An Invitation

January 01, 2018:

Terra happens by Superman and Caitlin, winds up with an invitation to visit Tian Tower.

Metropolis Skies


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Up in the skies, it has became far less rare to see the different heroes flying and zooming about, but one of their sorts assuming it is a hero, still manages to be an oddball about it. Unlike the usual methods of flight, this petite girl is surfing a rock. In the sky! It's quite cool really, but she doesn't seem to have any specific destination, she's mostly having fun.


Terra was not the only hero surveying the skies at this time.

Superman was flying in her direction, and yes, he definately saw her coming. Just time to meet another hero! least he's pretty sure she's a hero. That famous S-shield heralds his arrival and his red vibrant cape flows behind him in a glorious fashion. Beside him in flight is Caitlin Fairchild.

"…and that's why I think you have plenty of potential. You might be a better hero than me one day." he smiles to her in encouragement.


Caitlin can 'fly', but it's not because of some inborn talent— rather, courtesy of a Legion flight ring, from the Justice League vaults, is what keeps her aloft. Though if anyone could fly on hope and pixie dust, it's the towering ginger maiden. Her love affair with being a superhero is writ large on her heart-shaped face.

"Sheesh, Superman, you're making me blush," she mumbles, embarassed and flattered by the praise. Her red hair flickers behind her like a shorter version of Superman's cape, though she's got it bound with a black scrunchie to keep it from flailing around her eyes periodically. Thank god for Terra, because she gives Caitlin an excuse to change the subject. She squints at the other girl, lacking Superman's unique vision. "Is— who is that?" she says, a little baffled. Caitlin knows /everyone/. "And is she flying on a rock?"


Terra takes longer to spot Supermand and Caitlin, but once she does, she shifts course to fly towards them, "hey!" She calls out loudly, pointing a gloved hand directly at Superman, "you're Superman! I saw you in the news! Now I see you for real! I'm a hero too!" She seems quite ecstatic to meet a Champion of Justice, just like her!

Caitlin she doens't know, so she just looks at her quizzically, before asking, "you a friend of Superman?"


"No idea." but then Terra arrives!

Superman smiles to Terra as she moves to fly with Superman and Caitlin. "Real as can be!" he smiles to her with a friendly smile before he rubs the back of his neck. "That's me. Happy to have you on the good guys team! What do I call you?" he says with a smile. Though Clark definately noticed Cailtin's more shy composure when she's around him…maybe because he likes to encourage her. then he looks at Terra.

he lets Caitlin introduce herself….but Superman was prepared to talk her up.


Caitlin can't hold still while she hovers. Well— she CAN. But it is clearly a little unnerving to just… hover, a thousand feet in the air. So she tacks in a slow counterclockwise circle around Terra, giving the enthusiastic girl a quizzical but friendly look. When Terra addresses her directly, a dimple-cheeked smile crosses Caitlin's face. "I am, yes!" she informs Terra. "I'm Caitlin Fairchild. Call me Caitlin, everyone does," she says. "You're a hero, huh? That's great! We need more heroes," she says, warming immediately to Terra. "Are you new? I'm afraid I don't know your name," she apologizes.


"That's terrific! I am meeting Superman! And his friend!" Yeah, she's a bit less excited about Caitlin, not really knowing her at all. But she's a friend of Superman, so she must be at the very least good! When asked if she's a hero, Terra nods solemnly, "I am Terra! Champion of Justice! And good! And the Mother Earth! You can call me, Terra, Caitlin, or anything else really…I can't make you call me however I like, can I?" She frowns at the follow up question, "just because I'm young doesn't mean I'm new! I've been a hero for…" she blinks, that played out way better in her head, but all she comes up with is, "a while!"


Superman seems to simply chuckle a few times as Caitlin and Terra seem to hit it off immediately! Though he does seem happy that Terra seems to be a big fan. He smiles softly to the two. "Nice to meet you, Terra." he smiles then. "Keep up the good work then, Terra." he says after her 'a while!' comment. "If you like, you can patrol with Caitlin and I?"


"Champion of Justice? That's awesome!" Caitlin says, with bubbling enthusiasm. "I'm only Champion of Metropolis. And only on the weekends. Superman still patrols during the week," she explains. "And I'm at the Titan Tower a lot, or doing monitory duty, or— well, it's not all punching supervillains," she remarks, ruefully.

"So, uh— the rock? Is it like… a magical rock? How are you keeping it up in the air?"


"WHAT!? There's a Titant being used as a Tower!?" Terra gasps, "I hope he's friendly! Titans are tough to deal with when they're angry!" She then looks over at Superman and salutes him, "I will! You will be proud of me Mr. Superman! And I will gladly join you on your patrol!" She shifts her rock to fly by the others more evenly, before answering CAitlin's question in simple terms, "I ask it to carry me and it does."


A soft smile for Terra at her more endearing attitude. He cna tell she and Caitlin are going to be friends real quick. "oh, don't worry. there isn't an actual -Titan- as a tower, but rather Titan is the name of a superhero team, in which Caitlin is a member. who knows? maybe you're needed there?" he defers to Caitlin on that one. "and good to hear!" he offers Terra a high five…-gently- from the Man of Steel.


"That doesn't really expl—" Caitlin's boundless curiousity is cut off by Superman's polite correction, and she clamps down her mouth before she can stick her foot in it. Smile! She's making friends. That's more important than any engineering questions she might have.

"No 'Titans' of myth," she promises Terra. "We just call ourselves 'The Titans'. And the tower is our home, so— Titan Tower," she explains, fingers wiggling. QED.

"We're always on the lookout for new talent," Caitlin acknowledges, nodding at Superman's statement. "It's mostly younger heroes who are new to the scene. It's a good place to train and to get some support for the lifestyle without going all-in with the League on day one."


"Me…?" Terra asks Superman suspiciously, "but I'm not a Titan." Seems common sense to her that she'd at least need that as a prerequisite. She gladly takes the chance to high five Superman, and looks at Caitlin with a beaming grin, "saw that? I high-fived Superman! I'm cool!"


Superman smiles softly to Caitlin then looks at Terra. "We know. It's an invitation. the Titans are a group for younger superheroes to train and harden their knowledge. I recommend you speak with Caitlin further on this." he highfives Terra with a smile. "you were cool before the high five." a kind smile then.


Caitlin is busy for a moment correcting her yaw— she lists sideways and it takes some dreadfully intense concentration to correct herself. Flying is easy, but hovering with the ring requires a balance between 'don't overthink it' and 'keep it in mind'. She blinks when Terra speaks directly to her. "Huh? Oh! Yeah, Superman's pretty cool," she agrees, flashing a smile at him. "I'm a Captain Marvel fan, though," she says. She flashes a dimpled grin at Superman. "No offense, of course," she assures him. "Carol's the first cape I met."

Her smartwatch buzzes and she glances at it. "Oh, shoot. That's work. I actually need to get going," she apologizes. "Terra, it was swell meeting you. Come by the Tower someday, huh? It's— I think you can see it from here, the big tower right in the middle of the bay," she says, pointing vaguely towards it. "Can't miss it."

"Superman, I'll see you at the League headquarters, yeah?" she inquires of him.


"Really…?" Terra asks, considering Superman's words, and then turning to Caitlin, "well…if Superman thinks it's a good idea, maybe I can visit your Tower of Titan." She beams with delight at being certified cool by Superman, "thanks!"

Turning to Caitlin, "I don't know Captain Marvel, but she has to be marvelous, right? I'd like to meet her too!" Turning with Caitlin's pointing finger, she registers the Tower and nods, "I will come to visit you! For sure!"

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