Battle of the Dead

April 18, 2015:

HYDRA Nazi Zombies have been reanimated and have chased down Pres. Pershing in Orleans France

Orleans, France

A large city in France located on the Loire.


NPCs: Pres. James Pershing


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"The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time." — Mark Twain


"Excellent speech, sir," says a uniformed secret service agent as President James Pershing steps into the room, having just returned to the summit after the press conference. "Thanks, Matthews. Are we almost ready?"

"Yes sir, though I have to warn you. Hawkins is a shark."

"I deal with sharks everyday," Pershing responds as he begins to undo his tie. "Have you seen some of the hammerheads they have over there in Congress?" Pershing gives the man a wink and opens the doors to a large parlor. A young girl dressed in blue, Missy Pershing, his 6 year old daughter leaps up into his arms and his smiling wife leans in for a hug.


8:33 PM

Olivier Charbonneau's family has lived in Orleans for so many generations that his family has lost count. The hardware store he owns on one of the thin roads near the Loire River has been in his family for 3 generations. "Est-ce que tu viens?" his teenage son asks him as he finishes cleaning up the shop for the night. "Une minute," Charbonneau responds, but his son knows it'll be much longer.


8:43 PM

"What? Abbott never played cards with you guys?" Pershing says through a muffled, unlit cigar. The crisp white button up shirt is unbuttoned and the blazer he wore is across the desk in the far part of his His daughter, who sits on his lap, pointing at the cards she thinks he should throw back.

"With all due respect, sir," Agent Reynolds says as he pushes some of his chips into the middle of the table. "President Abbott was beloved by Americans. He was popular and he did many great things." Beat. "Call." Beat. "But he was a terrible card player."

Pershing lays down his cards, showing a full house. "Well, come next November, I'd trade in my luck with the cards for a little luck at the polls." Between threats of terrorism, a sluggish economy, and fears about the future, Pershing has continued to lose numbers. The normal rumors about big names like Lex Luthor or Robert Kelly are out there everyday, but they've been joined by rumors of potental threats from his own party, like Reece Stewart. Suffice to say it has not gone like the President has hoped.

"Sir?" says Agent Reed as he opens the door. "Sorry to bother you, sir, but it's the French. We need you right away." Pershing hoists Missy and sets her down upon her feet as he gives a nod. "Well, gentlemen," he says as he pushes in his chair.


Charbonneau turns out the final light as he finally zips up his coat. It's warm here during the day, but when it's windy and when the sun goes down, it can be cool. His eyes catch the sight of something odd when people seem to be walking in the street against the one way traffic. He inspects, closer, and is surprised to find that it looks like some sort of military brigade. But his face grows white when he sees what they truly are.


9:01 PM

"A farmer called in from just outside the city," says an incredulous looking staffer who would really just like to get the hell out of here. "Said there were some soldiers out by his barn. By the time he got snuck out there, he said they looked dead. French police took the call, but didn't give it much thought. Figured it was some sort prank. When the calls started coming in from the city, we knew it was a bigger issue."

"So what are we looking at?" Pershing asks, sliding slightly in his seat.

"Satellite imagery. The French police contacted the French government. They're sharing the feeds."

"Why is it so dark? You'd think they'd go infrared," the President says absently.

"They don't give off heat signatures, sir."

"What do you mean?"

From points all around the city, the soldiers descend upon the Hotel Graslot. It is slow going, they don't move all together that very fast, but the imagery shows that they're all headed for the building where the President and his family are staying.

"Air Force One?"

"That way is blocked by the largest swarm sir. If they are coming for you, we'd never make it via car."


"The Helicarrier would be our closest ship, but it was badly damaged during the Battle over the Sluis. It's not available."

Another analyst pipes in. "We've called the French and they're sending their police forces here as quick as possible. We're scrambling trying to get a helicopter."

Pershing nods, "Alright."


As the helicopter arrives it begins its slow descent towards the courtyard of the old hotel. If you look close enough you can see figures in black moving on the still streets. A mob of French police officers in white shirts create a human barricade, weapons drawn, but it seems all will end well enough.

Until a streak from high in the sky rockets like a bat out of hell, striking the helicopter and sending it into a tailspin. Impulsively, the French officers begin to fire upon the figures in the dark and a moment later, the helicopter drops and explodes upon a rooftop a half a block over.

"Everyone back inside!" Pershing yells as he and his family rush into the doorway, followed by secret service agents and some of police. "Get SHIELD here as fast as you can. And get me the Justice League!"

Fenris looks up from the book he's been reading in his house in the Brooklyn. Something is wrong. Very very wrong. He closes his eyes and casts his senses out. Where are… yes. There you are. He hasn't heard a call to action yet but he doesn't need to. This is old, old power. And any time it crops up, trouble follows. He's up and tearing a Way to Orleans in a heartbeat, stepping through a couple blocks from the old Hotel as he activates a pair of communicators. "Justice League, this is Fenris. Disturbance in Orleans. Supernatural." They likely don't need to hear that with the calls coming in from SHIELD and the US government. Into the other one he says: "Oracle, I have a problem in Orleans. Old Power. I need you to own the grid, tell me what's going on. This is important."

Mockingbird came on Diana's jet, because it's fricken invisible and that is cool as hell. Also, she's in her full bore JLA costume, rather than her more subdued SHIELD one. If these assailants are truly dead, then she wants the brighter coloration to draw them to her and away from civilians. She straddles a motorcycle in the jet's cargo bay and revs it up. "Man, are these really zombies? Where is Daryl Dixon when you need him?" She double checks her gear then throttles up and zips out and into the French streets, heading for Pershing's location.

Ever since Thor-Ki had approached the Hawkeyes and her about joining the Justice League: Avengers, Kara had considered the Asgardian to be somewhat of a kindred soul based on what she knew of their people; even if Asgard was alive and well.

With Kate busy doing other stuff, she had turned to someone who could fly to help her when a call about pirates had come in off the coast of Somalia holding a diplomatic vessel hostage.

Just as her and Thor-Ki had finished cleaning up the pirates the distress call came in from France. Kara frowned when she heard it, that couldn't be good.

Turning to Thor-Ki she quickly grabs his hand and focussed upon the Sapphire Pendulum worn around her neck, "I don't have time to explain, why I don't have time to explain. Just hold on!"

Using the magic of the leylines connected to her pendant, she teleported the pair to France; not far from the problem and reported, "<This is Supergirl along with the Asgardian Thor, we're in Orleans. Should we secure the President for evac?>"

The call is heard, Diana already responding as the radars in the watchtower begin to bleed red over France, their location of demand a blinking blip giving them the location of the President as well as the attack.

"There is an attack in Orleans, the President is there! We need the Justice—"

That is all that needed to be said, the voice listened to as what is known is given through the communicators that connect to each and every memeber of the JL:A. The chair Diana had claimed in the monitoring room was spinning on its rest, slowly sliding in its empty stature across the floor.

"I will be at the Jet, met me there, those who need a ride." Wonder Woman states into the comm, passing down the halls with their statues and effigies of those past while the bodies of those presnt now serve the purpose and walk in their empty but heavy statued gazes.

Getting into the jet the door hisses closed and switches are flipped, the vehicle flickering from solid form to nothing, leaving the bay of Warchtower empty.

"Ensure his security, but help the soldiers keep further threats from moving in. We'll be there.." And just before Diana can finish the jet with her and Mockingbird appears over the building, the camoflage rippling to bring it into existence once more.


Dropping the tailgate for Mockingbird to depart on her cycle Wonder Woman rises, standing and looking down over it all. "Oracle, what do we have?"

"One of the surprising things for me, coming here," Booster Gold is musing aloud, because getting from the East Coast of the United States over to Europe takes a little travel time if you don't have mass teleportation capabilities. Even when you're in Diana's rad jet. "…is discovering that France wasn't mythological. My sister always insisted it was real and I told her she may as well believe in non-engineered flying unicorns, too." Once in France, however, he focuses on the matter in hand and takes to the air, flying to assist the soldiers at the front line of the invasion.

Ozymandias is also hitching a ride in Diane's jet, because flying a plane is one of the few things he has never done in his long life. He has been to France on many occasions, and his mind ventures to those times, especially the recent ones as a member of Tirailleurs Senegalais. He checks and rechecks his weapons as he sits in the chair on Diane's plane.

When the door opens to the plane, Ozymandias shoots out his grapple hook and lands on top of the roof.

Fighting pirates in Somalia was quite interesting and Thor learned quite a bit…especially about Kara/Supergirl. Towards the end of the battle and shortly before the call about Orleans came in, he paused briefly and looked around as if seeing something. Maybe it was another pirate or maybe it was something else but he didn't seem too surprised when his hand was grabbed and they were teleported to Orleans. Once they appear at their destination, he takes a step forward and looks about, "Where are we? Why have you brought us here? Are there more pirates?"

He takes his hammer in hand and hefts it, looking around for something to fight, it seems.

Maybe he's also looking around as if trying to see the magic that caused this emergency.

In the Clocktower, in Gotham, Oracle is tapping into whatever systems she can "On it, Fenris" the digitally disguised voice responds "It will… take a few minutes to get in."

It's a good thing the redhead systems can nearly rival that of Government and Secret Service Agencise but still hacking through firewalls, setting up countermeasures, takes a little time to ensure that no one can hurt her teams.

"Getting data now, Wonder Woman, standby" Access to the Orleans grid is obtained, now… what is she seeing.

"Roger, Fenris. We're on our way," Steve says just before he leaps out of the back of a quinjet and hurtles down towards France. It's not a new experience for him.

Fenris will find, as will the others, that the area is crawling with these men—these dead men. A pair crawl quietly, hunched a bit towards the gates of the hotel. A shot rings out in the night, and we can hear the splat of what could be blood on one of them, but they keep heading straight for the fence, snarling and snorting.

Mockingbird will soon find that dodging zombies on a bike is difficult. As the headlight of her vehicle lights up those who turn towards her, their skin is almost completely white, dead, and dripping in parts from their face. Their eyes are a hollow red when light is shone upon their face, and they seem to have little in the way of thought aside from all going toward the Hotel in a general fashion, for some reason.

Kara teleports herself and "Thor" into the mayhem, but unfortunately it comes right in the middle of a throng of zombies. They reach out towards her, taking her hair into their hands, and look to get themselves some dinner. I hear Kryptonian brains are even sweeter than humans. It seems "Thor" will have plenty to fight as a sea of at least 30 zombies surround them.

From above, Booster Gold is free from the HYDRA Nazi zombies and their drama, but he does see the crash site of the helicopter off towards the right. Which is beginning to catch the apartment building on fire.

Diana is relatively away from everything else, but she begins to hear screams of humans coming from the west, despite the President being trapped in the north east. Not far away, atop the roof, Ozymandias hears the same thing.

Satellites show Oracle that a giant airship hovers over Orleans. It's a good bed that it's whatever shot down that get away helicopter. As of now it remains quiet. She can put together that it is likely the TerrorCarrier that HYDRA smacked SHIELD around with a few days ago.

"Diana," Steve says as he begins running down the streets of Orleans, punking zombies in the back and sending them flying as he does so, "I'm headed toward the hotel. With your ability to fly overtop, you'll have a good view of everything. We may need you to run point at this. These narrow streets, I can't see a damn thing."

Back inside the hotel, one of the workers goes up to the President. "Sir," he says with heavily accented French. "We have an escape passage through the basement. It may be your best way out of here." President Pershing nods and hustles his family over towards hidden stairway behind a removable paneling.

In an instant Fenris his blade and rod in his hands. These kinds of 'events' tend to have an epicenter. A place where the power sustaining them radiates from. It takes a fair amount of juice to make the dead walk for any length of time and even potent necromancers can't usually manage anything quite on this scale. "Moving toward the old hotel as well Steve." Fenris calls out as he begins to run, hacking at anything that gets in his way. Laying waste to zombies unless protecting something is largely pointless. He just needs to move. "Let me know if there's somewhere I can do more good."

"Wait, non-engineered…- are you saying you had engineered unicorns in your future?" Mockingbird asks Booster over the comm. "And you didn't bring some back with you? You're off my Christmas list, Sparkles." Bobbi zips through the narrow streets, zigzagging between parked cars and fleeing civilians, to try and get to the hotel entrance as quick as she can. The zombies are harder to dodge however. Only her newly upped reflexes keep her upright as she whacks them aside one after another with a battle stave. When she gets close, where there are more, She leaps up and over them off the bike, letting the vehicle slam her a path to the door.

Ordinarily, Kara would have laughed off the attacks as she found herself teleporting her and Thor amidst a horde of the zombies. Bullets, explosions and even superhuman physical attacks often proved to be of little consequence to her; allowing her to fight with a reckless abandon that had earned her many nicknames such as the Girl of Steel.

That was not the case on this night.

Kara screamed loudly as the Zombies pulled at her hair, it hurt. That alone terrified her, because there were far more zombies here than there were allies.

She kicks and punches, losing her cool in the midst of the terror, her fear getting the better of her as she shrieked, "EEK! Get off of me!!!!"

Her eyes began to burn red and red beams of energy arced out, attempting to cut herself free from some of the zombies but even she realized it was a near futile attack.

Cerulean eyes are taking all of this in, the bay door remaining open as well as the passenger and carrier doors, the air lashing through the sky tugging and tearing at onyx strands to have them sway across her face. Dark brows furrow at the sights, her ears taking in the sounds of the screams while her eyes lift into the direction of the Presidents locale and then to that of the citizens.

Reaching to the side those vembraces of Submission flash. Kate is indisposed, and so the other weapon Diana is proficient with is unlatched from the holding of the jets wall. The quiver strapped across her back, the large old fashioned bow clutched in her hand. The lasso at her hip bears a low and ominous glow in the darkness. "Ozymandias, the people to the west, I will head that way with you as soon as I give Steve the birds-eye view!" Leaping from the plane the fall is short, descent of a distance without a safety net as her hand frees her lasso, ones reaching for Kara and Loki attempted to be gripped in the golden rope just before she takes flight in a speed that rushes air from the ground beneath with a backdrafting force.

The lasso is twined around her hand, carrying her cargo with her, letting the undead bounce and ricochet off the walls of buidlings beneath them until she lowers just enough to carry them at that speed through paths of their own like a battering ram.

"Clearing a path, head north after two blocks to your left, Steve." Point it is and from above she watches the streets, the alleys, listens in with attuned senses and reaches back to pull an arrow from the quiver, just as Steve reaches a corner and one comes at him the arrow is loosed, aiming for the undead targets head.

"Fenris, how do we handle this foe? Oracle, can you find the Presidents location so the team can meet him upon safe exit?"

"Oh, man. I wish I could have grabbed Skeets," Booster remarks, once he sees the scope of the situation. He flies for the rooftop and the wreck of the helicopter—after all, it is possible that the passengers may have survived the wreck, and might need to be pulled free before they roast. Once he sees to their fate, he turns his attention to helping citizens in the building to evacuate. There are a few ways he could possibly deal with this fire, but no one wants to be in the area when he tries them out.

Over his communicator, Booster says, "I know there are incoming monsters but I need to help some civilians out of the danger zone. Uh…" His tone sounds more dubious when he answers Mockingbird, "Unicorns totally exist, now. We engineered stuff because if you wanted an animal you had to make it yourself."

There is an odd sense of relaxation that comes over him, when sees the forces that they are facing are already dead. The force that drive him have not had a chance to fully cut loose in a while. "Battling undead Nazis. Why it is not even my birthday." Ozymandias gives a silently nod to Wonder Woman and jumps across the roof tops to land near the screaming people in the west. Upon reaching the area, he begins to launches several remoted controlled bombs into the crowd of zombies away from the screaming people. Finally he lands several yards in front of the screaming people and calls over his shoulder, "Keep Running!" Ozymandias presses the detonator and begins to set off the napalm bombs among the zombie horde and pulls out his bow too as a war cry escapes his lip. "Let the battle begin!"

Something to fight! That seems to make Thor-ki rather happy as he quickly swings his warhammer around to smash some zombie-skulls. When he sees Kara getting overwhelmed he throws the hammer at the throng attacking her. It means he's weaponless for a moment, but he just grabs a couple of attacking zombies nearby and goes to knock their heads together. Even as he punches another…eww, zombie guts, he lifts a hand so that the hammer can come back to him.

Then, even though it leaves him free for attacks, he lifts the hammer to the sky and seems to call down something that sure looks a lot like Lightning to come crashing down on some of the horde. Area Effect Attacks for the win!

With access to the Orleans grid achieved, the screens in the Clocktower fill with video feeds displaying the mayhem on the streets and that big ship in the sky.

"Situation update: The Airship in the sky likely took out the presidents helicopter. I suspect, from the data I have, it's the same one that hit the SHIELD Helicarrier the other day." Oracle provides the update to Wonder Woman and Fenris. A search completes as she's speaking "The president is the basement Hotel Graslot. From what I can see, he's in the basement… " a quick check "I've located the closest exit, sending you the location details now, Wonder Woman."

Fenris hacks the pair of zombies, and as he looks into the side entrance, he can see the President and a detachment of his analysts, long with a couple of secret service men and French police, head into a compartment within the stairwell and begin descending.

Mockingbird gets to the door, but it's been barricaded with all sorts of furniture. Men shout to each other in French, assuming the zombies have arrived. They begin taking up defensive positions behind the door.

Though Kara can be hurt by their mystical power, she can hurt them too. As she flails zombies begin flying off, slamming high upon Orleans' old building walls. One even impales himself on a flag pole. Ain't that a bitch. Worse for the horde, several get fried as Mighty Thor-Ki calls upon the lightning! There are still many, but the tide is turning.

"Thanks, Wonder Woman," Steve says as he cuts and makes his way towards the ath she outlines. A sinking feeling begins to hit his stomach. This doesn't make any sense to him. If you were going to go after the President, why would you use Zombies?

Booster Gold begins to help people out, but Skeets will soon find that the initial crash was just the beginning. The fire is about to threaten the natural gas that pumps throughout the building.

A horde of zombies look willing to give Ozymandias what he wishes, but suddenly a loud growl of a chainsaw is heard loud above the hissing and moaning. Olivier Charbonneau, the owner of the hardware store, slices through the neck of the closest one. Like hell are they going to destroy his town.

Oracle can see the President and the others moving through a secret passage way that looks to be a block long. From what she can pick up on her scanners, it looks like they have a good chance of reaching the exit, and by the time they do, Cap and the others may be there to meet them!

Peggy's jump from the Quinjet is quite a bit slower than Steve's. Parachutes tend to do that. As she lands, everyone is already starting to realize that the men they are fighting are undead. This is not something she's ever actually dealt with. But, then, she is following the path opened, machine gun up and shooting at the masses of undead denizens as she runs.

Grasping hands are met with fierce butts of her gun as she runs after Wonder Woman and Steve. While she doesn't need to clear a path for them, she instead watches their back, cutting through those that are starting to crowd into the open area.

"They're corpses." Fenris explains as he moves. There's the president. He's not sure how folks will react to him with this kind of tension in the air but at least getting shot isn't hugely likely to hurt him badly. "Hit them hard enough and they'll go down. The magic animating them won't sustain them if their bodies fall apart. They're not the problem. Animating them on this scale requires a potent mage or artifact. And so long as it's still active, they'll just raise more. This is Europe. There's a lot of dead people here." Sadly.

"If there's an airship up there, my best guess is that's where it is." Just a guess though. He's busy at the moment. He's not aware Kara's in trouble yet. Hopefully she won't be more.

"The President is moving into a tunnel. I'll remain behind and prevent anything from following him." Hopefully somone can meet him at the other end.

Mockingbird lands on her feet, and she draws her staves together, locking them into their bo staff form. She begins spinning it, slamming it into any creature encroaching on the entrance to the hotel . "Looks like the locals have barricaded themselves in," she reports over the comm. "I'm going in the high way to see if I can follow the President." She circle kicks a pile of zombies back from her position, then uses her bo staff to vault up and through a second story window feet first.

Kara looked relieved at the save that Thor-Ki had provided her giving the man a thumbs up and a quick wink as she called out, "Thanks Thor, you're the best!" She had started to focus a little more as she listened to the JL:A Communications lines and now that she knew Hydra was involved, she felt far less fear.

That didn't mean she wanted to stay down here and deal with the zombies.

Slamming her foot into the ground with tremendous force, she uses it to shockwave several of the zombies away from her and then immediately flies into the air towards the Hydra Helicarrier that had been mentioned, "<This is Supergirl, I'm headed for the Helicarrier. Booster, there might be incoming debris.>"

Through the Ley Pendulum she speaks to Fenris, "~I won't let them make me into that thing you showed me. Just watch.~"

A small speck of red, blue and yellow headed towards the Hydra Helicarrier and impacted through the bottom side of the hull even as the weapons fire from the carrier filled the skies around her. Some of the shots had even hurt, but she did not care.

When she's about where she considers to be mid-deck of the Helicarrier, she screams at the Hydra soldiers shooting at her, "I won't serve you! You're all monsters, you're not even human!"

Supergirl is glowing bright red and the solar energy stored within her extends out from around her with an explosive force meant to be devastating to the helicarrier and all within it.

She was not holding back, it would probably hurt her; but she hoped it would hurt Hydra far more as she became a living bomb; a solar flare in the middle of the Hydracarrier.

Wonder woman is clearing a path, rapid fire with the Amazonian Bow and Arrows, but they are not bottomless. Steve and Peggy need paths cleared and with a swift glance towards Ozymandias' location she speaks. "Status Ozy. Are you well?" She calls as the bow is flung across her back and the lasso laden with the couple of captured corpses bears stains of a red ichor due to the battering she used them for. Dead is dead, there is no remorse as she lowers to the ground at the street that blocks Steve's and Peggy's path, riddled with the undead like a horde of plague ridden rats. "I will clear the path for a block up, you guys need to keep north and find the tunnel exit, they are evacuating him there."

The sickening sound of wet flesh pressed against rotting cloth, gurgles, groans, and heavy drapey of innards drags across the broken paved road behind their bodies, long spilled in a prior fight.

"Be safe my friends." Wonder Woman says as her eyes fall between Peggy and Steve, fingers working over the vembraces to let them unclasp and fall to the ground. The smile is not the same, and somewhere in there, even though they are dead there is repentance for what she is about to do.

The blood soaked lasso is whipped out, grabbing one of the forefront zombies, holding tight onto its neck while acrid breath comes in waves between snappin jaws of broken teeth for her arm she presses into the swarm, livin flesh as a distraction, using the one she gripped as a guard to one side while the rest resound with wet pops, several waving up into the air upon her impact, splattering against glass and brick.

"Uh…" Booster Gold gets on his communicator and in a deceptively calm tone he says, "We may have an imminent explosion. Kind of a fire and gas situation if you get me." He rubs at the back of his neck. "So… I'm going to try something that may work in theory. I've never actually tried it before. If this building blows up then you'll know it didn't work." There is the option of containing the entire building in a force field but that would mean killing everyone still inside. That would suck.

Booster flies up and away, racing towards the Loire river. He does not stop when he reaches it, he dives right into the water. When he emerges a moment later, he is soaking weteven his hair is wetand he is towing an enormous translucent sphere full of murky river water, sediment, weeds, and a very angry and confused waterfowl. When he dissolves his forcefield over the burning building to unleash the gush of water, the bird flies away shrieking.

Booster just has to hope that will extinguish the fire, at least enough to keep it from igniting the gaslines, because he goes up to intercept any debris that may rain down on the unprotected people below when Supergirl attacks the ship.

As the napalm bombs continue to go off among the zombie horde facing Ozymandias, a good portion of their body parts begin to fall off on the ground due to the heat of the napalm. Some lose their legs and are crawling on the ground, some are hoping on leg as they lurch forward, and the other have become one-arm members.

When Ozymandias sees the store owner, he superspeeds to his direction and pushes him inside. He quickly shouts to him in French to stay inside and away from the windows. Ozymandias quickly turns and fires another arrow into an approaching zombie. Ozymandias smirks behind his mask, "I lost a plethora of battles to the Mongol Horde. I refuse to lose a battle to a bunch of undead Nazis." He throws some concussive bombs into the remaining zombies. The bombs go off immediately when the reach the ground.

After the explosion of the bombs, Ozymandias pulls out his assegai and shield goes about stabbing any of the remaining Zombies in the head.

"You are most welcome!" is called back with a grin even as Thor-ki continues to hammer at the zombies. The lightning seemed to help make them a bit more manageable, at least. Of course, when Supergirl leaves him alone with them, there's the briefest flash of what could be ire in those blue eyes before they return to their more amused twinke. After all, fighting Zombies is fun, right? Gross, but fun!

Accessing the city management system, Oracle turns off the gas and electricity supply to the block where the fire is. She doesn't want to take the whole city down, just yet but will if she has to. "Gas and Electricity is off in that section, Booster."

Watching the Presidents progress, Oracle passes updated location details to the teams on the ground.

Watching Supergirls flight to the airship, the redhead in the Clocktower can only wait.

The group of zombies that follow Steve don't run fast, but they are persistent. Peggy's blasts spray the light sidewalks with black blood on every shot, doing a good job of keeping them at bay.

Mockingbird is able to swing into the second floor. By the time she gets downstairs, the men are somewhat annoyed with themselves that they barred her from entering. "Basement," one of them says in english. By the time she gets to the corridor, she can see the group, getting closer to a grate exit that leads out to the street.

There's a popping sound as Kara soars up into the sky, before she tears through the TerrorCarrier. A brief pause, before a mighty explosion erupts high above lighting up the sky, turning night into day. Hundreds of lives, though evil, are extinguished in the blink of an eye.

Diana leaves a devastating trail of black blood and dead body parts as she tears through. There are so many, so many more that come towards her. The good news, however, is it takes them away from Pershing's exit.

As the water splashes down from high above, there are some tense moments for both Booster Gold and Skeets. In fact, if anyone in the building realizes how close they are to destruction and the disappearance of a city block, they'll know precisely how thankful they are to the man from the future. They don't have to know anything about Oracle.

Scores of zombies run from the scene, completely on fire, as they try to flee Ozy and his continual barrage of flames. There are one or two zombies left, who get cleaved in one shot by a vicious stab.

"Thor" continues his onslaught, gleefully. There could just as easily be circus music playing as he thwaps them to and fro.


Pershing, his family, and the group push through the corridor and close on the last 20 feet. Suddenly a dark, large figure stands in front of the grate. All of the secret service men pull their handguns. As do the police. As does the hotel concierge?

Captain America's eyes flash wide, "No, it's me, Pershing it's me!"


A single shot rings out and the Missy Pershing's dress splat's with blood just before she begins to scream. Meanwhile, Samantha is down, desperately trying to hold her husband's head together. The exit wound toward the front spills blood and brain matter and Pershing's eyes sit open and blank.

"Hail HYDRA!" says the hotel concierge as he tries to get his gun into his own mouth for one final shot!

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" screams Steve before he tears the metal grate clear off the rusty hinge. He slides towards the Pershing, desperate to find anything he can do.

Mockingbird is able to swing into the second floor. By the time she gets downstairs, the men are somewhat annoyed with themselves that they barred her from entering. "Basement," one of them says in english. By the time she gets to the corridor, she can see the group, getting closer to a grate exit that leads out to the street.

Fenris hears the shot. How can he not with his senses. "Damn it!" Before Steve's finished yelling the Wolf-God is already sprinting down the passage. Unlike others in the JLA he has no costume, though he doesn't particularly need one. When he reveals his true form it's plenty distinctive. It does make it awkward though when a seeming 'civillian' arrives with a bloodied blade. It takes him only a moment to realize who exactly has been shot. The gale rod snaps up at the HYDRA agent and slams him into the wall with blast of wind, hopefully hard enough to knock him out. There will be questions later if he's still alive.

Speaking of still alive… Fenris' hands glow green with life pagic… but fade almost immediately. Pershing's soul has already fled his body. He's beyond the reach of healing.

"I'm sorry Steve. He's gone."

Bobbi skids to a halt. "Mister President, Mockingbird of the Justice League: Avengers! We're here to protect y-…" And his head explodes. There's no coming back from that, and she knows it, so in the instant after it happens, she goes for the gunman to keep him from suiciding. The blonde martial artist flies at him, taking him to the ground and knocking the gun out of his hand with a sharp strike to his wrist. "No. NO!" she shouts, and one hand lashes out to punch the wall. The wall cracks, her hand does not.

Ozy's words are heard, thouh the reaction remains inward as that lasso strikes out to grab another zombie while the massive swarm closes in over her, the firelight flickering over the star upon her diadem and shadowed by the head of a zombie as well as the agape maw aiming to sate its hunger upon her flesh. Though when it goes to bite upon her cheek it meets skin unyielding.

That golden lasso rises once more, held around the zombies face like a bit, keeping his jaw forced wide. She saw the truth the moment she picked up the few by "Thor" and Kara. Dead, no life, and no coming back, so she had to have no restraint, and it showed in what now served as a street laid waste in visceral remnants and small piles that were reminiscent of chum. The final pack of amblers meeting its demise by the sudden flail made of one of their kindred, the golden lasso around its head swung in circles at a speed that is backed by strength.

One swipe. One full circle.

The impact not only removes the head of the captured but severs the others in her way in twixt.


Diana stops, those piercing oceanic eyes staring from a mask of zombie black that sprayed across her face like war paint. That sound sunk her heart, and by the time she reached the entry to the tunnel her lips were drawn to a line, the uptilt of her chin the only showing of evidence - throat flexing as it swallows the sorrow.

At first, Supergirl had been proud of herself. When the nuclear threat had occurred, she had prepared herself for the worst but as always the heroes of Earth had pulled through.

She had thought that attacking the carrier and taking down the Hydra soldiers onboard was the right thing to do. Now she questioned herself.

After the explosion died down and the debris began to fall, Kara listened to what was happening over the communications lines of the JL:A and tears began to stream down her cheeks.

Landing near the others at the hotel, she stares at the dead President in horror. The sinking feeling in her stomach grew and she whispered softly, "We lost…"

Booster Gold uses his forcefield to deflect incoming shrapnel, and sometimes just vaporises it with a blast if a chunk goes out of range, protecting those on the ground below from getting clobbered by wayward debris. He pushes his wet hair back to keep it out of his face, saying on his communicator, "Explosion threat is nullified, thank you by the way, Oracle." He can hear shouts and more gunfire but continues, "We have some civilians that will need medical attention. What's the situation?" From his tone of voice, it sounds as if he has a fair guess about it already.

As the zombies start to flee, Ozymandias pulls out his plasma pistol and takes aim at the fleeing zombies' heads. Ozymandias speaks in his coms, "I got some scared civilians that fled this area. I am good. How is everyone else's status.

Thor-ki has no coms, and he seems perfectly happy to continue smacking around zombies until they're all down or they flee. Preferrably, he'd like them all down and staying down. If he's quite alone in this particular area, he might just make sure that they -stay- down in a more magical way if need be.

"Damn." Oracle speaks to herself. This is far from good and begins monitoring media feeds, she'll deal with them a little later.

"You're welcome Booster, quick thinking on your part." The redhead takes a deep breath and sighs, not that the sigh will transmit "President Pershing is dead. It appears by agents of HYDRA."

As she's speaking, emergency services are being despatched to the area the Booster just save. "Medical assistance is on the way, Booster." No matter how bad the other news is, there's still clean up and control work to be done.

Steve leans up and he heard Fenris' words over Samantha Pershing's screaming, but he doesn't respond. He's sitting, catatonic, staring at James' red blood all over Missy's blue dress.


"I, Fred Upton, do solemnly swear…" The Supreme Court Justice holds the good book up to the new President as Steve watches everything unfold on the television. He sits upon his chair, slouched back, with his hands pulling his hair back as he stares emptily with his tired, red eyes.


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