Ice Skates and Concern

January 02, 2018:

Bobby and Lorna have a chat out on the ice. Scott and Marcos join by the end.

Boathouse X-mansion


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[Afternoon - Xavier's Institute - The Boathouse]

It's currently twenty-three degrees and partly cloudy afternoon in upstate New York. Much to the chagrin of the students who remain on-site over the break the scattered flurries around Christmas had resulted in little measurable accumulation.

About an hour ago the mansion got oddly quiet, even for this time of the season, as the typical sounds of video games, televisions, and heated discussions evaporated. This might seem an odd occurrence as the frigid weather has had students and faculty generally cloistered inside except for scheduled day trips.

When one ventures outside they can make out the burble of voices south-east of the mansion near Spuyten Dyvil Cove - where the pier and boat house are located. Upon approach the voices grow louder and then it becomes clear; the students are ice-skating in the cove. A behavior which is generally taboo even for the weather because while the waters of Breakstone lake will freeze rarely is the ice so thick as to let students venture out across the ice.

"Supervising" is Robert Drake. Dressed in winter clothing he skates amongst the children. Mostly caretaking a younger girl who seems to be struggling to find her footing and so she clings to Bobby's hands.


Lorna was bored. Couped up and put on so many orders to rest, and relax, she was more than a little stir crazy. So when word got around that Bobby Drake had come to town again and there was ice skating afoot, she found herself bundled up and chancing the extreme cold. The green haired mutant more or less floated along the top of the snow, never quite touching the icy walk as she made her way out to the lake.

It was cold, why let the cold seep into her boots? Plus without Marcos on her arm, the magnokinetic had no real way to cheat the chill. Other than bundling up to ridculous measures.

But touch down she did, lightly, at the edge of the frozen surface where kids whisked by on skates far better than she could without falling on her butt. And a few that wobbled and clung together. Green eyes alighted on one such student as Bobby guided her. "Bobby! Hey!" She called.


Bobby Drake is half-bent to one side moves with even shuffling steps that his charge can keep up with.

'Bobby! Hey!'

At the words he turns to see Lorna gliding in and he gives the woman a half-smile, "Your cheating," he calls out in direct accusation. Turning back to the little girl he whispers something and then puts his hands upon her waist and, bracing his feet, hoists her above his head and then down to his shoulders before darting forward. A burst of speed takes him forward across the cove and then a wide curve that swings his path for Lorna.

Three…two…one…a mound of soft snow arises in a swirl of cold air just at the edge of the cove. Tossing the girl into the mound and then falling into it himself scattering snow in all directions including at Lorna, both laughing.

Twisting sit up then he regard Lorna from within the mound, "Your cheating." He repeats himself, "Where's your skates?"


Lorna squealed and threw her hands up as snow went flying into her face and all over, scattering puffs of fluffy white ice down her hood and into her jacket. She shook her hair out, wrinkling her nose at Bobby as he got up and regarded her from his position on the snow bank. She clapped the remaining snow that clung to her sleeves and down her font off with care.

"You're hald icicle. So really, it's all a matter of perpective." She arched a brow, and glanced back to the house briefly. "And as far as my skates they're coming. I keep getting an earful about doing too much and frankly, the option of coming outside at all was just too attractive for me to wait for 'em."


"Only half," and after a pause adds, "Okay, fair enough," Bobby says agreeably and shifts to stands then absently brushing the snow off of himself.

The girl, still laughing, wallows out of the snow bank and trudges her way back onto the ice without Bobby. Two other children skate over to help her get started.

Bobby looks in the direction of the house for a long moment but quickly snaps back, "An earful?" He asks her, "Oh, you know how things are around here. Everyone wants to tell everyone else what to do and then when the roles are reversed they won't take the same advice. I've always said; just do what you feel is right and learn to zone out when someone disagrees with you." He gives her a smile there.

"All that to say: How the heck are *you* doing?"


Lorna grinned, and tucked her hood back into place as Bobby got up from the snow bank and patted the snow off himself. Which she thought was almost ironic from him, but she didn't make any further teasing comments. Instead she shrugged and heaved a sigh. "Yeah, an earful because I somehow managed to get myself into a rather.. erm.. awkward situation. Highly inconveient." She wrinkled her nose and glanced back to him.

"But I'll be heading back to out to Genosha soon, so tropical weather will be my jam.. Until I melt in the sunlight." She joked and shook her head slowly. "How about you? How are you doing? I haven't seen you in ages."


"Oh, I hear ya," Bobby says, "I moved out to California for a bit just to try a change in climate but hot and sandy gets as old as cold and dreary. So I decided to move back in for a bit - Los Angeles is expensive. Figured I'd take advantage of the no-rent situation here until I got my savings back to where they need to be." He shrugs, "You know how it goes."

"Back to Genosha?" he says, intrigued, "Not just for the weather," he states, "What're you - err." A pause, "What's going on over there, really?"


Lorna exhaled an amused breath, stamping her feet to keep circulation going and to stay relatively warm in the chilly environment that was Westchester New York as seen by extensive amounts of snow and ice. She shoved her hands into her pockets and shrugged. "Oh I complain about the heat when I'm there and the cold when I'm here. Nothing says wanting a nice temperate medium like switching between two extremes." She drawled.

When he asked what was going on, she glanced at some of the younger students swirling around or fumbling on their skates. "It's complicated to say the least. Old government got toppled.. and uhm the UN gave Magneto control over the island. Civil War with people that live there and hate mutants… So yeah.."


Bobby sways backward slightly as if the surprise at what you said had pushed him back a pace, "The United Nations /gave/ MAGNETO an Island full of mutant hating humans?" His brow furrows, "Isn't that like just giving North Korea permission to take over South Korea if North Korea was run by the Juggernaut?"

Finger tips to his forehead he makes a soft discontented noise, "So we're?rescuing humans from mutants? Talk about a one-eighty," exhaling at her he grins, "Need someone to keep you all cool while your there?"


Lorna glanced side ways at some of the students, but then decided that they were far enough away to continue to explain the situtation as he freaked out. "Eh, it's not official yet. They're in talks to give it to him. Not sure how far those talks are. The thing is, is that Scott and what not already helped free the mutants there from the baselines that were using them as slaves.. With Magneto's help. Officially, the X-men were never there though." She dragged her teeth over her chapped lip. She was so going to get it from Scott for updating Bobby, but she didn't particularly care.

She had bumbled her way through for months without having gotten the answer as to what had happened there. She wasn't going to do the same to Bobby. "So shh, the X-men also can't be seen there because of the anti-mutant stuff going around. About ninteen.. twenty states? Have been bringing up anti-mutant registration laws again." She shifted, walking back and forth, pacing to keep warm as her gaze swung back to Bobby.

"I'm there to try to keep Magneto from going off on people. So far, he's let all the humans go that wanted to leave the island. Those that want to stay are just as badly off as anyone else there. As far as needing to stay cool though? Yeah, hell, yeah. I'll take you up on that deal if you want to come with."


Bobby listens, the bewildered expression upon his face fading slightly with the additional details. He was beginning to think all of those civics lessons he daydreamed through might have been important in understanding all of this - but it makes much more sense now.

"Sounds like the same old song," Iceman exhales there, "Mutant registration. Sneaking around. Magneto. It almost makes you miss Arcade. At least he could be counted upon do deliver on something /unexpected/."

After a beat, "Just kidding," Bobby says, "There's nothing unexpected about an exploding jack in the box or homicidal robot clown."

"Yeah, I mean it sounds like we're already involved. I'd be pretty *cold hearted* to want to spend the next three months sitting around here while everyone else is off narrowly avoiding capture."


Scott Summers arrives from 1407 Graymalkin Lane.


Lorna coughed, and grinned at Bobby. "Scott said something similar before." She grinned again as she shifted her stance and rubbed at the bridge of her nose. "And as far as evading capture. I messed that up real quick. I got captured over Christmas actually. I spent.. a week? I think? In the maximum security jail. It wasn't pleasant, by the way." She shrugged. "So, please, yes. Come join me in causing trouble over there. it can't be any worse than what I've had to put up with already.."


"The /maximum/ security jail," Bobby says with some emphasis to denote how impressive that must sound, "Well, I'm sorry that you had to spend Christmas /there/ because I think if we know anything for sure its that despite his red-costume and white-hair he has zero in common with Saint Nick."

His voice goes a bit lower adding, in a whisper, "I think it's because he's Jewish," with a wry grin.

"So is that why you're supposed to be inside? To make sure you're recovering from having spent a week locked up inside somewhere else?"


Lorna grimaced, and rubbed the bridge of her nose, coughing into her hand. "Wasn't Magneto that locked me up Bobby. Someone actually that hates Magneto.. and uhm.. Yeah.. So this is awkward." She stamped her feet in the cold and picked at the sleeve of her coat.

"But yeah.. that's part of the reason why people keep pushing me to rest inside. So uhm… I'm actually pregnant." She mumbled, "Found out while I was locked up.." She winced and glanced back at Bobby.

"Soo… uh.. yeah.."


Maximum security jail and Magneto. Fun first words to overhear as Scott turns the corner and enters the same immediate area as Lorna and Bobby. Busied currently with rubbing his hands together and breathing a blast of cold through them, "Anyone notice today is actually warm?" Not even warm but compared to the blizzard like conditions of Bear inspired 'frosty hell' this is better. A scarf, glasses, beanie, no gloves those are in a pocket, hooded military jacket and jeans. Nothing special or outstanding for the eldest Summers.


Nearby where Lorna and Bobby Converse a host of children who endure the holidays at the Institute skate across the frigid waters of the cove alongside the boathouse. A small number have already given up and now sit upon the pier talking, texting, and taking pictures.

'…I'm actually pregnant…'

The transition from Magneto to pregnancy catch Bobby a bit flat-footed and he blinks, "Why is that awkward?" he asks her densely. "I mean, congratulations?" He manages with confusion and then his gaze flicks upward beyond Lorna.

"Hey Scott," Bobby chimes in with a wave of his gloved hand and then jerks a thumb over his shoulder to the cove, "Decided to go ice skating while a frozen lake wouldn't seem so mysterious."

"Warm enough for me, anyway." He replies up-beat to Scott's inquiry.


Lorna looked relieved to have Scott show up, and save her from having to explain her familia hot mess of a relation with Magneto. She really didn't want to get into that on top of the other bombshells. Funny how depending on the different people in her life, different things could be considered 'bombshells'. Either way, she'd had enough and she grinned faintly at Bobby as he congratulated her.

"Hey Scott." She waved a hand and glanced back toward the lake and then to Bobby. "I was trying to get Bobby caught up. I was complaining about the weather in Genosha being too hot and the weather here too cold."


Scott's half-grin appears once more at Bobby's response. Awkward the reasons could make a pretty amusing list.

"You were quicker than me at the congratulations." A brow lift to Lorna might signify a wink from Scott, hard to tell. Certain physical expressions require substitution.

"You and the Eskimos, yeah." Thats saying a lot from a guy born and raised in Alaska enough to adapt to some cold weather living.

"Lorna, Bobby. Good to see you two out."
"I can shove you a pile of folders and files if you want to read up, how full is your inbox currently?" Scott understands its often easier to just hear it word of mouth though. Preferred in most cases.


Bobby raises both hands as if warding off the unseen when he is offered a 'pile of folders', "No, it's cool." He says quickly, "I think I've got the gist of it. Besides, I'd hate for someone else to want them while they're sitting in my..inbox." Unsurprisingly, Bobby would rather get caught up this way particularly when Scott describes the quantity as 'a pile' which no doubt means an overwhelming number.

He stands as they exchange something unspoken about the pregnancy and the speed at which well-wishes are rolling in but isn't inclined to pry.


Lorna laughed softly at Scott's words, "To be fair, Bobby is the quickest to say 'Congrats', most people blink, stare at me or swear and tell me how stupid I am." She rolled her eyes and shrugged, shifting her weight to make sure that her feet weren't frozen stiff.

"You're welcome to come to the wedding too, by the way, Bobby. Though you haven't met Marcos yet, as the bride, I get dibs on the guest list." She spoke lightly and rolled her shoulders back. "Especially since you're willing to face down the tropical heat and a war zone with me."

"I think we covered the majority of the situation at a glance."


"Fortunately we're not most, right?" Scott says quietly, looking off towards the playing children in the distance before the two near him. "You're intending on doing this in Genosha is what I keep hearing. I am curious about that one… pregnancy and marriage both would be better, likely safer here." And thats in a mansion thats been stomped to rubble and woodchips by otherworldly menaces. Its saying quite a lot.

"Plenty to go around and copies are a thing." Scott assures Bobby. He isn't worried though, like Betsy and Piotr they got to jump both feet in so does Bobby. They're used to it.


Bobby cannot help but smirk a bit when Lorna confesses that people have been a bit chilly about her pregnancy.

"Hey," he says to the invitation, "It's like I tell people: If you wait until you can afford to save for retirement then by the time you're ready to get started it's probably too late." He half-smiles as if bemused by his own cliche, "I think the same is true for having a baby. It's never going to be the perfect time but you make it work and you wind up being glad you did it when you were young because climbing around on all fours is bad for your knees when you get old - unless you're Logan."

"I'd be happy to come. I hope you like ice sculptures," He looks at Scott when he clarifies his concerns about the pregnancy and the wedding but then turns to look at the kids playing again, with distraction.


Lorna smiled and shrugged lightly, "I want to use it to gain some political traction in Genosha, I need all that I can get there. Magneto might've put me on the council, with Marcos.. But it's going to take me getting some of the people to back me to have any chance of impacting things. And yes, I know, Scott.. I'm not supposed to work so hard for it.. but.." She sighed and shook her head.

"I feel like it'll be better if I do everything I can there." She grimaced and looked down at her stomach. "Besides, if it goes south, I can run back here again." She murmured and smirked. Her gaze swinging toward Bobby again.

"That's a really good way of looking at it. Thanks Bobby, I appreciate it." She sighed softly and tucked her hands back into her pockets, shivering faintly. "I think I will appreciate the ice sculptures way more when I'm over there."


"You're taking some serious risks. There is not only the fact you'll be wanting to carry a child through a warzone where your family is a target but also Limbo. You will also become a public face in Genosha standing council by your father." Which, her and Marcos being given seats wasn't in his notes yet. Scott is behind on the updates apparently.
"It's a lot. You're placing yourself in the most risky situations you can and I'm still unsure why. You were hellbent before on not being an X-Man and wanting to meet your father, now you want to help the entire island and it's people? This is what happens when you're face first with the plight." That half-grin fades a little but hes hanging that 'X-Men' pendulum again, subtle this time compared to the hammer tosses in the past.
"Whats Jamies stance on all of this?" A look is given Bobby, one that says he wishes he had his kind of 'easy going' attitude in these manners. It would make life easier for so many.


Bobby, still watching the kids skate, brings his left hand behind his neck and rubs it tensely as Scott questions Lorna.

"Hey," he says conversationally interrupting at Scott's question about Jamie and quarter-turns slowly to look at them, "Remember that time when I was - like - fifteen and the Professor let us all lose on a military base to stop Magneto from stealing those nuclear weapons? I sometimes wonder why he didn't just call someone else instead of sending five teenagers in."

He nods sideway towards the cove then, "Gonna go check the lake and make sure its not thawing. Don't forget me!" He starts towards the lake.


Marcos arrives in the area with a cup of coffee. perhaps he overslept a little? or ran to the store to get more supplies? the world may never know. Unless of course, someone asks him.. He offers Everyone he ends up walking in on a small smile. "Oh, hey hey."

He walks up to Lorna first, a hand around her waist as he kisses her cheek. "Hey stranger." he says to Lorna before he looks to Scott and Bobby. "Hey Scott, how goes?" then he looks to Iceman Bobby D, ad he nods softly to him. "Hey, how goes it?" he says with a small smile. Always meeting someone new!


Lorna's features twisted at Scott's words and her lips pursed together. "I have eight or so months to make a place for my kid to grow up in Scott. That's why I care about Genosha, and making it work. Because I'm not raising my kid in a country that hates it for what it is. Where they have to be scared of growing up and being who they are." She exhaled a breath.

Her gaze swung back to Bobby as he spoke, and some of the heat softened in her expression. But then it returned as she looked to Scott. "Jamie is going to be my groomsman." She grinned, and as Marcos came up, she wrapped her arm around him to, shivering faintly as she curled up against the portalable warth that was Marcos' figure.


A noise escapes Scott at Bobby's insert. A sidelong look that lingers on his depature out and then Lorna just gets a quick smile on that rolls from her to Marcos, "Hey there, Diaz. You're looking to be healthy and in one piece. At least some concerns can be put aside."

"I can applaud the amount of optimisim you're hosting and faith in Magneto to steer Genosha towards this Mutant Utopia in a span of less than a year. You'll have to forgive me for a certain measure of skepticism. Everyone seems to be forgetting just who we're dealing with here."
A wave of one bare hand and Scott starts to hunt out a pair of gloves, they're needed the more the day goes on. "Hope. Thats where we are banking things… " A chuckle, "Been worse off. I am probably just worrying more than I should and should embrace some of this… whatever it is going around."


Marcos smiles warmly to Lorna when she snuggles into him and greets him with affection. "Hey." he smiles then, kissing her forehead before he looks on at Scott. and somehow he already knows they are talking about Genosha. "Trust me, we haven't forgotten." he assumes they speak about Magneto and Marcos sighs then for a moment. "We just want to have a safe place…" he puts a hand on Lorna's stomach then. Before he shakes his head then.

"We don't know if it'll be this perfect Utopia…but with the way the world is headed, soon no place may be safe for mutants." he shrugs then. "It's possible…but either way, your still invited to the wedding. Has Lorna told you?" he asks Scott with a raised brow then. He assumes she did.


Lorna grimaced as she looked at Scott, "It's less about hope and more about stubborn determination. I'm not putting my faith in Magneto. It's in my own ability to gain a foot hold there. Make a difference for our people, for my kid.. our kid.." She murmured as she smiled at Marcos and he echoed her words, her concerns as his hand pressed against her stomach.

"My father gave up his family for his war. I'm not willing to do that. I'm going to do whatever it takes to secure that future for them." She murmured, her lips thinning before she glanced down, her hand pressing over Marcos' own.

"And also, you're allowed to worry Scott. Someone here has to when you're surrounded with a bunch of hot heads like us." She grinned weakly, "You're more than invited, didn't we want to ask him to be a groomsman?" She arched a green eyebrow upwards. Then her grin faded and suddenly she looked far more green about the gills, and not in her hair. Her hands dropped to her stomach and she grimaced.

"Excuse me.. I'm gonna.. ugh.." And Lorna made to flee back to the mansion.


"You do not know how glad I am to hear those words out of you, Lorna. I was starting to worry." Scott says.


"Despite what everyone may be thinking? Wouldn't miss it for the world." He assures the two soon to be newlyweds and parents.

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