Dryads in Paradise

January 07, 2018:

Continuing the time spent on Themyscira over the holidays, Diana escorts Pamela to the Forests on Paradise Island to let her meet with an ancient species of forest guardians. The Dryads.

Themysciran Forests


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It was quite a party that first night. With Ivy's 'secret' out she was less worried about some thing. She was able to let her hair down and her skin darken a few shades more toward green. She had a good time and stayed up well through the night. This is 'vacation' if anything ever will be for the villainess. She has 'work' she can do but that's for later. Today she gets up, puts on a simple short dress witha belt, no sandals or gloves. Then steps out into the late day sun with a stretch and a smile. Her hair is free, a few vines curling through that red mane and the woman just soaking up the Magic of the Green, and the sunlight that feeds her.

Ivy was staying on the beach in the small greek-styled village established there. Diana had come down early to get her for the trek into the woods and she'd brought horses to get them there, at least to start the journey anyway.

Two mounted guards rode behind Diana as she escorted Ivy's horse to the area outside of where she was saying.

When Ivy came out, she'd find Diana on her horse and the reigns held out to that of the one she brought for the Guest.

"Her name is Sage. She's one of the kindest in the stables. I saw that you were a bit… uncomfortable on the horse that we had you upon when we first arrived. This one should be much easier, at least I hope." Diana said to the other. The Princess is dressed in a gold chestplate and brown leather skirt, with matching boots and gloves to go with the light armor style. Her black hair is tied back in a tight bun behind her head.

Ivy gives a silent nod in greeting to her two guards. She's been as open as she can be for them to make thier job easier. "Glad to hear it, Princess. I haven't really riden much in my life. I think to herbavores I tend to just smell tasty." She walks down to the horse and let's it sniff at her hand. "No biting me. Don't care if I do smell like good eats. I'm not." She will try to pet the horse a bit before attempting to mount. "So where am I being led to today?"

The horse wasn't the kind to ever dream of biting a person, even if that person had plantlike qualities about her. Nope, the horse just sniffs at her and then makes a cute little horsey noise before looking out toward the ocean.

"We are going to the center of the island. So we will be riding back toward the City, but heading further east past it and into the southern fringe of the woods. Not a terribly long ride, a pleasant one. And the weather is perfect so we should have a good day, I do believe." It was true, the sun was coming up and there was a golden hue across the island with blue skies and poofy white clouds here and there… temperatures somewhere in the comfortable 70s.

When Ivy would mount up, the four riders would start to turn and move to their destination, lead by the Princess on her brown/white/black horse.

"Far better then Gotham and accomedations better then anything Arkham could ever offer. I am sure some of your sisters would call that place a sort of hell if they saw it." She is careful when climbing up to the horses back, and it isn't Ivy's most graceful moment. But she manages. She mostly lets the horse follow the others and tries to not fall off. "Last night was most enjoyable, thank you Diana. Hope you had a good time with your evening and reuniting with friends and family."

Diana wouldn't dislike Arkham. She'd force it to shut down and find everyone held prisoner there a different way to receive the help they truly needed, which is why whomever is in charge of that horrible place… definitely doesn't want her to ever go there.

"I loved it." Diana said over to Ivy then as they rode along. "I hope you did as well. I know that it can be overwhelming and that the prayers can confusing people who are not used to them. But it is… old world traditions kept alive all these years. Our faith i nour beliefs make us stronger people, afterall." She'd casually say as they proceeded on the pathway back toward the main city on the island, a river running around the mountain toward it and eventually the massive waterfalls that fell from the southern edge of said city's foundation.

"The food is one of my favorite things about being back here… but please do not tell my chef back in Manhattan. He would never let me live it down."

"Oh I got no problems with old ways. Especially with women that are living WITH nature and not trying to ravage her or worse." Ivy's face hurts from smiling this much, it's not an expression she wears that often. "He shouldn't feel shame about that fact, Diana. Nothing ever replaces the food of our memories and childhood. Also you have such better ingredients here. Save for a locally grown farm to table place, you can't top it. Even then. I can feel how rich the soil is, how free it is. The winds keep the air mostly clear, the sun bright. Fresh water and salt. I was drunk from the sensations some the other night."

Diana would laugh softly at some of what the other said. She looked over at her and smiled rather largely. "It would seem that you have been infected with the bug." She told Ivy. "The bug of loving this place. It is a difficult bug to deal with hence forth… because of how restricted this place is, as you have also learned since coming here." Diana looked forward again as they rode and she exhaled. "Much as my Chef knows, because those ingredients you spoke of… he wants to come here to use them to 'cook his way into my mother's heart'." Diana laughed softly again. "I have told him that that is very unlikely to work… But maybe not entirely impossible." She'd grin again then.

"Easy to do. But even if it were offered, I couldn't stay. I know nobody understands but I do important things in the world. More then most know." But in no way is she going to hurry back to that life, and wants to commit all this to memory. Maybe 'commit' is a bad word choice. "Hopefully he just means it as a culinary challenge and not something more. But with men you never can tell." She takes a deep long breath and feels the trees and wilds echo it with her. "I must be too used to too many people and not enough plants. I get like this when I first hide in a rain forest or jungle. The air feels 'thin' to me. Lots of oxygen, not lots of carbon dioxide."

"Oh, he is a romantic at heart, so I have full confidence that he one hundred and ten percent believes he could 'woo' my mother." Diana replied, still grinning. "He tells me all the time 'Diana. A woman as beautiful as you. Must have a mother who is a goddess beyond description!'" She even did a funny mocking attempt at the man's own accent, and with hers it came out even more humorous. "I cannot imagine the look on my mother's face, to have a charmer of a male like that, trying to make her swoon. It might be worth it to bring him here, just to see it." She grinned over at Ivy. "Hopefully… you will feel a bit better once we are in the woods." She'd say then and continue their jounrey onward.

It would only be about fourty five minutes before they'd pass along a long stretch of grassland toward the edge of the woods where a pathway of pounded dirt disappeared inato the thick foilage.

"Here we are." Diana lead her horse to the edge of the path and dismounted, letting the horse enjoy a rest. The Amazon escorts did the same behind them.

She can't quite help but make that path a little smaller, as the grass grows to reclaim it some. She is quiet through most of the ride, seeing what this island is like in the morning. That is til the get to the area of thick foilage and arrive. Ivy stumbles in the dismount almost falling on her but. She 'repays' the horses by growing a nice clump of food for them, also to help keep them in place. She reaches through the green to get a sense of this more wild area and lets her eyes take it in. "It's rare where I don't know what to expect."

Diana was stepping over the taller grass that Ivy created for the horse with her leather booted feet moving toward the opening of the woods. She looked back to the woman and grinned at her. "During the day time hours these woods are mostly what you would find in any other forest that you are likely familar with…. The more…fantastical of creatures come out at night. Such as the faeries or the wisps. The wisps are one of my favorites as they move through the forest with a ghostly glow about them. I use to get chills seeing them when I was a little girl." Diana then lowered her tone to a whisper and smiled. "I still do!"

She then waved a hand toward Ivy. "Come along!" and she turned to go into the woods, long legs leading her along into the shadowy tree cover. The winds moving over the island were creating a lot of relaxing ambient noises around them, mixed in with the sounds of the birds and other wildlife.

"Hard to picutre you some scrapped knee kid running thorugh the woods after ghost lights," admits Ivy. But she's seen plenty of kids do just that in her time. Ivy steps into the path and walks along, her hand reaching out to stroke the bark and feel over it. "Some old friends in here," sensing the age of some of the trees here. She keeps pace with the heroine though and tries to not get too distracted by the trees and bushes.

Diana grinned at Ivy and shared another story as they walked, a story of her time hiding from her escorts in these woods and how they eventually had to go and get her mother and her mother… was not pleased.

Their trip deeper into the woods was another half hour or so of walking and chatting, the forest here was old and natural and Ivy would sense it was happy.

As they climbed a pathway up toward a ledge, Diana would stop them and then she'd point forward.

"There." She softly said to Pamela. "Between the trees there…" She'd lower her chin and indicate with her right hand stretched out pointing toward them.

Between the trees were what would look to most like a section of thick bushes and plantlife. But if one looked very closely, they could see the outline of what appeared to be very tall, thin, bipedal people… They were pressed up into the foilage around the trees and they seemed to be sleeping?

Ive never thought she be hearing children stories from Wonder Woman of all people. She listens and has to wonder how you punish a princess who misbehaves. She can walk for hours in woods like this. So the time hardly is noticed by the slender woman. "Not many places have a feel like this one, Diana. Far too few in the world." She carefully climbs up the path and follows Diana's arm. "The seem very svelt. Is that the dryads?" Leaning near the edge to look at the denser area and the people hidden inside of it.

Diana would nod her head softly to Ivy and show a slight smile. "Yes. They are not sleeping. They are watching… everything." She told the other. "They know we are—" A second later and there was a rustle in the woods on either sides of them and suddenly two Dryads stood up on their left and two on their right. Tall, the creatures rose up, their bodies were quite svelt and woven with plant-like natural features. Their eyes were a swirling deep green and brown, shining jewels that they looked down onto the four women with.

One of them made a noise, a low rumbling sound. Then another quietly cooed down at them. Diana's blue eyes swept around their four greeters and she lifted her hands up with her palms out. "We are just here to explore and enjoy your wonderful home. We will not be present within it for long." She assured them.

The four dryads all exchanged looks and then looked back down upon the women.

Ivy whispers back, "I look more like how most artists draw them nowadays I think." Amused at that fact but very interested to meet more plant like lifeforms with real sentience and the ability to talk Ivy steps up and says, "I am known as Ivy." She touches her hair to show the vine she is named for. "I am no threat to any life in The Green. And… I just realize you may not know English." She glances to Diana. "Do they?"

The one nearest to Ivy lowered down to kneel on one leg beside her. Its large dark eyes moved in closer and it examined her. It seemed very curious to witness the woman, unlike the other women it knew in the form of the Amazons accompanying Ivy. It parted its mouth and made a rattling chirping sound, soft and calm. Then its right forested hand rose up and it extended its curled-up fingers, softly uncurling them and suddenly a white and yellow flower sprouted from its palm and reached itself out toward Ivy.

"They do." Diana told her. "We have experimented with languages with them. They have understood every single language we have ever spoken to them." She told her.

"Good to know," replies Ivy. She stands her ground and is trying to be nice as possible. She looks at the flowers and smiles. Reaching out to lighgtly touch a petal and even has her own 'ivy' grow down her arm from her hair in return. Apparently the 'Greens' way of saying Hi maybe. "Nice to meet you." She's used to having somethings go at a slower pace.

"I have never had them do that before." Diana said softly as she looked to the one offering the flower, then looking back to Ivy. "I think they like you." She said with a little grin. "I am feeling jealousy." She teased with a grin before looking back to the Dryads around them. "My friend here is a guardian of the natural world. The world beyond ours here on this island. She's fought for the sake of plantlife and the health of the entire planet. But she's dealt with a great deal of push-back, from those who care not for the safety of what is nature. She's come here to experience it in a much more… protected enviroment." Diana explained to the magical caretakers.

The one watching Ivy reached up to try to touch the vines forming upon the woman.

END (To be contined!)

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