We Are Not Friends

January 12, 2018:

Fabian comes to visit Lorna to 'apologize'. Emits by Cyclops



NPCs: Fabian Cortez

Mentions: Marcos, Magneto, The X-men

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They call it the "Mutant Rebellion Command Center" an ugly name if you ask Fabian. One that no longer fits. The word 'Rebellion' is disdainful, clunky and beneath him. The Acolytes and himself have stuck to calling it the Fortress as that is what it looks like from the outside, a bulky spire that reaches to the skies covered in militaristic looking windows. All squared and symmetrical. It's one of the tallest structures in Hammer Bay now that the Citadel has been toppled, destroyed by the combined forces of the X-Men, Superman, Magneto himself and their war months ago. Good riddance.

Fabian's sneering countenance is hard to miss when it enters Lorna Dane's rather lavish section of the 'Fortress' his auburn-brown hair drawn up in to a too tight pony tail that gives him widows peaks, his steel blue eyes lit up with a smug gleam. Oddly enough in one hand is a bouquet of flowers and flanking him one of Magneto's purple-silver robots.

"Princess?" A call out, he dares not step further in and remains at the threshold. "Oh, Princess are you present?" A taunting sing-song. That typical ready to fire sarcastic tone present in his voice. "Oh Lorna, Lorna, let down your lovely long hair!" No one has any right to be so amused with themselves.


Lorna's rooms, such as they were, were more or less her domain. She didn't have to worry about bodyguards needing to follow her around, or be worried about flying bullets or any other threat. There was metal absolutely everywhere. From the wall hangings, and shutters to the furniture. She and Marcos had spent hours making it all together. He'd welded while she'd shaped and moved.

Marcos had also left, left for Mexico. Left with her rather explosive temper left to rattle the halls and her room in anger and misery.

In short? Lorna was already in a foul mood. So when Fabian came knocking into her rooms and called, knives flew through the air to dot the outline of his figure against the wall in warning. The green haired woman shortly followed, her lips twisted into a scowl. "What do you want?"


Fabian's eyes widen in alarm as the knives create a sharp outline of him, the smile does not relent even despite his reactions.
"So very touchy." A squint of his eyes and he offers his wrist forward limply, that clutch of flowers held in it, "I come in peace. I have learned the error of my ways and find my prior attitude… unbecoming." The words don't meet the gaze. They're about as hollow sounding as the robot behind him. "I suppose spending several days in solutide to reflect on my… actions inspires such revelations and ephiphanies. Will you accept my most humble apologies?" A new smile, wider, one attempted for being attractive is delivered.


Lorna's lips peeled back into a sharp, silent, snarl as the knives went flying back toward her and floating as she grabbed one in the upswing. She didn't make so much as a glance at the flowers or make a move to take them. "Unbecoming." She said flatly, staring at him as she crossed her arms and left him standing there, arm limply held out.

"No. They're bullshit anyways. Don't bother trying to play nice, Fabian. We both know you're a asshole. And it's Polaris." She corrected his previous address of 'Princess Lorna' with a sneer.

"And if I see you so much as glance in Marcos' direction again, I'll throw a mountain on you."


"We're on the same side you and I, Princess." Fabian encourages, the flowers tossed boredly to the side on the nearest surface. His interest in them lost.
"Marcos, thats his name? I keep forgetting." A fingerwave in the air, "You understand, the reason I behave so towards him is quite frankly he is unworthy. Meager powers and a wanton presence catching the eye of mutant royalty. It's absurd. You're worth so much more. Even your father would agree with me here."

Fabian ventures forward, entering her territory of space to walk along one wall, looking at it like it holds some interest but it really doesn't. "I am an asshole, Princess Polaris but I am a very useful one. Right now, you need useful friends as Zealot has proven. Interestingly enough you escaped and the details have been spared us Acolytes, do tell?"


Lorna scowled, turning on her toes to following Fabian's figure with a glower on her expression. With her arms still crossed the knives flitted about her and sunk back into whatever sheaths covered her person. Her lips curled at the sight of the flowers tossed aside, her shoulders tensed as if she were ready to spring forward after him at the slightest hint that he stepped wrong.

"Don't try to speak for my father. Much less in regards to my fiance's standing." She hissed and stepped to keep pace as Fabian continued into her room. As he asked after how she'd escaped she arched a green eyebrow upwards. "I tore the place apart and I flew out." She drawled. "And frankly, I don't need friends like you."


A tilt of his and a following turn has Fabian looking at Polaris again, "Your father, my friend and Lord. I speak on his behalf because that is my role. You'll not correct me on that front, long lost and all but forgotten daughter." A rather cruel jab but it's one he delivers with a smile yet again, "Fiance, fee-an-say… hrm, do you think he will last? I wonder… can he keep up with you and all of this?" A motion with both hands, they open and splay out in indication around them, 'You're high profile now, Princess, a powerful woman, you need a powerful man and if you don't have that, then yes, yes you do need powerful friends like me. You escaped all by yourself? Impressive and absolute bullshit."
"Do you think your father and the rest of us are clueless to your relationship with the X-Men? They're only so capable to a point. I was honestly disheartened to hear of your captivity, I was one of the most vocal to have you rescued." Shockingly if she inquires further about this she will find out he was.

"It makes us look weak if you're being so careless and such an easy victim."


Lorna inhaled a sharp breath as he spoke, her steps barely grazing the ground as her scowl deepened into a harsh and unrelenting glare. She looked like a cat whose fur was prickling up on end. Then she was moving to what served as a couch, really just a few metal sheets covered in cushions and extra pillows. It wasn't grand, it wasn't great. It looked downright ironic when he called her 'Princess' as she slouched on it, kicking the flowers off it in a cloud of petals.

"My ties to the X-men are none of your concern. They're more capable than you, considering a.) they helped destroy the old regime here with my father, and b.) yes, they helped me escape. I didn't ask." She crossed her legs, and eyed him.

"I don't need you, nor do I like you, Fabian." She said his name like a curse, "So I don't know why you continue with this fake overtures. You suck at it."


"But I like you." Fabian fires back, "At least the look of you and that certain spark that comes out when you're nice and angry. Its quite fetching." A low chuckle and his eyes roll to the side, "They are very much my concern if you are too entangled with those misguided rejects you are a security risk, security is Acolyte concern. Our tasks are to ensure Lord Magneto is unfettered in his designs on conquest, of mutant unity and domination. The X-Men directly stand in that path and if you are in league with them, why, daughter of our glorious liberator or no, you're still a threat."

"Friends though, friends can overlook such things. At least to a point. You're seated in the council, youre a face of our people, its best if we both smile and pretend. Which, is why I am here trying to bury the hatchet." The flowers she knocks aside get a look, "I picked those out because of your eyes. So cruel."

"A shame really, youre so interested in rummaging through the trash. You and I, we could have been something magical, a real homo sapien superior power couple. Oh the masses would be so envious."


Lorna looked at him with a sneer of disgust curling at her lips as she glared at him from over her crossed arms. "I don't owe you any explaination. My father and I have spoken and that's the end of matters. Anything less from anyone else isn't worthy of my time." She snapped. "I am here for Genosha. I am here to ensure that Genosha becomes a safe haven for mutants everywhere." She stood, and with a twist of her steel booted heel, ground it against the remaining flowers.

"We're not friends. We'll never be friends. I'm getting married to Marcos Diaz, and as I'm sure," She sweetened her voice sickenly, "You're aware I'm going to have his child. So as far as your little jack off dream about hooking up with me, you can go pound rocks."


"We shall see." Fabian sneers back, no disgust in his though. "We'll look in to it with or without your consent." A long low chuckle rumbles free of the tall man, "Worthy? Hah, spoken like a true princess. You see there is hope."

The laughter and friendly gleam diminishes as she stops the flowers, as if they reflect his very mood. "That child… oh yes." Fabian lifts his hand up. She can see the light nimbus of energy appearing around it, "It is Marcos, right?" The sneer returning. "A mutant more than likely, let us find out? I've never tried one on so young… " Nothing is happening to her as far as she is aware but he is looking at her stomach, his hand illuminated with use of his powers. Maybe he is just messing with her. Maybe.


tried on one so young* (correction)


Lorna glared at him, her chin up as she exhaled a sharp breath. "You'll find that I haven't been part of the X-men roster for three years. And didn't visit for Christmas either." Both were true. Her hands dropped to her waist as Fabian raised a hand and for the first time since he'd entered there was a sudden and sharp magnetic pull in the room.

The scent of ozone and iron could be smelled as subconsciously, defensively, whether he did something or not; Lorna's powers kicked into gear. Her glare remained locked on him, and the lights dimmed and went out utterly. She took his motions as a threat, that much was apparent. Her lips thinned and throughout the military base metal rattled down the hallways. The whole of the building's support even shuddered and rumbled warningly with the intensity of her anger.

"My child is a mutant. I can feel it quite alive and well. And you will do well to never make such a motion towards me, or mine, again." Her voice barely above a whisper.


"Don't worry princess. I wouldn't dare." The hand uplifts fingers splay out wide and the energy trickles free, no longer active. "For your sake and of course our Lord's and besides, we have been over this song and dance. And besting you? I don't have to. I'm ever an oppotunist." The smirk set to his features wide, lips curling to show teeth, blue eyes staring in to her greens.

"You sound so certain it's a mutant, so young too, it usually takes us much longer to begin to show. Which showing you are, so very deliciously." A wink and a blantant once over. More prodding in his particular fashion a true sadist and bully when it suits him.

"Holidays are over-rated and three years is nothiing, that team's creed has ever not just been 'three years' here and gone. Those roaches always just come back to the nest or wherever it is such vermin huddle together." An exhausted sounding sigh, his shoulders roll back and his chin lifts, "Good talk, Princess. I have missed you so. Please, give my regards to Marcos when you see him."

That much said and Fabian starts for the exit, it appears hes done with the visit for now.


Lorna released her grip on her powers, her hands curling into fists in front of her as her shoulders rolled forward. Her expression never lessening even as Fabian lowered his hand. She watched him, exhaling a hard breath as she stepped back. The lights flickering back to life above them both. His insults about the X-men had her glowering as she tried in vain to calm the racing of her heart.

Marcos wouldn't be returning for weeks. And she wanted him there with her…. Instead, he'd gone to the Cartel. To Carmen. To fulfill some promise he'd made in return for intel on where she'd been.

Fabian's exit was greeted with the door slamming shut behind him, thunderously.

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