Team Backing

January 01, 2018:

After the exchange in the Rec Room, Betsy pays up the owed wine to Rogue and explains her stance and hears out Rogues.

(Also leads to Psylocke offering Rogue help in parsing her mind, but log was lost in net flakiness)

Rogues Room - Xavier's


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Fade In…

Rogue was in her room tonight, planning to just keep to herself again as she had for awhile now. She had a fire going inside of the fireplace and was sitting in one of the two big comfy chairs in front of it. She had her tablet computer laying on top of her left thigh and was just watching videos and enjoying her evening of solitude. The young teacher was wearing a pair of dark green and black plaid pajamas with a pair of black socks on her feet. Her hair was recently brushed and the white/brown locks laid straight down the sides of her face.

Quiet music playing from the tablet computer, she was watching a music video while holding onto a thermos of hot chocolate that she was sipping from… having toted it from the kitchen a little while ago.

Psylocke drew a thing line yesterday night, but it seemed it had come from the wrong accord. So now she feels she has to 'ante up' where friends are concerned, as Rogue took a step in words for her despite knowing her meaning? Or not? A bottle is held by slender neck in the clutching wrap of pinky. glasses in the bowed hold of ring, index, middle, thumb, - splayed to affix the dainty glasses for the Well Aged Vineyard Pluck….

…So aged it may have been stamped by bare feet in the days of olde. But a debt is…

A tapping at her chamber door and the knob is worked, and if unlocked a final hip thrust of exposed skin tosses the door open and has Psylocke standing silhouette in the entry *tinking* glass in a waver of hands.

Can't speak quite yet, a bag of corn chips with a jar of home-made salsa is clutched between teeth as well, slices of cheese in a deli baggy in opposing hand.

"Mallhh kluurr?" (All clear?)

Rogue looked up from the music video playing on her lap toward the door when the knock came and Psylocke was on the other end with drinks and snacks. A grin showed on Rogue's lips and she shook her head side to side. "Ain't you a deliverer of the snackfood goodness." She commented back at the other. "Come on in." She told her in that thick southern flavored voice, setting her tablet pc down and motioning to the second chair in front of her fireplace.

Rogue sat up in her chair then and let her socked feet slide off the front of it to lay tip-toes down onto the rug covered hardwood floor.

"T'what do I owe the treat, Missy?"

Once allowed the full entry Psylocke's smile is easily unseen behind the BITE upon a bag that is dropped on the nearest table with an unhinging of jaw.

Cheese is dropped with it, the food forgotten as a corkscrew is withdrawn from the deep pockets of loose pants, but with every step they part like curtains in the wind, exposing…

A tie at waist held the corkscrew that she uses to open the bottle and aims the cork to the fireplace for disposal with a fray of sparks omitting and a light laugh from Betsy when she claims the seat offered. "Happy New Year?" A lift of brow to Rogue as the 'Treat' word is scoffed upon, not the 'Missy'. "I do hope my desire to inspire…. Magneto's daughter, did not offend you." Betsy states as she tucks the heel of bare foot upon the chair, drawing thigh to chest in her lean to pour them both a glass.

Cut no bullshit? Get no bullshit.
Betsy doesn't play that way.

"If she cannot fetch herself a cookie, how can she try and satiate a country in a turmoil? Crawl…" And there it is.

"But thank you… For understanding me, or trying ta." The Brit accent easing in even before the long draw of aged vine.

Rogue watched the cork shoot into the fireplace and she grinned at it all. The table that the items were set down upon was a circular dark wooden table between the two chairs in front of the fireplace.

"Ahhh… don't mention it." Rogue said with a little grin and she accepted the glass offered to her from her friend. "Agent Lewis shows up so randomly around here, I don't think she's had a chance t'fully figure out how things work around this place."

The southern belle sipped from the glass then and sat on the edge of her own chair. "Lorna's… a smart girl, a tough girl… but why she chose t'get married right now is completely beyond me. I mean, she's got a lotta family stuff goin' on, ya think you'd hold off on nuptials until a bit later, ya know?" She'd look back to Psylocke then and shrugged her shoulders.

"I'll support whatever it is she wants t'do though. Like I will with the resta ya'll."

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