Chinese Food in the Tropics

January 05, 2018:

Chinese food delivered to Genosha via Nate, Bobby, and Alex. Lorna is thankful.

Genosha, Hammer Bay


NPCs: Carmella Unuscione

Mentions: Magneto, Marcos

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Fade In…

The sun had just set, slowly casting tropical island in darkness. Lorna found that she was coming to love the island at night, beyond the fact that it was safer to walk around, and people came out to just be.. people.. it made the tropical heat more bearable for her as well. A light weight jean jacket, slung over a pair of metallic, dark green pants and top, boots and extra chains looped around her waist.

Even then, with the amount of steel and iron in the area, even in the bubble of Magnetos's protection, she still had a shadow of a body guard trailing after her. One of Magneto's Acolytes, who seemed to take playing body guard pretty seriously for the little threat that there was comparatively.

Lorna, occupied herself by talking to the survivors and refugees that came out, asking after their supplies, housing, food and other assorted things they needed. In regards to housing, at least, she took a personal interest in mending pipes, wires and using scrap metal to repair or create temporary housing for those that desperately needed it.

What else could she do with her time?


+MEET: Bobby Drake has arrived via +meet.


Carmella Unuscione is on bodyguard duty today and not particularly happy about it. But it looks like Magneto has charged Frenzy and her to keep Lorna safe. The Acolyte women take turns. They also make difficult for Lorna to sneak out back to Carrion Cove. For Magneto there is not drawback there.

Of course that is only a minor problem to report back to the X-Men, since Nate can enable telepathic communication anytime they want to talk. It is still nice to see Lorna in person, though. So a few X-Men are visiting Hammer Bay today without really doing X-Men stuff, or wearing X-Men uniforms. Because the X-Men are not involved in Genosha in any way (eyeroll).

And maybe the weather in New York makes the tropical island a good place to send a few hours. Even with the snipers, the rogue Sentinels and the Acolytes looking for excuse to start a fight. Unoscione is not going to be happy to see them. Which is perfectly fine for Nate. "Lorna. You look a little pale today," he greets. "But we brought Chinese food all the way from New York." Those are not the supplies they are supposed to bring, but good food is hard to find in Hammer Bay lately.


Tropical Heat?

In the short time since his arrival Bobby has determined the best way to help others by doing basically as little as possible. The sharp reduction of thermal energy in crowded encampments for much more pleasant war-time squalor. Some have dubbed him 'lugverkoeling' which when he google translated the the word he learned means 'air-conditioner' a fact that made him simultaneously feel better that no one was making fun of him but also a bit used. Still, it beats working.

Bobby tags along with Nate because a break from being a major appliance is what he needs - and the inherent danger of any one of them wandering around solo a poor idea.

"Yeah," Bobby chimes in, "It's a little cold though. Sorry about that," meaning the food not her complextion.

He looks Unoscione up and down in an inquisitive-non-threatening manner and gives a weak smile for the other's gruff demeanor.


Lorna twisted around at the familar voice of Nate and grinned, shoving her hands into her pockets. "Pale? Me? Pfft.. It's a topical island. I should be getting a tan." She quipped, stepping forward happily enough, and flashing Bobby a smile and a wave.

"Cold Chinese food is better than it could be. Besides, I could ask Marcos can heat it up when I get back to the room if there are any left overs." She glanced side long at Unuscione and then back to Nate and Bobby.

"Also so long as its not pizza, I think I'll be okay."


"It shouldn't be cold unless Bobby here has done something creepy," points out Nate. They have the food in thermal bags. It has been only two hours since he got the food in New York. "Got a place we can eat?" He glances to the Acolyte, unsure if include her into the group.

Unscioune looks grumpy. Possibly because the Chinese restaurants in Hammer Bay have been closed three or four months, like most restaurants. Or maybe because she prefers pizza and Lorna just expressed her dislike for Italian food.


For Genosha's climate, deep blue-black bodysuit seems like a terrible fashion choice, but Alex has foregone street clothes and is clad in his dark full-body containment suit. The silvery disc at his chest and the pair of metal bracers over his forearms indicate he's not actually trying to be a ninja. It's conspicuous, but isn't really an X-Men Uniform, and Alex technically isn't an X-Men so much as an independent supply mule.

The bumps and bruises have mostly healed, but Alex's last trip to Genosha certainly has him on edge for this trip, which he hides beneath rigid Summers Stoicism as he oversees the unloading of supplies. He didn't particularly relish the thought of a visit to Genosha, but let's face it. New York is a frozen wasteland.


Bobby smirks a bit at Nate's resistance to the ice-pun. Just like his fath-err, wait, how are they related again? His eyes cross a bit. Then he looks at the other Summers hopefully, nope — just stoicism and oversight.

"Uh, let's eat," he affirms without outright denying the possibility of something creepy.


Lorna laughed softly, and shook her head, even as her gaze swung over to Alex with a faint look of concern. "Yeah, come on. There are a few places to sit down out here, but there's some general meeting areas that are protected for the unloading of supplies. They're at least secure enough for people to gather. Or we could go back into the base? I mean.. if you wanted to." She wrinkled her nose, she didn't want to go back inside. She'd spent far too much time inside.


Nate has not slept a single day inside Magneto's base. It is questionable if he would be able to find the room they were given the first day as courtesy for their Resistance friends. He knows the refugee camps better. "Outside is alright," he notes. Besides it is a pretty good night. Genosha weather can be pretty nasty in Spring and Fall, when tropical storms are frequent. But summer is beginning and it has been clear for a week.

"So, what has been going on? We came here directly, not checked out with our friends yet," he explains.


Quite into being outdoors now that he's not in a blizzard zone, Alex perks up at some nearby mentions of edibles. Double-checking that supply unloading is proceeding as expected, he turns and moves closer to those bringing up the subject, "Foods? I like food."

"Outside has my vote. Probably be indoors another five or six months 'til it's acceptably warm back in New York." Alex glances in Lorna's direction and openly teases, "How 'bout Italian? You love Italian, right?" He knows better, but it can be tough to tell that he's not just an oblivious idiot, what with the deadpan delivery.


Bobby nods in agreement along with Alex and Nate for their preference.

When they start to move he hangs back a pace and checks out Unscioune again at least attempting to do so when she's not paying attention but subtlety is definitely not the Iceman's strong point. Otherwise he's contended to walk and listen.


Lorna dragged her gaze from Alex to Nate and she shrugged, leading the group over to what served as a waiting area for the unloading of various supplies. A few crates remained ou there, and she heaved herself up onto one and patted the area around her in a gesture of invitation. "Not much has happened. At least that I'm aware of. Zealot is still loose. He went to ground after the jailbreak." She murmured softly.

Her stomach rumbled and she grimaced faintly. "I've been having a hard time keeping down a lot of things recently. So pizza is officially on the off list. Here's hoping that Chinese food isn't added onto it." She exhaled a breath, shooting Alex a look as he teased her about Italian food.

Her gaze swung to Bobby and she lofted a green eyebrow upwards. "You know, checking out my bodyguard is a good way to pick a fight, Bobby."


"Maybe Bobby does like Italian," quips Nate. Which only makes Unscione's scowl increase. Because yes, she is Italian. Also pretty sure all the X-Men are jerks. "I'll be here," she tells Lorna, staying some distance of the group, just watching for threats.

Which is fine for Nate, because that means they can talk more openly. Somewhat. They are too close to Magneto's HQ, it would be foolish not to assume there are surveillance devices and maybe even mutants with enhanced senses listening.

"Do you guys have a plan to deal with Z?" He asks Lorna. "We need to find him, or lure him out. He is nuts, shouldn't be too difficult."


Giving a nod to Iceman, Alex quips, "Yeah. Firey and fearsome tempers, those super ladies." Never forget the Fridge Incident, people. Finding the nearest surface to slump into a seat upon, he offers a crooked grin and wave in the direction of Lorna's bodyguards. Not even leering or being a smartass, just Friendly Alex Summers breaking out the occasionally charming smile.

Looking back to Nate, he shakes his head a bit, "Probably not a conversation I'll be able to add much to. Though I did get these things kind of working… a bit." He clicks the bracers on his forearms together to indicate them, "Kinda nice, being able to actually target something." He winces, "Sometimes."

Training sessions have been promising, yes, but not without some property damage.


Caught in the act. Bobby freezes for a moment and gives a somewhat sheepish look in response. He seems about to say something to Lorna but then seems to hesitate and retract that though which just makes for a very pregnant pause.

"I wasn't," he protests a bit lamely, "I mean," looking at Unscioune, "Sorry," he says in embarrassment, "I'm sorry."

He then seems to try to 'escape' by catching up to Nate's side mimicking a subtly light-hearted attempt to elbow him in the ribs . . o O (Good one) he thinks loudly, because thinking loudly means telepaths have a better chance of hearing you.

Then he looks at Alex, narrowing his eyes, but very nearly smiling.

"Hey, cool," he says to Alex's bracelets with interest, "So you and Scott both have powers that do that 'huh?"


Lorna made for the Chinese food without pause then, popping open a box of lo mein and stealing a plastic fork to start twirling around the noodles. She let the boys talk for sometime before she ventured to speak again. "I don't know what his plans are. We didn't get to that." She murmured. In her mind? Nate could easily pick up the mental disturbance of a heavy coating of depression Lorna was trying to shove away. Loud thoughts and what not.

Alex earned a raised eyebrow and Lorna crossed her legs. "We should take you out to find some scattered Sentinels. Then you can blast away without fear of anything important getting hit. Of course.. right now, with Zealot out there it's not a good idea." She grimaced and fought off the urge to sigh.

"Also I'm not playing bait. He'll likely just try to kill me the next time he sees me."


Nate snickers at Bobby's elbowing. "Hey, she is not bad looking. And you know what they say of Italian women. But chances are she is a mutant supremacist fanatic. Ask Lorna?" He suggests. "What is the worst that could happen?" Well, besides being murderer by the Acolytes or Magneto, but Nate likes to live dangerously.

He is not mind-reading anyone, but he certainly caught Bobby's 'loud thought' because he is listening. His empathic senses are also catching Lorna's mood. Not angry, more like sad. It makes him curious, but this is not a good place to ask.

"No, Lorna. Right now you need to take things easy, I guess," he shakes his head. "Wasn't suggesting to put you into a dangerous situation. But there are other things we can use as bait. We should brainstorm with Magik and Cyke, they are better at making plans."


"Do what, property damage?" Alex inquires, arching an eyebrow at Bobby. He offers a tight smile and a nod, "Yeah. Though Scott's figured out quite a bit more … precision. For a while there, all I could really do was make an exploding plasma ball." And, he leaves out, that's sometimes still all he can do.

At Nate's suggestion to Lorna, he scrunches his face in a pleasantly enough curious expression, "They been overworking you here in this dreadful tropic beach of surf and sun?" People keep telling Lorna to sit down and take it easy. It's getting borderline weird, and if not for some bit of denial block, he'd have figured things out for himself by now.


"Yeah," Bobby agrees with Alex's assessment of Scott's powers and then adds encouragingly, "To be fair, he had some help." He shrugs then at 'all Alex can do', "I get it," Bobby give a wry grin, "I used to only be able to cover myself in snow - you know. That's what I could do in a bad situation, hurl a snow ball at someone. Imagine squaring off with Mag—," he bites his lower lip and seems to look at the nearby fortress, "You get the idea."

Eyeing the food then he waits, [pregnant] ladies first, "Giant snow man," is Bobby's suggestion for bait, "Who wouldn't want to check that out?" He asks.


Lorna's lips twitched faintly, "Well she's a member of Magneto's Acolytes. Many of them believe he's the mutant messiah and going to save all of mutant-kind. They follow his teachings, principles and so on. It's why so many of them were interested in me for years now." She sighed, and stabbed her lo mein pointedly.

"So, worst case scenario? Bobby dates her and pretends he's into it, and then realizes how down the rabbit hole he's gone." She teased weakly, her lips twitching in faint humor.

"Also, Nate, pretty sure that my being here counts as a dangerous situtation. Scott didn't want me to come back either." She murmured softly, and glanced back to Alex, watching him for a long moment over the top of her take out box. Instead she chose to respond to Bobby's words.

"Mmmm, pretty sure that wouldn't lure anyone underground out, Bobby. Not many ways to see a giant snowman from under miles of rock."


Nate just shakes his head. Magneto the messiah of mutant-kind. Right. He is joining the church of Thor next Thursday. For fucks sake.

He draws breath to push down his irritation, and reaches into the thermobags, pulling an alarming number of neatly packaged Chinese food containers. Whatever they can't eat is sure the refugees will greatly appreciate. He was counting on Eclipse and maybe Logan showing up, too.

"Alex, just go to the Danger Room to blow up shit. Seriously, you don't want to start practicing with a moving, armed Sentinel. They are quicker than they look. Genosha is a mess already, we don't want you missing a shot and blowing up the wrong mountain."


"Hah!" Alex gives an open, genuine laugh, another thing to differentiate him from Scott on an average day. "Yeah, can't imagine that'd be the most helpful life or death situation response. Exploding is definitely -effective- self defense, but not so much if you like your neighborhood." Or city, or …?

He scrunches at the Chinese Foods before him, sniffing skeptically. So many veggies. To Lorna, he muses aloud, "Well, could find a place to do some blasting. Find a place that's a little unstable, set off some tremors. Have to find the -right- place so I'm not, you know, bringing a mountain down on villagers or something equally horrific."

As far as Zealot is concerned, Alex's hesitation to blast things has become greatly diminished. Again, he muses to himself about just how ready and willing he was to vaporize the lunatic.

Nodding to Nate, "Well… Scott still hasn't let me in the Danger Room. Still has me blasting the lake." Maybe they're reinforcing the place or something. The idea of blasting indoors doesn't appeal to Alex, anyway. "Fine by me, though. Sentinel blasting wasn't MY suggestion." He doesn't pursue an answer to the question Lorna tactfully ignored.


"Pretends?" Bobby inserts and then clears his throat making for the Chinese - cheeks a touch rosy.

"Oh," he says when he learns their foes are subterranean. "Well, that's all I got," he says grabbing a fork, "Maybe we should talk to Cyke or Magik," he adds with light sarcasm looking to Lorna and then to Nate and then grabbing a container of food.

Then as Nate and Alex exchange words he takes an awkward bite of his food and looks at Lorna, "Hey, it is warm. Whew."

"I'm happy to, like, randomly freeze parts of the lake or something if you need some target practice that doesn't involve blasting up in the air. Maybe Scott will be so impressed he'll let the both of us back in the Danger Room."


"No DR access? Weird," comments Nate, picking a couple chopsticks and opening a food packet at random. "We finally managed to break the Danger Room last September," after years tryin… no wait. He didn't even know it was possible!

"In my defense Rachel and Illyana were helping me," he adds. "I think it should be able to handle your blasts. It is weird Scott is not letting you go there, Alex. We gotta ask him about it."


"Couldn't say. Wouldn't be the first time I got Big Brother Babied." Alex takes an experimental nibble from his sampling of mystery food, pulls a face, and sets it back down. "In HIS defense, there's bigger things going on." He gestures vaguely, indicating 'All of This'.

Bobby's suggestion gets an encouraged nod, "Oh, yeah. Definitely. Can consistently hit the lake, next logical step is … specific sections of lake." So -that's- what happened, in case there were any curiosities surrounding the odd scorched area that had yet to be addressed. How does one miss a LAKE?

Alex glances about, taking in the activities for a moment, "Though I'd rather find some non-blasting ways to be helpful."


Lorna paused mid way into another bite of Chinese food. "I think Scott is just being overprotective. If the Danger Room can handle him and others, I'm sure it could handle you, Alex." She smiled weakly, as if having a hard time believing it herself. Still, the food was warm and it wasn't something her father cooked. Or ration supplies.

"Also you've helped here with supplies. And I mean, that's something? Plenty of people here need a hand."


"Helping you destroy the Danger Room?" Bobby asks for clarification, "I'm surprised Forge hasn't dropped by just to re-engineer it out of spite. He used to take that stuff kinda personal."

"He tried to make some thermal resistant gizmo once and got all bent out of shape because he thought it wasn't working," Bobby puts the tip of the plastic fork to the side of his head, "But its because I was freezing it from the inside and the resistance was on the outside." Brow furrows, "He got pretty bent-out-of-shape about that. Messing with the guy who can invent ways to get payback - not so smart."

Bobby resumes eating, "But yeah, that sounds like a fun afternoon."


Nate chokes mid-bite.

FORGE? FORGE!!! No one had told Nate his REAL father had a hand in the Danger Room workings. Except, of course, it is unlikely the Forge in this world has anything to do with any Nate Grey. 'His' Forge is dead.

He puts down his food, chopsticks and all. "Uh, y'know? I think I need to make a couple teep calls. I'll see you later." He stands up and walks away. Not hungry anymore. And definitely needing some Summers-style brooding time.


Lorna blinked, looking at Nate as he put down his food abruptly and made to leave. "Uh.. ok. Later Nate. Thanks for bringing the food." She turned confused green eyes to the other two boys and shrugged lightly.

Lorna didn't know about Forge being anything to Nate, even after having visited his world. She just didn't get it.

And since she wasn't a telepath she wasn't going to.

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