Oh Hey, I'm Dating Your Brother

January 02, 2018:

Rachel and Illyana combine retail therapy and a late lunch with discussing Demon Bear related developments and Ray dating Illyana's brother. Who says they can't multitask?

A steakhouse in the city.


NPCs: A waiter with a keen interest in football.

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Fade In…

After the holiday shopping. When you return items that you've gotten, because everyone does it. You may scream about how awesome the flannel shirt you got from your secret santa is, but the next day, you so return it. Thus, Rachel and Illyana are off to the big city, full of weird snow, in the attempts to find a nice warm place to go, shop, and just chill. This is also a good time for Rachel to let Illyana know that Illyana's brother has asked Rachel onto a date. This topic, Rachel is being fairly reluctant in bringing up.

Currently, the two have found themselves in a very nice steak house waiting for their orders. Rachel is getting caught up on what has transpired with Dani, the Demon Bear, Dr. Strange, and everything in between. "So Dani's okay now, how did that happen again? How'd she get free? And Scott didn't trust you? Good grief."

Rachel's fingers idly collect one of the 'tower of onion rings' from the stack and takes a bit, crispy parts spilling a bit down as she does so. Though, since this is just Illyana, the red-head doesn't mind eating a bit messily. "Have you spoken to Dani after you ripped her soul free?"

In Russia, Christmas falls on the 7th of January, not the 25th of December. So Illyana is defiantly still wearing her Christmas sweater. Not the green and red one Rachel got her, but the monochrome one with a more demonic slant to the designs. She still opened her presents on the 25th with everyone else, though. Technically getting your presents early - from everyone except Piotr - just adds to the fun.

Taking the ones you don't like back before you were supposed to have them in the first place is even better.

Seated across from Rachel, Illyana's lips quirk into a very small smile at the flood of questions that the redhead directs her way. When Rachel pauses to snack, Illyana tilts her head to one side, blonde hair falling just so, as if she's silently asking Rachel whether she's done, or if more questions are coming. When another question DOES come, Illyana's smile momentarily becomes a grin before she reaches across to snag an onion ring for herself.

"Yep." Illyana says, popping the onion ring into her mouth and deliberately chewing for a couple of extra seconds to make Rachel wait. She swallows, then even picks up a napkin and daintily wipes her lips with it, her blue eyes gleaming all the while, before she finally stops stalling.

"Dani's OK now, if you don't count trying to inflict a horse-related injury on herself, oh and maybe get frostbite on top of it." Illyana shakes her head, but the look in her eyes is knowing and amused. If Dani hadn't been doing that when she found her, then Illyana would have been worried. "She's looking to go another round with the bear. I told her what you found out from her grandfather. Should be fun." The look of anticipation in Illyana's eyes isn't entirely nice, but then she blinks and it's gone.

"Your Dad wanted a second opinion." She says the words lightly, as if nothing in this world could bother her less, but there's the faintest hint of a sour tone to the words. "Maybe you should volunteer." Illyana smirks. "Or maybe not, you know me."

Patience is not a strong suit for Rachel Summers. Now, she does realize she just bombarded Illyana with a ton of questions, and then even another, before the blonde had the opportunity to even blink, but Illyana is now purposely waiting to answer, leaving Rachel to fidget. And continue to fidget. And clear her throat, while picking up her glass of beer, taking a swig, and setting it back down again. Just when Rachel's about to state, 'c'mon!' Illyana finally caves.

The information is met with quirked brows and a slightly concerned expression. "She tried to kill herself? Are you sure she's quite well?" Thus the bombardment of 'more' questions continues, though the final bit is met with a pondering 'hmm'.

About to answer, when the waiter returns carrying a large tray full of food. He's a handsome, youngish fellow, his thoughts are typical of his age, really, Illyana and Rachel's age, full of admiring thoughts about the girls, and idle thoughts about upcoming football games.

He places the plates before Rachel and Illyana, before asking if there is anything else? When Rachel dismisses him away, he leaves - though a bit reluctantly.

Turning back to her large steak sandwich, complete with a huge collection of steak /fries/, Rachel does finally answer the last bit. "If he asks me for help, I will do so, though not without Dani's permission. I don't want to go delving into her thoughts, if she's unwilling for me to do it. I trust what you did far more than me mucking about in her mind. And as far as round two with the bear, I trust Dani -the least- to do that. She's already lost, it's time to give others an opportunity."

Illyana raises her hand, palm down, and tilts it from side to side when Rachel says 'kill herself', then shakes her head firmly. She'll joke about Dani's fairly pathological stubbornness in pushing herself when she should be recovering, but she doesn't want Rachel getting the wrong idea. At least, not about that.

When the food arrives, Illyana leans back in her chair, hooking an arm over the backrest. Icy blue eyes look the waiter over with a single, quick glance, then switch to Rachel. Those eyes don't turn back to the waiter all the time he hovers, and it's only when Rachel sends him on his way that Illyana smiles thinly. "You or me?" She asks, managing to say the words in a credibly innocent tone.

Illyana snorts lightly at Rachel's words. "Don't you have an attack of telepathic ethics on me, too." Illyana says, adding some fake reproof to her words. "Your mom already refused to violate minds for me." Illyana reaches out and selects a fry, not starting in on her own sandwich just yet. "I don't think Dani will say no. It's not much fun being watched all the time." Illyana smiles. "And you didn't see what I did."

Illyana shifts in her seat and makes a start on her sandwich. "You're not going to be able to keep Dani away from the bear. Even if we could, we can't keep the bear away from Dani. So…" Illyana shrugs. "We'd better just make sure we're around to back her up this time." That much, Illyana got Dani to agree to. She takes a bite of her sandwich, and a look of surprise flickers across her face. It's actually very good.

With a laugh, Rachel can't help but chortle. "Mom said no way? Well, really, Yana, what do you expect? She's Jean Freaking Grey. The moral heart of the X-Men and all around goody two shoes." A wry twist of Rachel's lips is offered at the thought of her mom and Illyana butting heads over moral grounds such as telepathic intrusions. "Seriously, no worries on that end, I haven't lost my touch, nor have I grown Mom's conscious, especially when it comes to getting things done." And that, Ray offers with an expression of fairly villainous delight on her features.

"I just mean I didn't want Scott to basically force Dani into it, she's had to deal with enough stuff, without me piling through her mind, digging into the deepest part of her memories." Rachel pauses then, casting Illyana a fairly concerned expression. The redhead has no real idea what Illyana did, or how much suffering it may have caused Dani, but Rachel's fairly sure it couldn't have been pleasant in the least.

With a thoughtful expression, Rachel delves into her own sandwich, enjoying it quite a lot. After taking a swig of beer to wash it all down with, Rachel's gaze flickers towards the waiter, then back to Illyana. "Well, I could say me, but that'd be a lie. His thoughts were 'wowzers', 'hotties', and then he was focusing on football. Vapid, boring thoughts really, most do." Rachel's gaze flickers about the steak house, gazing at the people present. Tourists. Shoppers. Business folks. A few college kids. All had vapid thoughts about everything under the sun, and nothing that truly mattered.
With a shake of her head, Rachel's gaze returns to Illyana. "Well, if she's bound and determined to go after the bear, she had better have backup, the last thing we need is the bear to once again focus on us. Have you had the chance to ask if it has consumed more people, yet? We never did get the opportunity to try that idea, something I regret. Oh and by the way, your brother has asked me on a date, I said yes, but we haven't gone yet." Rachel gets that last part out as quickly as she can, as well as nonchalantly as she possibly can, before her fingers wrap about the sandwich and she takes a quick bite again.

Illyana puts on a disgusted expression when Rachel laughs and points out the obvious flaw in asking Jean to do anything less than wholesome. She points a fry at the redhead. "Next time I have to break someone out of prison I'm taking you with me, and that's final." She seems completely serious, too.

Letting Rachel talk, Illyana finally starts tucking into her lunch in earnest. She makes a wordless, noncommittal noise when Rachel talks about invading Dani's mind, and since she still has her mouth full when Rachel shoots her that concerned look, just opens her eyes wide in the kind of guileless expression that you just know gets a lot of use on Piotr.

Having made an impressive dent in her sandwich, Illyana comes up for air, and only now glances in the direction the waiter vanished. "Football? Really? We must be losing our touch." Illyana sounds faintly offended. Even if she didn't want the waiters attention - and she didn't - losing out to football still rankles.

Illyana doesn't react at all when Rachel mentions her plans with Piotr. Not a blink, not a hesitation. "Six." Illyana replies. "The bear has six souls inside it. Dani says we have a chance if we can free them, so don't write off hunting the soulless just yet. I know where one is, at least." She looks a bit smug. "Even if Stephen won't let me experiment yet. I'm hoping Dani can talk him around. If not…" Illyana looks at Rachel. "We'll have to find one of our own."

Pushing her plate, and the debris of her lunch, to one side, Illyana takes a sip of her beer while Rachel works on her sandwich. "I should never have told him you were ogling him on the way back from the airport." She remarks, so very casually.

The cherubic look is given a smirk. It isn't working on Rachel, instead the redhead just offers a quirk of her brows upwards. Rachel does not continue that topic any further, it's probably quite best to just let it be dropped.
Listening to all that Illyana has to say, Rachel continues to dive into her own meal, fries, sandwich, beer… it's all happily consumed. The fact football has trumped Illyana and Rachel, Ray only laughs. "Oh c'mon, the fact we got any thought at all was a triumph."

And then Illyana finally breaks down and comments about Rachel's last words, leaving the red-head unsure on if the blonde is unhappy about this turn of events, or just stating a fact.

To be honest, Rachel's still unsure over the entire thing as well, her gaze moving to level onto Illyana. "Oogling someone and going on a date are two different things. Your brother is a good looking man, I'm surprised more of the ladies of the X /haven't/ oogled him more."

Sitting back from the table, Rachel's tongue idly runs across her top teeth, "If you don't like it, Illyana. I treasure our friendship more than a date with your brother - which may or may not happen, anyway."

A triumph? Just to get noticed isn't a triumph, and Rachel needs to work on her self esteem. Of course, Illyana doesn't say this, but it's amazing what can be conveyed by a look. Even when your lunch companion can't read your mind. "We to do more shopping if that's what you think." Illyana's words are mild, and don't at all match the look in her eyes.

Shopping for more striking outfits for the redhead gets put on hold - albeit temporarily - when the subject of Illyana's brother enters the conversation. Now that her lunch is finished, Illyana leans back in her chair, taking her beer with her, and studies Rachel with those cold blue eyes of hers. She takes in the redhead's uncertainty, not to mention her defensiveness around having sized up Piotr like a side of beef, and only lets a smile curve her lips when Rachel is quite finished talking.

"Oh no." Illyana drawls, sounding like she's enjoying herself and not really trying to hide it. "Oh no no no." She emphasises. "What kind of sister would I be if I let you break my brother's heart by standing him up?" There's a certain implacability to her tone, but now there's a small grin, too. "Of course." She adds, "Now I'll have to stop telling you all my secrets."

It's less of a self esteem thing, as it is hard reality. Football, especially for college age men, is far more important than two hotties that happen to be at one of his tables. Rachel's esteeme is quite good, she simply sees things far differently than Illyana.

"Shopping I am all for." Rachel offers in return, her gaze flickering once again towards the waiter, offering him a slow smile that causes the poor boy to stumble as he does a double take at the look, nearly spilling a tray full of food onto the floor. Though miraculously, the tray doesn't topple. Rachel's not entirely that evil.

Her smile returns to Illyana, confidence and cocky self assurance written in her expression. "I think we see things a bit differently."

Still seated back in her own chair, Rachel's gaze narrows a bit onto Illyana. There are times when Rachel really would like to be able to read Illyana's thoughts, the sorceress is absolutely impossible to read - mentally or physically, and that leaves Rachel wondering just what is up her sleeve, because there is -always- something up Illyana's sleeve, this much Rachel has found out.

Rachel's expression draws into her own smirk, leaving it there as her thoughts race. 'Break his heart'? Really? Illyana's being extreme, after all, Ray and Piotr haven't even dated yet. Furthermore, Rachel's not even sure if she thinks of Piotr as Illyana's hot brother, or if she can get past the fact, Piotr was the man who basically raised her after she was rescued from being a hound, him and Kate.

Downing the last of her beer, Rachel shakes her head. "Too late on that, I have already told him everything about you." Her grin is wry then, the smirk replaced.

Illyana might have been being a little over-dramatic, but Rachel's subtle little display is enough to prove that the blonde doesn't have to worry about Rachel's self-confidence. Only her ability to pick up on teasing when her telepathy isn't cluing her in. Illyana offers Rachel a gracious nod as she concedes the point. "OK, you can keep him." She tells the redhead.

Illyana takes a slow sip of her beer as, once again, she watches Rachel's reaction to her words. She once told Piotr that she wasn't sure whether she was going to let Rachel have him… but things have changed more than a little since then. Still, Rachel did just give her that choice and for Illyana, old habits die hard. She can't resist having a little fun.

"And I bet he didn't believe a word of it." Illyana comes back at once. "Still…" Illyana says with a regretful sigh. "No tour of the really dark places in Limbo for you now. Bet you're crushed." Illyana's eyes gleam with a teasing light. "AND I'll have to start hiding my evil plans from YOU, too…" She's really laying it on thick now, unable to resist, and sighs again, disconsolately, as she looks at the label on her beer bottle as if it holds all the answers she's looking for.

A second or two later her eyes flick back up to meet Rachel's. "Did you buy any of that?" She asks. "Come on. We need to find you an outfit that'll make my brother swallow his tongue." She chews on her bottom lip thoughtfully. "Shouldn't be difficult, I've tried but he's STILL the Siberian farm boy." She grins. "Just don't permanently damage him, OK?" Of everything she's said, only that last is actually serious.

"Alas, you are correct. He didn't believe a word I said." Rachel states, her own sarcastic tone filled with a bemused note. "And here I was so looking forward to seeing all the deep and dark secrets of Limbo." There's a returned regret-filled (and overly exaggerated) sigh, as Rachel sets her beer glass down. "At least you could keep me in on your evil plans, though, how else will I be able to join them?"

Signaling the waiter over, Rachel gets things rolling to pay for the meal. The idea of shopping for something that might make Piotr swallow his tongue is met with some manner of interest.

"I was thinking a little black dress.." She begins, "Then again, I have no idea even where he plans on going, so as much as I hate shopping -so-, we may need to buy a few different outfits for every occasion."

When the waiter returns with the check, Rachel puts down the proper amount, as well as a nice tip, before gesturing towards the door. "After you." It's only as they begin to head out towards the unnatural snow falling, does Rachel finally answer the last. "If things don't work out on the first date, Illy, I'll be sure to break his heart gently, and quickly. No use in stringing things out if they're not going to work."

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