There's Creeper Vans After Bruce!

January 06, 2018:

Rogue and Carol Danvers have to rush to Bruce Banner's aid to keep him from getting abducted by a bunch of creeprs in vans!

Midtown Manhattan


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Dr. Banner really isn't that interesting visually. He just really isn't. He's just some somewhat nerdy scientist, average fellow. And, to an extent, that's insanely useful to him.

Can't stay in the blood Stark Tower forever. Besides, it isn't like THAT place is safe. So some risks must be taken, now and then. To go outside. Nothing immediately jumps at him as he exits the building, and he pauses to check his smartphone, skimming through it, getting the time. He pulls off his glasses and with a sigh and a straightening of back, as if he were marching into a bad situation, sets off down the street.

There's a bunch of activity nearby though, as a mixture of people get interested in the uninteresting scientist. More than one group, actually. Sure, they let him get maybe a block, before a big black van veers out of an alleyway to cut him off, and Dr. Banner freezes on the sidewalk, while two women next to him shout in anger at the van. Until a few people in suits jump out, and one in tactical gear. …The women still yell about it, fearless.

Rogue had wanted to get out of the school a bit for the day and come to New York to prepare for a night on the twon. She was going to 26 in a couple of weeks… she wasn't thrilled about it. It'd been a rough previous year for her and she wanted to hope for the best with the new one fresh out of the gate.

Midtown was always a great place to stroll, maybe there were some New Years sales going on still. She'd driven her car into the city, so she had some storage space to keep anything she might shop for.

Rogue was moving down the street about half a block away from where Banner (and his new friends) are… she's wearing a dark brown leather trenchcoat and some tall wedge-heeled boots of the same shade of leather. A dark green turtleneck sweater and a black pair of slim fit pants. Rogue's gloved hands are in her coat's pockets and her brown and white hair is blowing gently about her face as she moves closer toward where Banner is… just minding her own business.

You know what constitutes a Stupid Move (tm)? Stepping out onto the sidewalk anywhere on the block of Stark Tower with a concealed weapon. Stark's sensors don't miss that sort of thing. And his AIs don't tend to ignore that sort of prompting.

Captain Marvel is just flying along, minding her own business as she travels north from Metropolis towards an Avengers site in upstate New York, when an alert comes to her. It's not over the League comm, but over her own personal cellphone. Naturally, she checks the alert, grumbles about Stark violating her privacy settings by being far more aware of her current coordinates than his user agreement says he should be, and then puts the phone away.

The first clue of any of this to those below is a golden glowing figure descending down out of the darkened heavens towards the street, and a dull thrumming as the displaced air pulses out of the way without quite reaching the sound barrier.

Carol appears, hovering a foot off the ground two feet to Bruce's left. "Gentlemen." Yeah. Carol kinda tossed subtle out the airlock. Go figure.
Dr. Banner has mostly an exhausted reaction after the initial surprise of a van suddenly close to him. The reaction of a criminal that's used to being pulled over by police all of the time, or something very akin to it. Taking it in stride. When one man in the suit yells at him, he tolerantly raises both hands up and out, gaze down, semi resigned about it. The radio on the man in the suit explodes in yelling ('you are only supposed to observe until given the go ahead you complete idiot'), as if the boss is …somewhat unhappy, and the suited male confers a little with the man in military gear, tone arrogant. See, they handled this no problem.

On the upside, Dr. Banner isn't alone. Captain Marvel appears out of the sky it seems, and Bruce of course stares at her. As do the other men, at first. And the people in the area; it's populated heavily here. The stall is broken, though: One of the yelling women, the one in a low red hat, adapts suddenly, and strikes the man in the suit with a nasty elbow, yelling, "GO," at Bruce. Bruce is… surprised, and doesn't do anything at first, disoriented.

"Get him to safety," Red hat defender says in exhasperation to Carol, annoyed at Bruce, evidently. Bruce lowers his hands quickly and backs off a few steps in general, trying to even sort out who is trying to get him, and finally will actually run. Including nearly running into a parking meter.

A second black van comes up the street directly past Rogue, cutting off a blue sedan, and slams the breaks nearby.

Rogue was walking along, minding her own business… at least until people started pointing and smartphoning Carol Danver's arrival a few steps ahead. This gets the southern belle to draw to a stop as she tries to see whats going on… She and Carol go way back, in a relationship that had gone from… bad to at least accepting now?

Rogue actually idolized Carol, she looked up to the woman as a beacon of greatness. Something she knew she could never be, and recent events had reinforced that inside of the girl from Mississippi… She wasn't even a 10th of the greatness that Carol was, or so she told herself.

When the van beside her roared past and slammed on its breaks, Rogue's green eyes now went to it. She started to look a bit more paranoid about trouble brewing… So she walked toward the Vans, sort've in the area between the both of them, to try to get a better look at everything going down… will she be needed here? She wasn't sure yet.

Recognizing the woman in the red floppy hat at least vaguely, Carol reacts by assisting her efforts, unleashing a pair of ultra-bright strobes of light right into the faces of the goon squad from the van, and then pulling back to follow the frumpy-looking guy that the other operative apparently wants protected.

"No offense, but you're not going great at this 'running away' thing. You mind a little help?" Carol offers, amenably. SHe's not just going to scoop him up like a sack of grain.

The other van causes Carol's head to jerk up, looking in that direction. "Joy. 'May you live in interesting times.'" she growls out, floating a bit ahead of Banner as she readies herself to discourage those inside that van from restraining the nice man.
"And don't /touch/ him!" The Operative in the red hat adds loudly. Hard to tell exactly who that was at, but it might actually have been at /Carol/. Like maybe he emits spikes or something. She fights the now-blinded goon squad, though one chases them.

"No offense taken," Bruce says to Carol, in a weird, thin tone, deadpan. He's going the entirely wrong way if he were going to take refuge in Stark tower. Then again, maybe there's just no plan, as he seems to actually turn his head to look into the idea of running out into traffic. Or looking for a taxi, maybe.

He ignores the second van or doesn't see it right away, because he looks behind them, and suddenly Carol moves in front, and he runs into her. His running away could severely use some practice.

The van's back door opens, but the people don't climb out right away, perhaps Carol is pretty intimidating. Rogue can likely see there's four people not counting a driver, from where she is, in mixed gear and suits, like the other van.

Rogue was an X-Man, but she was an X-Man who wanted 'out of the business'. She wasn't enjoying the life of superheroing… she didn't even like that word. But these kinds of action scenarios were a dime a dozen in this world and it made her angry just to see yet another one unfolding, knowing she had to do something…

Rogue watched Carol acting as heroicly as she knew Captain Marvel would, she wasn't entirely sure how she could help out but when she witnessed the van doors pop open and the people inside it… looking all shady? The southern gal walked right over to them and grabbed hold of their van's doors….

Crunch, rip, tear, metal squeal! The van's doors were ripped off the back of it, she dropped them onto the concrete with loud *clanging thuds!* and then she looked inside at all the faces of those inside the van.

"Whoever you folks are?" She said to them. "Stay the hell in your seats. Cause if you're here t'cause trouble? I'll do the same t'your arms that I just did t'these doors."

Don't touch him? Seriously? But Carol hasn't, yet, and doesn't right away. Instead she just plants herself, still a foot off the ground, between the second van and Banner, whom she still doesn't know.

Then Rogue intervenes. Nice one! "Always a lady with an entrance cue. It's that Southern Belle upbringing." Carol quips at Rogue with a playful smirk on her lips. She turns in a circle, glancing around, making sure to stay aware of her situation, anyone and everyone and what they're up to.

"Not really sure why you're so popular, friend." Carol comments to Bruce. "I could take you away from all this. But I'm not into forcing anyone. The choice is yours."

Three of the guys in the van clearly want to keep their arms, and stare at Rogue without moving. She got through to them. "Yeah, sure, no problem," one mumbles. Their man in a suit, though, seems to have more wits about him. "Only talking, making sure we are HEARD," Slippery Suit assures Rogue. Yeah, right.

"Only -talking-," He yells out of the van towards those on the sidewalk. "Let's get out of the city, what do you say?" he calls out, voice edged in a mild threat. It is so obviously intended to land on Banner's ears. "Nobody wants to talk here on the street," he continues slowly and loudly, in a way that every hero will recognize as stalling. He probably has reinforcements that need a little time.

Bruce bounced off Carol some and went down on his ass on the pavement. Graceful. It's all bizarre, that talk at Bruce, of course, but a look at Bruce will show that he's actually considering doing it, and doesn't get up immediately. His expression is anxious… and defeated. "I don't want anyone hurt," is what Bruce says honestly, both hands raised as if he could calm everyone with just a gesture, evidently unsure if he's supposed to run more, or stick with Carol, or go with the goons, or what. "…but I mean, if they're hurt for stalking me for months, I could be okay with it," Bruce says, with a little bit of edge.

Rogue looked inside the van at all the people who acknowledged her, and those that didn't she just kind of sighed at. "Look, ya'll." The southerner said. "If ya give me enough reason t'think ya need t'be detained for the cops… I won't hesitate to wrap-tie your legs around each othe'ah and make ya'll inta a buncha douche-pretzels until the boys'n'blue show up. So just, like, stay in the van… shut the hell up, or drive off and get the hell away from here. Its up t'ya'll."

Rogue glanced over at Carol and gave her a grin. "I do what I can, sugahmamma." She said at the blonde before seeing Bruce collide into her and drop down onto his butt. Rogue winced at this.

The mutant with the brown and white hair swayed her way over to Bruce and extended a green gloved hand down to him. "Need a lift, partner?" She asked him, offering to hoist him up off the pavement. "Kinda cold down there."

Captain Marvel eyes Bruce when he stands, hands raised, apparently surrendering or thinking about it. "Listen. It's your call." She's speaking directly to Bruce, and not projecting at all, so the rest of the audience be danged. "You want to get out of here? I'll take you. But no one is going to force you." Beatpause. "I won't let them." Granted, neither will Rogue. Damn, that's some pretty work over there.

Oddly, that warning about touching Bruce seems to not be something Bruce actually has a problem with. He doesn't even give a second thought about accepting the hand up. Macho pride? Nope, he accepts it and gets up to his feet, distractedly brushing off his butt and palms as if he wasn't in the middle of a Situation. And trying to just, take a breath. Deeply. A pause.

"I… should get out of here /now/, however that ends up being," Bruce adds quietly with some fearful urgency. It's aimed sort of at the whole situation, though. The man in the suit that chased them mutters something into his sleeve similarly urgently, overhearing, but staying back.

"It won't stop," the man in the van calls out, mild menace.

Rogue just flashed a little grin at Carol as she helped Bruce up to his walking sticks again. She then eyed the man up and down. He was a good looking man, kind of a dad bod… but in a sexy sort of way. "I think you're in one piece still, so thats good." She said, and he might take note that she was very strong, she hadn't even strained a bit helping him up off the ground. "These guys are after you?" She asked Bruce then. "You must be important then." She said with a grin given toward him.

Rogue's eyes flickered over to the van when the man shout from inside it. She glared and turned then KICKED one of the van doors on the ground up and into the van's ripped-open entrance! The door collided with the van in a loud CLASH and then fell again to the floor.

"Shut the hell up, nerd." She spat back at the man inside. "Cops are comin… I can hear their sirens. I'm gonna look forward t'seein' them question ya'll." She then gave them all a big grin.

"Now it is. Grab sky, 'Sugah'." Carol offers, as she floats over quickly, wraps her arms around Bruce, and takes off into the night sky.

Up, up and away!

Oh, crap. That's Kal's tagline. Copyright infringement. This is not going to go well.
"Yeah, you know, I have seven PhDs," Bruce mumbles at Rogue defensively, as she tells him he must be important. He doesn't remark on her strength and doesn't seem to react to it— at the moment. He just has his own problems, though the distraction? Possibly helps. He grunts as he's grabbed by Carol, suddenly embarrassed about the embrace, unable to come up with something to say, but then they're suddenly flying. And Bruce, well he's instinctively shutting his eyes and tensing up.

Rogue gave a little smirk to Carol, she knew she said things that made people up here shake their head.. her southern turns of phrase that she'd grown up in the thick of. Sometimes she used the more than others, depending on her mood.

"Seven?" Rogue said to Bruce moments before he was flown off. "Damn… I printed off'a'couple'a fake ones for my classroom, but only for laughs." She was a teacher apparently!

When Bruce was grabbed though by Captain Marvel, Rogue's eyes went wide and she looked up as the two of them shot inot the sky.

"Uh… alright. Bye!" Rogue shouted up after them, waved gently… then glanced down at the van again and kicked the OTHER door at the open hole in the back! Then glared at the people inside of it again.

A moment later and Rogue rose up off the ground and then shot into the sky after Carol and her clutched companion. "Gah… its coooold." Rogue gasped as she ascended into the wintery air above.

Not planning on taking Banner all that far away, Captain Marvel just wants to get him far enough that they won't have another encounter with those goons, whomever they may have been. She can feel Bruce tensed up, and she tries to relax him, as she bounces out over the city, heading for Battery Park for a wide-open space to land.

"Relax, OK? I won't drop you, I promise, and we're only going far enough to get you away from them. I promise. Just breathe, OK? Everything's going to be alright." Or so she hopes.
"Dropping me would be particularly bad," Dr. Banner agrees, in apparent tension, just trying to wait it out. And trying not to cling too much — but it isn't like he's superhumanly strong, so it's probably fine. He looks down, always a bad idea, and yelps at the wizzing scenery.

And awareness about the snug embrace. "Ahah. I'm, uh, Bruce." Awkwarddddd.

Rogue just trailed after the two of them with her leather trenchcoat flapping around in the breezes around her legs and waist. She came up along side thema nd looked over at them both, some of her white bangs streaking across her face as she stared over at them. "Ya'll leavin' the city?" She asked, loud enough for her voice to carry. "Need help or are ya good?" She shouted further… Rogue had no idea what the situation was here, whether this man in Carol's arms was some kind of wanted criminal or some kind of person in need or dire pretection.

Captain Marvel drops altitude once she clears the arc, maintaining a simple parabolic flight path that drops them down into the open grass of the park, overlooking the water, and beyond that Liberty Island. She sets Bruce down gently, then lands beside him.

"Hi, Bruce. I'm Carol. Captain Marvel." she offers, extending a hand. "And she's a … friendly acquaintance of mine." Carol offers, gesturing to Rogue. "We're OK. Not leaving the city, just getting away from the idjits trying to make this a confrontation. Thanks for the help, Rogue. I appreciate it."
It is REALLY cold. And Bruce is showing it, rubbing warmth into his hands and doing a little bit of pacing once they land. And then looking around, trying to get his bearings. "Hi, Carol," Bruce says somewhat lamely. After all, what can he even say after all of that? He looks to Rogue as she lands, and waves at her a little. "Captain Marvel, aka Carol. Rogue." He's saying it to help his memory, likely. "Sure. Dr. Bruce Banner. Hello. Ah. I suppose I should, um, explain what that was…" Bruce says, still breathing on his hands and rubbing them. And pacing with mixed cold and anxiety.

Rogue's hands went back into her coat's pockets and she clutched the leather longcoat closed around her body to keep the heat inside. Bullets can bounce off Rogue's body, but the cold still makes her uncomfortable as hell.

"Not a problem, ya'll." She replied to Carol with a small smile. "Glad I was there t'do something, whatever it is I did. Really though, I just like makin' a-holes like that look at me all afraid. I think the big one in the back'a the van peed a little." She grinned playfully then.

Rogue's right hand came out and she tossed him a pair of black gloves, an extra set she had in her coat. "Here ya go, Doc. They smell like lavender, hope thats alright." A big grin was given to him then.

"Looks like you were about t'be Doctornapped, by my estimates."

"I don't want get pushy, Bruce. But it seems like you have a problem. I would like to help, if I can." Carol offers, and waits. She can tell he's wound up, and she doesn't want to shove him off the edge. She'd keep him warm if she could, but she offers a smile and a nod to Rogue, who produces at least some gloves for the poor guy. Who comes out on a night like this unprepared for the cold, anyway? Says the woman who doesn't feel it, given she can fly the depths of space without freezing.

Bruce Banner blinks at Rogue, catching the gloves, and has, of course to sniff them when she tells him they smell like something. "Hey, yeah, they do," Bruce observes. "…Thanks," he says, genuinely to Rogue.

He misinterprets what Carol is offering, though, assuming it is about the bad guys. "I'm really not sure how to shake them, honestly. I guess I thought they'd back off a bit while I was staying with Tony," Bruce sighs, while putting on the gloves, distracted. His tone used with Tony suggests he's actually frends with the guy in some manner. "That could have gone really horribly different. Really, thanks to you both."

Rogue nodded at what Carol said on the subject, looking from her to Bruce. "Don't mention it, sugah." She said at him, showing another light grin… keeping her voice and style casual and hopefully calming.

"Ya got any idea who is leadin'em?" She'd askt hen. "If ya do, I figure Carol and I could sweep right over there and give them a pretty stern… message… about backin' the hell off'a you. People tend t'listen to Carol, and people tend t'listen to my fists." She smiled proudly then. Her time with the X-Men these past 8 years had given her quite a lot of confidence in what kind of damange she could do, and how much of a threat she was to the average foe.

"It's your call, Bruce." Carol offers, waiting for an answer. He could just walk away. But she is rather hoping he won't.

Bruce flushes some at being called 'Sugah' and looks at Rogue a bit too long before coughing and explaining, "My understanding is that… SHIELDwell, government agents" Bruce sighs. "Are finding that out and watching who is watching ME, to try to figure some of that out, since most are just hired. I'm mostly just supposed to not get kidnapped or do anything super interesting," Bruce mentions, hugging his gloved hands in under his coat some and flashing an uncomfortable, guilty smile. "So I'm just…" he trails off.

Rogue glanced at Carol and then looked back to Bruce. A grin slowly spread across her red painted lips. "Thats a lotta Outs tryin' t'be Figured there, Doctor Bruce." She said back at him before her head gently shook back and forth. "I got some advice for ya… Next time ya go out on your own?" Rogue said at him while her hands lifted up and went behind her shoulders. "Get yourself one'a these bad boys…" And she flicked a black hood up over her two-toned hair covering her head and face in a blanket of shadow. "Viola. Insta-anti-goon technology." She flashed a grin at him from beneath her hood.

Rogue's right hand then dipped into her pocket and she pulled out a buncha of wadded up papers and some cards. "Here. Take my… card…" She frowned as she looked through them all. "Sub sandwich store… Blockbuste'ah… pre-paid callin' card. Xbox… Gold? I don't even have an XBox…" She shook her head. "Oh -right- that was supposed t'be a christmas gift for one'a the kids. Ugh. I'm such a space cadet."

"Ah hah!" Rogue grinned up at Bruce and extended her hand. "If ya eve'ah need someone who can punch a train over onto its side, just give me a dial. I can fly too. As ya saw." And she was all proud smiles now.

Carol looks Bruce over carefully. "Listen. Tony's AI called me when it spotted concealed weapons on one of those goons. A SHIELD agent told me to get you out of there. So, I showed up, I helped, and you're out of there." See? Simple enough.

"Now, Doctor Banner. If you want to tell me what is going on and why those people are trying to kidnap you, please do. I'l listen." Captain Marvel shrugs. "If not, that's OK. I'm not here to pressure you. But if you can't tell me that, there's not much more I can do to help you, unless you want me to drop you off at Tony's penthouse on my way out of town." She grins at Rogue's playfulness, unable to help herself. The woman can be darned fun.

Bruce has calmed down a good degree, though he's still weirdly watchful, as if just making sure something isn't going to leap from the bushes to kidnap him. Then again, considering the last hour, that's probably a reasonable thing to keep an eye out for, overall.

While Rogue looks for her card Bruce approaches with a patient, amiable smile, watching her sift through to find it. "Or provide awesome scented gloves. Yeah. I don't know where my head was, not bringing mine OR my scarf," Bruce laments, looking at her card. He fishes in his pocket and pulls a bizarre, high tech device out, flips it over and does a brief scanning motion with a blue light over the card (both sides) and offers it back to her. "I've got it. Seems like you might be low on these, to hand out to strangers in danger," Bruce says, tone warm, despite exterior temprature.

Or he's stalling. He is, a little bit. He looks at Carol's… feet. And addresses her question. "They want either some of my tech or… to do some tests on me, I think. I don't know which it is, because I haven't gone with them anywhere and question how honest they are about what they say they want me for. But I expect they want weapons out of me. In some form or other."

Rogue looked up after Bruce did the cardswipe thing… she had to get rid of all her business cards before Scott would issue her the fancy new ones. So she frowned when he didn't take it, but didn't complain because that'd be weird as hell, right? And they were dealing with enough weird already!

"Ah shit." Rogue said to both of them, glancing between Bruce and Carol. "We should've totally gone with them!" She exclaimed, looking frustrated now. She turned halfway toward the harbour in the park and then back toward them.

"I could've totally been your sexy lab assistant… and you needed me along t'do whatever horrible weapons research they wanted. Then, once we got there… like I bust outta the chains and we find their leader and totally just smash his shitty secret base up!"

Rogue groans in frustration! "Gaaah!" Yeah… she's been with the X-Men way too long.

"Weapons. One form or another. Yeah, that sounds like an old friend of Tony's, alright." Carol offers. She's not buying it. Bruce is talking to the toes of her boots, and she's betting he's not saying some important things. But for now, she lets it go.

"Lost opportunities, right, Rogue?" Carol quips, teasingly, to the brunette. "It was nice while it lasted."

"OK, Doc. So, your call. You want we should leave you here? Or should I scoop you back up and drop you on Tony's balcony?" Carol inquires.
Bruce squints at Rogue and actually rubs his eyes a little bit, but is smiling. "Considering my reputation is a bit … severe…? I really think it's better to just not help them at all even as a ruse, as they probably want to, say, murder a city. Also, you really don't want me pretending to be undercover. I'm no 007," Bruce glances at Carol and smiles ruefully. But he smiles, still, just the same. Now that he's not freaked out, Bruce seems to be a friendly, easygoing dork, overall.

"I don't know that I should go back. I don't want to draw /more/ problems to Tony," Bruce hedges aloud, this time he does meet Carol's eyes. His protection of his friend, it appears, is genuine. "…But I promised to help on something." Blahhhh. He rubs both gloved palms up his face, fighting his conscience.

"Mmmhmmm…" Rogue said back at Carol about lost opoortunities, but then she put her eyes back onto the Doctor and she grinned at him. "Not with that attitude you're not." She said playfully back at him about not being double-oh seven!

A headshake was given then and Rogue just sighed, then glanced back northward toward the island of Manhattan. "Alright, well… I guess I can't do much else for ya'll. Guess I'll get back t'find a bar t'get my drink on."

She pulled a wool knit beanie out of her jacket, picked a few pieces of pocket lint off of it and then went to pull it on over her head, plastering her brown/white mane of hair down against the sides of her face.

Rogue smiled at the two of them. "Ya'll just let me know if ya need anything. I'm try'n t'find new avenues'a life t'experience. Gettin' a little tired'a my current gig."

Carol steps forward, offering her hand to Rogue. "Thanks again. You stay safe." Then she turns to Bruce, considering. "Listen, I don't know what else to say. I can call Tony, if you want. He'll take my call. Or I can take you back. But the decision is yours. There are clearly things you are not telling me, and I'm not going to make you. But that means you have to decide. I can't without all of the information. You have the PhDs. So. What's your call?"

Bruce Banner does a weird sudden …switch of gears. As if he made a decision and it clicked in. Once he chooses, he full speeds ahead, apprently. "I've pulled enough of your time already. You've done me a great help. I'll be okay tonight. Got a new hoodie trick," Bruce smiles and points a little at Rogue's hood/hat. "I'll go back to the tower, but I'll give it a night to cool down. Besides, I'm sure you're needed for larger things," Bruce offers to Carol. He isn't looking at her feet: he probably will do what he's saying he'll do. "Really. Thanks. Heroes like you both are… well. I hope I can repay someday."

Rogue's hood was adjusted ontop of her hat covered dome and she smiled out from beneath it at the other two, the hood was a dark forest-green hued canvas that was sewn into the collar of her custom leather longcoat.

Between the two of them she looked and shook her head. "Alright, you party animals… try'n stay safe." She'd say to them before moving to turn toward the pathway north back into the southern tip of Manhattan, she could go anywhere in a flash of flying speed, so it didn't bother her too much that her car was a long jaunt back northward.

"Merry Christmas!" Rogue shouted up toward the sky as she started to walk off. When she passed by a couple of teenagers skateboarding in the park she looked over at them. "Oh… we're not doin' that anymore are we?" The kids just rolled past the crazy lady as they kept skating.

"You don't have to apologize for anything, or repay anything. Just keep your word and stay in touch with Tony. If he needs you …" Carol shrugs. "Take care of yourself, Bruce." And with that, Captain Marvel launches back up into the air, as she reconnects with League central. "Hey, I'm back. You guys need anything? Or am I still good for approach to Upstate?"


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