Sand, Summers and Training

January 16, 2018:

Alex comes to Genosha, Lorna and him talk and train

Genosha's beach


NPCs: Acolyte Bodyguard, NPC mutate

Mentions: Marcos


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The citizens of Genosha rarely went out during the day, and it wasn't due to the heat, but rather that beyond the little bubble of security that Magneto had made; was still an active war zone. There were still militant supporters of the old regime, still Sentinels, still Zealot, who wanted the foregin mutants gone. So it was only as the sun was lowering on the horizon, did people venture out.

Lorna for her part, was active to the point of exhaustion. She trained, either with her father or the acolytes. Served on the council when it ran. Tirelessly worked with helping the refugees that came onto the island and those that lived there make a life for themselves.

Recently, somehow, she'd managed to gather a small company of younger mutates that didn't know how their powers worked. It was a handful, maybe two or three that showed up every afternoon, the rest coming and going as life dictated.

The green haired young woman stood on the beach, her arms crossed and in a black tank-top and pair of battered looking skinny jeans, and steal toed boots. "Alright. Next up!" She hefted a large chunk of metal debris up into the air with a gesture and hurled it at a young man with purple cheek bones and matching eyes. The young man ducked the flying bit of metal, only just, and landed hard on the sandy beach. "Again! C'mon! Get up!" She called, and the young man picked himself up again.

Meanwhile, none too far off, stood a woman, an acolyte. Lorna's bodyguard.


It's probably difficult to recognize him, all things considered.

Even Alex can't remember the last time he's completely ditched the containment suit, but the garment is crumpled in a heap near a tree while Alex Summers treats himself to an old school Hawaii sporty kid style jog along the beach. Minus a sweltering-looking black bodysuit, he's going with more appropriate beach attire of compressions shorts and tennis shoes.

Can't be hauling supplies around all the time, and while he's been having to fill in as Mister Summers more and more often at Xavier's Institute, the Genoshan climate has appealed to him dramatically more than winter in New York. Catching sight of Lorna's Impromptu School for Unknown Mutates, he angles in that direction and arrives only slightly out of breath.


Perhaps it was because Marcos was gone, had been gone and would be gone for ..well, however long. Lorna wasn't sure. Perhaps it was that she was balancing on a very thin mental wire as it was. But when Alex came up, shirtless and in a pair of shorts and flip flops, her lips twitched and her gaze swung over him with a flash of her eyelashes.

"Hey." She glanced back toward the mutates, who stood there, looking a little worse for wear. Lorna waved a hand at them. "Go take a break. We'll pick up later." She shoved her hands into her pockets, glancing back to Alex once more.

"Surprised to see you back. Don't tell me you're supposed to check up on me too. Cause that's just about all I feel anyone does these days." She murmured, her voice dry and with no small amount of irritation.


For various reasons, 'Being a Summers' probably among them, subtle glances entirely escape Alex's notice. Less subtle ones probably would, as well. Lorna's original advances had probably reached a level of full-blown aggression before the younger Summers stopped second-guessing.

"Hey," he replies, casually waving a hand at Group of Mutates as well as Wave and Grin at bodyguard. Looking back to Lorna, his brow furrows curiously, "Check up on … oh, no. Just hate New York winter, honestly. I don't burn, so, you know, why shiver in the snow if you don't have to?" It's not the most sensitive approach when talking about an active war zone, but Alex is studiously avoiding a mention of that aspect of Genosha for the moment.

"Just a break before I put my stupid little outfit back on and do something productive."


Lorna rolled her shoulders back, letting her arms swing free as she looked at him with a raised brow. "Oh. Well, welcome back to Genosha in that case then." She flashed a sharp grin. There were new shadows around her eyes, signs of little rest and few nights sleeping. Still, the green haired woman, seemed to have a boundless amount of stubborn determination to continue on.

Though as he continued about his outfit, she pursed her lips, turning her gaze to the ocean before them and the crashing waves. "You sick of firing at a lake yet? We've got an ocean here. And if you want, fallen buildings. Great for target practice." Her hands flexed as she glanced side long at him.

"Are you sure I can't convince you to fire a shot off at me?"


Giving a light laugh, Alex shakes his head, "I'm going to stay more comfortable with inanimate objects, but…" His grin borders on mischievous, "Launch something out over the water a bit. I've been doing a little work without the training wheels." Since the experience of being wholly unprepared for Zealot, Alex has attacked the problem with roughly the same stubborn determination with which he often avoided it.

One thing he's definitely been needing to get a feel for is just how much bracing need be done before blasting a thing. He digs his feet into the sand, stepping back with one leg to set his balance. "Just don't stand too close, eh?" Probably not the most reassuring addition.


Lorna returned the grin, even as he mentioned launching stuff into the air. "Eventually, I can throw stuff at you then." She drawled, and threw her hands up. A large chunk of some broken building lifted out of the water beyond and into the air, hovering there as she kept it.

"Shall I toss it up and let it move around, or is that too much for you?" She teased lightly, her green eyes glancing in his direction once more. His words about not standing too close had her arching a brow upwards once more as she tugged the scrap metal higher into the air. Clearly, she had no intentions of backing up, and rather took a daring step closer. "Don't miss."


It's like night and day, frankly. Rather than focusing directly from his chest's containment array, Alex extends his arms, fists clinched and together as he tracks the moving target for a moment. The entire build-up time is almost eliminated, as well. Arcs and waves of electric blue move down the length of his arms for a second, and with a loud crack of displaced air … he misses his target, searing the air a few feet behind its path as Lorna begins moving the it higher. Lacking the containment suit, the heat coming off the man's body is noticeable even in the Genoshan climate.

It's not -quite- as impressive as Alex had hoped, jumping the gun like that. Definitely a promising improvement over haphazard exploding and falling down, at least. "Shit," comments Alex, shifting his balance and going with the single-arm aim for the clean-up shot. The second attempt hits the target high-center, doing its usual wild overkill amount of damage in a mix of melting, vaporizing, and shattering steel where the metal is struck.


Lorna whistled as the blast swung low and the super heated air stung her lungs. But she didn't flinch or step away, though she dropped the scrap metal with a plop into the water as Alex wobbled and caught his balance. Her hand reached out, to help stablize him by his arm and she stepped into his personal space until he made it clear he was going to try it again. She threw her hand out, lifting the metal back up and when his blast hit it, she whooped.

"Better than before. How many can you throw before you pass out on me?" She lifted a green eyebrow upwards, head tilting to the side as she stepped closer to him. "That kick back is a serious downside though.."


Glancing down, Alex smirks at the marks in the sand. He's been driven back almost a foot. "Yeah… need some good grippy soles and stable footing." His eyebrows arching upward, Alex predicts, "We're probably never going to be talking about a delicate precision instrument, here. Also, probably very little stealth."

True, subtle and precise are probably only words to be used ironically in Alex's Mutant Hero career, but for demolition work, there's likely to be few better. To the question of ammunition, he holds up a hand and makes a vague kinda-sorta gesture, "I'm not entirely sure, so there's another downside." He points at the suit piled up by the nearby tree, "The disc's pretty accurate, though, so long as I'm not going full-supernova like in the cave."


Lorna nodded, "Well, we've got places to test it. And I suggest we do. Can't have you in combat pushed beyond what your limits are and have to carry you out of it." She murmured, dropping her hands and settling a hand on her hips.

"And I don't think anyone needs subtly here. You're a mutant, and your powers are beautiful. Destructive, but very useful when you need a heavy hitter. And I know for a fact there's plenty of reasons for it." She looked out at the ocean, her jaw tightening briefly at some thought that crossed her mind.

"Accuracy, and and figuring out how much power you can shoot out over time are things that we need to work on.." She glanced back at Alex and gestured outwards.


Alex shakes his hands, opening and closing his fists as if they'd been asleep. Nodding, he glances out over the ocean, "Yeah, there are those down sides… Though I haven't ever really hit any serious point of knocking myself out with any particular number of single blasts, just those uncontrolled last resort or accidental blow-ups." He grimaces, folding his arms across his chest.

"Fully aware that's not tactically reassuring. Nor is the accuracy problem. Lots of little variables in the mix that I haven't even begun to work out." Timing's probably the worst, currently. He considers the problem for a moment before verbalizing his thought process instead of just ruminating before an actually interested party, "Moving targets are … just tough. The charge up varies just enough, and THEN the actual zap varies even more before lighting off. It's like playing with wonky net lag." Sports metaphors and nerd metaphors all rolled into one guy.


Lorna reached up, patting him gently on the arm. "We'll get it. Promise. You can train here anytime you like. And you don't have to get bundled up for it either." She let her hand fall away, looking back to the horizon above.

"We have a duty, Alex. To the mutates and mutants out there that don't have the level of power we do. They're exposed out there.." She murmured softly, and her brows knit together. "We have to be there and be the ones to protect them." And she shook her head, breaking out of her thoughts.

"Sorry, I don't mean to lecture. Just don't have many people out here that want to just chat."


"No, I get it." Alex smirks, then amends, "Well, I'm trying to get it. Still reluctant to imagine my thing can be useful… Or more specifically, what kind of person I need to be to MAKE it useful." He glances sidelong at Lorna, briefly searching and serious, "I mean, I'm no Logan … am I?" It's not the sort of comparison one would immediately think to make. Though Alex doesn't really have a 'stun/incapacitate' setting.

"And don't worry, you've got a ways to go before you quite reach Scooter Summers levels of annoying lecturing." He grins, "A little ways, at least."


Lorna smirked faintly as Alex waved off her mini-lecture. She glanced over him, tucking green hair back from her face as the evening air came off the ocean and whipped up the humid air around them. "I've started training again. Going at it hard. I have to get stronger. Better.. The way Zealot knocked us out. It gets to me, you know? And the Sentinels.. everything." She exhaled a breath.

"I hate sitting here, knowing that in the US they're talking about the registration act. While a bunch of scientists from Genosha that committed horrible acts.. they're out there, Alex. And they're going to spread those ideas. About hating mutants and everything. And it's just.. things are so slow here. And I'm so disconnected from it all.."


"Literally everything seems above my pay grade. I'm over there trying to balance teaching high school with training all while trying to work out in my head just how much of a killer I'm willing to be…" Alex exhales heavily and gives his head a shake, before adding, "And then there's Scott baby-stepping me on the details. I don't need to worry about that, yet. We'll know when I'm ready for the Danger Room."

He glances over to Lorna and gets a snort, "I'm not sure he realizes I'm not six, anymore." He points over toward his cache near the tree, "What say I do pants? This is too much serious talk for standing around all Captain Tighty-Shorts." Alex moves in that direction, "How you holding up? Or is training yourself into mental exhaustion part of the whole coping strategy?" Alex doesn't employ much subtlety in conversation, either.


Lorna shrugged once at his words. "Alex, you know how I feel. If it saves lives.. sometimes the situtation calls for extremes. You are just one extreme to an end. And well, don't hate on yourself for that. A lot of lives will be saved when we figure out your powers. I'm sure of it." She grinned though as he mentioned Scott's habit of baby-stepping.

"You know, I'll throw you into the deep end of the pool.. No baby steps with me." A faint laugh escaped her as he made a joke about pants and shook her head. Yet as he continued, asking how she was, her face grew cloudly.

So Alex had noticed the shadows that ringed her eyes more than usual. She shifted, kicking at the sand at her feet and scowling as her head hung low.

"…Marcos left me. He went back to the Cartel. To Carmen, his ex.. He said he'd be back. It's been over a week.." She laughed and pressed her hand against her features. "Can't say I'm surprised. Everyone leaves." She snorted, and rolled her eyes as she took a few steps and sank back to the sand, lowering herself down to sit.


Alex busies himself stepping into a bodysuit, it providing a perfect excuse not to charge into commentary. "Well… Sounds like more of a 'not back yet' than a 'left me', or am I missing something?" Giving a bit of a forced chuckle, Alex half-grins, "You're going to make me speak well of your boyfriend, aren't you?"

Alex clears his throat with a pointed, Ahem. "So. I don't know the guy, but he didn't seem the needlessly bailing type. Hell, he helped drag MY useless butt home that one time and that can NOT have been convenient. I'm not exactly dainty." He pauses, considering for a beat, before adding, "Am I missing something? Could you be jumping the gun a bit?"


Lorna scowled, grinding her fist into the sand and watching as little bits of iron-rich particles shifted around her to the perfect image of a magnetic field. Almost perfect textbook in design in the sand around her. She was angry, that much was clear.

"The Cartel threatened him, if he didn't go. I don't know what they have, but it's the Cartel, Alex. They were using mutants in boxes to protect drugs, they were murdering people and using Marcos as their interrogator and muscle. They're scumbags, Alex. And if Marcos gives into their demands now, what's to stop them from pushing those buttons again? From taking advantage of it?" Her lips twisted as she spoke, her voice tight and clipped.

"And he didn't want to involve me. He was willing to push me out of it. I didn't do that to him. I didn't leave him out of Genosha though I damn well should have."


"Huh." Alex offers, consideration of the problem at hand overriding any instinct to say something reassuring about it. It takes him a moment to circle back to that bit in his mind, "Oh, well… Yeah, I mean. Got to agree with you, there. Should at least be given the chance to make your own decision on the matter. Kind of an awkward spot, I feel like I should be making an 'I'm not trying to screw up your relationship' disclaimer."

Finished putting on the blue-black containment suit, Alex slumps into a sit in the sand near Lorna. The indicators on his chest are a good three-quarters full, though hard to tell where he started out. "Really, I'm not. Should've given you the options. Can't say that I would have, but it would be a bit of a dick move on MY part, too."


Lorna glanced side long at Alex, pulling her fist free of the sand and curling it up on her lap as she drew her legs close. Even as he made the general disclaimer of not fucking up her and Marcos' relationship. Her lips twitched faintly. She hadn't said anything to anyone about Marcos' absence, though undoubtly, people had noticed. She hadn't provided an explaination.

She hadn't even said the words out loud until now.

"You know I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. A bunch of Cartel baselines?" She snorted and rolled her eyes. "They couldn't touch me. I told Marcos as much, but now.. it doesn't matter does it? They called. He went." Her hands curled into fists.

"It's not like here. Where I'm doing something to help mutants everywhere."


Lorna was terrible at sitting still, so much so, that it often earned annoyed glances from whichever Acolyte was playing body guard for her. At least, she assumed it was annoyed glances. The green haired mutant didn't let that slow her down. So after a while, the two made it back to the main 'city' as it were around Magneto's fortress. It was bustling with people as full dark settled in.

Little home-made market stalls of scrap had been set up as people bartered and traded for what they needed and came out for supplies.

The whole the area seemed alive with mutants. Some offering to work with their powers—many scraps of metal or paper were posted nearby with promises of fresh water, heat, or other assorted 'useful' powers. A few promised to take pain away for a time.

Though many cleared a path for Lorna without even a glance from her Acolyte bodyguard. It just.. happened.

"So, there's no Chinese food out here yet, we're still working on basic supplies.." She offered apologetically.


"I am perfectly fine with the admittedly tragic lack of Chinese food," Alex offers, truthfully, still abiding by the Meat, Potatoes, Snacks, and Beer food quadrangle. "Island food's usually pretty interesting. What's native Genoshan like?" He's put some street clothes over his containment suit by force of habit, a pair of jeans and a white button-down left unbuttoned. His requisite uniform draws much less attention here than, say, New York.

"Hard to build up an infrastructure when someone keeps coming along to tear it right back down." Alex muses aloud on the obvious, then hops back a bit, "Did you want me to take a trip down to Mexico? I mean, Marcos didn't explicitly leave ME out of anything, eh?"


Lorna exhaled an amused breath as he admitted to the lack of Chinese food being okay. She shrugged, lightly, continuing to walk around. "I'm not sure what's native here. I mean.. most of the supplies are hit or miss. Things people used to be able to get are kind of a non-starter these days. And a lot of people here are mutants from around the world, coming here to seek refugee. There's a lot people that used to live here that fled. So there's a bit of a cultural gap when many that stayed used to be slaves and never had the ability to … to live.." She grimaced and continued to wander the various ramshackle stalls in the tiny area around the fortress that made a safe haven.

"And yeah.. it's frustrating to get things or people moved on the island when they keep getting attacked. I wish I could do something more." She muttered, and at Alex's offer of going after Marcos in Mexico she laughed.

"No. Do you even speak Spanish? Much less know how to track down the Cartel down there?"


"Not very much. I figured I'd wander around Monterrey saying stuff like, 'Donde esta el Cartel, yo quiero comprar drogas.'" It's difficult to tell just how much he's joking. "Island people do some amazing things with Chicken and Pork." It's always about the meats.

"And yeah, I'd probably go down there half-cocked once I got someone more useful to help track down the right general area. Maybe bring a telepath." While Alex actually does have some tactical possibilities in mind, he doesn't really have the resources at his immediate disposal. "I don't know. Just want to do something useful. If I can't go handle a gang of humans with guns, what good am I going to be against anti-mutant super robots and the like?"


Lorna shot Alex a dry look, "Your Spanish is terrible." She drawled, most of the island was running on the barter system, given that money wasn't really up and running yet. And people were still desperate for the most basic necessities, she didn't have much to offer. Just her help. Which she frequently gave. Though for now she seemed to be leading Alex to the same little over hang where they had had food with Nate a few weeks back.

She sank down onto an empty crate to the side with a sigh.

"Marcos is supposedly working for them. He hasn't been there for years. Do you think they stopped using mutants on their payroll? Who knows what other mutants they've twisted to work for them? They used him for muscle and torture Alex.."


Easing into a seat near Lorna, Alex scrunches up his face and contemplates for a moment, "Hard to say what it'd take to get me to go along with the torturing bit." He folds his arms across his chest, shaking his head, "I guess… Well, only person they could use to blackmail me that comes close is YOU, and you'd kick my ass if I went along with that kind of thing in your name."

After a short beat of reflection, he quickly adds disclaimers, "I mean, I'm not trying to imply anything about Marcos. For all I know they have some master mind control teep on the payroll, right?"


Lorna glanced at him side long, her brows furrowing faintly. "Think about his powers. He can summon light and heat in his hands pretty consistently. For a Cartel, that's a weapon they were pissed they lost." She exhaled a breath, shaking her head.

"He went for me. When I went to school… we got chased out by a bunch of Purifier wanna-bes. They figured out I was a mutant and harassed me the whole way through. I nearly lost my temper, things got out of control.. Marcos and I lost each other. I went to the mansion.. And he couldn't find me. He went to them to help find me. And.. they did. In Mutant Town. Where I had been looking for Marcos." She exhaled a breath.

"So they said he owed them. They called.. and he went." Her lips thinned into a line and she exhaled a sharp breath. Anger lighting her expression in the dark. Her hands curling into fists.

"It's not mind control."


Alex holds up his hands in a mock-defensive gesture, "Hey… I'm not trying to make excuses for him, I'm just…" His arms drop to his lap and he slumps back in his seat with a heavy sigh, "I just don't want to be the ex talking crap about your guy." Giving a snort, he adds, "I would LOVE to throw him under the Cartel Villain bus, but I'm just trying to be fair."

Heat and Light. "I really envy his control over that. Though, that said … If I were putting together a list of groups that deserve my whole chaos and destruction approach, 'Drug Cartel' would probably be on there." Chaos and Destruction. Eventually, Alex will come up with an appropriate codename. 'Captain Chaos'? Nice and alliterative.


Lorna grimaced as Alex held up his hands, her arms crossing as she leaned forward, her gaze swinging out to the crowd of people that were active in the night. Busy going about their business. She wasn't typically one for sharing what was going on with Alex. Wasn't up for sharing her emotions. But she'd be so isolated from anyone to talk to. And it just spilled out.

"I'm not saying that you are, Alex." She murmured, her nose wrinkling.

"I'm just frazzled…" Not getting sleep, living in a War-zone and surrounded by Magneto and his followers. Small wonder Lorna wasn't wearing leather and cackling yet.

"I need something more to do than sitting here training, or helping with supplies. Zealot is still out there. Mutants back in the States.. around the world still need help. And I'm sitting here. Dealing with Fabian Cortezes of the world bitching at me over my connections to the X-men and other assorted nonsense."


Giving a dismissive wave, Alex shakes his head, "Yeah, I'm not saying it's anything you're doing. Just trying to be mindful that I'm not too eagerly joining in with a 'yeah, what an asshole' sentiment." Giving a chuckle, he adds, "I do have a bit of a bias."

At Lorna's talk of Something to Do, he nods with exaggerated enthusiasm, "Exactly my dilemma. Well, not exactly, but … You know. Hell, I'm not even -efficient- at hauling supplies when we have Piotr and Rogue around. Just … busywork to feel involved and useful for me."


Lorna arched a brow as she glanced side long at Alex. "Just a bit of a biased. It's okay. I forgive you." She drawled and shook her head, lifting up a few loose nails she found on the ground and twirling them between her fingers idly.

"Yeah, I know. Though I haven't seen much of them around. I think Rogue doesn't want to come back here. And I can't blame her. Piotr is always off doing something wholesome." She drawled.

"I just.. I feel like I'm not doing enough. I have to do more. Like sitting here is a waste of time. While a bunch of politicans in Washington are passing more and more anti-mutant laws. I hate it." She sneered. "And whenever I bring it up here, I get the whole 'You can't be trusted because you're an X-men' while over at the mansion it's… It's less in your face but I know it's there. No one trusts me because of who my father is.. it's always been that way." She grumbled.

"I'm too much an X-man for people here. Not enough of one for Scott.." She glanced to Alex. "Does he pull that with you, or is it still kid-gloves more or less?"


Nodding slowly, Alex provides his general level of emotional support, "That sucks." At least he's good for a lack of false platitudes or presumptions. "Yeah. Scott does… well, similar with me. I suppose it's kid gloves. I'm too dangerous to just wander off and live my own life, and just not ready or committed or whatever enough to do the full X-Man thing."

He gives a rather vigorous snort, "Though I'm sure Scott's got me on speed dial if something REALLY needs blowing up."


Lorna snickered lightly under her breath as she glanced side long at Alex once more. Especially at the comment about blowing things up. "Well the mansion does get blown up about once a week, or month. So I guess if it hasn't hit the explosion of the month ratio, then yeah.. He'd have you on speed dial." She teased, lightly swatting at his shoulder.

It was an old, comfortable movement. One she'd done in high school. And for the moment, everything just clicked. Like it was years ago and Lorna was complaining about how no one trusted her around the cars or their new phones.

"You're always welcome around here, you know."


Casting a bemused half-grin in Lorna's direction, Alex inquires, "Yeah? To do what?" He chuckles lightly, giving his head a shake, "I'd probably be in the same boat. Don't blow things up, Alex. Maybe just go teach math or something. Carry those."

He watches the evening's activities for a moment, "It's tempting. Something … new. Not as much damn snow and ice." The latter bit is said jokingly, but isn't a technically dishonest sentiment.


Lorna grinned lightly, "Stay then. There are mutants everywhere. Your powers aren't going to cause anyone to freak out anymore than they do over Sentinels, sniper attacks, Zealot's people attacking, Zealot.. Magneto, the Acolytes.." She went down the list, teasing still in her voice.

"Plus we can hit the beach whenever. It's warm. And not frozen. And I mean… no math classes with kids that hate learning. Kids here kind of want to go to school. Why do you think I took up throwing scrap metal at some of them on the off hours? I mean, hell, some of them actually come back the next day."


Alex smiles tightly for a moment, allowing his imagination to run away with itself for a bit. He cuts it off with a glance at the ground, biting his bottom lip. "Sounds appealing," he ventures.

"Though I would have to be enough of a grown-up to keep personal baggage out of the way, and …" He looks back to Lorna, expression thoughtful, "I'm not all that GOOD at that, yet."


Lorna sighed softly, her smile fading for the moment as Alex finished off the thought about being there and personal baggage. She winced, and her arms dropped to wrap around her middle with a grimace. "That's fair.." She mumbled, her jaw tightening briefly as she looked down. Green eyebrows furrowing in consideration.

"Sorry I asked." She let the nails she'd been playing with fall away back to the ground and she heaved a breath.

"You can ignore me. Like I said.. stir crazy, and not watching what I'm saying."


Giving a laugh, Alex leans over and gives Lorna a light shove to match her previous swat. "Don't WORRY about it. I'm not trying to say anything … Dramatic. And I am psychologically incapable of ignoring you, so you might as well speak freely."

He casts another glance about, watching the activity for a moment. "You could always set me up with your bodyguard, that might solve our dilemma." He has to be joking, but he goes with Summers Deadpan for delivery.


Lorna shot Alex a look as he shoved at her lightly, and she rolled her eyes in his direction. The movement upsetting the slump in her shoulders perfectly. "Alright, alright. I'll try to not worry about it. But be warned. You and I both worry beyond what is considered healthy by most people's standards." She teased back, her hands held up in a gesture of 'giving up'. Then glanced over at her bodyguard.

"You don't want to be introduced to Frenzy. Okay? Just trust me. She'll kick your ass." She paused, "You know, never mind, I forget you're into that." She teased back with a wicked grin.


+MEET: Piotr Rasputin has arrived via +meet.


"I am, I so am." Alex agrees, sounding borderline mournful about it. "If only Mom and Dad knew the masochist they were grooming with all those hits to the self-esteem." He grins lopsidedly at Lorna, "I should've just become a stripper, instead I'm eyeballing someone named 'Frenzy' who clearly would not hesitate to punch me in the neck."


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