Blackout Drunks

January 13, 2018:

Owen and Emery try to get their drink on when someone knocks out the power to NYC. Thanks a lot Spiderman! The blackout means Emery's security is down, so his enemies come out of the woodwork to try and kidnap Kennis.

Rumor's Bar in NYC

Seriously great Irish pub in NYC that doesn't exist on the grid.


NPCs: Kennis Papsworth

Mentions: Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Danny Rand, Tony Stark, Harley Quinn

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Fade In…

Now that Owen has had some time to recover from the fire at Luke's he finds himself in NYC without much to do. He has some minor scrapes and burns to heal from the fire, a few more from his run in with the gangs in Gotham a few days before, but he's not majorly injured in anyway. He tries to rest, to take it easy. He fidgets with his phone, starts to text Luke… erases it. Starts to text Jessica … doesn't want to interrupt anything, erases it. Considers heading back to Gotham, but as much as he wants to see Harley, he can't talk about this. That's not the kind of friends they are.

So he texts Emery, everyone's favorite battling butler:

You too busy getting laid to get drunk with me? Got something for ya.

He needs someone he can talk to, even if he can barely admit that to himself. Jessica is out of the question as she's hopefully helping Luke through this. Owen doesn't have anyone in Gotham that he really talks to. Well, if he can't talk with someone, maybe he can at least not drink alone right now.


The text he gets back is positive.

Just text me a location and I'll be there. I'll bring good alcohol.

Emery hasn't been up to much lately. Just work. It has been calm, too calm in his lake of the woods. Its got him shook, and then disaster is taking place and his friends are being hurt. He was not however getting ass so he has the time to pull on some dark jeans, dark boots, dark blue sweater and thick leather jacket…all that wavy hair tucked back in a dark blue beanie and he has a case of beer and a few bottles of whiskey stashed away.


Oh there is no way Owen is hosting a butler, professional house cleaner (of sorts) at his place. Even he has enough self awareness to be a bit ashamed of the dreadful state his place is almost always in. It's not that it's disgustingly dirty, it's more like bachelor dirty, but also extremely spartan. Looking around, he's not even sure he could offer a place for someone to sit. Safe to say, he doesn't do much hosting.

Rumors Bar, 9th Ave between 56th and 57th. We can drink your good stuff after.

It's an Irish bar kind of night for Owen and it's always nice to drink at places staffed with bartenders who know you. He lives a short subway ride away so he makes it there in just under twenty minutes. Flashing two fingers, twice at the bartender gets him two shots of whiskey and two pints of harp poured without even having to speak. The bartender does speak though to inform Owen "You look like shit. Even more than usual."

Owen rests his voice still by flipping the man off silently.


Sliding into the bar, he knows it well, Emery comes up behind Owen considerate enough to scrape his boot against the floor to announce his presence. There's wad of cash that is slipped on the bar and slid across to the bartender. There's a tilt of his head as he looks them over thoughtfully. "Ye pull down the strongest shite ye have, boyo, and then maybe you and me can have a longer conversation sometime." He winks and then slips onto a stool beside Owen. "So. Ye look like you've had a Happy New Year."


Owen catches sight of Emery entering in the mirror behind the bar, one of the many reasons he likes drinking here. He doesn't wait for the Irishman to take his seat before downing his shot and then taking a sip of beer to chase. His eyes do shoot up at the wad of money and he does say though quietly, "Look at you big spender." Only time Owen is that flush is, well was after a good job.

"It's been a fuckin' mixed bag for sure. You heard about Luke's?"

Speaking of mixed bags, there is a large duffle at Owen's feet that he brought in with him.


"Awww, fuck off." Is the eloquent retort to being called a big spender. Emery leans forward to rest his elbows on the bar and arch an eyebrow at the inquiry. "I saw the news. The Chocolate masterpiece will probably be kippin' out at Master Danny's. I tink it helps for people to be with their partners in time of crisis or some shite like that."

He idly rolls his shoulders and shrugs a shoulder. "But are you doin' okay?"


*Cough* *choke* *chortle* A variety of noises and liquids sadly escape Owen's mouth at the mention of Luke and Master Danny. He has to hold up a finger and cough a few more times. Even after he manages to swallow and stop coughing, he's till laughing too hard for a while to reply.

"Luke is uhm. He's with a different friend. A woman. Wait, you know Jones. Pretty sure that's where his interest is."

Owen is of course questioning it now, but no, Luke did the whole gift thing and yes. .. Right?

Leaning in to answer Emery's question, because his voice is still shot from a combination of yelling and smoke inhalation, Owen replies "I'm good." It's clear from his glazed eyes and dilated pupils that any goodness is pharmaceutically induced. Normally he stays clean in NYC. But a lot of that was because he had a job to hold down. No more Luke's, no more job.

"Hey! I gotcha something. Come out for a smoke?"


There is a raised eyebrow of skeptism at the correction of Luke's dating status but Emery simply shrugs and slides the tumbler set in front of him closer. There's a knowing glance to the man as the butler takes in his eyes and pupils and just smirks gently. "Its not fair to show up for a pub crawl, already rollin' from your fecking pregaming."

He pauses in mid sip of his drink, narrowing his eyes and then just sliding off his stool with a shrug. "Alright then, keep the rest as a tip luv." He nods to the barkeep before taking a sip of his drink and preparing to follow after Owen.


Owen's life has been heavily compartmentalized for a long time now. It's something he didn't realize he was capable of, but it's just an extension of being a natural liar really. He's kept clean at Luke's, never mentioned his using around anyone in his New York life beyond Emery. It's one of the reasons he texted Emery to go drinking, one of the many.

"I got more if you want to catch up."

It's a half hearted offer, Owen still expects everyone in his 'new life' to not understand anything about who he was and mostly still is.

Sliding a coaster over top of his drink, Owen shakes his head "Nah, just a smoke. We'll be back." He grabs the bag and motions outside. Pulling out a pack, flicking up a cigarette and pulling it up with his lips before offering one to Emery, all with one hand.

Once outside Owen kneels to unzip the bag and pull out what is obviously a sword in a scabbard, but he insists. "I made you a cigarette lighter." He steps back enough to give himself space and unsheathes the sword, giving Emery a wide-eyed (almost a little crazy eyed) look of 'Are you ready?', before clicking a button on hilt and the sword does indeed burst into flames. Owen can't help but laugh, again, slightly unhinged before leaning towards it to light his cigarette. He then holds the flaming sword out for Emery to take.


Emery smiles a bit sadly at the offer, the smile twisting into a wry smirk as the Irishman gives a shake of his head. "I've been tryin' to catch up for decades boyo, it takes a shitload to get me even inching forward." He admits after a moment. "But if ye 'ave a couple chasers, I'll take 'em, even if its to keep you from getting smashed and doped out of your head before teh evening gets good."

He holds up a one moment finger to throw back the rest of his drink before setting the glass down and plucking a cigarette from Owen when they are offered.

Once outside, he's placed the cigarette between his lips with a blink. "A cigarette lighter? Well that is mighty…kind of ye." He eyes the man suspicious. He knows what a sword in a sheathe looks like.

But when that thing lights up, his lips part and the cigarette falls to the ground as he stares slightly wide eyed. "…teh /fuck/ did ye do?!" Its a happy sound though, as he gives a tiny bounce he will deny later. He reaches and then draws his hand back and then reaches and draws his hand back again. "Ye crazy bastard, if that a flamin' motherruddy sword?!"


At the talk of the chasers, Owen just shrugs and says "I got it sorted." He's pretty good about what he can handle, unfortunately he's had a lot of practice.

"Yes! Take it. Seriously, I tried actually using it and I'm garbage at it." Ugh, why did he just use that phrase? Shake it off.

The sword is nothing really special, all of the tech has gone into the handle and guard. One he's handed it off, he pulls the cigarette from his mouth to exhale slowly.

"I did a test run in Gotham. Everything went tits up, but it works. Stays lit when ya swing. Extinquishes fine. AND!" At this point his voice is straining and cracking, he's trying to yell but has very little voice. He kneels down to pull out a pair of black gloves. "If ya drop it. Or throw it… You can fucking call it back."

Distractions! Flaming swords! Boomerang swords! Boomerang flaming swords! And maybe just a tinge of desperation for someone to approve.


The Irishman accepts the sword with a soft gasp, fingers curling around the handle… as he stares at the flame, finger running up and down the grip as he listens closely. Emery lowers his eyes for a moment before just looking back up to admire the flaming sword as he holds it out away from himself, blade lowered in an enguarde position. "Instructions, Mercer, I…is this for me?"


"No." Wait, no? Explain Mercer.

"It's for Kennis. But, it's probably too big for her right now, so you can use it until she can handle it. I'm guessing that'll be in like a year."

Owen of course then rummages in his bag, which at this point is like a demented version of Santa's sack. He pulls on a pair of black gloves and twists a dial. He stands back up and reaches down towards the bag, with the fingers extended, with his left hand. A dagger comes up out of the bag handle first into his hand, he explains.

"Sword has the same tech. So if you drop it, throw it or if someone disarms you, which happens to me cause I suck with a sword… you can call it back."

He holds the long knife up and examines it and confesses "I added the flame control to this too. It's a bit of overkill… but I already had it figured out and I couldn't resist."


"So the recall is attached to the gloves?" Emery does not squeal like a girl at the reveals of the dagger, he just bites his bottom lip and wobbles a bit. "And, I. I will not let Kennis know until she is actually old enough. She hasn't decided between epee or saber or wand yet." His fingers feel and grip and test until he finds what extinguishes the flame and then if reactivates it with a soft 'woo' and shake of his head.

"Oh, Owen me lad, I'd kiss ye straight on teh mouth if I had faith in your ability to remember to brush your teeth, judging by how hard ye be rolling right now." The Irishman just exhales softly and shakes his head slowly. "I dunno what to say. I'm just…this is more than kind."


Nodding, Owen throws the dagger off to the side and up, where it sticks into a wooden sign above a building across the street. He does the same reaching motion, fingers splayed out and the dagger wobbles, and then pops free and returns to his hand.

"Oh and I added a safety feature."

Making a clenching fist with his right hand, he extinguishes the sword in Emery's grasp. He adds "I thought having it on the handle was enough but.. well lab tests at Starks proved otherwise. You work for rich people. Have you met Stark? Great guy. Way more.. " something, how do you describe that. "Just not what I expected."

Taking the time to sheathe the dagger and take off the gloves, Owen just shrugs to comments about his hygiene. "That's fair."

And at that moment their peaceful night ends with an explosion high above the city only a few blocks away. A beam of light explodes up out of Stark tower into the sky, lighting up midtown like it was suddenly mid day for a brief moment before *BAM* darkness hits like a punch to the gut. A darkness so unnatural to the city it feels palpable, like it's trying to smother you.



Emery's eyes track the toss and the auto-retrieval with an impressed whistle and he nods slowly. "I dun tink I have spent much time around Mister Stark, but he knows me employers so I'm sure I will. He's a beautiful man." He gives a couple of experimental swings of the sword, feet moving through practiced positions.

His lips were parted to say something sassy and smartassed, as he pointed at the man with the sword. But then, he hears that explosion, taking a few steps forward in preparation to run before he stares in the direction of the beam of light.

It is the darkness though, that wraps around him like a familiar but forboding cloak and Emery's hand moves to re-ignite the sword, so they can at least see. There is a long pause before his eyes widen. "Kennis!" Is the only thing he says as he spins around, and takes off running in the direction he thought his car was, gripping that lit sword as he moves quickly.


Owen is too dumbstruck to move in the immediate aftermath. He's just standing on the sidewalk staring around trying to let his eyes adjust. When Emery calls out his daughter's name though he snaps to attention and says "Aww crap. Right." He doesn't normally have someone to worry about.

"Where is she? I can get us there faster if it's within a few blocks." Maybe. Running blocks in the city is hard, especially in the pitch dark. And if it's more than a few blocks, he would get tired, especially carrying someone. He thinks better of it.

"Nevermind. Where's your car."

He has lifted the bag up on his shoulder and is running alongside Emery by this point.


It is in moments like that Emery moves just a tad faster than a regular human would, and he ony falters for a moment, realizing Owen is running with him before he just shares a look for a moment and nods as he continues. Beep Beep. Charger is unlocked remotely before the sword is extinguished. "The security system at the condo is not connected to a generator, it goes down, its just a fucking deadbolt and chain. Don't know if Babysitter is equipped to handle this."

Emery's already tossing the sword into the backseat, waiting for Owen to climb into the car. "She's at the condo. That security system fails, I'm…it…" He's got the 10-15 minute drive to explain. "Get in, I'll explain."


Awkwardly cradling the bag to get into the car, Owen shoves it at his feet, not even wanting to take the time to get it into the back. It's not as bulky now considering the sword was the only large item in it before.

"Yea, why is that a big deal?"

Owen realizes he got in the car with his cigarette still in his mouth and he rolls the window down enough to exhale out. Traffic is going to suck with the lights out.

"Let me know when we're a couple blocks away. I can run the rest."

In fact Owen right now is seemingly blurring in his seat intermittently. Using his powers to speed up his metabolism, get past the high, get whatever he took out of his system, burst by burst. It's tricky though, he will still need some speed so it's a balance of how sober / how much speed left.


Lights are on high-beams, and the Irishman takes off a split-second after the passenger door closes. That Black Charger is thrown into reverse and then he adjusts the gearshift back into drive to turn sharply into an alley as he seems to be taking backroads and alleyways now. "I'm only going to go over tis one time, so listen carefully." He grips the wheel tightly and then turns sharply, wheels screeching and there's MROW-THUD. That may have been a cat.

"Me daughter and I came to the US because certain people found out that I am who I am and that I managed to succesfully bred. Me abilities can't be duplicated in a lab but with Kennis, if they get her, they could raise her to adulthood and breed her to get more people like me. They could also train her to be what I was. And they want me as well, to study and put back to work."

His jaw sets as he continues. "Then if ye add in all the people who found out she exists or heard rumors she exists who wants to get back at me for the work I did…" There's a huffed out sigh as he reaches out with a finger to try the hands free calling system to ring 'Baby Queen' it just rings and ring. "That security system goes down, and I dun get the chance to see the people who want both me and me daughter before they are comin'. Do ye understand now? The system goes down, all the people who have been stupid enough to be circling now have an advantage."


"Ooookay." Owen is closing his eyes and opening them one at a time, somehow this feels like what he should be doing to sober up. It doesn't actually help mind you. "But they found out you were…? I'm gonna guess you don't mean butler. And that it has something to do with your weapons training and whatever you did to that poor, poor bear." Yes, it's much funnier to re-imagine that situation as Emery attacking an innocent bear.

"But that would be..?" Owen actually takes his eyes off the road that Emery is running roughshod over, weaving in and out like … well, like a New Yorker in a hurry. "I'm not trying to pry. But we talking … military? Ninjas? Demons? Metas? Aliens?" None of those things sound out of the question for Owen. "All of the above?"


"They found out who I am, aye. Some of them are stupid enough to just know there's ahh lets say value on me and me daughter." Emery stops abruptly to avoid hitting a bird, letting the crow cross the alley with a blink before hissing softly. "Which ting? The ting you saw or the fact that I ripped Dani Moonstar's soul back out of it and into her body?"

The Irishman doesn't have time to think. "Mainly so far its been the mafia and the mob." A pause. "May be connected to this ting I did 40 or so years ago." Killed off all the people over the age of 20 of a family. Or something. "But it could also be just hired thugs. Miss Jones has actually helped prevent another kidnappin' attempt a while ago. Its just a ting that happens."


Owen still isn't clear on /who/ Emery is, but that's kind of the point of Emery being evasive, and Owen's not pushing. He just puts it in a way that he can understand it, "So yer some .. mystical type, and they think Kennis will be too? So they're sending the mob after you..?" None of that really ties together tightly in Owen's head, but he's used to both more mundane hits and much weirder Suicide Squad missions.

"Well that shouldn't be an issue. I have some more gear in the bag that I was working on. And I'm assumin' you have enough guns 'n shit at yer place to arm us both."

Again, Owen is thinking of this as a mission or a job. He doesn't have a daughter, and though he does have a soft spot for Kennis, it's not the same as the worry that would grip a parent.

"Everything with the bear. I didn't understand much any of it, and I didn't realize you pulled Dani's soul back. You just said she was whole again. Again, it's not any of my business." Goodness knows Owen has his secrets.


There's a soft grunt and a laugh as he nods slowly. "I dun do that anymore. What I used to do. Ye know the Grim Reaper?" Emery, pulls over and nods towards the sidewalk. "Somebody decided to take all the skill and none of the charm from that motherf*cker and put it in people like me. 2 blocks down, number 541." There is a very long pause before he offers softly. "As far as it matter. I'm just a butler. I happen to be a wee bit badass."

He waits for Owen to exit the car before peeling off himself.

The scene at the home is tense, there are 4 men total dressed in black. Two have guns trained at the front door, one has a rifle trained at the window and the are all wearing nightvision goggles.

There is a singular bullet hole through the window. Nice, clean, still smoking.


"Well I think wee bit is underselling it if it means anything." He bit a goddamn demon bear, and no Owen is not getting over that anytime soon. As Emery starts to give the address, Owen pulls the dagger back out of the bag. Once Emery starts to slow down, Owen is off with a shot, barely visible as he speeds down the street.

He doesn't have night vision, and it's definitely would be an advantage right now. He breezes through group, having enough speed to barely register as more than a blur. The man with the rifle might feel a tickle at this throat as Owen attempts to slide the blade through the man's neck on his run through. He's hoping to be long gone before he realizes what just happened.

It's really hard to remember not to kill people in these situations. Owen has yet to master that.


The man never sees it coming, literally. He's aiming through his scope and then he's clutching his throat and falling over. The other men notice the change, looking at each other and then the door.

Inside. The babysitter is laying on the floor with a bullet hole through her head. Kennis is in the kitchen, having under the cabinet that is located under the kitchen sink. Hair still damp from her bath and she's wearing a set of pink and white plaid pajamas, hugging her black teddybear to her chest as she trembles.

Meanwhile, Emery has parked the car and he's screwing a silencer on the handgun he has pulled out of the glove compartment, jogging his way towards the house holding up his lighter for a moment for point of vision and then firing at one of the men that has a bead on the door, bullet tearing through his shoulder.


As soon as Owen sees the man go down, he lights up his dagger. Now that Emery has arrived, he's not trying to hide, and wants to screw with the men. He knows he can dodge their bullets, though with the darkness, he's giving himself a good 30' of distance to be safe.

"Over here bitches!"

Owen waves the knife around to make sure he has everyone's full attention before he sends it flying at nearly bullet speed towards one of the two men who have not yet been attacked.


The heads swivel over in Owen's direction, obviously surprised by the interruption in what was supposed to be a simple bag and tag. One guy takes a knife to the stomach as he turns to train his gun on Own. He swears and fires off a couple of shots as he falls to a knee. The last remaining guy turns to start running, only for two 'twift twift' of the silencer muffled bullets find a home in back of each of his knees. He trips and falls over.

Emery steps over the body as he heads towards the front door, fumbling with keys and whistling sharply. "Oi! Cap'n oh me Cap'n. Make sure the two that are still alive can't run off."

Then he is entering his condo, calling out in Gaelic and dealing with the retrieval of his daughter.


"Yup! Go!"

Owen is barely done speaking before he is then standing over the men, inspecting them. He kicks away guns and informs them. "If you are good and don't try anything stupid, I'll even call you an ambulance. But if you so much as twitch like you are going to hurt anyone inside that house? Yer dead."

Owen reaches out with the glove to call the dagger back to him. He watches it sputter with flames around the blood. He hmms softly as if not fully satisfied with the performance, and also really annoyed at the fact that he missed his target. He was not aiming for the stomach and if he's missing his throws it means he didn't get nearly as sober as he hoped.

One guy moves in a way that Owen doesn't like so he gets a big ol' boot to the head to knock him out cold. That's when Owen notices that they brought their own kidnapping supplies. That was thoughtful. Owen takes the zip ties and duct tape and hogties the four on the pavement, yes even the severely injured and or dying. Can't be too careful.

For now, he waits outside the house. Sitting on the steps with a stolen gun in one hand, and the extinquished dagger in the other.


Emery exits the house with a little girl now dressed up warmly in a yellow wool hat with a white knit cap and matching mittens. She still has that black teddy bear and also a flashlight. He's got her on a hip, carrying her pink suitcase and her pink and yellow duffel bag. There is a pause as he scans the scene, pursing his lips and nodding. While Kennis is clinging and hiding her face against his shoulder.

"I'm gonna drop her off at Master Danny's, and then see how he is doin'." He speaks to the man with a tilt of his head. "We have 7 minutes before somebody I know is going to come and…" He looks around. "See to all this. I…" He trails off. It is different to have people who are like friends almost. Blink blink. "I owe ye the entire top shelf next time we go out drinkin' mate. C'mon, let me know where I need to drop yet…"


Owen is lost in thought when Emery comes back out. He just kind of shrugs at the thanks, "Yea, no worries."

Getting into the car slowly, he finds something in the bag to cleanup the blood off the knife and his hands. He does his best to not make any eye contact with Kennis, partially because she's probably terrified enough and partially because he's a bit ashamed that he's high. He pulls off the right hand glove, and leaves it on the dash. The left is paired to the dagger, the right to the sword.

"Just drop me off somewhere near Stark tower on the way. I want to see what the hell happened. And pop the trunk. I'll take a bottle to go."

It's not like he expects to be able to go investigate or actually find something out, but still it feels like he ought to do something.

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