Proven Cycle: Cyclops and Magneto

January 18, 2018:

It is time for Scott to confront Magneto about Genosha. Old enemies meet again. (Magneto spoofed by Nate)

Magneto's office in Hammer Bay


NPCs: Mar the Mutate

Mentions: Xavier and a lot of X-Men

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Anytime Scott Summers has to return to Genosha is filled with an oppressive sense of near overwhelming guilt, sorrow and anger. It takes him more time than anyone realizes for him to pacify his emotions beyond that stony demeanor, a tranquility of thought and centering of self that's stricken with electric pangs of raw emotion. This is part why he refuses to make use of the Limbo transportation set up by Magik's spellcasting as Limbo itself is a dark encouragement to those who let their barriers down, Illyana's dominion it may be but it's roots, its essence, it's very origin and nature… generally best to be avoided like the darker parts of ones mind.

This is why the Blackbird was overnight prepped, fueled and a supply run was bumped ahead of schedule by a week. The vehicle landing on a private strip set up by the Rebels underneath Mar that can be considered first string loyalists to the X-Men. Their biggest supporters on Genosha it is through their assistance they remain under the radar, they're locals, they know the terrain and it does them some good to see the aircraft that has become a symbol of hope for the people here just like that large X worn on Scott's chest right now.

An hour and a half of playing catch up with the large mutate woman who is growing her hair back once again, auburn and spikey yet still short Scott politely complimented it, broke off the heavy discussion and is now walking with her through the suite to it's top floor, the female towering over him in a skintight suit that accentuates a powerful physique. Scott himself going by Cyclops as they're field deployed and wearing the Navy blue full body uniform with a yellow logo from shoulders to each hip. They are waiting a guest, possibly several. Unlike New York and the Tri-City region Genosha is having much better weather. It's actually nice out.


Most of the members of the old Resistance are still very grateful for the X-Men help. Yes, the team left the country just after the coup. But keeping the reformation going was the Resistance responsibility, not the X-Men. They failed; Magneto had to bail them out. Yet most of them still prefer Xavier to Magneto.

In truth the Resistance has been steadily losing political power. Mar and Phillip Moreau still sit in the council, but Phillip had his responsibilities reduced after getting caught (and getting Lorna caught) by Zealot. The high-ranking Acolytes and also the ambitious and brilliant Dr. Huxley, have more influence now.

The Resistance still got the pull to get Scott this interview. Or maybe Lorna does. Magneto has not given political responsibilities to her daughter (ambassador to Atlantis, maybe) but when she speaks, he seems to listen intently, and sometimes he follows her advice.

Magneto's new office is even larger and more opulent that his old one in the military base. Great views of the port, too. Expensive furniture and artwork speak of good taste, or maybe a good advisor. It would certainly make an impression on lesser men.

Magneto is there, in full armor, standing alongside Lorna. He nods to Mar, "welcome to Genosha, Cyclops," he greets, his voice cool but polite. "What brings you back to this troubled land? To be honest I hoped Charles would visit us soon." Because yes, Magneto invited Xavier. Not Scott.


Lorna had been more than happy with the move from the military compound to the more opulent setting. It meant she didn't have to stay in her room that Marcos was no longer in. But it also meant that there was once more, a tighter restriction on her movements. Bodyguards.. Especially with the attack the other night. She was chomping at the bit and pushing for more action.

It seemed with every day that was spent with Zealot loose and Genosha still not under control, she was drawn deeper and deeper into more rash decisions and thoughts. Her demeanor darkening with anger more than before, and more outspoken verbal sparring had occurred. At least, when she wasn't in her father's presence, wasn't training, or demanding that the Acolytes train with her. Otherwise, she kept her time to helping people where she could.

There was a perceived 'softness' and 'reasonableness' to her that people saw at least in her public presentation that her father did not have. And regardless of actual political power.. It was beginning to slowly form some nebulous popularity. Not an X-man, but not just a loyal sycophant to her father. It left her on the line between the two.

For now, Lorna stood at her father's side, dressed in her green jump-suit with yet more modifications since the last time Cyclops had seen her in it. There were more whispy ties around her sleeves that hung around her frame. More metal bits and bobs covered her hips and down to her boot's toes. Along with the addition of a headpiece that looked to frame almost a mirror image to her father's helmet.. and yet remained little more than decoration.

She smiled faintly at Scott as he entered and offered a stained wiggle of her fingers in a wave.


A grateful yet friendly dismissive nod to Mar, "Appreciate it and we will catch up again soon." That is a polite way of saying he has this on his own but they're obviously not done. More to catch up on. Cyclops' doesn't offer a hand as one wasn't extended and likely Scott would snub it. Lorna gets a faint tip of his head, a slight movement but one enough out of the icy posture the man poses.

"Magneto. Polaris." Formal, polite in tone but very formal. "Thank you for having this meet and allowing me to stand in for the Professor." Never Charles. "I am sure you'll accept his apologies on the matter, he isn't in a position where he could make the trip in time.
"I know he has intention of being here in the near future."

That said Scott studies them both, the layout, the new fortress, progress is obvious. It is expected but not at this pace but then they are dealing with a man with few peers. If he puts his mind, resources, power and focus on something… the world shakes.


Of course Mar knows when she is invited to leave. She was a slave for years. Nowadays, however, she lives the life she chooses, and serves the government by choice. And it is thanks to the X-Men. She smiles and leaves quietly.

"Please, sit down," offers Magneto, also offering Lorna a seat so she can stand comfortably, the three mutants positions forming a triangle around Magneto’s desk. But older man sits behind it, of course, in a larger armchair. "Tell him I await impatient his arrival. Meanwhile…" he gestures to Lorna. "You have been in touch with my daughter, I am sure. What do think of the current situation in the island?"


Lorna spared a smile for Mar as well, even as she made to take a seat. It was hard to stay seated these days, but patience was something she was trying. Difficult as it was. She crossed her legs as she settled, mostly remaining quiet as Scott and Magneto went back and forth about the Professor coming to visit or not. Frankly it seemed such an alien concept for her, to picture the Professor out in Genosha of all places. It just made more sense that Scott, Cyclops had come. She already knew Jean wanted to.

Magneto's comment on her being in touch with Scott had her pursing her lips together briefly and looking down. She hadn't been in as contact as much as was likely considered a good idea. Not since New Years. Mostly the contact then had been when others came to Genosha to check up on her.


"I keep in touch with all of my friends and she is very close to several of the X-Men." Cyclops replies cooly, he doesn't elaborate further leaving it in the air. It is no mystery that Jean and Lorna are tight.

A touch of old school or perhaps just a politeness towards a woman in Dane's current condition Scott draws that additional chair out for her. Once shes seated he'll take his own, despite his preference to stand.

Sat there he'll post a limb to each arm, back straight, a rigid looking posture but he somehow makes it look like he is comfortable. That ruby line glowing as he keeps it keyed to Magneto. A jaw tick, one muscle bouncing under a freshly shaven span of flesh and he speaks on, "I have been keeping up with the news and you know very well we are still present here. Which is in part why we are meeting now."


"Ah, Lorna's 'friends'," which didn't even bring X labels in their uniforms. So he could deny any X-Men presence to the foreign media. So far. Colossus was seen last night smashing mutant-killing robots. Hundreds saw him, and the Russian titan is very distinctive.

"I have tolerated the X-Men presence. Genosha is supposed to be a sanctuary for all mutants, even those that disagree with me," points out Magneto. "Even those who have tried to put me in the human jails many times. I am willing to forgive for the good of our people," never forget, ever. Even forgiveness is very hard for Magneto. He might be lying.


Lorna crossed her arms as Scott brought up friends and keeping in touch. For all that she grumbled about it, the check ups to make sure she was alright meant a great deal to her. Even if they made her life more difficult while on Genosha. Her friends were just as much her family, and thought they disagreed on a geat deal, she loved them all the same. Even between grumbles.

Finally, when Magneto spoke she shifted forward in her seat slightly. "So long as laws are followed, you've said any mutant, even the X-men are allowed here. Thus far I think they've managed to do that. Protecting myself and others when forced to do so.." She trailed off, glancing toward Scott. She wasn't sure if he'd got that field report yet. Jean had, likely from Nate given how she'd started in on 'bedrest' so much.

She knew Magneto was listening in. She hadn't cared all that much.


Scott manages a modest smile. A light uptilt to his lips at one corner nothing more at the word 'Tolerate'. "Forgive us? You still haven't thanked us."

A look drifts over Polaris, he has noticed the softness, the change in shape and her attire. Also her stance. The way she positions herself even casually and through body language alone in regards to Magneto and Cyclops. The woman is no doubt torn. Scott is doing his best to understand that.

"Proper jails, what you went through here not even a man like yourself should have suffered that. I won't say releasing you was a mistake but I am harboring a lot of concern and it won't go without a price. You owe us, Magneto. We're doing our very best to remain out of your affairs and Genosha but that doesn't mean you're not going to be held accountable for your crimes the moment you leave here or the instant you push your cards." Bold words. Scott knows it. "I intend to cash in on some of that now." Now a modest smile turns in to a daring one.


"There is no proper jails for our kind, Cyclops," replies Magneto. "Do you think Belle Reve or the Raft would be better than the Bastilla?" Glance to Lorna. "Have you checked the statistics of 'accidental' deaths for mutants in American prisons? Even child molesters have a longer life expectancy."

His own experiences as Genosha's prisoner, unpleasant as they were, are hardly the worst time of his life. In fact it didn't even make it to the top ten. "Two SHIELD agents rescued me - the irony still makes me smile during the darkest nights."

Yes, Magneto knows exactly who Darcy is. He has known for a while. But no Acolyte will touch a hair of the woman. He is not -entirely- ungrateful.

As for the rest, he takes off his helmet and leaves it on the table, giving Scott a cool look. "No. Even the vaunted Stormwatch stood out of my way while I was just protecting mutants instead of waging war. They thought of me as a sleeping dragon. And now they think of me as a caged dragon. Ruler of a tiny island. The nations member of the United Nation are delighted I am here and not at their collective backyards. I will have diplomatic immunity before the year is over." He boasts.

"Of course you could still try to attack me. When have the X-Men held in high regard human laws and boundaries? Vigilantes at best, terrorist often, Cyclops. Again, I ask, what do you want?"


The mention of the Bastile had its intended affect on Lorna. Her arms dropped to wrap around her middle, her jaw tightening as she worked through the sharp emotions that it produced. She knew the rates of mutant deaths in American jails alone. Knew it was horrendous. Knew that her time locked up by Zealot could have been much, much worse.

Though she wasn't sure entirely what else Magneto meant in regards to the SHIELD agents, she'd never out and out spoken about Darcy. The human with a mouth that ripped apart anyone that breathed in Lorna's direction negatively had come and gone repeatedly in the last few days. The fact that no one made a go for Darcy spoke volumes.

Still, green eyes lingered on Scott, her lips pursing together into a frown. It was clear that the back and forth between Magneto and Cyclops was leaving her silenced. Lorna was trying her best to see the politics. To stay her tongue and listen.

Of course that never lasted long with Lorna.

"You're not here to attack, obviously, Cyclops. Right?"


"You're more informed than that. You know those SHIELD Agents are also by proxy X-Men." Scott counters, "Situational. For you? I'd not look away from the Raft or Belle Reve. They're at least legit."

"Stormwatch was corrupt. They likely kept you around as propaganda. You're not fooling me, Magneto. Your stripes are still there and they're not going away just because you're trying to pretend you're a politician now. You're winning Genosha in strides from all reports but thats just the numbers, thats just here. These people are lost, confused and have no other options… " Diplomatic immunity? Thats not absolute. It's a gateway though. "Ambitious, within a year?" Maybe. It's alarming to think about. It is all within the man's grasp at this point.

A sour expression bleeds past Scott's facade, his lips quirking at the sides, "We're not going to attack you without provocation. You're here. The damage you can do is contained for now and I hope for everyones sake that SHIELD is keeping a short leash on you and a very watchful eye." An exhale, fingers grip in to the arm of the chair, squeezing his knuckles white under his gloves. "No. We are not here for an attack, Polaris. We're doing our best to avoid that and despite my stance, the Professor is hopeful of your father. He's being blindly optimistic in thinking you're up to something decent for once. Then, maybe hes just out of touch." Immediatly Scott feels like he just badmouthed a parent, regret sinking in.

"I want an X-Man in your entourage. They don't have to be council but I want one here. Stationed and given amnesty and protection. We /are/ establishing an embassy in Carrion Cove. I am sure you know the place."


See, Lorna? Even Cyclops thinks Magneto is harmless while he remains in Genosha. Contained damage, indeed. 'Fools', he had said, when Lorna and Marcos were his guests. His eyes remain in the green-haired young woman.

"Stormwatch was as corrupt as the DEO is now," he states without blinking. "The same people remain in control. They just changed some of the public faces. None of the real policies, and I don't think you are still so as naive as to believe otherwise."

As for the rest, he lets a few seconds pass, as if he was thinking on the possibilities and the consequences. Then adds. "No amnesty is needed. All mutants are welcomed to Genosha," repeats Magneto, icy blue eyes returning to the X-Men leader. "An embassy? Is the school now an independent country? Or do you want to open a second campus." He shrugs, making a dismissive gesture. "Regardless, you can purchase a property in Carrion Cove if they locals allow. We are negotiating a wide autonomy with the local elected authorities. The people of that town showed some principles during the previous administration and they will useful to Genosha as middle-ground with certain foreign powers."


Lorna had known the second that the UN thought they had her father contained by giving him Genosha it was a lost cause. Her gaze lifted from Scott as she knew he was just as aware of the fact as she had been. Her posture hadn't changed as the conversation about the corruption in Stormwatch continued, her hands still locked in a protective motion around her still flat stomach. She hadn't even been aware she did it these days.

But Scott's words about an X-man present in an entourage had her sitting up. And while her father continued on about the X-men being allowed once more in Genosha, she frowned.

"What, are the frequent check-ins on my health from Alex, Nate, Illyana, Piotr, Darcy, or Jean not enough?" She quipped, frustration still evident in her features. The whole attack last night set pretty clearly in Lorna's perspective just how much her friends and chosen family took her condition seriously. And how little they were willing to budge on keeping her out of it.

So of course she took it to mean just another attempt to sideline her. She took it personally.


"All mutants. Even the ones you expect attack and open resistance from? Very considerate and humane of you." Benevolent could have been used but Scott likes to use his words as weapons where the opportunity exists. Anyone who knows Magneto knows the man likes to forget he's even remotely human, that divide of mutant to mankind. A barrier the X-Men strongly try to topple and bridge every waking day. Things are harder again though…

"The DEO is at least making more of an attempt. They're getting the same benefit that the Professor is giving you. Reluctance and some faith in the good that exists in all us." That line even hurt Cyclop's own sensibilities, "The school has nothing to do with the X-Men. You want to make your separations pronounce that one more, please."

"Property has already been acquired, Carrion Cove is more than eager to capitalize on this change to their country. Like you, we are stupid not to pitch in to that as well. I've come around to that and as long as you're invested here… so are we." Thats a promise, a solid tone in his words again. Borderline threat. A look down at his clutch on the chair as Lorna speaks and his fingers one by one loosen, each name prattled off makes Scott inwardly hiss. A full roster run down right in front of an adversary.

"Lorna… Polaris, not to cut you off at the knees but you're one of my lesser concerns here. I value you, you're important but the X-Men have a task to fulfill. Sure, whoever is chosen or volunteers will no doubt look after you but I want one of mine here and ready for anything. The Professor wants it as well… " Scott doesn't agree with Charles in many things right now, theres a blindness in friendship that has Xavier far too hopeful, an eagerness in Erik thats not been seen by the X-Men's team lead in many many years.


Humane, he says.

Yes, the boy is learning to use words to stab. But Magneto has the self-control to prevent his displeasure to be seen in his expression. Lorna might have felt a certain tensing of the magnetic fields, though.

Lorna forgot to mention Logan in that list. Magneto is almost tempted to add the name to the himself. Or maybe the old man is wise enough not to coddle Polaris too much. She certainly has inherited his temper.

"Who are you going to send to the Dragon's Den, X-Man?" He is curious about which of Xavier's students is going to move to Hammer Bay. Invited into the council? Doubtful. Unless the person is someone who's advice Magneto would value. Maybe McCoy.


Lorna had her father's temper and none of his decades of practice at reigning it in. The two were polar opposites on the magnetic spectrum so the vibrations in the fields were just as much caused by her as her father, and they built on each other. She was on her feet as Scott spoke and her expression soured. As far as the list of X-men was concerned, Lorna likely had honestly forgotten to mention Logan's presence. But it didn't seem to bother her in the least. After all, Frenzy had already likely reported them by name. And she knew her father had her watched and likely bugged somehow. What was the point in trying to hide any of it?

"Cut the crap, Genosha is meant to be a home for Mutants. For mutants everywhere. And you hate my father just as much as everyone else in that house. And you don't trust me enough to stay here on my own. You and Jean both think I'm going to wake up one day and end up just like him." Her hand waved toward Magneto in a sweep.

"And you know what? Maybe that's not such a bad thing if it means I can make a home where my baby can grow up and not be ashamed of what they can do, and who they are. I'm sick of biting my tongue and being ashamed of being on the fence, of my ties to both of you. I'm sick of not being enough of an X-man for you, Cyclops, and too much of one for you." A glance spared toward her father as she shook her head.

"If you both stopped posturing and mistrusting each other maybe mutants would be able to get shit done for once." She plopped back into her chair, practically vibrating with her rage.


"Thats still to be discussed. You'll get their name and a notice when I send them over." Scott's mouth clamps shut as Lorna speaks out, "Genosha is already someone's home. Not yours and not his. You can remodel and renovate all you want but theres a people that have been here a very long time, belong here, I hope thats not something we're forgetting in our mad dash for power and control." A look from Magneto to Lorna, Scott's brows knitting under the leathery-like fabric of his cowl. He can feel them pushing his visor out.

"Lorna, I know you're your own person. You'll make the right choice. Do I have a fear you'll end up like your father? Sure. It's in the back of everyone's minds. Your blood is going to be a stigma the rest of your life but know, I think much more highly of you than you realize. If I haven't been clear on that before."

Scott scoots his chair back, standing upright knees forcing it to scrape in it's path.

"The posturing, the rivalry, as much as I would like to see it all change, for me to believe that… well, it's not likely. I know you, Magneto. I've known you good portion of my adult life and you're exactly what we stand against. I'm not about to let go of the years, not about to forget and I'm definitely not willing to let my guard down. Our stance is what it is, if your colors start to show again, you slip… the X-Men will be there. I'll personally knock down this palace you're building." Scott's chin lifts, he looks like a proud statue right now but his heart is pounding in his ears. Blood hammering through him. The Master of Magnetism could snuff him out like a candle flame if he so wished.

"If it makes you feel better, you can have Lorna in on the discussion of who will be assigned here."


Magneto tilts his head at Lorna's statement. Too much of a X-(Wo)Man? Yes, of course. But he knew she would be when he 'allowed' her to attend Xavier's.

Yet she is not a teenager anymore, he expects her to lose the naivete and face the realities of a world hostile to mutants. So far so good. "Indeed," he stands up, picking up and donning his helmet. "I don't have any preference on who you could send, Cyclops. I shall judge when the time comes. As for your threats, spare us the theatrics. When we fight again, it won't be here."

When. Not if. Magneto is ever the pessimist.

"But for now you are free to leave in peace," he finishes.


Lorna features blazed with heat with the poor attempt to staunch the anger in her chest. The indignation and the hurt that always swelled up in her chest as Scott responded to her anger with the typical, Scott-like answer. Still, as each of the men continued the conversation she fell silent, her arms crossed tightly as she glared daggers at the floor between them.

She wasn't going to try to get between the posturing and threats again. It was pointless. Almost as effective as screaming at a brick wall.

But that wasn't a surprise to her. Neither the was the cool rising and wrap up to the rather short meeting.


"They're not threats." Cyclops grunts while turning, "It's a proven cycle. We police our own, especially the maniacs."

"Yeah, peace." Scott echoes, that word. That token blazing word. If only.

"Thanks for having me. It's been an absolute blast… " A look at Lorna, he wants to make small talk, ask her if Marcos liked the gift he picked out for them, ask her those questions a person does when they're somewhat excited and pensive over new life but theres an awkward gap in there and the timing, here before Magneto. No.

A curt nod suffices and briskly a long legged stride carries Cyclops out the door. He'll regroup with Mar, update her and apply what he can for assistance before departure. Now to find an X-Man willing to dive in to the hornet's nest. Some one with a much cooler head than himself…

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