Portal to Genosha

January 10, 2018:

Illyana and Nate come for a visit, via portal. And chat about Zealot



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The safehouse at Carrion Cove is back to normal after the Christams/New Year chaos. Which means Some X-men take turns to man the fort. This includes Nate.

He really doesn't like much to be here, because it is not a good idea. His powers make him too easy to detect. Logan, Piotr, Alex or Marcos would be better. Lorna is no longer suitable either unless she manages to evade her bodyguards. Which she can do only sometimes without raising alarms.

But today he couldn't dodge the task. So he is sprawled on the couch, a can of beer on the floor, apparently resting. But actually doing telepathic scanning and mind-mining on the minds of suspicious people by the docks.

In the living area of the X-Men's Genoshan safehouse, a disc of silver-white light appears, positioned strategically between the couch and the TV, just in case Nate was watching it. When it blinks back out of existence, it leaves behind a certain blonde demoness. "Working hard I see." She remarks to Nate, after taking in his lounging position, not to mention the beer. She's dressed for the climate, this time, even if the colour she's wearing probably isn't the wisest choice. Tank top, shorts, sandals, all black.

"How many of those have you had?" She asks, nodding toward the can, then shakes her head. "Never mind. If you can still stand up and string a sentence together, you're coming with me. Since somebody put me in charge, I should probably talk to Lorna about her Zealot problem." She still doesn't sound particularly enthused to be in a position of responsibility.

Assuming that Nate will be making an effort to get himself upright without further chivvying, Illyana opens another portal - this one about the size of her hand - and then pauses a moment before peering through. "Marcos is back home, right?" She asks Nate, and then looks through the portal - into Lorna's chambers.

Lorna was busily melting something metal down into a liquidous mess of iron above her. Her own person floating in the air several feet off the ground. Much like Illyana, she was dressed in a black tank top and shorts. A look if intense concentration was on her features, and she dropped abruptly as the light as Illyana appeared in her room.

The room was rather plain, though a clearly welded set of bunks had been cut down and put together to make a full sized bed. Other scrap metal had been welded together to make a dresser, and end table. The windows were covered with a shimmery fabric, and steel shutters further covered them. Though at the moment they were moved to the side to allow in light. Over the bed was a wavy looking painting, of greens, pinks and purples, looking like the northern lights. It too was made of warped metal.

The TV was off, and that beer can is the only one in the room. When Nate opens his eyes the left one is pulsing with light. She interrupted his telepathic spying, but since she is on a roll. "Give me a break; I have not slept since Friday." He stands up and stretches, then blinks a few times at seeing Illyana's outfit. "Seriously? The beach is the other way, blondie. And there are beers on the fridge."

Then he peers into Lorna's room from behind the Russian girl, offering Lorna a semi-apologetic smile. "I am not sure, I got here a couple hours ago."


For a moment it seems like Illyana might make a comment about Nate's lack of sleep, but then just shakes her head. If he really hasn't slept in that long he really shouldn't be on duty… if lounging around on a couch can really be described as 'on duty'. Instead she just replies to his bleary-eyed scrutiny. "Hey, it's COLD at home. Since I'm here I might as well enjoy the heat." Directing a smirk Nate's way, Illyana glances back through her portal.

"No Marcos, so nothing on display that'll scar me for life…" She says under her breath, and increases the portal in size until it's large enough to step through, and does just that. "Hi." She says to Lorna, as she casts her eyes around the room. "Nice place. It's very industrial." While she talks, her hands are drawing patterns of silver flame in the air before her, and by the time Nate steps through her spell of concealment should be complete. "Got time for a visit?" She asks.


Lorna stood, stretching her arms behind her as she watched Illyana widen the portal and step into her room. "Yeah, well there's a bunch of scrap metal around here and I can shape it how I want. Best way to make furniture in an otherwise really boring, shitty military room." She smirked and folded her hands as she glanced behind Illyana toward Nate's figure in the portal. She scowled faintly.

"I wish I could have a beer.." She muttered and stepped back toward her bed, plopping down and heaving a sigh, waving a hand in Illyana's direction as the woman asked if she had time for visit.

"Yeah, I've got time. Besides training with Magneto, or the council I've got time for practically anything. It's not like anyone lets me do anything anymore.." She scowled once more, as if it was a permanent thing. She drew a knife to her grip and flopped back onto the mattress, tossing the knife into the air and catching it.


"Scar you for life? Right," Nate eyerolls, following Illyana. "It is not as if you can't port to a tropical beach anytime you want," he points out; quite sure she does exactly that often enough.

When Lorna comments about her wish for beer, the young man shrugs and offers her an apologetic smile. He would offer, but then Darcy would murder him. Or maybe Betsy would get him first.

"Maybe we can offer some distraction," offers Nate. "I think Illy here has a mission or something, she no longer visits me just to see how far she can make me jump. I have become too jaded."


"No ceremonies to attend, buildings to declare open, or photo ops to keep you busy?" Illyana asks in an innocent tone that her expression isn't even trying to sell. Yes, Illyana was there when Lorna told them she was just a Councillor, not a Princess, but she's apparently taken no notice of that whatsoever.

"Can't I visit Lorna without an ulterior motive?" Illyana asks Nate, stretching her arms out in a silent show of offended honesty… and then dropping them to her sides with a grin. "Anyway, last time I made you jump you tried to knock me through a wall. We should probably make that an outdoor game."

Illyana pushes her hands into the back pockets of her black denim shorts, and switches her attention back to Lorna. The knife she's playing with gets a look too, and the demoness seems to approve. "But Nate's right. I wanted to talk to you both about Zealot. I get the idea he's not going to go away on his own."


Lorna shrugged, catching the knife for a moment as she peered over at Illyana with a faint, twist of her lips. Well aware what she was getting at with the teasing about ceremonies and the alike. "Nothing to make a ceremony yet. Still at war. Still have snipers. Still have that asshole Zealot to deal with." She sighed and tossed the knife up to the ceiling and continued to play with it like it was a ball.

"And yeah, he's not going away on his own.. Though Aquaman wants to flood him out or something. I dunno. I'm tired of all the posturing. I just want him off Genosha and gone."


"I was having bad dream," probably not true. Better than admitting Illyana he can't really remember that last time. He did invite her to drop by anytime, didn't he? Pretty sure he did. Maybe she saw something that scarred her for life (most likely for five minutes).

"I think Zealot is crazy," comments Nate. "He has some psychic powers. Not real telepathy, emotion based probably. He can also scatter my mind-blasts by dispersing the energy to other people. He was connected to his followers; it was a very odd mental construct." Pause, "what else do you need to know? Marcos and Lorna fought with him the first time."


Illyana offers Lorna a small smile when the other woman lets her teasing pass without comment. "Nowhere's perfect, I guess." She remarks lightly, then becomes at least a little more serious. Aquaman's suggestion sparks an interested look in her eyes, before she purses her lips and shakes her head with an air of regret. "Hitting him with a tidal wave is probably a bit much, but at least the damage wouldn't be our fault." She's not as careless of collateral damage as she sounds. Probably.

For once, Illyana listens to Nate without interrupting him. "That, and as much more as you can tell me." Illyana replies. "Since somebody went off their meds long enough to put me in charge of field operations, I should probably figure out how we're going to win the next round." She grimaces, as if she's bitten into something rotten. "Without letting my pets have him. Apparently I'm not supposed to start with murder." She glances toward Lorna and very deliberately rolls her eyes to show what she thinks of that decision. "What CAN'T he do? Does he have any limitations we can work with? And…" Illyana smiles. "How do we stop him hiding in places I can't teleport, without using Lorna as bait?"


Lorna shrugged, "He's got control over anything from the Island as far as I can tell. Rock, people.. anything really. He can take a hit too." She sighed heavily and caught the knife in her grip, setting it aside after a moment's thought.

"Maybe if we can get him away from Genosha? Portal him else where? Space? Space sounds good." She mused, and shrugged lightly.

"I'm all for letting Illyana's pets have him. Though Magneto might want to take him down, or try to. Who knows. I'm already getting the stink eye for having ties to the X-men. I'm too 'X-men' for Magneto's taste and not 'X-men' enough for Scott." She rolled her eyes and settled the knife into a sheath at her hip.

"As far as I'm concerned, I tried diplomacy. This guy either needs permanent jail time, or to be put out of his misery."


"Well, he is tough and strong," confirms Nate. He talked to Phillip about his brother. He leans on the wall and remembers what the Genoshan said. "Looks like the old Genigeneer stacked a lot of power sets on him until he went insane. He was kept drugged for years, so maybe he is vulnerable to drugs and poison. Eclipse lasered him, but failed to hurt him seriously. So yeah, very tough. I dropped a small building on him, but he seemed able to… it wasn't really telekinesis, but he stopped it anyway. And when I pushed hard the building got shattered."


Illyana's grin is evil enough to reveal that space sounds pretty good to her too. It only widens when Lorna mentions Scott's appraisal of her. "Is anyone X-Men enough for Scott? Really?" She doesn't mention her own problems with the X-Men's leader, what he probably sees as divided loyalties in her, too. She's more than content to keep that quiet for as long as she can.

"No more diplomacy." Illyana decides, and although the grin has gone a faint smirk remains. "Unless Scott wants to try it himself. And Magneto's right here and hasn't done anything about him… even when he had you." Illyana tilts her head toward Lorna. "So if he gets annoyed with us if we have to solve a problem for him, too bad."

"He can control the island, and he can push anything we do to him off to his followers." Illyana shrugs. "So we draw him out, port him off the island - alone. Nate tries to shut him down. Maybe we pull in Ray as well. Not Jean." Illyana smiles. "Too many ethics. And if that doesn't work? Well… space sounds good." Illyana deliberately echoes Lorna.


Lorna paused, considering Illyana, a small look of sympathy at the blone'd critique of Scott. She sighed, and nodded, propping up her chin in thought. "Magneto and his Acolytes were only a few minutes behind you all in getting me out. They saw the tower fall as we left. And they couldn't find Zealot inside after. It seems he went into the depths of Genosha. So, again.. we have to lure him out somehow."

A grimace pulled at her lips as she sat up, and swung her legs over the edge of the mattress.

"If he can't control things and people not from Genosha, then it makes sense that he doesn't want foreign mutants here.. So, in theory, if we get him off Genosha? Boom. Done. He should be easier to contain or at least beat." She dragged a hand through her green hair and grimaced.

"Currently, my only issue is that I was planning to use Zealot's head as a deal with Aquaman. Try to get him and Magneto to agree on something and not have Genosha on the whole flooded. I dunno, I can't wait for them to stop politicking long enough to handle anything."

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