Have Faith

January 04, 2018:

Marcos finds Lorna a mess and tries to help her cope with the revelations Magneto previous dropped.

Genosha, Lorna and Marcos' quarters


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When Marcos arrived on Genosha, it was only an hour behind Lorna. She had gone on ahead despite protests, and asked him to bring the supplies along behind her. Once he arrived, of course, Magneto's acolytes were on strict orders to usher him to his and Lorna's room. It was a strict command and despite a few odd glances and looks as Scanner escorted him to the room, no one stopped him or made so much as a comment.

Of course, inside the room, wasn't a welcoming sight exactly.

It was dark, the shades pulled tightly over the windows and in the center of the bed was a lump. A Lorna lump. She remained huddled and unmoving besides the soft sounds of sharp breathing.

When the door opened, a growl escaped the mutant beneath the blankets. "Go away." And the door snapped shut with a harsh clang. Luckily just after Marcos stepped in.


Marcos noticed the stares and glares he was getting and just kinda let out a more suspicious breath. He already knew that something had happened….otherwise they would have been at least a -little- vocal. a threat…-anything- would deny Marcos his suspicion. But once he enters that room, he sees Lorna and he mutters a silent 'shit'.

Setting the bags of supplies down, Marcos approaches her, having long not been afraid of her. Lifting her blanket so that he could see her, he looks at her. "Want to talk?" he asks subtly then as he sits beside her, his hands in his lap and figuring that she wouldn't want to be touched…at least not now.

Though hugs and cuddles were incoming.


When Marcos peered under the blankets it was as bad as any of Lorna's historic 'lows', and yet, the red around her eyes and the tears that continued to trickle down her cheeks anew at the sight of him was another level entirely. Her cheeks were red, mascara having run down and smuged around her eyes in thick blotches.

"No." She breathed, choking on the fresh air that swept in under the blanket. "You have to leave. Go away." She whimpered.

"I'm dangerous." She clutched at her head and another sob broke from her lips, and she curled back up inwards.


Marcos sighed a little when he sees Lorna having a clearly -awful- day. Though despite her protests, he simply lifts her head to set it on his lap as he sat close to her, his hand massaging her scalp…because he knows when he's needed, even when she turns him down at all sides. "To me, you'll never be dangerous. We've been through too much for that." he says lovingly.

"We don't have to talk about it…but I'll always be there for you. Even when you wish I'd leave you alone forever." he smiles to her softly then as he wipes tears from her eyes.

Did he know what happened? course not.


Lorna shook her head, her eyebrows pinched as she sat up, swaying slightly as her head pounded and she was very dehydrated. "I killed my mother Marcos! I killed her! Do you understand?!" Her voice leapt in volume, breaking off as her dry and rasping throat resulted in a coughing fit. She was left cradling her head, sobbing brokenly and dry heaving into her hands.

"..I killed her.." She whimpered, gasping for air.


Marcos doesn't seem to have an answer for her then when she says that she killed her own mother. Reaching over to hold her and let her grieve, he holds her tightly to himself, showing her all the love in the world. He doesn't answer her, not even a word. but he certainly doesn't let her go.


Lorna struggled against him, crying out and pushing at him. "No!" She whimpered, but it after an hour of crying in her room, there truly wasn't much of a struggle in her. Even as he held her close.

"Stay away from me! Stay away from me Marcos. I can't be around anyone. I can't…" She choked, sobbing as she collapsed against him, clutched at him and held on with her fingers twisting into his shirt.

"I can't lose you." She whimpered.


Marcos held onto Lorna tight even as she restrained and resisted him, and her cries of grief and rage not enough to tear him away from her. "Lorna…" he whispers to her, and that's when she choked and sobbed against him. It seemed like he held her so tight, that no one could take her away from him.

"Lorna…I proposed to you for a reason. You'll never lose me." he whispers to her ear, kissing her cheek as he just stayed there. Letting her cry it out, letting her get out all of her rage and frustration.


Lorna slumped against Marcos, crying took far too much power to continue for long. Her eyes slipping shut as he cradled her against him. His words soft and warm and did nothing against the wide open, emotional wound that was her mother's death. Her mother's death at her hands. She had killed two people. Her mother and step-father. Gone in an instant.

Even as he smoothed his hands over her and held her tightly, kissing her cheek, she shuddered and trembled. Unable to rasp more details. Unable to articulate anything further.

Even as she sank against him, her eyes screwing shut tightly.


Marcos still didn't release her….this was a big deal on Lorna. He wasn't going to turn a blind eye…he was going to ensure that she'll be alright. Whether it was -truly- Lorna who killed her mother or not. "I love you Lorna. Nothing will ever change that." he whispers to her, holding her tight as he kissed her cheek once more. Showing her every kind of affection he had.

Marcos doesn't know what this feels like…he's never had parents. or rather, his parents didn't care about him. he's always been alone, until Lorna came around. He wasn't going to lose her because of her grief.


Lorna slowly lifted her head from being buried against his shoulder, rubbing at her tear stained face as the rest of her continued to more or less be entirely held up by Marcos' arms. She exhaled a shuddering breath, pressing a hand against his cheek. She remained silent leaning her forehead against his as she struggled to control her breathing.

It was a long while before she spoke, and when she did it was haltingly, her voice barely above a whisper and ragged sounding. She'd cried her voice raw. "..I was three. Apparently we were in a plane. My powers manifested.. I tore it a-part." She exhaled a deep, shaking beath.


Marcos nods a few times as Lorna lifted her head and looked at him, his forehead touching hers as they just shared a moment then, his hands caressing her scalp to help calm her down.

"…I'm sorry. But Lorna…you were three years old. You can't blame yourself for that." he looks at her in the eyes. "Alright? hey…" he puts his hands on her cheeks so that she looks him in the eyes. "breathe."


Lorna trembled as Marcos steadied her, running his hands through her hair and against her scalp. Her eyes screwed shut as she whimpered, saying the words was hard. Harder than anything she'd had to share. Had to tell Marcos. Had to get him to realize and understand that she was dangerous, her family, was dangerous. What would happen if their baby manifested such powers?

But still, listening to him had her mechanically inhaling, exhaling. Breathing. He was used to her worst panic attacks.

Still, she was left shaking her head, her eyes screwing shut again. "No.. it's my fault." She whispered.


Marcos nods a few times as she just lets her heart out at him, his arms wrapping around her then to hold her close. "Lorna….you didn't have control. It could have happened to everyone….anyone." he whispers to her. "You can't blame yourself for something that was never in your control." he says simply to her then, pulling away to look her in the eyes and kiss her lips with a love.

"breathe, Lorna….I'm with you till the end of the line."


Green hair tangled around her features as she leaned against him, her chest rising and falling as Lorna breathed, shakily, her eyes screwing shut briefly again. Even has he held her against him. Marcos smelled of home, Marcos' arms were warm and comforting. Marcos was home. Her eyes fluttered open as he pulled away and kissed her.

Her features pinched, drawn, even as he continued to assume her.

"I can't not blame myself, Marcos. It's my powers.. I did it. I .. I hate flying planes. It always freaked me out. I thought it was the fact that I wasn't flying under my own power.. But it.. it wasn't it at all. And Magneto knew.. He sensed my powers. He was there. He … had one of his followers dull my powers as a child and block it from my memory." She exhaled a trembling, shaking breath.

"What if our baby manifests powers that we can control Marcos? What are we going to do?"


Marcos seems to nod a few times, listening to her words. "Lorna….I don't know what I can say to comfort you. I don't…not over something like this." he comes clean to her in his bluntness. But he takes her hands in his, giving them a squeeze as their foreheads remain touched…lovingly, intimately.

"I love you Lorna. I always have…I always will." he then is asked about the baby's power manifestation…since two mutants having a kid is most guaranteed to be a mutant. "I don't know. One of the joys of the unexpected, I guess." he says with a soft smile. "Don't fear, Lorna…we'll get through it together."


Lorna swallowed hard, her brows furrowed as she listened to him. Her father had said much the same that Marcos had. That it wasn't her fault. But her mind repeated it over and over again. A shaking, trembling breath escaped her as he continued onwards to the baby's possible, future powers. "My father said because I was second generation.. it lent to my powers manifesting so early. I can.. only assume our baby.." Her hands dropped to the still flat of her stomach.

"Our baby, being a third generation.. might awaken even earlier." She whispered and swallowed hard. "But there's still a chance our baby might be human. Completely baseline. Marcos, it wouldn't be able to protect itself. Wouldn't be able to stay safe.."


Marcos looks at Lorna as she speaks about how their child could develop powers far sooner than she did when she was young. though he doesn't seem to mind this, his hand moves to her stomach…actually under her shirt as he laid his hand flat there. "Lorna."

He says in a loving manner as he looked right into her eyes. "There is always a chance. that's a chance we've apparently decided to take…have faith, Lorna. Don't get into your own head." he smiles to her warmly as his nose eskimo kissed hers. "No matter what happens, we -will- protect this baby."


Lorna's trembles slowed, Marcos had gotten her talking, managed to get her mind moving off one subject and latching onto another. He had managed at least, to calm her enough that she wasn't actively hyper ventilating. Perhaps a miracle in and of itself. Magneto wasn't ignorant when he'd stressed the orders to make sure Marcos was safely escorted to their quarters.

Her eyes fluttered shut as he touched his nose to her's, her throat tightening as she felt a brief swell of panic and its eventual ebb. Her hands reached up to cup his cheeks, rubbing against the scruff there.

"I don't do faith Marcos, that's your thing." Her voice was still raw from her earlier sobs and cries, she should have some water soon. She was exhausted now, rung through. She felt like she would collapse.. like she could sleep forever and still be tired.

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