Phone Calls To Genosha

January 17, 2018:

Darcy gets a phone call from Jean, to Lorna. Jean talks about coming to Genosha

Genosha, Magneto's base, Lorna's rooms


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Lorna sat in her room after the attack, the X-men who'd gathered up helped treat the injured until the medical personnel arrived on scene. The area secured by the Acolytes and other followers or Magneto, the open market had been dispersed for the night and people were returned to their homes. No other attacks occurred. But Lorna was left seething.

She hadn't been allowed to get involved. Had been protected and lectured more or less all because of her condition. Worse still, Alex had found out when Nate had shouted about it. As if she needed the reminder. The green haired magnokinetic was livid, and got up, pacing the length of her room. Marcos was still gone. She had fried her brick weight of a day or two after he'd left in frustration and anger. And she'd stopped wearing her wedding ring. Though she certainly hadn't told anyone.. people gossiped.


Enter Darcy.

The brown haired human with no mutant anything whatsoever, shoved the door closed, leaning her hands on it and locking it so no one would just walk in. They've have to do whatever it is mutants do when they want to 'kick down a door'. Darcy was willing to throw things if someone tried.

She turned then, still dirty from the pandemeom of before (Civilians had to be evacuated. Even in warzones, civilians get stupid.), and started toward Lorna, head on tilt.

"Need to rant?" Darcy offers. She'd heard after the fact that something was up, but didn't have details.


Lorna didn't so much as look up as Darcy entered. The Acolytes didn't need to know what Darcy's job was. The fact that she was human drew enough concern. And she knew it was on borrowed time before her father pieced together everyone who came to visit her with detailed back ground information. Her room was likely bugged, judging by Illyana's magic spells before. And Nate's paranoia.

Still. Anyone that cared to listen wouldn't get all that much from her.

"I'm pregnant, not an invalid! I can take care of myself. I am an alpha level mutant. I'm skilled, well trained. I can do plenty on my own! I have force fields, barriers, whatever it is. I can lift a mountain. I can fly. What the hell makes everyone think I'm suddenly fucking fragile or incapable of protecting myself." She snarled.

The lights above flickered dangerously in merit to her temper.

"First it's that I'm not stable, now it's I'm too pregnant to fight my own battles or protect myself." She clenched her teeth and whipped green eyes toward Darcy.

"Nate had to shout it out and now Alex knows!"


"Fuck Nate. He's got the sense of a chicken on acid and the survival instincts of a fucking lemming," Darcy offers, moving from the door two steps closer to Lorna. Clearly, Darcy is #TeamLorna and everyone else can harvest her barrien field of fucks she's got for them.

"Whacha wanna do about it?" asks the human, reaching up to push her glasses back up her nose. Thank God they aren't cracked but they are hella dirty.


Darcy's phone begins to ring. The number that shows up is that of the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters.


Lorna looked up, seething quietly as she stared at Darcy, breathing hard. "I want to.. I have to get rid of Zealot. But I don't have the power. I don't have the ability." She gritted her teeth together. "I can't speed up Magneto's control over the island anymore than I can slow it down. I'm on a timer, Darcy. My baby is going to be here in—"

She broke off a second before the phone rang, the magnetic blip of the phone's signal silently alerting her before it started to ring.

A brow arched upwards and she blinked, stepping back and flopping onto her bed.


A phone call? Darcy pulled the phone frmo her pocket, looking at the caller ID.

"It's the School," she murmurs softly, putting hte call on speaker.

"Lewis," she says crisply, just as if she was at work.


"Hello, Agent Lewis. It's Doctor Jean Grey from the Xavier's Institute." There was a brief pause on the other end, hoping that Darcy knew who she was in some capacity, "I was hoping I might speak to Lorna."

Whether telepathy, second-hand knowledge, or pure coincidence it would seem that Jean knew the two were in the same room.

Did the X-Men have a better spy network then SHIELD!?


Darcy Lewis looks to Lorna, asking wordlessly if Lorna wants Darcy to 'field' the call.


Lorna sighed heavily, moving over and leaning toward the phone. "Jean. I'm here. We're at my room, in Genosha.. so, yeah. Surprised we have reception. What's up? I just sent everyone home. We got attacked by mini-spider robot things. We're not sure who sent them. But the timing was suspcious. My father was out of the complex. And there wasn't an ounce of a magnetic alloy on them." She pursed her lips together briefly.

"I'm sure you'll get a field report. What else is there?"


With Lorna taking the call, Darcy leaves off the conversation beyond the greeting she had given Dr. Grey. If she didn't know the doctor's role in the XMen, she gave no sign.


Jean was suddenly aware of her lack of formality or basic courtesy in the phone call, but her concern was for Lorna after what she had heard, "Just checking in, making sure you're not going to be bed-ridden for too long." There was some reluctance in her voice, as a sigh preceeded her words, "And to let you know that I'm planning to take some time away from teaching to come help in dealing with Magneto."


Lorna looked up at Darcy, her brows shooting upwards. "Jeanie, I'm pregnant. Not hurt. Not an invalid. I'm not bed ridden. What the hell did Nate tell you?" She hissed, or Piotr. or Illyana. Really all of them had been terrible.

"And no. No. It's not.. Magneto doesn't need to be dealt with Jean. It's Zealot. He's the mutate that's gone crazy, blowing up ships, and kidnapping me.. It's a pretty safe bet that he sent them. Him or the Magistrates."


"Magistrates seem lke pussies if you ask me," Darcy cuts in now, holding hte phone so Lorna won't fry it. She puts a hand on her hip, holding the phone horizontally so both can speak at it.


"Agreed, Agent Lewis. I'd be delighted to meet you to share my own opinions when I get to Genosha." Jean replied to Darcy, since it was now a three-way call of sorts, "Of course Lorna, we'll talk more about Magneto and Zealot when I get there." Her tone came off as an almost motherly dismissal, "Just stay safe. You've got a baby to worry about to."


Lorna shot Darcy a look over the phone, her lips thinned in irritation. "Jean, just because you've got a ton of other reality kids doesn't mean you know anything about being pregnant." She grumbled, crossing her arms.

"I am fine. The baby is fine. We're both fine. I'm not going to pass out or lose it because I get into a few scraps here or there. Damnit." She sighed heavily, clearly sick of people worrying about her and lecturing her about staying safe. If it was at all possible, it just made Lorna charge in more recklessly than the previous time.

"Jean, don't worry about coming here. We've got a plan for dealing with Zealot. It's fine." They didn't have a plan. There was no plan. Not that she knew. But having Jean come visit was like having her older sister or a mom figure come to the school office to deal with the administrators.


Of course there was no plan. Unless you counted Darcy's want to get into a room alone with that guy and give him a piece of her mind.

"She is fine, Doctor. I'm with her, and I'm not letting her do stupid. But if you want to come by and help me kick around some of the others who shall remain unnamed but whose intials are Nate Grey-" Whoa… fucky coincidence that! "-then you come right on over, because that boy needs a serious beat down," says Darcy, picking up on Lorna annoyed and not really wanting Jean here but also knowing that more people here could mean better chances of get shit handled.


"Don't worry, Lorna." Jean echoed her friend's word, "It is going to be fine, we're going to get this mess sorted out. Together." She sounded sure of herself, but the disunity she was hearing of only impressed upon her the need to speed up her trip, "It's too late for me to cancel anyways, I've already got my classes covered, and a bikini packed for the beach. I'll see you both soon. Make sure she gets some rest, please Agent Lewis. Doctor's orders."




Lorna scowled at the phone, her feet shifting as she stared at it as if it were Jean herself. Oh Jean knew her too damn well, telepath or not. The woman was her best friend from high school and onwards.

"Right, I'll see what I can do for a room for you Jean." She drawled, and sighed, rolling her eyes as she stepped back and made to flop on the mattress.


"Yes, Doctor," is all Darcy can say in reply. Lorna's resigned about it, she might as well too. Leaving her phone on the side table, Darcy moves over to crawl onto the bed at Lorna's side to wait to see what more she can do for the moment.


Lorna sighed again, dragging her hands over her face. "There are so many ways this can go wrong. The Acolytes hate my ties to the X-men. They see it as a security risk. Some of them anyways. Magneto said that the quote 'X-men are always allowed in Genosha so long as they follow the laws of the land'. It's an explosion waiting to happen. They hate each other Darcy. And I'm going to be caught in the cross fire between it." She grimaced and swore, flingling her arm back against the bed where Darcy wasn't.

"Scott told me to come to Genosha to try to slow Magneto's plans down.. and I'm not here for that anymore. I need Genosha to be a homeland for mutants. For my baby."


Phone forgotten so Jean has either hung up or listening in and Darcy does't care which, her attention is on Lorna.

"If you ask me, that's a much more important fight and if Scott doesn' tlike it, he can go fuck himself with a ten foot dildo wrapped in snadpaper."


Lorna shifted, glancing at Darcy side long. "There are a lot of reasons for them to hate my father, Darcy. To mistrust him.." She grimaced, closing her eyes briefly as she turned her gaze upwards to the ceiling above.

"But Genosha is world changing. A homeland for mutants? Where we don't have to hide who we are, what we can do and can just live? If those laws pass in the states.. this will be the safest place. It has to be safe. It has to work out.." She exhaled a breath. "I'll do anything to make sure my baby has a better life. A safer one. Where they never have to hide who they are or be ashamed.. ever."


"This aint about your pops anymore, gorgeous," Darcy retorts, hands on hips, body leaning forward, over Lorna slightly. She listens to the raqnt, smiling.

"And that's why this is going to work, why we're fighting for it to work. Fuck the haters. I fell so madly in love with a mutant it killed me when… " Darcy pauses, swallows, then takes a breath.

"We've got this, Lorna. Don't lose hope. I didn't, and for a moment.. Ihad him back. So… let's go get your home. …but a shower first. Beacuse.. dear fuckign god.."


Lorna reached out a hand toward Darcy's arm, giving it a gentle squeeze. She knew the mutant Darcy was talking about. And she hated that she'd only ever met the criminal, angry version of the man that was her half-brother here. She knew, and the fact that Darcy, a human.. was still here on an island filled with human hating, mutant first extremist groups? It meant a lot.. And Lorna knew she had to make another attempt to find Pietro. She had to. Some how.

Her father still had Brotherhood ties that had sent messages. So in theory, Lorna could use those ties too.

"Yeah.. showers sound good. And lucky for you, I have my own private bathroom. Perks of being who I am I guess.." She didn't want to say Princess. It was too much.

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