Want To Play A Game?

January 07, 2018:

Kara runs into nice guys who want to play a game with her, Caitlin luckily arrives in time to educate her.



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Kara has brand new to Earth, well, not entirely, but a month or so is up there for being new. She's met some awesome people, learned the wonders of magic cards and what they get. Got some wardrobe that doesn't look distinctly superheroic thanks to Carol Danver, and is even making friends. Little by little she's also starting to learn what makes Kryptonians so special under the yellow sun of Sol.

For now she's walking about Metropolis, dressed in a questionable fashion sense, and distinctly not carrying a purse. Nobody taught her the benefits of one quite yet, so while she's seen it carried about by others, it never occured her to ask about it. One thing she never really ever took interest in, or even concieved is that there's such a thing as a 'bad part of town'. Looks like she just found it, because while walking the street and taking in the sights, she's suddenly approaches by 5 rough looking guys in leather jackets. Anyone in the know might identify their colors as members of a local gang of hoodlums, but that someone wouldn't be Kara, as she looks at them curiously as they circle her.

"Hey there cutie, wanna play?" Jason, a guy covered in tattoos asks her with a leer.

Kara, utterly off guard and confused, simply replies with, "it depends…I don't know too many games. What do you want to play?" For some reason, they just laugh at her reply, leaving her to stare in confusion, "what did I say?"

"Nothing that doesn't prove you're a dumb blonde, why don't you come with us?" The question of course is rhetorical, as Kara's hands are grabbed, and not knowing any better, she actually follows along with them, "do we have to go somewhere for this game? By the way, I'll have you know I'm actually very smart."

They just laugh more.


The bad parts of Metropolis are few and far between, but they are out there. Places where overhangs guard the crimials from flying vigilantes. Where alleys start a crawl into the underbelly of the city, into sewers and even literal caves. With the subways and the deeper levels of infrastructure, there are likely entire demi-civilizations dwelling in the muck, scrabbling for a bit of life below the glowing, golden City of Tomorrow. Sometimes, that muck bubbles up, and it's currently escorting Kara along by the wrist.

As they near the end of the alley, the lurid lights of the area under-the-bridge are blocked. A figure casts a shadow towards the little entourage, and backlit by the neon signs the intruder's features are somewhat indistinct.

There's a clicking of shoe heels against the asphalt as the individual gets closer, approaching the gang and giving them momentary pause. It's walking right /at/ them.

The figure staggers and wobbles a bit at the ankle, and an effeminate sound of irritation squeaks out of her. "Stupid heels," the figure hisses. She continues walking, and is revealed to be a woman in her early twenties, wearing a deep navy business suit with a knee length skirt. Her heels click twice against the asphalt and she stops, glancing around the gang, then gives Kara a very concerned look. The woman adjusts her purse on her shoulder and presses her lips together.

"Hey, are you okay?" she inquires of the blonde. She brushes a little air-frazzled red hair back from her face, worn back in a loose ponytail at the nape of her neck. "These guys aren't giving you any trouble, are they?"


Not getting any reply from her would be playmates, Kara is starting to feel a little insulted, "hey, it's not fair inviting me to play a game and then not telling me what the game is, or where we're going!" She points out, as if to let her new friends know that she expects some better, more respectful behaviour out of them.

"Don't worry, sweetcheeks, we'll just be a minute, you'll love it…" the thugs assure Kara, who is soon starting to wear a bit of a frown. Still, she doesn't resist them quite yet, only stopping when they stop pulling on her wrist, as Caitlin approaches them.

"See? She's nice, she talks to me," Kara points out at the thugs, before turning to Caitlin with a smile, "yes, I'm okay, they're just inviting me to play a game…though they won't tell me which, and it's not very nice. They're being a little disrespectful too," she goes as far as to point at Jason, "he said I was dumb, and I'm not! I was top of my class! Well, top 5!"


The gang starts to square up a bit, taking advantage of Kara's words to face off with Caitlin. They arrange themselves behind their 'leader'— like many gangs, they're only as strong as the one whipping them along.

Jason steps forward, his mouth twisting with cruel amusement as he readies his words. "Hey hey, we're gonna get us a twofer. C'mon pretty lady, why don't yo—" his words trail off as Caitlin's eyes narrow and she moves closer. He backs up half a step. Caitlin's /tall/. She'd be a head over six feet barefoot, and the expert cut of her jacket doesn't conceal some obvious strength in her arms and shoulders.

"They're being /very/ rude," Caitlin agrees, her voice dropping to a flat lower register that contains a businesslike authority one wouldn't expect out of a young woman out late, confronted by some obvious villains.

"Why don't you come with me instead?" she offers to Kara, a hand extending towards her. "We can get some coffee or a crueller or something. Or we can just… go away from here, and these guys can go back to … wherever, and everyone can go home happy, huh?" she inquires.


"I knew they were rude!" Kara beams, apparently quite proud at having assessed the situation correctly, and even goes as far as turning to Jason and telling him, "see? If you were more polite, I'm sure more people would come and join your game! It would help if you'd explain what it was too," it apparently hadn't occured to her that they are seemingly only 'inviting' beautiful women. Then again, her conception is of Krypton, rather than of Earth, the idea of men taking advantage of women is a bit baffling.

When Caitlin offers an alternative, Kara moves to take her hand instead, "I don't know what those are, but at least you're offering an explanation…and you're much nicer. I'll go with you!"


Caitlin takes Kara's hand in hers and angles her shoulders towards the entrance to the alleyway. She shortens her gait to accomodate the shorter woman's, and she starts walking with brisk efficiency towards the shops and city beyond the rough asphalt. She keeps her steps careful and efficient, so as not to wobble.

Though her head is high and she looks straight at the safety of the lights beyond, there's no doubt that if she could turn her ears backwards, she would do so. She's not so foolish as to completely dismiss the men behind them, but she's erring on the side of a good show of confidence being enough to deter the predators behind the two of them.

Hoping, anyway, that it doesn't require more than just a bold attitude and a strong sense of self-awareness.


"Who gave you permission to leave, you stuck up bitch!" Jason calls out after Caitlin, and it wouldn't take a genius to figure out Jason and his group were after the young women.

Kara for her part finally turns to face the men, squinting at them, "hey, you have no right to call her a bitch!" But even as she makes the claim, an intense red beam shoots from her eyes at Jason. While she didn't mean to save the day, turns out the unlikely laser-eyes was enough to dissuade the gang. After all it was Caitlin they were concerned about, and Kara who looked like prey, so if the stupid one was able to exhibit powers, there's no telling what the confident one might do.

Kara for her part shrieks, and immediately closes her eyes, covering them with her hands as she squeaks, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!"


Caitlin would let the insults fly off her back— it's not the first time she's been called names— but then Kara turns around, and the 'distressed victim' turns out to be a metahuman in disguise. She emits a very undignified squeak of shock at the sight of the red beams lancing through the darkened alleyway, which immediately light Jason's leather coat afire.

While he's yelping and trying to shake himself out of the clothing, Caitlin instinctively hugs Kara as if trying to calm her down. She hustles as fast as she dares to try and get them both to the alleys' entrance before the thugs recover their aplomb— or before Kara laser-eyes one of them into a human matchstick.

"It's okay! It's okay!" she whispers, speaking quickly. "Let's just get out of here, okay? C'mon, we're almost to the street!"

Unaware that she's doing it, her arm tightens around Kara's shoulders and in a few steps, she's mostly carrying Kara's weight as if the blonde woman weighs less than a bag of groceries. Mentally, she starts offering up a prayer that none of the villains behind them are metahuman themselves.


Kara is helped a great deal by having friendly arms grabbing her in a supportive embrace as she tries to calm down. She's just make that same mistake again, at least this time it didn't ruin anybody's important's party. Luckily, while Caitlin is ushering Kara away while held in an embrace, the thugs have decided not to try their fortune with Caitlin, and they are just scrambling away, cursing about too many metas.

"Thanks for helping…did you see if I hurt him? I didn't mean to!"


"I think he'll need new eyebrows," Caitlin says. She finally dares a glance over her shoulder once they're roughly in the protection of the streetlamps overhead. It's an illusion of safety, more than reality— the alley is less than ten long paces behind them. But there are cars on the street, pedestrians walking around minding their own business. Granted, most of them probably wouldn't stop for anything less than a gory murder, but still.

"But I don't think you hurt him," she concludes, finally. The tension eases out of her shoulders. Realizing she's half-carrying Kara, she pinks a little in embarassment and eases Kara down onto her feet. "Oops. I'm sorry," she says, stepping back a half a step. "I didn't mean to strongarm you. You've gotta be careful, though!" she admonishes Kara. "Those guys were bad news, I guarantee it. Why were you going along with them? Did you try to run?" she asks, a little baffled.


"Thank you, I'm glad to hear that," Kara sighs in relief, slowly starting to open her eyes again, realizing she's more or less carried by Caitlin. It doesn't bother her much, and when she does get put back down on her feet, she murmurs, "I'm glad you were there to help…I could have seriously hurt those people." Clearly, Kara has zero understanding of the situation she was in.

"They just asked if I wanted to play a game with them, and I like games…but they didn't tell me what game it was, so I was curious," Kara answers truthfully, "they weren't very nice though, so I'm happy I didn't stay with them."


"I…" Caitlin blinks. She's a little wet behind the ears, but Kara makes her pause. "I am 100% sure that the game would have been no fun," she says, firmly. She keeps them moving down the sidewalk and into a Dunkin' Doughnuts, and with a somewhat firm hand maneuvers Kara to seat herself at one of the tables. Caitlin takes a moment to gather her wits, brushing her hair behind her ears, and then moves to the counter. The employee gives Caitlin a dubious look— she's very much out of place in the relatively run-down neighborhood. Caitlin digs in her purse for a credit card.

"Dozen assorted please, thanks," she says. She returns to the table a few moments later and sets a box of doughnuts down in front of Kara, and slips into the seat across from her. The purse goes on the table, and Caitlin shifts around awkwardly to fold herself around the relatively tiny seating arrangement.

"You must be really new to the City," she tells Kara, sympathetically. She reaches for a pair of napkins and sets one in front of herself, and offers the other to Kara. "It's okay. I got into trouble my first few days of college. I was looking for an all-night diner and walked right into a biker gang."


"Really?" Kara asks, surprise evident in her voice, "did you play with them before?" She seems disappointed, it was the first time she was invited to a game, ad it wasn't by nice people, and from what Caitlin says, it may not have even been a worthwhile game at all! Either way, Kara doesn't seem to mind Caitlin ushering her about, as she winds up sitting at a table at a Dunkin Donuts. When Caitlin brings the box of assorted dozen to the table, Kara looks with interest at the round shapes in different colors and textures, "these are pretty," she remarks.

"A gang doesn't sound like the thing you want to run into! Were you okay?"


Caitlin reaches for a fork and knife, and starts cutting apart a doughnut. Her nails are carefully manicured, but cut pragmatically short, and she starts putting away wedges of doughnut fairly quickly.

"They /are/ pretty," Caitlin agrees. "I like the chocolate and mint ones, you should try it," she suggests, wiggling her fork towards the forest green frosting on one of the baked goods.

"I, uh… I don't think their idea of 'fun' is my idea of 'fun'," Caitlin says, cautiously. "You have to be kind of careful around here. They didn't really want to play a game, they—" she cuts herself off, coughing. "Uh… well, they didn't want to be your friends, anyway. Not really. They were lying to you. It's hard, being in a big city," she says, symapthetically. "I used to take everything at face value. It took me a while to learn that there are a lot of people who're liars out there, and in a big city, you're more likely to run into them."

"Where are you from, anyway? I can't place your accent. I'm from Iowa, myself," Caitlin says, trying to keep the mood light with friendly banter.


"Oh…so…their fun is boring?" Kara asks, still a bit confused about the whole concept. Looking at the donut indicated by Caitlin, Kara takes a close look, and then mimics Caitlin in sampling one, and as she takes a bite, her eyes open wide, "the flavor is quite intense! Very sweet…but…I think I like it," she concludes with a smile, "thank you for introducing me to this chocolate mint!"

While munching on a donut, Kara gets a lesson from Caitlin, looking even more confused then she was before. "Why would they lie? They don't even know me, that is extremely rude! I don't like those guys! Not at all," Kara concludes firmly, a deep displeased frown on her lips, "thank you for saving me from them."

Then comes a question that according to Kal she shouldn't answer truthfully, speaking of liars, so Kara thinks a moment, before offering Kal's own choice, "a place in Kansas."


"Shee-ow, you've never had /doughnuts/?" Caitlin says, her eyebrows climbing upwards. "Man. They're delicious, aren't they?" she inquires. She's eating tidily, but quickly, already well through her third.

She squirms a little, uncomfortable at the questions Kara keeps posing to her. "I— ugh. Look, I'm like, 100% sure they didn't want you to come play pool or darts or something," she says. She frets at the inside of her cheek, trying to dissemble. "They, uh… they probably wanted to see if you wanted to, like, um.. y'know… gosh," she mumbles, touching her forehead. "Look, they were probably gonna offer you some booze to get your inhibitions down, or get you somewhere alone, and then be, um… intimate… with you." She clears her throat several times and reaches for her water, throwing back a few gulps. "They didn't look like they wanted to have fun with you, they looked like they wanted to use you— for fun." She looks at Kara, and makes a 'and so therefore' gesture with her hands, bumping her wrists on the table. "So it's probably for the best that you didn't go with them."


Kara on the other hand is sampling them very slowly, taking the time to explore the full breadth of each bite. Studying these new sort of confectionary found on Earth. "They are," she agrees in the simplest of terms.

Upon listening to Caitlin's fumbling explanation of the nature of the game, or the deceit, Kara shakes her head, "I guess what you're trying to say is they were up to no good?" At least, Caitlin stumbles on something Kara finally gets, "use me for fun? Using someone is wrong!" Then all of a sudden she notes, "I'm glad I hurt him a little!"


Doughnut number six goes away while Kara's still lingering on her first. Caitlin nods her head enthusiastically at Kara's sudden declaration, agreement writ large over her features. "I mean, I don't like hitting people, or whatever, but it looks like it didn't do him any permanent damage."

She blinks twice. "Oh my goodness! I just realized I never actually introduced myself. I'm Caitlin," she says, offering a squeeze of fingers across the table in lieu of a more formal handshake. "Gosh, I'm sorry, my head was just— bah. I get distracted," she says, apologizing. "I'm so scatterbrained sometimes."


"It's okay…I didn't introduce myself either, I think it was all the excitment," Kara offers with a beaming smile, moments before eating the last bit of her first donut, "I am Kara. Please to meet you Caitlin, and very heroic of you to come to my aid."

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