Robot Spiders

January 17, 2018:

While in Genosha the visiting X-men end up fighting a new tech that was designed to target the citizens of Genosha: Robot spiders.



NPCs: Frenzy

Mentions: Magneto Marcos

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Fade In…

It was night in Genosha. Warm and smelling strongly of the island air. The populace around Magneto's fortress had come out as they tended to do in the small bubble of protection that was the bustle of a crowded city. People were out, trading skills, scraps, supplies—barter was the means of trade, as money had long since broken down. But people needed to eat. Needed supplies. Needed water. And so out into the night they went. Most of them seemed edgey, it was a war zone, but more than a few children raced around the streets too.

Mutants that were foreigners who'd come for safety, mutates freed from Slavery, it was a melting pot of languages and cultures in the little ramshackle city. But it was something.

Lorna for her part, was sitting on a discarded supply crate, Alex sitting beside her. She wore a pair of skinny jeans and boots, a black tank-top and her green hair was a chaotic mess around her. Frenzy, the Acolyte bodyguard, assigned to Lorna stood a few paces away.


+MEET: Illyana has arrived via +meet.


"I find the lack of wifi disturbing," Darcy grumbles at Lorna, sitting on her other side across from Alex. She's on her phone, trying to get Tweets and things out since putting a human face on the troubles here might help, but she's having trouble and it's making her grumpy enough to not immediately open up her can of cuss-ass.


Piotr's been back and forth between Genosha now enough to at least feel semi comfortable in the war zone. It helps that it's being contrasted against the blizzard and blackout from hell back home in New York. So he has made his way down into the ramshackle city, having found out that is where Lorna was last seen headed. He's discussed with Scott how uncomfortable he is with relying on the Acolyte's for her security here. So he is approaching the group now, dressed similarly to many others a short sleeve linen shirt over a tank top with some khaki shorts and hiking boots. It's about as islander as he gets.


[Nate Grey returns from OOC Land.]


Walking beside the tall Russian… is another Russian, although this one's not nearly so tall. Illyana tagged along with her brother when she discovered he was heading back to the island. Officially, she said something about checking in with Lorna about her Zealot problem, but there are other recent events she needs to discuss with her brother. For now she seems content to play the long game and wait for him to talk to her. Like him, she's adapted her style to suit the island climate… to an extent. She's still wearing black, a sleeveless top with small skull and crossbone designs, but she's teamed it with a pair of black leather shorts that are indeed very very short, fishnets and heavy boots. Catching sights of Lorna and the others - even here, the green hair is a dead giveaway - Illyana offers a wave as they approach.


Alex's two island extremes so far have been compression shorts for beach jogging and the near-black full-body containment suit with even more clothes on top to keep it under wraps. He's presently in the latter, despite offhand comments about a potential stripper career path to suit his self esteem issues.

He nods to Darcy, quite enthusiastically in agreement, "Yes. Good wifi might be the thing that seals the deal for me. I desperately need to google some shi.." He cuts himself off, catching sight of Piotr and Illyana and offering an overhead wave.


Lorna rolled her eyes at Alex even as Darcy sat down beside her. "I mean.. if you want to change jobs Alex, and become a stripper I won't necessarily complain… Hey, don't sit next to me. I'll mess up the signal even more." She griped toward Darcy, eyeing the SHIELD agent with a twitch of her lips. If briefly people had wondered about Lorna's ties to the X-men the way they always seemed to visit in groups around her would've put that out of mind entirely.

The green haired mutant waved toward Illyana and Piotr, grinning as they approached. "Hey, how are you two? What's up? Can't say I've gotten a visit with both of you present for sometime. Am I in trouble or soemthing?" She quipped, her hands settling on her hips as she approached, getting off the crates as she moved.

Of course, it was at that moment, a few stalls down the way that the screams started up. Blood curdling and carrying down the market as a rush of people scattered everywhere. And one of the crates behind the group exploded into a mess of wood shards and nails. Something metallic looking flashed in the dim light of the market, and a glow of red, circular dots lit up the back of the supply depo behind them. More screams.


With his hand still in the air and the reply to Lorna on his lips, Piotr is suddenly distracted by the screams and explosions. Almost before he's even realized it, his bulky frame is transformed into an even bulkier metal one. He leaps forward with his arms up hoping to shield his teammates in the vicinity. If Frenzy gets hit, he is not terribly concerned.

"I did not even get a chance to say hello."

He looks over his shoulder at the group and does a small half wave. "Hello." There. Much better.

"Illyana, any ideas who we should be expecting to try and kill us today?"


Darcy's island? Vintage pin-up inspired two piece in a floral print, an unbuttoned pull over, tennis, and a widebrim hat. She's curvy, plump in that still works out kind of way, and reclines with complete unapologetic carelessness. Giving up with her phone, she turns off the sreen and drops it into the purse at her side.

"Too late. I'm inna fuckign Deadzone," Darcy says, face turned to Lorna. TOngue is stuck out, a grin curling up her lips before Lorna is addressing two new people and Darcy turns to look. About to ask for introductions, the world EXPLODES! Darcy ducks down, body curling up a bit, hands covering her head.

"Oh, fucking hell. We didn't even get fucking lunch yet, man!" she's saying as she slides off her perch at Lorna's side, staying low and holding her hat to her head. She looks to Lorna.

"If you're going to get involved in that shit, you come back without a scratch, or so fucking help me, I will ground you until little lodestone there is fucking forty seven," she tells Lorna as Piotr applies some heavy metal to their defense. She looks up and smirks.


Alex reacts with the combat awareness of a high school teaching geologist, continuing to sit where was was previously sitting and gawking in the direction of the screaming. 'War Zone' reflexes clearly take a little bit of time to develop. His, "Huh. What's that?" mild inquiry is mostly lost in the developing chaos and noise.

As he stands, his gaze tracks Darcy's duck for cover, comprehension slow to reach his features. Leaping into action, he … Starts unbuttoning his shirt. "Oh, I am NOT torching another outfit." He's probably going to fold it nicely and place it on his seat, given the opportunity.


Illyana smirks at Lorna's greeting. "You? In trouble? Probably." She jumps in before Piotr has a chance to speak, the smirk becomes a quick grin. "But I won't tell anyone if you don't. Can't make any promises about him, though." She jerks a thumb at Piotr, seeming more than a little pleased with herself…

…and then the screaming starts, and Illyana wrinkles her nose in annoyance. She adds a grimace when Piotr heroically leaps into action to shield her from danger. And the others too, of course.

Pointedly stepping up beside her brother, Illyana flashes him a grin as her own armour appears around her left arm and shoulder, the Soulsword suddenly shining bright in her hand. "No idea, but it's not a short list."

Darcy's stream of orders to Lorna makes Illyana snort back a laugh, as she looks back over her shoulder at the other woman. "Want me to drop you home before the fun starts, your highness? Just in case?" The gleam of mischief is in her eyes, too.


Lorna's grin at Illyana's banter fell apart at the first screams, and she was rushing forward, even as Frenzy took up a defensive position beside her. Of course, when the wooden shards of crates exploded around them, somehow Lorna found herself crushed to the ground with said bodyguard atop her and then promptly rolling off, only to jerk Lorna upright by her arm with almost whiplash inducing speed. The woman was strong, fast, and apparently good at her job.


Still, as chaos filled the streets around them, it became clear exactly what it was. Rather than simple explosions though.. half a dozen slivery, metal looking, robots came speeding after people. They looked like spiders to put it simply. No larger than a medium sized dog, with their legs ending in sharp points. Several managed to grab hold of fleeing mutates, digging their sharp legs into the victims limbs.

Another half dozen came rushing at the various X-men from the back of the supply depot, red eyes blazing in the night around them.

"There's no metal that I can grab on them." Lorna hissed, even as she finally caught herself from being yanked this way and that by a protective bodyguard. An EM pulse would wipe out what remained of the city's weak electrical grid, and the few remaining electronics that worked.. She couldn't do that to the people that were already suffering.. She gritted her teeth and swore.


"I surprisingly did not come here to scold you Lorna. But if you refuse to let Illyana get you to safety, I'm afraid I will be forced to lecture you. And then get Scott on satellite feed to finish the job." Piotr is not above threats it seems. But at least it does appear that Frenzy is competent at what she has been tasked with, so he doesn't feel like he has to stick by Lorna's side. He jumps at the nearest metal spider to bring down a double hammer blow on it.

If that goes well, he's grabbing for others in the area, picking them up to use as a hammer against the others. He's right in the midst of the pack of them, so he helpfully yells back.

"Alex! Blast away. Don't worry about hitting me, I will not hold it against you tovarisch."


Great, Alex muses, eyeballing the situation as it unfolds. The opposition is small, mobile, and mixed in with innocents, the exact trio of things that would seem to render his relevant skillset fairly useless at best and catastrophic at worst. Not content to simply stand by and gawk, however, Alex's first plan is to find himself an anti-robot club. Appears to be a middling length of rebar.

Though baseball wasn't one of Alex's college sports, he still puts a pretty mean swing on the first spiderbot to scuttle within swinging range. Heroing would be so much easier if all the good guys and innocents were just plasma proof.

Fortunately, Piotr is there to point out an opportunity. It looks like a clear path … well, other than Piotr, himself. Alex hesitates, grits his teeth, then elects to trust the large metal Russian. Bracing his feet, Alex points a pair of clinched fists in Pete's direction. "Got it."

And then Piotr and his surrounding spiderbots are bathed in the heat, light, and noise of a blast of plasma.


Meanwhile Nate has been sneaking around at the other side of Hammer Bay. Because, really, nothing very interesting happens near Magneto HQ. Whatever shitty kind of person Nate thinks he is, he has to admit Magneto's power and skill wielding it makes him feared and respected by everyone.

The renegade Magistrates and Zealot fanatics usually strike at the outskirts of Hammer Bay. Or at the docks. Except apparently today. Those explosions are near the new and shiny spire building. So the young man takes off and heads there, to find, oh-so-unsurprisingly, his teammates in the middle of it. "What the hell is going on?" He asks, trying to land near Lorna because, yes, pregnant women always get overprotected by everyone else. Sorry, Lorna.


"He'll also send you to bed without any dinner." Illyana adds, a touch of sarcasm in her voice, as Piotr throws himself bodily into the fight. Despite her dismissive tone, however, she doesn't look back at Lorna as she says it, keeping her eyes on the developing fight in front of her. And, without making a big deal of it, she's positioned herself on the side of Lorna that Frenzy isn't covering.

At least until she gets the word on whether Lorna wants to be evacuated, she's going to hang back and help with bodyguard duties.

She still winces when Piotr enthusiastically all but asks to be targeted. "He's going to regret that one of these days." She says, under her breath. Deciding that if Piotr and Alex don't have that group of spiders contained then they're all in real trouble, Illyana switches her attention to the second group. Her free hand comes up, a nimbus of energy playing around her fingers as she sketches a quick symbol in the air, and then a bolt of magical force flashes across the space to strike the leading construct. It's not a patch on what Alex is capable of, but it might get their attention.

And then, there's Nate descending from the sky. "Things are blowing up and you're asking us what's going on? That's a first." She'll let Lorna fill him in on the actual details.


"I am not leaving because everyone decided to be overprotective. I can help damnit!" The green haired mutant snarled as she whipped her hands up and started pulling nails from the ground and other various crates. It wasn't alot, it wasn't even much. But with the crowds of people fleeing and needing help, it was hard to pull out giant scraps of metal and fling it around as she wanted. It was a tight space, and there were a lot of innocents.

She went for the people who'd been trying to flee but were now in the clutches of the spider robot-things. Since the X-men clearly had their own spider-mob under control. At least it looked like it. Frenzy, was equally quick to grab Lorna's shoulder and tug her back protectively, not so much as allowing the green haired woman to get into the fray, despite more cursing.

The spiders attacking Piotr swarmed and clutched and even were able to emit some kind of tiny red-lazers from the cluster of eyes in the center. Though for all the good it did against Piotr's metal skin.. the metal frames crushed beneath the one Piotr used as a hammer.. Even as more piled on to clutch at his legs. Metal legs flew around them, falling to lay twitching on the ground. After Alex's blast, at least, that pack seemed more or less a molten pile of slag.

Which left the half dozen or so attacking the civilians in the street. Which was quickly being cleared of those not currently pinned down or being attacked by the spider machines.

"So nice of you to join us Nate. You know, typical day. No one letting me do jack shit again."


It's a good thing that Piotr basically just assumes that his clothes are not going to live through any excursion. His modesty is saved, and Darcy's hopes dashed, by the unstable molecule briefs that are the only things not set on fire by either the lasers or Alex's blast. The blast has enough force to knock him off his feet and send him rolling. He pops up, not quite as quickly as he would like, to inform Alex.

"I am okay. Only a little on fire."

He pats out the burning remains of his shirt and shorts, while trying to get a bead on the spider machines attacking the civilians. Of course before he charges on those ones, he has to make sure that there doesn't appear to be any immediate threat to Lorna and company.

"We know you can help Lorna. But your safety is the most important objective." He helpfully mansplains.


Looking at the aftermath of the first emergency situation plasma blast that went off mostly as intended, Alex's concerned expression reveals he was not at ALL certain Piotr would still be present afterward. The Russian's durability gives him a boost of confidence, but no other safe target immediately presents itself, so he retrieves his section of rebar from the ground. It is not particularly intimidating.

Grimacing as he spots various bots attaching themselves to various mutates, Alex looks for a clear angle before deciding that just charging in with a chunk of steel is his primary available option. Scott could just pick robots off one by one, but Alex would just vaporize the victim with the assailant. So … he pokes at a spider-robot on a flailing mutate with his little metal stick.


So no fast exit for the green-haired Princess? Illyana's OK with that. Maybe Piotr will need to scold both her and Lorna later. "You'll miss it when everyone stops being your obedient servant." Illyana tells her, before glancing Nate's way. "Keep an eye on her for me?" She asks, mostly in an attempt to throw gasoline on the fire of Lorna's annoyance with her situation, and then Illyana winks out of existence.

She pops back in from Limbo right next to Alex, and his spider-poking antics. "Let me try." She tells him. "And do worry about hitting me, because Piotr WILL hold it against you." She adds pleasantly, even with a little smile, and drops into another stepping disc.

Almost immediately there's another flash of light, beyond even where Piotr was fighting, as Illyana ports in and tries to grab a mutate from the claws of a spider, to port out again.


"Robot spiders," decides Nate. Of course Genosha would have robot spiders somewhere. Why the hell not? One of them is jumping to his neck, so he grabs it telekinetically and crushes it into fine dust.

"Y'know, Lorna, dear soon-to-be-mummy," he adds, making sure no spider is anywhere close the green-haired young woman. "It is because you are PREGGERS." As everyone already knows.

Wait, except maybe a certain Summers plasma-generator blonde. But really. Lorna didn't tell Alex?

"So all the X-People here and there is about to become something like uncles and aunts, or maybe cousins. Not sure where I fall there. Of course we want you to take it easy," hell, Magneto's real reason to give Lorna a bodyguard might be the child. "So. Take it easy, willyou?"


Piotr of course notes that Illyana lets Lorna make the call. He will remind her later that she is field leader, and should have pulled rank, at least in his opinion. There will be much disappointed face later, don't worry both of you.

Watching Alex swing the rebar around, he quirks an eyebrow and half raises a hand, not that it would hurt to get hit with it, more mildly annoyed that Alex took his 'fire away' to mean not worry about hitting him ever. When Illyana appears though and quips about watching out for her, he agrees.

"Da, this is true. I would squish you like robot bug."

As if for emphasis he plucks a robot spider that Alex was swinging at and crunches it down. He is at least remembering to smile in a friendly manner so it's somewhat more clear that he's joking. Mostly.


Mildly surprised at Illyana's appearance, Alex doesn't manage to say anything clever before she ports out again. Shame he can't just blast through portals at the optimal non-mutate-killing angles. He doesn't immediately blast at her new location, though, so the helpful tip probably registered. Piotr's is clear enough, "Please try not to, I'm probably more squishable than robot bug." A grin.

"Lorna!" He calls, giving his chest array a couple of quick jabs. "This thing's metallic. Think you can heft me up and find me a good angle?" He points upward. Raining plasma down on the proceedings is an … interesting idea, though it probably would make it easier to isolate targets rather than finding a clear path through the crowds to blast.

So, Nate's lack of subtlety finally manages to pierce Alex's thick veil of denial-fueled obliviousness. Wait. What? It's extremely unlikely preggers is some obscure Genoshan slang. He's momentarily sidetracked making his Wait, What face in Nate's direction. Everyone telling Lorna to take it easy, and here's Alex trying to rope her in further.


The green haired magnokinetic fumed, arms crossed as Frenzy very carefully, kept her on lock down more or less. The woman never so much as budging to lift a finger to the screaming civilians, merely to keep any spider robots that came crawling their way in check. One got smashed by fists, the woman able to tear it apart between her hands like paper, the metal legs left twitching on the dirt.

Even with her friend's well intentioned, or at least, teasing, words; only made her glare all the more. "I won't miss it Illyana, thanks." She snarled at the blonde, clearly chomping at the bit to do anything. And when the blonde managed to free one of the spider's victims from its claws? Legs? Claw-legs? The spider was left looking for another target—And it went for Nate seeming in glee. If such a thing could be said for the metalltic, red eyed spiders.

There seemed to be fewer and fewer robots within moments. And at least, on this side of the fortress, the crowds had cleared out quick enough to give the X-men working space now. Only a handful of people remained on the ground, screaming in pain or possibly no longer screaming and still as the robots downed the few mutates they'd caught and moved onto attacking the X-men.

Nate's words gained a red faced response from Lorna and the metal on the stalls nearest to her groaned in response. It was only Alex's call that had her moving and she wasted little time in flinging him upwards into the sky by his array.


And before Piotr can suggest an alternate plan, or ask Illyana to override Alex's hare brained scheme, the big metal man finds himself watching Alex sail up into the air. He looks around and says loud enough for all to hear.

"I do not approve of this strategy. He is too squishy."

Unsaid is that Piotr also doesn't trust Alex and Lorna working together as a team or Alex in the field in general. It's better to leave those type of things unannounced. He just shakes his head and says to Illyana, "Please do not let him hit the ground if he falls. I'd catch him, but I'm guessing that would be worse."


If Illyana caught Lorna's snarl before she teleported away then she didn't give any sign. Reappearing at a safe distance from the spider-bot brawl, Illyana shoves her rescued mutate into the arms of the nearest person who looks even vaguely capable and then goes back to collect another, and then another. With the spider-bots turning their attention to the other X-Men, Illyana's presence is mostly betrayed by silver-white discs that flash into existence around the fallen mutates and then spirit them away. By the time she's done, the discs are opening and closing as fast as a disco strobe effect, and the street is empty of casualties.

Supporting the last of the mutates - this one at least walking wounded - as they stagger a little bit dramatically out of her portal, Illyana shoves him off to yet another unwary civilian and addresses the crowd that always forms a safe distance from any disaster, and which she's pressed into use to receive the casualties. "That's the last of them!" She says, managing to speak loudly and apparently breathlessly at the same time. "Get help for the injured! Polaris is still fighting but she wants everyone to get medical attention!" She makes sure to declare that as dramatically as she can. "Go on, go get help!" She yells at the crowd when they're slow to move, then spins around and runs back into her portal.

Probably no-one sees the sneaky grin she's wearing as she does it.

Reappearing beside Piotr, Illyana looks nonplussed for a moment, then looks up. "Even if Lorna drops him on purpose?" Illyana asks, then smiles. "You worry too much, brother. I'll catch him."


Someday Nate will learn to stop trying to reason with angry women that -never- listen. Then hell will freeze over and the moon will turn into cheese. "Well, shit," he concentrates, creating a sphere of telekinetic energy, catching Lorna, Frenzy and himself inside. A lone mechanical spider bounces off it.

It mutes Lorna's powers slightly, but at least it is mostly transparent to the electromagnetic field. "Seriously," he growls. He would be more effective out there. On the other hand it looks like Illyana has everything under control, "if Mags has you locked into your quarters until the wedding after this maybe I will buy him a beer."


One moment he is looking confusedly at Nate, the next moment he is UP IN THE SKY. Alex gracelessly flops about at first, then takes a moment to remember he was planning this. Another moment to get used to the balance involved with being lifted into the air by one's chest, and then Summers is looking down for clear targets.

Spying a clear robot bug target below, he takes aim and blasts directly into the ground. Where once scurried a robot spider remains only a circle of fused sand and the lingering smell of ozone, though the kickback launches him a bit higher into the sky than expected. He struggles to reorient himself.

Nate -clearly- said 'preggers'. He's having trouble finding further targets, period, much less ones free and clear of bystanders or difficult-to-replace equipment.


Lorna glared at Nate, her hands curled and held up above her as she held Alex balanced in the sky high above them. "Do you want me to drop him Nate? Because I swear to god, you keep it up, and I will drop him to drop a mountain on you." She snapped back, her cheeks still hot with anger and embarassment. No she hadn't told Alex. No she hadn't even breathed a word about her getting married. Not that she was even wearing said wedding ring at the moment. And Marcos had been… gone.. Not that she'd told anyone.

But people talked.

The last few stragglers of robots were ended and as Lorna struggled to keep Alex balanced in mid-air, she slowly, carefully set him down back to the ground after his blast had him wiggling in her magnetic grip as it were.

Her chest rising and falling as she exhaled a great gust.


"And you worry too little snowflake."

Piotr is of course glad that Alex does make it safely back to the ground, even if a tiny bit of him would like to have been proven right. He strips the rest of his burning, torn shirt off to the ground and steps on it. "Perhaps now is not the best time for me to inform Lorna that we believe she should have more protection? I believe she will roll her eyes at me and only get more annoyed."

He is walking back to their original position now, maybe a little disappointed that things were handled so easily. He could have used a larger distraction. He catches himself thinking that and shakes his head, give it a minute, he's sure it won't be long.


Alex walks in a small circle, combining a look around the area with a bit of self-soothing in the form of feet back on the ground. "Pete…" He moves toward Piotr, offering something between a wince and a grin, "Sorry 'bout the shirt." His own neatly folded garment has been knocked down and blown away somewhere in the chaos.

Glancing back at Lorna, Alex sticks with don't say or do anything as the best available strategy regarding wedding rings or pregnancies or whatever else. Instead he goes with, "Can we keep 'drop Alex' as an off-limits debate strategy? Maybe?"


After a swift glance around at the debris-strewn battlefield to make sure no more dog-sized spider-bots were about to crawl out to attack them, Illyana looks back up at where Alex… let's be generous and say hovers. She makes a quiet noise of disappointment when he starts slowly descending. No fun for her after all. So she looks over at Piotr and smiles innocently at him. "What do I have to worry about with you here, big brother?" She asks, before her smile turns devilish as she watches him tear his shirt off. "Except having to fight off anyone who wants to thank you TOO personally after watching you do that?"

Illyana could happily continue to tease her brother, but instead she nods in agreement. "Not right now, but she does need it. Now her people need to see that their 'Princess' just protected them from… whatever these things were." Illyana falls in beside him as he walks back toward the others, her Soulsword vanishing from her hand as the polished silver armour she was sporting melts away.

"I vote you let Nate and Alex off this once." Illyana suggests. "A post-attack execution of the good guys wouldn't look great." Illyana tilts her head to one side. "Back home now we've had our fun, or want to let your people see the bad guys didn't get you?"


Lorna was still clearly angry, and embarassed about the whole thing. Her posture looked like she was about ready to fling whatever she could get her hands on some where.. Her cheeks burned hot pink as she glared at Nate, only momentarily distracted by Illyana's words as the blonde came over. At least the danger had passed. What would've happened if she hadn't had her friends visiting? Likely the Acolytes and herself.. If they weren't already engaged with more spiders else where. She frowned as she stomped over to the remains of one of the spiders, and she knelt over it, poking the sparking remains this way and that.

"I'm not telling Nate off any hooks anytime soon." She growled, and stood.

"Those things were designed, very carefully, to be without any iron-alloys.." She pursed her lips together, and crossed her arms. "I don't think it's time to play politics, Illyana. Those people need medical attention and we need to make sure the rest of the area is secure. They can't have only been in this area… right?"


Despite his (richly deserved) hothead reputation, Nate is usually cautious at lowering his guard, and this time doubly so. Only after everyone seems okay he lowers the telekinetic shield. "Mutant-killing devices. Genosha's old regime built a lot of those for their allies in America," he offers as likely explanation for the spider drones.

"Now we got to wonder if this was Zealot or the anti-mutant side which dropped them here," but he shrugs. Either would have done it if they could, so they are both guilty. "But I am going to help with the injured, yes," he is good at patching people up until a real doctor can get them.


Illyana shrugs and directs a probably fake 'I tried' look at Nate when Lorna announces he's still on her naughty list. He's on his own with that now.

"Very carefully, without any iron-alloys." Illyana repeats Lorna's words back to her, since she doesn't seem to have drawn the obvious conclusion. "So just perfect for killing Magneto. Or… you." Illyana pauses for effect. "And here they are, right where YOU are." She shrugs, and glances at Nate. "Anyone else thinking about evil robot spiders?" She asks their only resident telepath.

"And who says we can't do two things at once?" Illyana asks, switching her attention back to Lorna. "I already told some locals you wanted medical attention for the injured." Illyana knows that Frenzy is right there, but this is hardly something she can object to… right?


Unwilling to get into The Talk, both in general and specifically at this moment with wounded and other assorted aftermath to deal with, Alex just moves to see who he can help. He's not a doctor nor any sort of medical personnel, so he spends his time checking on people and calling out the more severe-seeming injuries.


Lorna moved to follow after Alex and Nate as they went to help the injured. She wasn't sure what else she could do, other than picking up broken pieces of supplies she came across in the street, or right whatever else she found. It was slow going and Nate's words had her glancing his way. "You think it could be either one? Lovely." She exhaled a breath, and shook her head, her focus shifting briefly toward Illyana.

"My father isn't here. He stepped out for one reason or another. The attack could've been for civilians, him, or me. Who knows.." She muttered, grimacing. Though it was hardly secret knowledge that Polaris spent her evenings helping the people she found out in the supply depot, or volunteered her time in similar humanitarian deeds. She didn't like it.

Her gaze swept toward Alex in worry, her brows pinched. That whole I'm pregnant conversation was definitely something she should have had with him before..

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