Chosen Family

January 18, 2018:

Scott chats with Lorna after meeting with Magneto. A little heart to heart follows.



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Following the meeting with Magneto and Polaris the X-Man has returned to the suite, he's annoyed but it went as expected, possibly smoother. Time enough has passed for him to send a text to Lorna asking her to stop by before he leaves back to the mainland, with him in a study inside the suite is Mar, the woman smiling and chatting away about a Genoshan fish to the no longer cowled Cyclops, his hair framing his face and his smile, though not quite as large as the eager Mar's present. As the door is open there's no reason she won't hear the two engaged in dialogue and know where to meet.
Lorna had actually destroyed her phone days earlier in a fit of anger. Marcos had left for Mexico over a week ago. But it didn't stop him from leaving voicemails every day. She'd destroyed whatever made the phone work at one point or another. So for now, tracking her down was limited more or less to more official communication devices or Darcy. Mostly Darcy. It's how Jean had managed to get a hold of her.
Still, the woman returned to the room, a shuffle in her step. Whatever show she'd put on for her appearance was gone. She was back to a black tank-top and pair of battered jeans. There was a noticeable drag to her person, and she looked somewhat exhausted.
Even more so, there was a distinct lack of a ring on her hand and shadows clouded her features. "Hey Scott."
"Miss Dane." Mar offers politely, her voice a surprisingly soft melody to her rather strong features. She was once a thin and lovely young woman, until Moreau altered her in to a work mule based on her powers. She's working still to reclaim that again.
Scott stands up and motions towards the sofa he was seated on, offering up the nicer spot in the room to the woman, "I am sorry about earlier. I wasn't trying to come off rude or shallow to you." A cut to it. The brunette doesn't smile though, he's still talking in his typical and expected flat tone. "Join us?"
The green haired woman looked vaguely uncomfortable, but flashed Mar a smile as she made her way over. Her lips pursed together and she took the seat that Scott offered. "Sorry I lost. I've just.. been.. it's been a rough couple of weeks. And I'm on a short fuse recently." She exhaled a breath, and propped her chin up with her hands.
"And with Jean calling last night.. she railroaded me about coming for a visit. And I told her not to.. And Nate or someone got it into her head that I'm on bedrest.." She rolled her eyes and grimaced.
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Scott does manage a grin this time, not a sardonic or challenging one like her father was getting. Much less forced and more genuine. He is in much better company now. "Don't stress it. You're not the first pregnant woman I've ticked off."
"Why don't you want her here? She's great at this kind of thing. Where is Marcos?" Yeah, Scott has no clue.
"I think it's wonderful that you're here and doing what you are, Lorna. You're not unappreciated by the mutates and… we're sorry for Zealot. He's broken, his father's legacy is still alive in much of us." Mar inserts,a sympathetic look is given the green haired woman.
"Hrm, this is what he wants. It is working on even you." Scott mutters.
"I know Scott. So you have said, her presence makes him look better. I've heard it and I appreciate your forewarning." So the conversations are not all peachy between the former rebel leader and the X-Man.
Lorna shook her head, grimacing. "I don't want Jean to come because she'll go overboard with well intentioned, very well meaning, older sister-mode. Everyone has since they know my condition.." She drawled, her voice dry.
"Last night when those things hit the market area, no one would so much as let me lift a hand. It was all, keep Lorna out of it. Keep Lorna safe. As if I can't do so on my own." She pressed the heels of her palms against her eyes and sighed heavily.
"Marcos.. went to Mexico." She breathed, her jaw tightening.
"As far as I'm concerned, he can stay there." She growled, her jaw clenching briefly. A look was spared toward Mar and she offered a weak, twist of her lips in an attempt to smile. Though she looked vaguely confused at the subject change to what 'he wants'. Her brows furrowed.
"You mean Magneto, right?"
Not everyone. Scott doesn't correct her though, he's doing his very best to give Lorna her distance and freedom to learn, choose and operate. Even in her current state. "That's Jean." He says fondly.
"Use of your gifts will doubtful harm your child. It's been proven in studies, even metamorphic mothers form a protective response to their offspring. I imagine with your powers, the little one is very safe." Scott says offhandedly, he's no Hank, Charles or Jean but he's not without his knowledge in these regards, especially application to combat, survival and practical use. "Mexico at a time like this?" A disapproving noise escapes Cyclops. He cannot help but feel protective in his own way.
"Yes, Magneto." Mar confirms, "Scott's refusing to see a fathers affection in anything the man has for you and insists it is all political ploy, games and with you at his side, you make him look better. More a real person."
"Something more relative than his normal face." Scott doesn't deny. "I'm not going to apologize again for not sharing everyone's optimism. I've handed out more than my quota of sorries."
Lorna dropped her hands to the flat of her stomach, her brows furrowing. "I know my powers won't hurt it. I can feel it. Like I can sense metal.. or electricity. It's there. I guess that makes it fine." She murmured, brows furrowing as she glanced down and then back to Mar and Scott.
Her lips pursing briefly. "I love Jean, but she does that mom-older-sister 'I'm right you're wrong and you need to sit back and listen for your own good' thing and I really can't handle more of that. Also she said she'd come and 'handle' Magneto and I doubt that's a good idea too." She grumbled and dropped her hands back to her lap. She heaved a sigh as the conversation shifted back toward Marcos and her jaw squared tightly.
"I don't want to talk about Marcos.." She shook her head, and as Mar spoke she shrugged weakly.
"I don't know what to make of him… anymore."
Scott observes Lorna's actions, the fall of hands to belly. "I'm not expert but I think those are probably good signs. Your intuition is best in those regards… "
"You should let her get it out of her system. She probably needs it just as much as you." He insists but is moving closer, a tip of his chin at her stomach, "Is uh, can you feel him yet?"
Mar doesn't know Marcos well, little to nothing of him so stays out of that. She actually stands, the couch under her groaning in freedom. The density of the female mutate apparent. "I should go, I want to talk further but I am getting repeat calls. They need me." That Genoshan accent thick, unique.
"I have hours yet, Mar. If you can't find me just call."
"Good luck, Lorna. I will be seeing you around for sure." A smile to Scott, she gives his forearm a squeeze and leaves the two American mutants alone, door staying open.
"Your father or Marcos?" Scott inquires after the polite exit.
Lorna swallowed a lump in her throat as she shrugged at the question about feeling the child. "Not feel, so much as sense. It's .. different.." She mumbled, "Like how I can sense my father.. but not.." Her brows furrowed and wordlessly shrugged once more. She fell silent for a while, even as Mar rose and she offered the mutate woman a faint smile and a wave.
Her glance returned to Scott and her head lowered. "Both.. Neither.. I dunno.." She muttered, leaning back in the seat. She exhaled a rough sigh. Her eyes closing briefly.
"Magneto…" Her brows pinched as she glanced back to Scott. "He's never really been my father. He was never there for me. Whatever his reasons were or are.. Nothing will change that." Her hands folded together, clasping and unclasping in a fidgety like way.
Scott drops in to the spot Mar was occupying, the couch offering a soft comfort he isn't expecting. It's welcoming and takes the stress off of his shoulders, apparently where he carries it all. "Likely not. I can bitterly say I sympathize with how he may feel towards you, I have children I never knew, adults, grown ass ones."
Fingers rake through his hair, ruffling it before slapping down to his thigh, "Its confusing. You want connection, you feel it should be there, but, well, how do you approach it and who are they? Rachel is busy, I felt warmth from her. I wanted to embrace her and play catch up like we are a normal family, stupid as that is but we're not. Nate, Nate's a rebel at heart, he's headstrong and counter, they lived hard. Like you."
A pause, "Rambling aside, he's not a complete rotten monster, your father, I've seen moments where he's… shown compassion. If that exists then some of his emotion, his desire to connect with you has to be genuine. Small as it is, I suppose you should at least try to appreciate that much." Its odd hearing him say this, it feels like he's betraying himself, Scott shrugs, "I'm wrong often enough though and the man is still a psychopath, a tyrant who is likely to sacrifice even his most loved ones for his ideals. Don't ever forget that."
Beyond that visor Scott's eyes travel Lorna's features, studying them as if he could pierce her mind with a look alone. Sadly hes no telepath like so many close to him. "You can relax, you're not under a microscope or anywhere harm will come to you. This is neutral zone, we're surrounded by X-Men loyalists."
Lorna laughed weakly, her brows pinched. "You didn't have a chance to know either of them Scott. I know you, if Jean got pregnant tomorrow, you'd fight like hell to be there for that kid. Even if.. if she died.. you'd never give that kid up." Her voice choked and she closed her eyes to blink back a swell of emotion. "You'd never leave the kid alone to be raised by strangers. Never leave that child to grow up ashamed of their powers or who they are.. That's not you." She gritted her teeth together, her hands closing tightly into fists to stop the trembles that pulled at them.
"He didn't want to be in my life. And that was his choice. He chose his war over me. He knew where I was. And I know if I never ran into him years ago, he would've continued on without telling me who he was.." She snorted another bitter laugh and she dragged her hands through her hair. She was still struggling with the revelation that she'd killed her mother. It had been weeks, but that wasn't something someone forgot anytime soon. Not when she was still trying to figure out if it was incredibly stupid of her to ask Nate or someone to tug the memory out for her to remember it..
Scott considers that. She is right. Shockingly Scott Summers is amazing with kids, he'd make a good dad if they were younger, he's the sort of person that would devote to family… he does now, the X-Men are his family. It's evident in his obsessive drive. A hand reaches over, that same one that just left his hair to give Lorna's own clenched fist a friendly clutch, "Hey, thats the past and it sucks, to have a parent out there who has left you behind to their own life, forgotten you." He doesn't bring up Corsair, his own plight along with Alex. It's not necessary.
"I hate defending the man but maybe he was keeping you safe from him or maybe, he didn't know you were a mutant, not until you got older. The man has no care for humans. None." He says gruffly, "What you are well… " He goes quiet, a vibration from his hip has him lifting up from the couch enough to peel his phone out and gaze at the screen, lettering is modified to adjust for his eyesight, inverted colors are easier to see for him. Not so much for others.
Lorna's lips pursed together, even at Scott's attempt at comfort. "He abandoned me Scott. He knew I was a mutant. Knew I was alone.. that my mother.." She broke off as the phone buzzed, her expression closing off as he stood and she reached up to rub at the waterline of her eyes. She was trying to pull herself together. She hated getting choked up. Despised it.
She fell silent, for a moment, catching her breath, holding it, and slowly releasing it.
"You should check on Alex. Nate screamed out that I'm pregnant.. and I never got a chance to tell him about the wedding.. any of it. He's likely in a bad spot." She murmured, rising as well.
"I'll let you handle that.." She waved a hand toward the phone, unsure whatever it was, but assuming it had to be important.
The phone is shoved away, Scott repeats himself. The message for the moment less important than the present, "He's been in a bad spot since the lake. He's not one to form attachments quick, when they happen they last. Even if you've moved on he's probably still got some fantasized ideals… "
"It's nothing. We're talking, well, you're crying like a wuss and I'm rambling but close enough." A smirk, obviously he's trying to break some of the tension and dramatic atmosphere "I'll speak to him though. I don't think he's too happy with me right now, we've lost time together still. He came here to reconnect and everything is different. " A shrug. "It's not about him right now though, its about you and all of this. Marcos should be here."
Lorna shook her head, even as Scott settled himself back down onto the sofa, she remained upright and standing. Scott's words about Alex stung still, she had moved on, but the feelings of caring for the younger Summers had never faded. He had been her first love after all. And in a way that lingered in its own unique way. Troubles and all.
And then of course, Scott had to point up that she was tearing up like a wuss. She rolled her eyes, crossing her arms. "I am not. And you're right, Alex is pretty tired of the kid gloves. He wants to be part of the team and an effective member of the team. He came here to train with me before.." She grimaced and sighed.
Alex was a safer topic than her emotional and mental state at the moment. How very poorly she was balanced on a knife's edge and how Marcos wasn't there. "Marcos went back to the Cartel, okay? I don't want to talk about it. He's gone to them and he left me. That's it, Scott."
Just another person to abandon me. Just another person that didn't want me in their life. Marcos had swore he'd be back.. but Lorna had convinced herself that he wasn't going to. That Marcos would reunite with Carmen and would prefer to stay there. In Mexico. Where his powers were valued and he was top-tier and knew what was going on. Not being stuck at her side while people bad-mouthed his growing power base and abilities.
"Go ahead and handle your phone.. I'm.. I need to go handle.. something." She muttered vaguely.
"I'm working with Alex where I can. He's powerful and needs a lot more discipline… focus. It's a work in progress, clearly." Scott murmurs, "Hey, seriously, you should consider taking Jean up on the offer to coddle the life out of you. You need it." He nudges out while she starts to retreat, he won't stop her or try to talk her ear off further, "Go ahead, like I told Mar. I'm here for a few hours more if you want to talk again, then, well, I don't know when I'll be back but you know where to reach me. We, the X-Men, we just want what's best for you, Lorna. Even if you stand by his side, don't lose sight of what matters and the reality of things. We're family."
Lorna hesitated, looking back at Scott, her brows furrowing faintly. She looked down as he suggested she let Jean coddle her. Perhaps the true fear was that Jean would pick up on the knots that Lorna had worked herself into. That Jean would take one look at her and know—telepath or not. And the sympathy, that was something Lorna didn't want. Because she knew she'd break down yet again.
Her gaze lifted briefly as Scott told her he'd be there. Her lips pulling into a faint smile, weak and shaky. "I know. Thank you, Scott." Her hands dipped to shove into her pockets, her gaze angling low once more, pausing in thought.
Her heart twisting in her chest.
"Sorry I'm rotten company these days. You take care of yourself, and tell the Professor I said hi, yeah?" She offered another faint smile, but it didn't reach her eyes. Lorna was still off.. emotionally, mentally.. Seclusion in a military environment, surrounded by Acolytes and Magneto. Never truly able to let her guard down all the way. Learning the truth about her mother, Marcos leaving, and the ever present fear that Zealot might yet topple of this and leave Genosha a non-option for the future of her child?
Small wonder Lorna wasn't sleeping anymore. She nodded and made to go.

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