Infiltration: Stage 1

January 10, 2018:

Batman found possible coordinates for the Red Lantern's base and Starfire sets Stage 1 into motion. J'onn's is sent towards… Home. Syn accompanies to see her friend off and offer them all her 'regards'..

Sector 2814

Milky Way Galaxy


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Mentions: Hal Jordan, Wonder Woman, Kyle Rayner

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Fade In…

Hal needs the Interceptor.Needs. It is obvious because once Batman relayed his data back to Hal and there was an exchange between Hal, Kyle, and Jori, words lofted in volume, lowered, than became clipped.


If the door was not automatic by AYA it would SLAM behind Starfire,the silent whoosh, rustles long strands already glowing in a heat that her face… It settles into a somber mode, placid, neutral. Cloth attire that lays over her like a small skirt and haltered top is smoothed by palms while her chin tips-up and throat is cleared.

What in X'Hal has she signed up for?
A sweep of the back of hand along her cheek and when her hand descends, the Ruby Tamaranean gem flares! and from skirt-kini the straps align over her figure, bare feet are clad every step in boots that line upward in armoring of amethyst to mid-thighs…

The Interceptor had been ported beside the Watchtower, and as Starfire moves out of it she calls back. "AYA, let WT know, ready the Quint, fueled for 14.8 Million Miles. Halfway marker in sector 2814, trajectory…" Starfire's voice falls….falters.

Plans changed, she was ready for one thing and got /left/ with the weight of another, but perhaps this was a test as she steps through the airlock between Interceptor and Watchtower to hear the relays read and fed over digitally set bodies into motion.

No more skirt, no more cropped top. Straps align the tawny huen frame of the Tamaranean in arches and bows over curvature, but leaving no covet where it could hinder and only catering to 'necessity'. Tamaranean's were a war-people. Nothing was necessity.

"J'onn, Batman…" The names are called over the comms in a monotone Starfire can only muster, but as the names are relayed through open comms and a woman of Pale Hair and Archaic attire seems to come in towards the opening for the Quintjet ready with triangulations Batman has relayed over to them for J'onn's mission, Starfire narrows her eyes. And props an arm across the opening of the doors airlock, barring the other woman's determined path. "Who are you?!"

Apparently no one updated Star, but then again, did they need to for Syn? A path blazed like that of….

Any JLA'er.

Bar their intent.

Dare You.



Please, X'Hal do not leave her on deck alone with this… other woman, someone give her something, before they board with an 'Alien' upon their Jet.

Quiet. Calm. Serenity. The portion of his mind that is in control a majority of the time is now secured in it's own Mental Vault. J'onn floats in his Mental Landscape, Stars upon Stars out before him, and one planet glows the piece of his personality that he hopes will bring him back from the brink of madness.

On a planet, Red of Nature, is all that J'onn had come to terms with in his long and painful life. However, now it is tied together in a similar vault, one ready to be unleashed when the time is right. Even J'onn is unsure if this technique will prove enough, but he is positive it will at least unleash the Rage that the Martian has controlled for so long.

A familiar voice brings him out of his meditation, a small smile playing across those features, and his red orbs open to take one last (only for a short time, hopefully) look out of the windows of the Observation Deck. As he stands, he sends a mental message to Kori «I am ready. I will meet you shorty.» Then, with but a simple thought, the Martian turns translucent as he phases through the floors and wall of the Watchtower to head towards the sentient vessel AYA.

Leave an Asgardian an inch, and they'll take a mile. In this, Syn is prototypical of her species in the sauntering assumption she's going to stride straight onto the ship without the slightest question asked. And it's only that Starfire elects to bar the path that she does not. The smile she gives is perhaps too wide by half, for all that she permits herself, at least for the moment, to halt.

"Stynfríðr Valkyrior, a friend of J'onn's." and apparently for her at least, that's enough of an explanation given the way she rocks forward as if expecting this will be sufficient for Starfire, too, certainly by the casualness with which she adds,"You may call me Syn… Tamaranean… if I don't miss my mark?"

Playing catch up in Gotham has kept Batman busy enough that he's been away from the Watchtower for the last few weeks… but he's kept up with his stellar projection work in the Batcave since the plan was concocted. With Hal being Hal, it was left to Batman to handle the details.

His heavy boots signal his arrival, and the life support apparatus makes it clear Batman is wearing his space designed Batsuit. The cape is retracted right now, and when the man steps into the line of sight for Syn and Starfire, he pauses, "What are you doing here, Asgardian? This is a sensitive League matter, not something for guests to invite themselves along for." Batman's voice scrambler is in full effect here, even through the breather mask… and the red eyes lenses squint just slightly as Batman walks over to her, looking her up and down with all the demeanor of a disapproving parent.

Starfire's pupiless emerald gaze reflects a mirrored image of Syn's own form before her, even the sweep of analysis that is .. akin.. to that of Batman's…

The boots thud along the walkway to the hatch of the Quint, as Hal and Kyle are in need of the Interceptor that is already pivoting, the jets fire below, pivot in rotation… and disembark…

Light speed.

Starfire refrains from looking away from Syn in that challenge, even as a name is given. "Koriand'r. Once Tamaranean Princess, Now Earth's."

There is no hesitation, even as J'onn's voice resonates to answer the call over comms, mentally. Her eyes close and the hand on the airlock door tightens in grip before she pushes off, but does not hesitate her step to remain… in Syn's way while Batman takes the flank upon his arrival and mutual assessment. "Stynfríðr Valkyrior, of Asgard?" A slow tilt of her head as this is a first for Starfire…. "Friend of J'onn…." A pause and the look to Batman, Syn….

"We don't have much time…"

The lights blink, the Quint is fueled to capacity and Batman's coordinates await his 'Drive' behind captain's wheel. Star looks to Batman, then away, tipping up-over Syn as she awaits J'onn's say and steps into the deck of the Quint, the trails of hair behind her emanating a /white heat/ already.

And J'onn arrives to the departing form of Starfire, and Syn standing in the entry way of the vessel. There's a pause, J'onn receptive to the various emotions even if he isn't actively searching or delving, and offers a small nod in greeting to Syn. "Thank you for coming. I am hoping your help isn't necessary, but it is better to be ready for every contingency."

J'onn motions for Syn to move in before he does, and calls out to the others on the ship "I am ready whenever we are ready to travel." His voice strong, certain, but for those familiar with the Martian there is the slightest bit of tension around his eyes.

He moves towards Batman, "Batman, do you have the tracker you wish for me to wear?" His uniform morphing to open a slot that can then be covered, "I am not sure if I will immediately attempt Hyper Space travel. Once I have placed the tracker in my Zo'osk, I have instructed to keep it safe, and not remove it while I am under the influence of the Red Ring…."

His eyes move to Starfire, tilting his head, and offering her a mental sense of surety that even he may not feel. «This will end up fine, Kori. Trust in me.»

There's no dimming of the amusement on Syn's face, the curl of her lip as she casts her eyes over Batman with a tilt of her head, seemingly oblivious to the disapproval in his demeanor, or somehow entertained by it,"If you fall over in that… do you flail, like a turtle?" she enquires with a toothy grin. There's no sign in her posture that she's in the slightest deterred or concerned about the challenge faced between the pair.

"J'onn of Mars, last of his kind, is about to place body, mind, and soul at risk for your Realm, so if it takes my word that I will not speak of your League's secrets, you have it freely, my concern is for the Manhunter." speak of the green-skinned Martian and he shall appear, her blue eyes go his way before she reaches out to clasp J'onn's arm,"If there is matters amiss, I shall bind you tight enough you'll think yourself wearing one of his suits." there's a dip of her head in the direction of Batman and that toothy grin again before she takes perhaps coincidental advantage of J'onn addressing Batman to try and make her way onto the ship.

Once J'onn speaks of contingencies, Batman still has a disapproving aura to him… but he moves away from the Asgardian, taking a device from his utility belt and placing it in the slot, "This will be very effective at hiding itself from you and the others with the methods I've been able to prove are effective for you and them. You won't be able to find it easily once placed, so don't bother; it'll switch positions on you, then activate countermeasure systems only i know how to deal with." Batman gives a nod to it, then looks to J'onn with those red eye lenses, "Good luck."

With that, Batman steps on board, ignoring all distractions as he heads for the pilot seat… and straps in before pulling a wire from his wrist-comp and plugging in…. settling the augmented reality interface for the cockpit over his vision… and he starts to program in the journey.

What would normally take them 70 days, takes them 70 minutes. A little over 1 hour to the half way point of destination. They did not even leave their sector… It seems as if a bat of an eye…

But when Batman, Syn, and J'onn passes Starfire at the hull of the ship, her arms are crossed in a manner that is far too stoic, statued, even with the lift of her chin she waits for each to pass and Batman.. to do what 'Shadows' do.

Nostrils flare at the assurance offered to her, the rough exhale one that even casts her head to the side and instead speaks to them. "The safety strap is to your left, you must draw it across your body…" Like a flight attendant as she passes through the few seats aligned behind the Captain's seat Batman has taken duly.

"In the case of failure of engines…." Starfire folds into her seat, adjacent to J'onn, and Syn, just behind Batman.


The halfway point is met and Batman pulls up the trajectory of their targeted 'Base' for the Red Lanterns, the ship pivoting on axis slowly while Ma'aleca'andra is drawn up in holographics, Batman's data fed in, while he stares dead-ahead, his words already spoken, and Star just lets it reflect over her gaze.

"Atrocitus has taken Ma'aleca'andra, of sector 2814 into his grasp for that of the Red Light, to dominate Earth…"

A choking sound as Star swallows and does not look away, instead looks to J'onn and Syn beside her, just across the tiny aisle.

"And its Galaxy."

A *click* and the seatbelt is undone, straps unraveled from straps of 'alien' armor before she rises, her hand curling a grip over the rest of Batman's chair. "I trust you." To J'onn's.

But that does not define the partner beside him! (Syn)

Syn's no stranger to ships, though the design of this particular one is it's own oddity. There's no qualms in the Asgardian about settling herself into a seat, even if she does elect to stretch those long legs out to plant on the empty seat and settle in for all the world like she's planning on taking a nap.

There's at least something in the sharpness of those blue eyes to suggest she's listening, paying attention, but everything in her posture suggests a degree of almost offensive nonchalance. Certainly her emotional state is… well, calm, prepared, any anxiety for J'onn or being on a strange ship buried deep enough to remain hidden. And sober! So sober. Painfully sober probably as far as Syn's concerned.

"And the intention is to insert J'onn among their number and depart without detection?" just to clarify for her own sensibilities, the sheer casualness of the question belaying any potential glee at the idea of a fight.

Watching Kori as she goes through the motions of explaining the seats and the safety, J'onn continues to pulse out sensations of Calm and Serenity, nodding once at her admittance of trust. "Good. Just as I trust you all to bring me back when the time is right."

Despite being in the ship, J'onn can sense the direction they are headed, and when the hologram of the Planet is shown it is a heavy sigh that escapes the Martians lips. Home. Ma'aleca'andra. Mars as the Humans call it. The Red Planet, now the potential base for the Red Lanterns, and it seems all of his work has come full circle.

Out loud, J'onn speaks more to himself, "My People would be disappointed to know that their Home has been used as a staging point for such Violence and Destruction." He leans his head forward, eyes closed, and funneling more of what he feels into his own version of the Red Planet in his mental landscape. Karma? Irony? Destiny? All would fit at this point.

"That is correct, Syn." J'onn states to her, "As much of the plan as I know, Batman and Starfire know the rest, and will keep it to themselves until I have departed…" Speaking of the Batman, J'onn opens hi Zo'ok, and places the device within it, adding "Once I have drawn a Red Ring, we do not know how much control I will exert, and the success of the plan would require me to have only enough knowledge to track down the Reds and lead the League to them."

Starfire refrains, the evidence in the *pops* of 'leather' seat behind Batman.

Refrains from embracing her friend in 'goodbye' that she will only keep temporary.

Emerald eyes dart to Syn then and J'onn answers her and Starfire refrains… Watching every motion between and within. «…Trust….» Unspoken but a lingering resonance between them as she watches him and then moves into the aisle in a defensive manner, this is for Earth, for Midgard, for Sol 2814…

In the Holo-Projection it can be seen… The embodiments encased, embracing the Red…. And those not… Shriveling beneath the lava that flows from the surface, from the mouths, lips peeled back in rictus laughter, a mirth if vile bearing!
….Why Mars shall be eternally feared?

"Good Luck."

Starfire doe not watch *again*, but she 'hears' enough that still does not waver her, instead she wraps her fist into the belt as the hatch opens for J'onn's exit, flexed in restraint that twines from fore' to fingers in a deft clutch while the vacuum consumes the Quint. "The intention… Is to keep our friend in the end."

For that moment, Star finally Looks at Syn, unblinking still.

«… We won't be far… »

The Martian centers himself a final time, and moves towards the opening hatch to space. Stopping before Kori, he looks into her emerald orbs, a slight brush of his mind «There is no need of luck when I have faith in you.» A small nod of his head, not prolonging the moment any further.

As he stands at the precipice to space, he looks back to Syn, a similar mental connection made, «If I come back to the ship, bar me long enough for the ship to Jump, and let the rest happen as it will. I will see you on the other side, Valkyrie.»

J'onn floats into the space before his home planet, putting several miles between him and the vessel AYA, and for those watching they will see him bow his head. It seems as if he is simply meditating, perhaps even resting peacefully, until he releases the beast he has created in his own mind.

There is a mental scream, a flow of psionic power, and it bursts from the Martian in a visible display of the tremendous strength he holds. Veins spring up from bulging muscles and his temple as the Anger released is visibly seen on the Holo-Screen. Despite his attempts at shielding the craft, bits of his Anger, Hate, Self-Loathing filter through to give just a fraction of what he has released to the occupants nearby.

On the planet, in the distance, a Red Light flares into existence and begins to leave the Red Planet Mars.

Syn's eyes go to the holo projection, how can they not? There's something somber in that expression, unsuited to her, though at least most of the ship is spared the stirring of anger it brings deep inside her. Syn's no stranger to death, far from it, and her cavalier attitude towards such is certainly borne from her past duties. But there is a difference, in the mind of the former Valkyrie, between the potential for death accepted, and battles fought, and the subjugation of others simply because one can.

It's betrayed in the curl of her lip, a bare corner, and the long look given from graven expression, memorizing. At least through that filter she's not also bombarded by the glow of death upon the dying, but it's there, that itch between her shoulder blades that can never be scratched.

She rises to her feet, when J'onn begins to move. The long look given him searching and outwardly silent, lips pressed into a thin line,«They cannot keep you, J'onn of Mars.»

"You owe me a fight." is what emerges aloud, though, perhaps not the best choice of words, not with the way she grips his arm and the unblinking intensity of her gaze. It takes a conscious choice to open her fingers, and the smile is perhaps a little more somber than usual for her,"And a drink. And I plan to collect." because it's easier than expressing the concern in her thoughts. The nod, though, is firm, accepting.

The feeling of that outburst, though, that rocks her back on her heels and twists her lips, nostrils flaring as she presses her thumb against the blade of her sword and then against the wall of the ship. A defined area, an existing 'wall', far easier to simply invoke the barrier as part of the ship, temporarily, segmenting the scrap upon which J'onn stands with little more than a thought. All this… is mine, except /that/ bit… I don't want /that/ bit. It's probably not going to filter any of the emotions, but, in the least, it might help insure that those staying behind are 'safe' from what's to come.

Strfire remains placid as J'onn departs… Until he departs, but when his Rage burns….

Syn is owed a fight….

Star /owes/ a reclaimation.

When Syn rises, the tawny arm reflexively suspends out to grip and bar her path while she outbursts her own debt she intends to collect from J'onn…

But J'onn knows what he sees, and when the Rage comes full force upon him in his own Epic the light that flares from him burns a deeper shade until it goes Red!

When his body extends, if it extends, a hand laid in splay is unlevened, razed, accosted by the mate of a Ring…

"With blood and rage,
Crimson Red…"

A million points of light….!

The vaccuum begins to seal…
"NOW!" Kori's voice is variable and when she looks to Syn she is unfurling from a hunch that had her almost ferally cast between Batman's Seat and that of theirs… Syn's.

Protective as she does not tear her eyes from the Bonding(Unfit) in space before them as the Quint turns back towards Earth. "They will not win. Not now. Not Ever." A glance is not given to Syn, but an extension of gauntleted hand *is*. A joining of 'Kinship'.

"How do you know him?" Because that is how it is going to BE, even if they need to leave him at Lightspeed.

The Ring… The purpose of this mission… The words not yelled, but felt in J'onn's very soul at this point…

"J'onn J'onzz of Mars. You have Great Rage in your Heart. You belong to the Red Lantern Corps."

And J'onn extends his hand to let the Ring find it's place, Violence at what he's Lost, at what he Could Not Prevent, and What he Will Take Back. Hate… his Planet… not theirs… Rage. Cutting as any blade or laser, Raw and Untempered. The roar from the Martian is Heard in the Vacuum and Pushes against the Ship and Syn's Barrier.

Then, before the eyes of his friends, J'onn changes as the Bonding takes place. Size, Mass, pulled from Mars itself, thickens limbs, extends bones, and once before a Tall Humanoid now stands a Hulking Behemoth close to nine feet in height. Skin, once comparable to the brightest of Emeralds simmers, darkens, and soon becomes as Red as his Eyes before the change. On his forearms he sprouts red bone spurs, viciously curved and serrated, continuing up the back of his hands and on his knuckles.

Finally, the Red Plasma does not leak from his Mouth, but instead is infused in an aura that pulses and flows like a living thing. Slowly he turns towards the ship, eyes Narrowed, but all those on the ship will hear a Voice of utter Calm «Leave. Tempt not the Beast. We control the Ring, but his Vengeance will be sated on some below.» and then followed quickly by a voice comparable to the void itself «Go. I will Crush the Defilers. Bow before me, or face Oblivion.»

The Red Martian now turns towards his once Home Planet, a growl escaping his chest, and disappears in a flash of Red Light.

Syn doesn't pursue, no, though she leaves her hand upon the hull of the ship even as it begins to seal. She's watching alright, unconcerned about the arm barring her path. She's there because she wills it to be so, and it doesn't occur to her that Starfire might be a hinderance if she chose otherwise. The arrogance of Asgardians. The extended hand is accepted without her moving her eyes from the dwindling Martian,"They will not." she agree's mutedly.

Stepping back, moving away, that's a little harder, even if she is endeavoring to keep her thoughts to herself rather than disrupt him right now,"He and your little Lantern interrupted when the Strontians attacked me, and he chose to remain and be filter in personal matters. He has my trust, as he has trust in those of your League, but a poor friend would I be if I did not see him through this trial." still, it takes an effort to look away and turn back with a purse of her lips,"I shall be… quite vexed… if he dies."

Together With Our Hellish hate,
We'll Burn You All!

Starfire takes that clasp from the starnger as the Quint aims back wence they came, the feed planted and accepted upon J'—- No….That is not J'onn…. But Kori understands. He had stopped her fro such a fate and yet she out Him into it. As much as she wanted to -Loook Away-, she did not, until the ship did it for her, Syn, and Batman… Who was silent through it all after their exchange intially and his relay…

Star's hand fists over Batman's chair, she wanted to punch it *through*, but there is no fault here… Not even with the 'friend' Syn, Asgardian as their agreement is parted and they both reclaim seats long after the relay tells them to….

Maybe only due to impact.

We kill everything!..

"He won't. He has Us." Starfire states when her eyes finally close, complacent… Faux…

This Is Your Fate!

"What do you know of the Justice League, Stynfríðr?" Stated lowly, and as they depart with the resounding echo of his words in their minds lids clench to be veiled beneath fiery mane.

"Not over. Promise." A splay of fingers to press across lids and temples in a /smear/.

"He refuses to die, it is the Way."

Syn's at least a polite enough 'guest' that she doesn't endeavor to break anything, even if there's plenty of stiffness in the way she stalks back to J'onn's chosen seat and claims it as her own for now,"You style yourselves the protectors of Midgard, Earth, in specific, and I have witnessed your efforts to protect the people of Midgard." damning with faint praise, perhaps, at least given the way she stretches out her legs again, apparently unconcerned with being bluntly honest even under the current circumstances.

"The people of Midgard have been greatly infantilized in the past millenia since the Valkyrior were permitted to reap from their ranks, and it is fortuitous for them that you and the others are present, even if likely also has the effect of them abdicating personal strength in favor of relying on those such as yourself." she adds as she crosses her legs at the ankle and pushes a hand through her hair,"Still. It is not truly the fault of the League and other organizations. The drift appears to have occurred over many centuries since the Pact was signed."

Even when Batman remains silent in their fast approach back to the Watchtower, Starfire does not …. Nor will she…

Thumb and index press upon lids and sweep away a moisture that she rolls between fingers while images flash in her mind…

J'onn is brought before Atrocitus, that maw spread in a grin serrated and leaking 'tween carnivorous palate is //acid. When he leans in, subjects trying direly to keep the Martian in straits!//

"What is /Midgard?/ to *You?* S…yn?" The Tamaranean is losing her tongue now even as her hand clenches over the belt fastener, wanting and able to loose herself!

Better not because every time she blinks.. Star sees…

Burning flesh, screams, serrated Green now Red while the Mars below feet unyielding before the massive Beast refuse to buckle…
"So. Strong, this… Mar-'t'ian" A laugh that can cause craters and concaves in the face of the planet. "MAKE HIM!"

Star can feel the control loosing as the "safety belt" looses in a /click/ that reels the straps from her. "And you came on this endeavor why? Conquest? War? And Here. You. Sit." Star turns to face Syn, one leg slung over the other in a feline manner, but not a 'cross', more a position to /stalk/ towards Syn. Hip lofts from the edge, emotions on a precipice as such…

"I am here and accepted into the League because I have nothing, /nowhere/ left. What have YOU?!" A stalking grip is held on the arm-rest, nearly *snapping* it in her loft of height and grip.

"J'onn is as such. Batman. Hal. Kyle. Wonder Woman. How much do you want to push Family?" The level of eyes, is not so much a challenge but a Truth between them.

Syn's eyes are half-lidded, it might be easy to mistake her as blind, if not for the way her hand settles on the pommel of her sword and her head tilts back,"Stay your anger, Tamaranean. This vessel would not well withstand it's release." at least, as far as Syn guesses. It's a heavy huff of her breath, the fondling of that pommel, she knows well enough that it is sometimes necessary to stay out of a war, but that doesn't make it easier. Or improve her own temper any.

It's the latter reason that makes her take longer to respond, the flare of her nostrils… it's not that she doesn't have faith in J'onn, she does. She knows that those Lanterns have invoked something they are unlikely to want to face. But still it's a long, slow blink before she opens her eyes to focus on the stalking.

"You have poor opinion of J'onn, if you think him friends with one who would bring War to your chosen home, Koriandy'r of Tamaran. Or the thought of a fight gives outlet for the suffering he now chooses to endure. You wish to fight, we can certainly do so when we are less frail of a vessel and the purpose of this task is not jeopardized by it." she unfurls her legs slowly from the other chair to rub at the bridge of her nose,"I challenge neither your home, nor your family. I do not hate the Midgardians, I simply remember a time when they were more."

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