Return to Infamy: Captured

January 15, 2018:

Sensation was captured by Batman and left to stew for a day. Now, with a bit of JL backup, he interrogates the prisoner.

Batcave 2


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The Batwing had captured Sensation the day before, but Batman had no time for a proper investigation and interrogation with a weapons deal to prepare for.

With that no longer a problem (with the deal going up in flames) Batman has started working up a profile on Sensation, finally.

In a hollowed out and abandoned part of the sewer system, Batmans secondary Batcave in the center of Gotham city serves as a containment area for short and long term prisoners, as well as a supply depot for those times Batman needs to restock his vehicles or his belt. There are no micro-factories or anything sensitive, in case of a breakout… but the prison itself is one of the most secure on the planet, using League and Martian technology to contain superpowered entities.

Tonight, Sensation is one of a few prisoners occupying her transparent cell.

Batman had called for Justice League backup for this one; there's no telling just what is going to happen, and the rest of the bat-clan is busy handling the mess left by the explosion the night before.

Now, Batman is sitting at a desk in front of numerous computer screens, each having a different aspect of Sensations former public life. Behind him is the elevator that goes up to one of the 'abandoned' buildings of Gotham… bought by a Wayne Enterprises shell company with no official ties back to its' parent. This place is off the grid. it has its' own generator, a life supporting ventilation system, and a fully operational self-destruct in case of imminent capture.

The cells themselves are on either side of that desk, facing one another in rows. Sensation can see Batman, but her cell is muffled for sound both ways as she sits there. Waiting.


Caitlin's standing as far away from Batman as she can without looking like she's standing away from him. Batman is unnerving even to his friends, and Catilin is clearly not entirely comfortable being in such close proximity to him. Odds are good she'd have passed on this particular task if anyone else was available, but— well, sometimes you have to be the hero you wish someone else could be.

Still, she shuffles uneasily in place, arms folded across her chest and looking at the monitors and trying not to breathe, speak, or be noticed by Batman if at all possible. If anything tries to punch their way free, they'll have to arm-wrestle Caitlin at the door to get out.


Sensation has mostly been laying on the cot staring at the ceiling. When Batman returned after leaving her to stew she had gotten up and banged on the wall, trying to get his attention. But that obviously wasn't going to be possible and she watched the available public info fill those screens.

Arms folded she watched the helicopter footage of the crater that was once Manton, Britain in news footage. Footage of her being taken away, black bag over her head, and locked into the back of an armored vehicle amid angry British people bearing signs stating what should happen to her, none of them pleasant. Of course no solid evidence, beyond the public hauling off, was ever presented of her guilt nor of her innocence. Older clips from the 70s and 80s of the team, grainy and rough, show her working along side a team of eight. Usually not praised personally, except in cases of pollution, poisoning, and anything chemical related. "Are you done doing your homework yet?" There is an edge to the voice, worried and antsy.


The black and red suited man known as Batman could be a statue, for all the two see of his movement. If Batman has noticed Caitlins distinct uncomfortableness, he hasn't bothered to show it.

Then, the man stands up, presses a button on the keyboard in front of him to turn off the screens, and turns around, his cape flowing with him as those red eye lenses first to Caitlin, then to Sensations cell, "This is a complicated case." Batman gives, finally. His voice scrambler is still on, and he's been up all night after the Cove explosion working on this. No sleep for the Batman tonight. He starts to walk over to Sensations cell, stares inside for a few seconds… and hits the intercom button on the wall.

"Your public persona is an interesting one. Court of public opinion seems to worry you, so I'm not sure why you think doing senseless work in my city does you any good. Mind telling me why you're in my prison?" Batman inquires, that intimidating presence in his tone and in his demeanor. If Caitlin was unnerved by Batman before… he's intentionally dialing it up now, the eyes of his cowl squinting at Sensation. Yes, Batman has programmed his helm to actually mimic his facial expression to an extent, and Caitlin also sees that.

This man is scary.


Caitlin takes a prudent step back, almost unconsciously. It's not that Batman's a ghost, or a demon, or he literally eats people's faces. Caitlin could go ten for ten with a Kryptonian in the ring.

But it's the thought that he /might/ actually be a face-eating-ghost-demon-thing that keeps Caitlin on edge. She fights the urge to tense and forces her heels flat on the floor, purple boots scuffing the concrete underfoot. She folds her arms across her chest and lets a hip sway to the side in absent support, trying too hard to look nonchalant.


Sensation shifts from one foot to the other and the holographic purple starbursts of her uniform flicker and shift as she stares back behind her helmet. It's hard to tell if she is intimidated or scared, but she doesn't uncross her arms. "Yeah, well, it's not my first choice of jobs," She quips back smartly before sighing and her shoulder slumping slightly. She turns from the glass and paces one length and then back.
As she comes back she seems to have reached a decision and reaches up under her helmet and undoes the snap and strap holding it in place. As she takes the last step up to the glass she finishes pulling the helmet off her head and tucks it under one arm. Blonde hair falls loose around her shoulders and a youthful, but familiar, face stares past the glass. A face that has been in the news over the last few months, though her daughter's face more so. Alice Walker, multi-millionaire widower whose daughter had been kidnapped only two months before. "It's not my choice to do these things," She says bluntly, her lips a thin line. Many have found it hard to believe someone who looks to be in her early twenties could have a teenage child, but there is no denying it's the same woman as on the news stations pleading for the return of her daughter. "If I don't do what they say, Kendra gets hurt."


"A legacy identity." Batman turns then, and heads back to the monitors, pressing a button to turn them on, before he starts to type… and everything publicly accessible start to appear on the monitors for Alice Walker. "Didn't think to ask the GCPD to relay a message to me?" Batman inquires as he continues to build his profile.


Caitlin's eyes widen a little. "Oh my gosh, that's Alice Walker," she says, recognizing the woman. "She's been all over the news the last few weeks. Is— if her daughter's kidnaped, then… she's not the one really doing this, is she?" she asks Batman, before thinking better of her silence. "They're making her do it. Who would want her to be causing all this trouble?"


Sensation watches him walk back to the computer and sighs as she shifts the helmet. "Pretty standard chic. I say anything to the police and Kendra gets hurt," She says and shrugs a shoulder. Notably she doesn't comment beyond a smirk when he comments on legacies. "I tried mentioning subtly that maybe I'd been contacted in a private meeting with the detectives involved. I got my daughter's pink in a box on my nightstand. So no, I didn't send a message," She sounds bitter as any dedicated mother would be.
Her gaze turns to the unfamiliar Caitlin and she nods slightly. "I wish I knew. It's been random as far as I can tell. The sewage plant was the biggest thing they've had be do yet. Last week it was changing all the ice in a night club to part sodium barbitol. I've not been able to find a link yet. And so I haven't found a culprit either."


'There's always a pattern. There's only one deranged mind on the planet that is truly random, and nothing suggests to me he has the patience to pull this off… and he never stays behind the scenes." Batman notes to Sensation as he types, "I've been busy with many pressing matters lately, so I'll spare you the details and get to the point." Batman turns around then, his search program running as he walks back over to the cell, "If you are telling the truth, then you don't have much time; releasing you may make them think you turned, and they may pick you up from there. Keeping you will put a timer on your daughters life most likely."

Batman reaches into his utility belt, taking something out of one of his pouches and looks at the small device, before he looks back to Alice. "You have two options; I can plant a tracker on you. You can be released and have your home and phones bugged. I'll have you watched and trace any calls while I find patterns for an MO. Or, you can stay here, and hope I find a clue at your home and in your utilities alone." Batman watches her, "Which will it be?"


Caitlin rubs her arms, shivering at something that has nothing to do with the chill in the batcave. Even bare-legged in her leotard, she's not bothered by the temperature, but rather the icy grip of fear.

"Is— is that going to be safe?" she asks Batman, her voice a little small. "If someone's waiting for her, she'll be walking right into a trap, won't she?" she tells him. "And they might even kidnap her other daughter. Can—" she looks to the intercom. "Is there anyone who could pick up Autumn? Keep her safe?" she inquires of Alice, speaking to her directly. "A family member, maybe someone who doesn't live in town…?"


"That's an easy choice. Send me home. Autumn," Oh right, Alice Walker has TWO daughters, "Is going to be worried. She knows I can be gone for a couple days, but I never have before." It's easy to tell this has her especially agitated because she begins to pace again. "Police have had my place bugged for awhile, so it won't be any different. They call me on my cell phone, though. 48 hours after something goes off right, I get to talk to Kendra. For five minutes," She looks at the computers and rubs at her face.
"Don't be so sure. I've run into plenty of things that aren't even close to human, with thought processes that would make your Joker scratch his head, boy!" She pauses as soon as she says it and sighs. "Sorry…I'm just scared. And worried…"


"Someone waiting for her is the best possible outcome to this." Batman gives in an aside to Caitlin, "No one knows I took Alice except for me; my technology is very stealthy. At most, they'll think she jumped off her ski to get out of my reach." Then, Batman looks back to Sensation, "The police don't have my reach, or my ability. I can find them." Batman assures her, "That matters here is that you can make anyone who might be waiting for you believe you were laying low after I tried to catch you. Can you do that?"


"Oh love, I've brought generals to weeping with a performance," Alice smiles a little smugly when she says that, her British accent becoming more pronounced as she puts emphasis on it. It's familiar territory and she uses the brusque nature to hide the majority of her worry. "My girl has a bodyguard obviously and not every day and night. Every since Kendra was taken. I've a lot of confidence in their abilities," She says in a less inflected tone and then sighs. "But this wouldn't be the first time I had to lay low because of being trapped after one of their…requests," The word is a curse and she sneers as she says it. "They'll buy it unless they're telepaths…should have listened to Autumn. She said she saw a bat in the sky and it was noon," Alice shakes her head and leans against the glass. "Can you please let me out? I have no interest in harming you or in any way interferring with your bat biz. I wouldn't even be wearing this damnable thing if not for -them-." It's clear who she means when she says that.


Caitlin manages to mostly avoid rolling her eyes at Alice's braggaodoccio, not recognizing it as demure self-deprecation. She glances at Batman when the question is posed to him, a brow lifting slightly. On some level it's clear she's not entirely sure that she trust's Alice's story, and the combination of extenuating circumstances marks Caitlin's expression as laboring to attain suspension of disbelief.

Still. Part of her seems to recognize the real undercurrent of concern in Alice's voice.


It isn't that Batman believes Alice. It's that there's enough elements to it that fit occams razor for him to entertain her story.

At least for now.

Batman presses a button on his wrist-comp, then…. and Sensations chamber starts to flood with sleep gas. Turning off the intercom, Batman turns to Caitlin, then. "Take her somewhere near her gated community and wait for her to wake up. That's a light dose of the stuff, so you only need to wait about a half hour." Batman then hands that small device over to Caitlin, "place this in her hair before you replace her helmet. It'll attach to the top of her skull and blend into her skin."


Caitlin balks at the suggestion, but reflexively accepts the device in her hands. She starts to frame a classic argument: 'why me?' but the words die on her lips before she can get them out. Batman's not one to repeat his orders.

"Near her community, half an hour, implant in her hair under the helmet," Caitlin says, repeating her instructions dutifully. "Uh…"

She eyes Batman, then looks at Alice, then back at Batman.

"Are you /sure/ she's on the up and up?" she says, reflexively dropping her voice a little bit. "This could all be one big story to get her an easy escape from that cell."


Sensation takes a step back as the gas begins to seep into the chamber and frowns at her feet. "Oh, really? Come on!" She yells, though of course she has been muted. She puts her arm over her mouth and nose despite having the helmet in hand. It must not be good for this sort of thing. She coughs a bit and glares through the glass at Batman and Caitlin. A fist pounds on the glass again before becoming a palm plastered there. Slowly she fights falling to her knees, but the hand slides down the glass making that wonderful squeeky sound it does. The helmet falls a moment before her body slumps onto her side, eyes closed and face slack.


"I willing to give her the benefit of the doubt enough to see where she goes and where she leads me. See if anyone else can reinforce her story." Batman then looks over to Sensation as she slides down. "Her ability is transmutation on some level… and she just said she's a good actress." Batman looks over to the monitors, then… and heads over to the keyboard. He reaches out a presses a button, and the vitals of each prisoner are displayed on the main monitor. "Let's see if that extends to the atmosphere."


Caitlin watches Batman's manipulation of the controls— she's not on the level of some of the greats intellectually, but she's smart enough to recognize an EKG and 02 saturation monitors. She puts it together fairly quickly. Her lips thin as she tears her eyes away from the live feed and watches the readouts that indicate whether Sensation is actually sleeping— or just pretending.


Sensation does indeed appear to be asleep, heart slow as well as breathing, muscles limp but not floppy as might be expected. But the air, ah, the air gives it away. It isn't pure, but it isn't sleeping gas either. In fact it is condensed water vapor, otherwise known as mist now. A moment later she sits up and gives Batman a mildly amused smirk. Then she stands and picks her helmet up, dusting it off though there isn't a speck of dirt on it. After a second or two she looks back at the two, brows raised, and just looking expectant. Then she points at her mouth and them and back, "Can we talk about this, please?" She says even though they can't here her, hopefully the gestures make it clear.


Batman just stares at the monitors briefly. Silently.

Then he turns around and walks over to Sensations cell, and hits the intercom, "You're not getting out of that cell without being put to sleep. I'm not taking chances with any other powers you might have." Brief and to the point.


Sensation lets out a sigh and turns to look at him, her expression no longer jovial. "Look, anything that enters my body that is poisonous or chemically volatile gets nixed. It's not something I can control. So unless you have another way of putting me out you're going to have to trust me," She pauses and seems to consider something grave for a moment. "Stuff has to touch me for me to alter it or enter my body. I have a pair of gloves that you took when you put me in here, along with my cell which likely has numerous frightened texts from a twelve year old," Cause she has to pound that point home to the apparently uncaring Black Knight.

Alice steps up to the glass and puts her hand on it as she looks Batman in the eyes. "I'm a mother in a horrible situation doing the best I can. And you say you can help me. Good, because I'm at a dead end and had no hope. Tell me -why- I would want to fuck that up? I just want my baby girl back…" She lets her hand fall to her side and stands waiting and watching her captor, eyes far older than her outward appearance lets on.


Batman then turns off the intercom, and presses another button. Then, two pairs of coils pop out of the floor… and fairly big electrical surge is directed into Sensation. Just enough to knock her out for a while, without killing her. A few seconds later, Batman looks back to the vital monitors.

"The hard way it is."


Sensation's head whips around with a frown at the sound and has a moment to look back at him with wide eyes, "You son of a-!" She starts to say before the current rushes through her. Electrical current is never pretty nor is the sound the body makes when it arcs through them. Sensation's body convulses before falling to the floor most decidedly limp this time. The helmet bounces and then rolls the rest of the way as her body lays twitching on the floor of the cell.


Caitlin winces and looks away when Sensation is electrocuted. She bites her lower lip and suppresses a reflexive response. Batman is the expert here.

Still, her fingers curl into white-knuckled fists of sympathy at what is surely a painfully traumatic experience.

Once she's convinced Sensation is unconscious, she takes a slow, steadying breath and exhales through her lips. "Okay. Lady, community, gate, implant," she says, palming the device in her hand and then tucking it into a pouch on her low-slung utility belt. "For the record, I'm not wild about someone getting zapped in the face," she tells Batman, her voice somewhere between apprehension and terse disapproval. "This had better be worth it."


"Neither am I, but it was that, or stay locked inside." Batman looks to Caitlin, "I have no interest in finding out if she has new powers she can use to attack me… or you while you're in route. Do you?" Batman gives in reply, before he presses the button on the control panel on the cell, opening the door.

"If you want to feel sympathy for anyone, give it to the ones who kidnapped her daughter, or to her for lying; they have Batman on their trail now." Batman continues we he walks over to the desk, then. "Her reaction to this will be informative as well. If she really is being blackmailed into this, she might be a useful asset to the Justice League, in time."


Sensation is completely limp and extremely unconscious. Completely with a little bit of unlady-like drool falling from the corner of her slightly open mouth. Electrocution isn't pretty or nice and is most definitely the hard way to do something, but she is down. Batman and Caitlin could put a bullet in her now and she couldn't do a thing to stop it.


Caitlin doesn't have an urbane response to Batman's authoritative commands. At least, not at the moment. She gathers up Sensation effortlessly and carries her out firefighter style, cradled in her arms with helmet in lap. She even takes a minute to wipe Sensation's face and brush her hair out of the way so she's not waking up with it in her mouth or tangle in her gear.

It's not until she has the woman carefully stowed in the backseat of a borrowed electric company truck and she's well en route that she replays the conversation in her head.

"Kick your grumpy bat-butt in the gym, see how you feel about sympathy," she mumbles to herself, over the drone and clatter of the radio.

Quietly, of course— just in case.

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