Trouble in Paradise

January 08, 2018:

Marcos tells Lorna he has to go to Mexico for one last job for the Cartel.

Genosha, Magneto's Base, Lorna's room.


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It was early morning in Genosha…and Marcos was already wide awake following the aftermath of a rather wild night with Lorna. Marcos sighed as he packed the necessities, but not everything. He still had a home to come back to that he was slowly building with Lorna…and that is something he just will -not- forsake.

He was fully dressed..and dressed for a journey, I might add. Looking around to see if Lorna was still asleep…Marcos keeps to packing.

His face is he knows he needs to reap what he had sown. He made a deal…now he has to live up to it.


Lorna rolled over with a yawn, rubbing her eyes as she shifted to glance over at Marcos.. her arm spreading out on the mattress searchingly.. only to not find him where she expacted him to be. She frowned, her brows furrowing as she turned over again and finally spotted her fiance. "Marcos? What are you doing?" She mumbled, and shifted under the blankets.

"Why aren't you in bed?" She smiled faintly at him. "It's warm yeah, but c'mon.." She teased, propping her chin up and then slowly realizing he was actually dressed and ..packing?



Marcos just kept doing what he was doing, though he did turn his head to Lorna when she speaks to him. "Good morning, sleepy head." a soft smile for her then before he goes back to focus on what he was doing. Though when she asks him why he isn't in bed, he doesn't seem to answer her right away, instead just sighing am oment.

He doesn't tell her what he's doing, but he looks back to her. "Just packing for a short trip back to the mainland. Need to take care of a few things. I'll be back before you know it." a soft smile for her then as he zips up his little backpack, turning to face her then. "Don't worry." A soft smile then.


Lorna sat up, her smile fading for a brief moment as he turned back and continued to do whatever it was he was doing. She blinked, "Where to? Supplies? I don't mind coming with. There's a few more things I could get that will make it easier to keep planning for the wedding." She smiled as she swung her legs out from under the blankets and reached for discarded clothes on the floor and slipping them on.

Green eyebrows lurched upwards as she slipped into her shirt and tugged it over her stomach. "Why so many clothes? You can get to the mainland and back quickly enough.."


Marcos nods a few times as Lorna speaks. "…Down to Mexico for a few days. I owe someone." he had to call in extra help to make sure Lorna was safe and sound, and to keep the Cartel off of Xavier's in case they were feeling vengeful.

"…You can't come with me Lorna. Not this time. It's a personal thing." He tells her then, lowering his yes….he never could look her in the eyes when he told her no.


Lorna frowned, blinking at hin repeatedly as in growing confusion as he said 'Mexico'. Her hands settled on her hips though as he said she couldn't come with him. "What? You didn't say anything about this before, Marcos. If you'd ask, I can have Illyana bring you there and back. You don't need to pack anything. You can come home." She tilted her head to the side, biting her lower lip as she shifted her stance and crossed her arms.

There was a tone of being off put, a slight hint of Lorna's pechant for becoming upset easily or quickly.


Marcos then turns then as he looks to Lorna. "I know….I might be gone for a week or two." he says then for a moment. "I made a deal." He finally admits, lowering his head and not looking at her…he knew what she would think about said deal…so he doesn't say. Though he looks around. "Lorna, wherever you are, that's my home. but…you can't come with me this time.


Shock registered on Lorna's features as he said he would be gone up to a week, maybe two. She gaped at him for a breath, and then a second one and then frowned once more as he mentioned a deal. "What? Marcos? What deal? With who? In Mexico? Why can't come I come with you? What are you talking about Marcos?" Anger was hot in her expression as well as hurt. Rejection. Despite his words about her being his home, she managed to look wounded and pissed off all at once.

"What's going on?" She went for his dresser, the top drawer, digging around in it for the little tin box she knew where his keepsakes were and where he kept the few objects he'd brought with him from his previous life. Including the pendant for Santa Muerte.


Marcos looks at her then as he cups his face with his hands then for a moment, looking at Lorna as she asked him a host of questions. "…I made a deal with the Cartel….in exchange for help in finding you and keeping the Cartel away from Xavier's…….I told them I'd work with them for a week." He sighs a moment. "That's how much finding you meant to me."

A soft sigh then for a moment. Though he sees her digging through his keepsakes. "What are you doing?"


Lorna twisted as he explained what the deal was, what he'd done. A mental calculation was done and over with in a second, he'd made the deal with the Cartel months ago and hadn't told her what he'd done to find her. Hadn't whispered a word. And now the Cartel had called and he was going. Her features twisted in anger and she shut the dresser with a slam.

"Your Santa Muerte medallion. You packed it, didn't you? Whenever you talked about doing their dirty work, you said you wore it. You prayed to the Saint of Death." She snarled, "You couldn't be bothered to tell me about this deal when you first found me? What the hell Marcos?!" She snapped and crossed her arms, even as he looked up at her and sighed softly.

Anger made her hands curl into fists at her sides and the room trembled faintly with a magnetic pulse, barely contained. "Fuck the Cartel, how dare they threaten us, you?!" She paced away from him, "I'll go down there myself and end them. Every last one of them." Her voice was cold, and she started for the door.


Marcos looks at Lorna even as she snaps in anger at him. Though he doesn't answer to her cries of rage, he does respond when she starts to storm out. He reaches then to take her by the arm and pull her to him. "No. I gave my word. I keep my promises….even when I don't like them." he sighs a moment, shaking his head. "I'm not going to kill them. This is the last favor…then I'm done. Never going back." he says then as he takes the necklace from her hand, looking at it before he gives it to Lorna. "Here."


Lorna halted as he got up, catching her arm and pulling her back around to him. She snarled, her lips pulling back in rage. "I don't care! They're murders and drug lords and slave traders. They don't get the right to drag you back into their messes. I'm not letting you go back to that. It starts with one job Marcos, then two.. and before you know it, they're pulling you back in! It's not going to stop." She hissed, even as he tugged the necklace free from her hand, silence falling from her as he looked down at it before he tucked it back into her hand.

She dropped it as if burnt, shaking her head.

"I don't want it." She growled, pulling back from him, anger and hurt still on her features.


Marcos sighs then. "I know. That's why if they try to stop me, I'm burning it all to the ground." He says then calmly. He was always the pleasant breeze to Lorna's storm. The sun to her moon. Though when he gave her back the necklace and she dropped it, looking away from him… He looked down at it then, looking back at Lorna as he grabbed his bag.

"I'll be back before you know it….I love you." He turns then, opening the door and closing it behind him. 'Lets get this over with', likely went through his mind.

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