Crashing at Rand's

January 17, 2018:

Danny's Grammercy mansion gets yet another house crasher when Owen arrives after round 2 at Stark Tower. Luke meets Kennis and Emery takes care of everything as usual. NSFW for Language & description of intense man/shower love

Danny Rand's Place

It's nice that rich people houses have backup generators so you can have heat, power and water during a blackout.


NPCs: Kennis Papsworth

Mentions: Danny Rand, Jessica Jones, Wilson Fisk, Spoiler

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Ever since the Power Went Out. Kennis has been hard to part with a rather industrial looking black flashlight that is just about as big as she is. When exactly she and her father arrived Danny's Residence is hard to tell, she's probably been sleeping and hidden away in a guest bedroom. Who knows, but this evening the Queen in training with her light tan/caramel complextion can be found in the kitchen area.

Her father, is nowhere to be seen probably handwashing ties somewhere but there is evidence he has been working his culinary sorcery because there's a fresh pot of potato leek stew on the stove, the smell of fresh bread finished baking and set on the counter and then the thing that has all of Kennis's attention, it is a bread pudding. Its buttery and cinnamoney and up higher than the little one can actually reach but Kennis stands there, staring up at where the desert rests. Hot. Tempting.

The 5 year old wears a very old fashioned set of PJs, its flannel and warm and a soft cream color, pink bunny slippers and her hair is a post-bath ringlet mess, temporarily tamed by use of an oversized fedora she is wearing. Tucked under one arm is a large black teddy bear, and hugged to her chest is her black police flashlight, the light illuminating her somber features as she stares up at the desert resting on the kitchen island.


Ever since the day after his bar burned to the ground, Luke has been holed up at Danny's. 'Holed up' almost literally as the only people he's talked to face to face has been Rand himself and a pizza delivery guy a few times before the power went out over town. But Rand is a billionaire, and billionaires' have generators so there is no better place to be then right here in the brick mansion where there is heat and ..the smell of bread pudding. It's the growling of his stomach that causes Luke to emerge from his cave in nothing but a pair of pajama pants that Jessica saw fit to buy him when all his worldly possessions went up in smoke, a bottle of scotch dangling precariously from his fingertips as he walks into the kitchen.

"DANNY!" He yells from the doorway, having forgotten Rand is spending time down at the office trying to put out fires. "There is a leprechaun in your kitchen, man!" Either that or he's seeing things.



It's freezing cold. Owen is exhausted. His nose is almost certainly broken and he just spent way too long trying to figure out how to get someone else to take care of a KO'ed Spoiler. And thus the percocet that he's taking are just crunched down without water. He is still dressed like a hero, well like Boomerang anyway. With freezing cold hands, he texts Emery hoping the Irishman has someplace warm he can get cleaned up and rest. He has no interest in returning to either of his apartments, both without heat, power or water.

Getting the details for Rand's place which is thankfully nearby, Owen makes his way there across rooftop and through alleys. Sure he could go in the front door normally, but he doesn't even have the energy to change and doesn't want to stand there at the door waiting, so he breaks in via the roof terrace. He at least texts a heads up to Emery, lest he be mistaken for a black ops team and summarily shot.

Coming down the stairs, duffle bag of gear in one hand, smashed and bloody domino mask still on his face, he asks

"Whut smelld do good? And why are you yelling?"


There is a long moment where little Kennis just turns to stare at Luke Cage, head craning back to look all the way up at Luke Cage and she tries to adjust her grip on her flashlight to shine it at the stranger. And she just stares for a long while before squinting. "Hm. Giant King." She pegs his identity right away, satisfied she goes back to staring at the bread pudding.

Then Owen arrives and she gives a cheerful, "Captain Boom!" And runs at him, dropping her flashlight and having to stop and try to pick it back up and then /sigh/ as this is tricky with a teddy bear under your arm.


As Luke is proclaimed a King by the little short human, his face knits in a series of wrinkles mostly centered between his eyebrow. "I'm not a King, I'm the ogre that lives under the stairs." Captain Boom? Oh lord. Luke turns around, albeit slowly, and eyes Owen in his get up. "Now I really /am/ seeing things." You know what cures alcohol induced hallucinations? More alcohol. He takes another swig straight from the bottle's mouth. "What the.." Tiny impressionable ears, Luke. At least he's not drunk enough to fail to acknowledge that. "..heck happened to you? And is that little creature my messed up imagination, or is it real?" A thick finger indicates Kennis.



Owen does his best to pronounce her name with a messed up nose. He drops his bag to pick her up, considering she went through all the trouble of running to him. He laughs at Luke and replies, "First. Give me some of dat. Second, dis is Ke-nnn-is Papswort. Emery's kid. Future fairy queen."

Setting Kennis down so that he can go get the scotch from Luke, not because he wants to stop Luke from drinking, it's just been a long couple days. "And the big black mountain king here is just kidding, kiddo. He's the king I serve. At least till his castle got blowed up." Owen is insistent about the booze, but could possibly be distracted by food. Or a shower. Or a beer to drink in the shower.


Kennis just regards Luke with a 'b please' look that shows she is indeed her father's daughter before she just tsks softly and giggles at Owen. When she's set down though she looks between the two, back and forth and forth and back. Hearing about the tale of woe that is King Ogre's backstory and then Captain Boom looks messed up and she patpats Owen's leg and then stage whispers. "Me Da is cleanin'." She points at the bread pudding. "The King can reaches it, Captain Boom…you get spoons. I get the custard." She has given orders and creeps towards the fridge, looking around warily before edging closer to the fridge. Dropping to the floor to soldier crawl/wiggle to the fridge.


Luke slaps the bottle into Owen's hand, confident enough that if Owen were to steal it entirely, he now knows where more is kept. Luke said Danny should run a tab for the big man, but Rand refused. He may rethink that when he discovers most of the cabinets are running a little sparse. "Guess we're taking orders from midgets now, my how the mighty have fallen."


Taking the bottle from Luke, Owen takes a very long drink. He gasps for air at the end and sets the bottle down on the counter to shudder through it. He lets out a breath and then answers in the affirmative.

"Agreed. Dessert now. Then bed for you and your dad comes to drink with us."

Owen is of course willing to go along with Kennis but she sadly is a terrible drinking companion. He strips off the domino mask, carefully, grunting a little bit. He looks at it, and it's clear that it is mangled. He opens his duffle and drops it in with a defeated sigh.

"On second thought… I need a shower. And this bottle. Can one of you point me to the nearest of the I'm sure fifteen bathrooms?"


Even at 5, Kennis can read a room. She makes it to the fridge and looks behind to see the King and the Captain not hopping to and she huffs a sighs, crawling to her feet and opening up the fridge. Her teddy bear is gripped between her teeth, her flashlight is tucked under an arm and she comes back into view holding a mixing bowl of banana pudding. There is a long pause as she looks at each adult and then closes the fridge with her foot before slooowly walking off with the bowl. She knows where she's going, and she's moving with purpose.

The Butler aka Emery walks in as his mini-me walks out, idly wiping his hands and double taking as he watches his daughter make off with a bowl of pudding. There is a pause in mid wiping of his hands, the wash cloth suspended in motion between his palms. "Dun get any of that on the covers ye wee terror!" He shouts after her. Then he turns to look back into the kitchen.

His dark gaze flicks between Owen and Luke and back to Luke an then back to Owen. The Irishman is wearing a fitted black t-shirt and pair of comfortable designer jeans, black and white converse sneakers on his feet and his hair pulled back in a manbun. "Master Luke, ye look like a porn star on a bender, 'ave a seat so I can get ye that good shite." A look to Owen. "Ye look like shite on toast. Go get cleaned up, third guest bedroom. I let Master Danny know ye were comin'. I'll reset yer nose if ye need." He's moves further into the kitchen now with purpose.


"Nice spawn." Luke says as Kennis traipses off with the pudding, his words directed dryly to Emery as he drops onto one of the counter stools. It's not that he's doing it dutifully, it's just that staying on his feet any longer doesn't really seem wise considering: "At first I thought they were twins." Because double vision is always a good sign that sitting should be in order, especially seeming how a swooning Cage would crush any of the other house occupants. "Funny enough, my sex life is the only thing I /can't/ complain about." He snorts and lifts his hand, only then remembering it's sans a bottle. Sigh. "I told you to stop calling me Master, unless your in a gimp mask and there are chains involved…the midget is gone, right?"


"OH! Speaking of your sex life boss."

Because Owen knows almost no boundary he won't cross. Much like well… everyone in this crowd actually. "Jess is high as fuck and rollin' on something at her place. You should… uh.. nevermind. Yer wasted." He was headed somewhere with that thought, but managed to think better of it. Kind of.

The talk about gimp masks and chains just makes Owen blinks really slowly. At least it makes sense why Emery though Luke was with Danny, if that's how his boss talks while here.

"Yes. Please fix my nose… after I shower with his delicious, delicious booze." And with that he wanders off to find the third guest bedroom which thankfully is the only dark bedroom all made up with the door open.


There's a slight quirk of an eyebrow as Emery just looks Luke over slowly, thoughtfully for a moment. The seeing double comment just makes him hmm softly. He's carefully and quietly bustling around the kitchen, ladling soup into a bowl for Luke. He sets it down in front of him. "Luke." He utters firmly. "Eat this, and I'll get ye another bottle but ye gotta let yer system metabolize a wee bit of that. If your big arse is unsteady, ye be comin' close to the not fun zone." A slice of fresh bread is set down on a white saucer beside the bowl, and a spoon soon follows.

The comment about the gimp mask and chains and etc just makes him roll his eyes and nod after Owen with a 'yes, go get cleaned up' shooing gesture. The mention of Jess also causing a flicker of concern to cross his youthful features. Then he's back to watching Luke quietly for a few moments. "People dun get this fucked up just beacuse they are bored."


"We talked." Luke tells Owen of Jessica as he makes his way out, which is rather loose in it's definition but apparently she's at least on his radar which is saying something because the man's been singularly focused otherwise. His elbow plants onto the counter and his chin rests in his palm as he watches Emery start to fuss. Idly he dunks the bread in the soup and makes an obedient trip to his mouth with it. It's not diner eggs and toast when you're drunk sort of good, but it's a solid second. "Of course I'm bored. It's not like I have a bar to run or even a house plant to water anymore."


"I do!"

Owen happily chirps in response to Emery's non-question about why Luke is getting so hammered. But he doesn't really count. Luke is a responsible upstanding citizen (mostly).

Owen takes his time in the shower. After a while, he comes out, all of the blood gone and but his face looks only marginally better. He's wearing just a pair of sweatpants and is still toweling off his hair.

"I would just like to say that I just shared a very special moment with that shower. It took me places I've never been and we are in love. I ask that you respect our relationship and accept our love is truly a special one for all times."

Seriously rich people showers are such a ridiculous upgrade from his crappy glorified sprinkler, it was like a religious experience. Now Owen takes a big swig of scotch and walks towards Emery and offers up both hands in a 'I'm ready' motion.


"I heard. Nasty business that, innit? Arson. So, how long are ye giving yerself to visit the life of a maudlin millineal before ye get the hell back out tere to rebuild?" Emery is satisfied with the progress being made on the food and he is fixing up another bowl with bread for Owen as well, setting it aside.

"Ye are not the first bloke to have a wank in that shower and I also do not need to know that ye had a wank in that shower. As pretty as a mental image that may be…" The Irishman replies with a dry sincerity before approaching the man and peering at his nose critically before lifting his fingers to feel along the bone and where it should be.
"Okay, are ye read-" *Crack!* He does not count to three or even finish saying ready.


"Mm." Luke has this way of making a noncommittal sound that can sound both unamused but still acknowledging, this time following Emery's little 'pep talk'. "I think you promised me another bottle." He reminds before wincing sympathetically at the ugly noise that Owen's nose makes as it gets realigned.


"Don't reduce our love to something dirty Irish. Our sweet, sweet love making was gentle and amazing."

Owen is basically asking for it with comments like that. He is about to set himself when Emery snaps his nose back in place.


Now that Owen has full on woman screamed, he stumbles back and leans over to breath. "I'm good. Thanks.." Even if he isn't good, he really doesn't want Emery to take another crack at it right now. He takes another drink of 'his' bottle of scotch. He flops down on a stool next to Luke and digs into his food greedily. He's depleted from massive amounts of using his power.

"Wait. Do we know it was arson? I missed that."

Owen is pretty sure he wasn't the target. But he's been nearly killed far too often for his taste lately. Maybe it's just bad luck, or in this case, it's horrible, ridiculously bad luck.


A glance is given to Luke as Emery squints a bit. But a deal is a deal and he's moving to a cabinet, kneeling down and fishing a key out of his pocket. Yes, this is the booze cabinet and yes it is almost empty but he is reaching past the bottles there to feel along the back wall, and then using the key to unlock something before sliding the panel aside to reveal a few bottles of very expensive, high quality scotch and some darker whiskey as well. He selects a couple of bottles and then slides the panel back into place, locking it back up.

"I'm makin' assumptions over here. It may have been an accident but I've been alive over 100 years boyo. I've seen tings burn down, collapse and be built back up. Accidents, Arson, Rebellion..doesn't matter. If the people who make teh business are still around, there's always hope." He hands a bottle to Luke, and Owen even gets offered a new bottle. "These are probably older than ye are but. Ye look like ye need 'em."


"It was Fisk." Luke says, not that he's assuming the name means anything to the other two. He takes the bottle gratefully, not really taking proper time to appreciate the label before he's cracking open the top and drinking. At least, to his credit, he returns to the soup shortly there after. "That whole thing I tried to keep you out of when I had you sign the Trust papers? It almost got two dozen innocent people killed. And the bastard had the audacity to call me afterwards, and threaten even more." Hope? Luke's running a little short of that.



The name means nothing to Owen like Luke expects but the fact that Luke knows it was someone doing it on purpose is news. He listens to the story, munching along happily on his food though trying not to look too pleased because it's kind of a moment for Luke. He lets out a breath and says "Wow. He called you. That's some stones."

"So when do we go kick his fucking teeth in?"

It's not that Owen's being glib. That's his expected response to this. He's been apart of the Rogues where someone was always trying to kill them and needed to be put in their place. This doesn't feel too different. He gladly accepts another bottle from Emery even though he won't even come close to finishing the first. He knows he's going to pass out before he gets the chance.


There is power in a name and Emery submits that one to memory with a tilt of his head and he exhales softly. "If ye swim in shark invested waters, ye cannae be surprised when one of them bastards slips past the cage you thought ye had and bites ye in the arse. He wanted to shake ye up. And he succeeded."

He is scooping bread pudding into smaller bowls and drizzling something that smells like caramel and whiskey over each one before those are slide across the counter towards the men. "Master Mercer, please leave all teeth kickin' plans til the morning. So ye can actually remember them. I'll go make sure ye 'ave extra toiletries in the guest bedroom." A look to Luke. "Ad I'll go change the sheets in the one ye have been hiding away in as ye both finish yer supper and yer drinks."

There is a long pause. "Do either of ye 'ave breakfast preferences?"


Luke dips his spoon a few more times in the soup, but the utensil doesn't make a return trip to his mouth. Seems he's lost his appetite. "Is it worth it?" He asks Owen without really looking at his employee. Former employee? His shoulders sag, but that sort of defeated look isn't best to have an audience for. He'd retreat to 'his' room, but Emery is threatening to go in there and tidy. He'd apologize for the state of it, but doesn't have the wherewithal currently. Instead, he just drags the bottle off the counter and stands, now tasked to find some other place to mope momentarily. "Don't make anything on my behalf." He says of breakfast as he prepares to slink off.


"What?! Yes. It's worth it. I will kick yer ass in the morning about it. Seriously. You get 12 more hours of moping and then I'm gonna fuckin call Jess and tag team the shit out of you Boss."

Grumbling to himself Owen looks at the food laid out for Luke and himself and nods at it. Yes, this will do for post battle refreshments. Now that Luke and Emery have mostly wandered off, Owen has to make smart quips to himself.

"If Luke isn't fuckin' Danny, I might just have to. I could get used to this lifestyle, even if I had switch teams to do it."


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