girl is distracted by reality shifting as it does, staring intensely with her violet eyes at the hole with the red lightning, "hello?" She asks cautiously, lifting her arms to prepare for action.


The thunder from the red lightning never comes, surprisingly… but what /does/ come out of that hole… is a red streak.

The only real indication that Terra saw anything is the sudden spark of red lightning as Professor Zoom comes through, then she watches as the hole closes in on itself. Again, with red lightning flying about. it shorts out lights, and a couple cars in the vicinity get cooked off as the electricity hits the gas tanks.

What's going on, there's already been collateral damage as civilians in the area are electrocuted.

Then, the voice comes from behind Terra. The sound is distorted by vibration, but once she looks in his direction, the blurred image and bright red eyes of the man look right at her, "Oh, that's precious. What do you think you're doing, little girl?" Professor Zoom inquires, mockingly.


Terra hasn't seen anything move that fast before, her hair gets all in disarray from the sudden gust of wind in the wake of the red flashing object. By the time she hears a voice talking, she has to turn to face it, "hello…?" She repeats what she was saying before, blinking, as she looks Professor Zoom over, "what's precious?" She asks, a bit confused, "and I'll have you know I'm not a little girl, I'm a Champion of Justice and Good!" She squints a little, and then asks, "was it you running out of that hole just now?"


"You're a little girl to me, little girl… and not a very interesting Champion." Zoom gives. The speed of his vibrations starting to filter into Terras ears. The man is /literally/ vibrating his body to the point that he's a visual blur, and the red electricity arcs off him from his Speed Force use, a few feet around him. "You can call me Professor Zoom, now the fastest man on your Earth." The man continues, before he disappears right in front of her. A nano-second later, and that vibration can be heard behind her again, "Your Earth has 'heroes' too, hmm?"


"I am…? Why?" Terra demands, looking a bit offended at being dismissed so easily. "I'll have you know that I am very interesting! I made some interesting friends too, and I really saved a lot of people so far! My name is Terra, by the way, since you didn't know it." She has a bit of trouble tracking his zooming about, but once he stands in one place for a moment, she looks at him again and nods, "yes, I am a hero too! So…your power is that you shake a lot?"


At her question, Eobard looks around a moment… before he spots a random civilian in the area. He disappears from view again, only to reappear next to that civilian…. with his hand through her chest, and a scream coming from the woman.

Then, he reappears in front of Terra… the woman still impaled on his hand, and some of her skin torn apart from the friction. "I do happen to shake a lot." With that, Terra watches as he vibrates his arm /intensely/, instantly killing the woman. "in a variety of ways." This all happens in a matter of seconds.


The speed is too fast for Terra to react to, but as he stands there taunting, she lifts up her arms, and throws a fist at Zoom. Naturally, with the distance between them, there's no way she could actually hit him. Hopefully his attention is on that fact, because a lack of attention, would give a fairly good chance for the fist-shaped boulder behind him, coming at him fast, to actually strike with a much more powerful punch than Terra herself could muster.


Oh, Professor Zoom isn't interested in fighting, and in fact leaves the woman behind as he simply runs behind her…. then notices the boulder, before he zips over to one side. Again, in practically a split second.

"You amuse me, little girl, but if there are superpowered individuals on this earth, I have work to do… and sitting here, talking to you? That isn't part of my plans." Eobard gives in a mocking goodbye, before Zoom zips off at full speed off into the horizon, a faint red streak behind him of Speed Force generated electricity.

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