Confirmed Investigations

December 30, 2017:

Lorna and Marcos invite Jamie to be a Groomsman. Lorna gets confirmation that her mother died in an oddly magnetized plane crash.



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Back in the mansion, the groceries were put away, children that had stayed over the holidays already ransacking some of the chips, though they were meant for New Years. Lorna wasn't going to fight them on it. She, for her part, was instead curled up on the couch with a blanket and quite content to nibble away on her popcorn. A bubble bath was the plan before, but now she was hungry, it would seem. So bath time later.

Snacks now.

Her stomach rumbled as if to agree to this and she pulled the remote to her with a wave of her hand, flicking the TV on and flipping through the channels. It wasn't like the kids had taken it over for the moment, they were raiding the kitchen. Hence, her shamelessly stealing the remote. It was good enough.


Marcos sighs a moment after all the groceries are put away and after Marcos had -finally- just sat down. Right next to Lorna with an arm around her shoulders. "Anything good on?" because kids these days were still watching shows that annoyed him. Like Doctor Who. Most confusing thing he has ever watched.

That said, he noms on a bag of chips with his offhand, smiling softly to Lorna as he prays…and prays…AND PRAYS that she doesn't end up hacking up what she's eating.


Jamie once again decided to come and visit the mansion, cause well they usually keep more food on hand than he does. Of course once he shows up he sees well two others. "You guys know we have a perfectly good apartment that you can stay at, right?" Hey they seem to show up more here than they do at his own place.

"So what are we doing here? Shouldn't we be like solving a case or something?" Well outside of the basic ones that he has only gotten lately. And well his dupes can handle those of course. "Or at least do something other than watching TV and snacking, that's just so boring."


Lorna looked up from the bag of popcorn as Marcos came to sit beside her and she snuggled in closer to him, nibbling on the popcorn and holding the bag out between them in offering. She wrinkled her nose at something on the TV and continued to idly flick through the channels. "Nothing on." She muttered, sighing.

Of course, that's when Jamie entered and she hooked an eyebrow upwards. "I wasn't meant to be here? If that's any consolation. I was planning to be back in Genosha. Only here 'cause uh… hiccup." Being captured, thrown in an anti-mutant prison, planning a wedding and oh being surprise! Pregnant. Yep. Hiccups.

"Still on mission there technically. Can't really do both jobs. Sorry Jamie. Popcorn?"


Marcos was just chilling by Lorna, snuggling into her as she had snuggled into him…but she had a blanket and -popcorn-. Arguably his favorite snack, he happily munches on the sweet delicacy as it is offered. "mm! you seasoned this really good." he smiles to her warmly, then! Madrox arrives.

Giving him a curious look and a tilt of his head, Marcos smiles warmly to the fellow "Hey man, What's up?" of course he's not going to open conversation by asking him to be a groomsman, but he does have it in mind. Lorna's excuse as to why she's still here gets a small smile, squeezing her hand softly with his own.

"Just resting and catching our breath before we return."


"Well I guess that is a good enough exscuse." Well hey they are allowed their own lives and stuff like that of course. He walks over and flops into a chair. "So what else is going on? It seems like it's been a while since I've seen either of you."

Like really who just disappears withyo0ut a note or anything. Of course Jamie just leaves dupes behind when he goes places of course. But well that makes him just super extra cool! "So what are you doing over in Genosha? Anything interesting going on over there? Or anything that I can do to help you?"


Lorna grimaced, "Sorry about that, I thought I'd warned you we were going to be gone for a while." She nibbled another handful of popcorn thoughtfully. Her other hand occupied with Marcos' and surrounded by the gentle swirl of aurora-like lights. She hummed under her breath, considering.

"Well, I'm sure you heard the UN gave Magneto the island, more or less. He's fighting a civil war there and establishing a government. Scott wanted someone over there that technically isn't an X-man, and who could get close to him. Que me." She sighed and her nose wrinkled up faintly at the thought.

"So we've been running interference on his more sociopatheic tendancies. Or trying to. I got captured by the faction of Genosha is for Genoshans' leader, Zealot that wanted to use me as a baragaining tool against my father. He honestly thought that would work.." She rolled her eyes, shaking her head.

"And then everyone here geared up to get me out." She shrugged, leaving the wedding announcement and the surprise baby to him for once. She'd already sweated that out with everyone else. Marcos could handle Jamie. Not her job.

She eyed him pointedly as she took another handful of popcorn and nibbled at it.


Marcos just keeps sitting a moment, listening then to Lorna and Madrox as both give their cases. He opens his mouth like he's about to explain everything down to the smallest detail….then Lorna seems to take it away. Thoug hhe does interject when Lorna says 'que me' "and me too, by the way." he smile sthen, giving Lorna a playful nudge as he massages her scalp with a hand. He nkows that always gets her to relax.

Thoug hthen when it's finally his turn, he seems to tilt his head for a moment when Lorna leaves the offhanded stuff to him, he shrugs a little bit. "Well, not much…uhm, I proposed to Lorna and she said yes, so I think that's pretty damn awesome." he laughs then, leaving the baby part out for just a few moments.

"And uh….we may or may not be having a kid on the way." mouth closed then.


Jamie just listens to what they say, and then of course they drop the bomb on him. For a while after that he is just speechless, "Well I guess I have to turn one of the rooms into a nursey it seems. Also just so you know I don't do diapers." Nope no changing of the poopy stuff for him, none at all. "I know someone that can perform the ceremony if you would like as well. Nice guy, a minister up in Maine. I'm sure he would love to do it." Of course since he is another Jamie, well he doesn't have much of a choice there.

"Now are you sure you're okay? It does sound like you had an ordeal in Genosha. Are you sure there is nothing that I can do to help you?" He could always send a few dupes down there to help out or something like that. He slouches down in the chair after that, "A kid huh? So what are you going name him or her?"


Lorna grinned at Marcos, giving his hand a squeeze as he covered the major bombshells that always had people's jaw dropping or words of 'That's a bad idea!' following with offers of help. Lorna was getting downright spoiled. "Actually, I'm thinking we might end up staying in Genosha, depending on where the country is in a few months. Magneto seemed to think he'd have it under control in another month. And as much as I enjoy our apartment, Jamie.. Mutant Town isn't exactly a place to raise a kid who's likely to be a mutant." She murmured, and winced.

"But actually, as far as the wedding goes.. Marcos and I wanted you to be a groomsman. If you'd be up for it." She popped another piece of popcorn into her mouth.

"And I'm fine, a little rattled and likely going to have a few more nightmares because of that whole jail thing.. but really I'm okay. I expected someone to try to use me because of my connections to my father. I think Zealot is only the start since he's acknowledged me. Hard to keep that a secret when all the man does it pontificate about mutants." She muttered and rolled her eyes.

Her gaze moving to her stomach, "Her name is going to be Aurora. Marcos keeps saying it might be a boy, but he's wrong." She grinned.


Marcos smiles softly to Jamie, but once again it appears that Lorna seems to have all of this well in hand. Nodding a few times and keeping his hands away, he laughs a little bit then. "Yeah…if it's possible, we might end up living there." he smiles softly to Lorna, giving her hand a small squeeze and keeping his hand in hers.

Then Lorna drops the bomb for him about asking Madrox to be his groomsman. "I thought that was what I got to ask…" a small sigh then as Lorna keeps talking and informing correctly about their present situation. But he laughs then when she starts talking about the name and gender of their child.

"It -could- be a boy…even though having a little girl would be great." he smiles to Lorna then, stealing a kiss from her forehead.


"Just so you know, you can't go wrong with Jamie as a name. It's gender neutral, so perfect!" As if there isn't enough Jamie's running around. "Of course I'll be a groomsman." It does make things a little weird, since the person he was going to suggest to marry them, is just one of his dupes. They have an arrangement in place.

"Now I need a drink, does anyone else want anything?" No dupe going to him a drink this time. "Lorna, when you have a moment, I need to talk to you about something."


Lorna smiled, giving Marcos' hand a squeeze. "I was impatient." She murmured and got up, passing the popcorn off to her fiance with a stretch.

"Popcorn is salty and I need something to drink, and yes, I know not the type of drink I want. I got it." She silenced any attempts to tease her on that part.

"C'mon Jamie, to the kitchen. Lets get something before the kids get all the soda from me, hmm?"

She ruffled Marcos' hair in passing, leaving the man on the couch with the remote as she made her way to the kitchen.

The fridge popped open under a wave of her hand and she rummaged inside for a ginger ale or something equally boring. The better to not be sick later, she hoped.

Straightening she looked to Jamie. "So…?"


Jamie goes to the fridge, and grabs a diet coke. Once he opens it, he takes a few sips from it. After that a flask comes out of his trench coat and well that gets added to his diet coke. That done he just chugs the thing.

"I was looking into what you wanted me to do. Uhm all I can find out is that the plane wreckage was magnetized. The investigators they didn't know what caused it." See that's why he needed a drink. "There was nothing in the wreckage that they could see that would have done it."


Lorna arched a green eyebrow as she leaned back against the counter top, sipping at her ginger ale once she'd popped the top. She watched as he downed the drink and her head tilted to the side. It wasn't until he turned back, to tell her what he'd found that she swallowed a lump in her throat. "My father could've done it. He was kind of leader of the Brotherhood back then. Could've been pissed that my mother wouldn't leave her human husband. Wouldn't side with him and his group." She shrugged weakly.

"He said that he cared a great deal for her, that had she been willing, he'd have married her. He must've ripped the plane apart when she didn't. He could've been lying this whole time about staying away from me as part of a promise he made to her. Could've just been as simple as he didn't think I mattered until I manifested. Who knows?" She muttered, her lips twisting.


"That is indeed possible. But there is one problem with that that I can think of. You were on the plane as well. Why would he risk hurting you as well? A lot could have gone wrong back then." He shrugs at that and just takes another drink from his flask no mixing it this time.

"It could have been an enemy of his, trying to frame him. I'm sure others could have done it." He sighs at that. "I would believe it was him, if you weren't on the plane. But once we through you into the mix well it just doesn't make sense to me." He sighs and leans against the counter as well. "I'll keep looking, but this is just very strange."


Lorna arched a brow and shrugged over her soda, "He didn't want to talk about it when I brought it up. He was evasive and moved onto literally anything else. That's why I wanted you to look into what the report said. I needed everything confirmed. The facts.. all of it." She pursed her lips.

"Not too many people had reason to attack a plane midair. Not many people have that ability, much less have the plane's wreckage become highly magnetized to the point that people notice it. He was active back then, the reports were all over the place. Maybe she was going to go to the press. The fact that she had a kid with Magneto or something, maybe she threatend him for money." She shruggged again, her brows furrowing.

"He had no reason to care about me. To even know I existed before that. Maybe he didn't know. I mean, think about it. My mother was married. She could've assumed it wasn't Magneto's at all and never told him. Maybe she was scared of him." She snorted a breath and shook her head slowly.

"My father couldn't even get off his ass to save me from Zealot. He would've left me there to die if not everyone here. I think that sums up how my father feels about me."


"Well hearing all of that, I would say it was him. Possible he didn't know you were there, or that he was your father." He sighs again at that one. "I'm sorry Lorna. But that is all I was able to find though. There was only one witness to what happened, and well that was you."

He thinks for a moment after that, "But I am going to guess that it was Magneto that did that now. But without being able to find anyone who could have seen anything, all we have is speculation as to what happened."


Lorna laughed, a cold, bitter laugh as she shook her head. "Oh no. We have him. I'm going ask him. Gotta copy of those reports? I want to shove them in his face when I get back to Genosha. I'm going to make him answer me. Make him tell me what happened. Why he attacked my mother's plane. Otherwise, I figure I've got a pretty damn good bargaining chip of my own.. His grandkid." She rubbed her lower, still flat stomach and arched a brow.

"Bet he'll love to know I can pick up my diplomatic little gift there and head on back here at any time. He cares about one thing, and that's Genosha. My wedding and the kid would be a huge deal to be used politically there. I can hit him where it hurts." She smirked and sipped at her soda again.

"He had the guts to tell me that family will always come second to his political agenda. Well, I can use that to my advantage."


"Lorna. Are you sure you want to confront him? It could put him in a bad place, and well he could do something. If it were him, well he's already shown that he doesn't care what happens to you, right?" Once again he goes to the flask in his jacket and takes another drink.

"I do have a copy of the report back at the office. I can give it to you if you want it. Once again, just be careful, please." He sighs once again after that. "Just play this carefully. We don't know what he will do. We also don't know if he really did it. We are just assuming that right now."


Lorna arched a brow, her anger sharp in the back of her throat. "Yes, you're damn right I want to confront him. I spent years being raised by strangers. By humans that, while they tried their best to love me.. didn't. They were ashamed of me. They had me dye my hair for as long as I can remember. He abandoned me. He didn't want a kid. He didn't want to be a father." She snorted.

"And now he's claiming me on Genosha, and his acolytes can't get enough of it. His heir. A little Magneto 2.0 as far as my power set goes? He wants me under his control." She muttered, her lips twisting. "He won't touch me. But he'll damn well answer me." She exhaled a breath.

"And I need to know if he killed her… I want to know why I don't have a mother for my wedding. For my kid.." She murmured softly.


"I understand what you're going through. I was raised by myself after my own parents died in an accident. What will you do if he denies everything? There are still some things we don't know yet."

"Good luck though if you going to confront him. It is going to be tough, and if you want I will go with you." He thinks some more after that one.

"He may not touch you. But he could arrange someone else to do it. What happens if you are killed by one of his political enemies? The heir to his throne has just become a martyr." No more flask drinking from him now, "Just consider everything that he can do, please."


Lorna nodded, and glanced down at the soda can in her hand. "Well, I'll make it very clear that if something happens to me that the X-men will know. He thinks I'm too much one of them anyways. For all that Scott here thinks I'm not technically one." She shrugged lightly and sighed, pushing off the counter.

"You're more than welcome to send a dupe or two with me. That's fine. It's likely my father knows about you already anyways, given how much he knew about Marcos." Her voice was low and soft and she made to head back to the living room.

"Thanks for the help, Jamie."

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