Not How New Years Should Go

January 01, 2018:

Lorna finds herself sick in the bathroom on New Years and Marcos is there to cheer her up

X-mansion, in the bathroom


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It was only another twenty, maybe twenty five minutes till midnight. There were more than a few students that remained behind for the holidays and they were scattered throughout the mansion. Food, video games, board games, and clusters of students former and present stood around chatting, goofing off, or snacking on food. A few people were outside that enjoyed the cold and snow, preparing fireworks for when the ball dropped and it would officially be the New Year.

Lorna for her part was once more in the bathroom, hurling up her guts. Popcorn had been fine, as had several other foods for several hours.

But it would seem that going for the fully loaded pizza with everything on it had been too much for her picky child and she was once more bent over the toliet bowl. A groan, and a flush and Lorna was pushing herself back away from the porcelain. Her green hair a tangled mess around her shoulders as she leaned back against the coolness of the bathroom wall. What a way to spend New Years.


Marcos was sitting outside of the bathroom while Lorna upchucked that pizza he warned her not to eat….those times when Marcos really doesn't want to be right, but he ends up being right? it sucks. So when he hears that flush, he knocks on the door. "Lorna? you alright?" he puts his hand on the door knob in case that answer is a no.

He's always been protective, and right now he feels horrible for getting her pregnant because her body is acclimating to what she can and can't eat. He takes a few short breaths then as he attempts to slowly open the door.


Marcos needn't have worried. The door to the bathroom clicked open without him needing to have reached it. Exhausted and unhappy was Lorna was, a door was easily enough for her to nudge open without having to get up. She exhaled a short breath, her skin paler than usual and verging on ashen. Though there was a hint of a flush over her cheeks as she looked up at him tiredly.

"Just peachy. I think that was it.." She muttered, still too shaky to be able to risk getting up under her own power.

"Pass me a glass of water, yeah?"


Marcos nods a few times though clearly looks concerned at Lorna's appearance alone. Leaving to grab her a big glass of water to chow down on. Handing it to her as he returned in less than a minute. "Here, drink this up." he kneels right in front of her, closing the door. "Hey, now we know not to eat pizza right?" his hand takes the one she's not using and squeezes it affectionately.

She was his world. it hurt him dreadfully when she was in a state of severe discomfort. When she finishes with the glass, he sets it in the sink. "Don't rush yourself. We'll get up when it's time." he smiles then, sitting down to give her feet a massage.


Lorna sighed softly, her eyes drifting closed as Marcos left to get water and back. Her head tilted against the wall behind her, her legs stretched out and her arms loosely draped over her middle. Green eyes fluttered open as Marcos returned and handed her the glass, and she sipped at it slowly, carefully, as if afraid that her stomach might rebel again.

It didn't.

Her hand wrapped in his gave a small squeeze and she smiled tiredly at him. "Yeah, no pizza. Or at least, not that kind." She grimaced. "I hope it's not cheese. I like cheese. This kid had better like diary." She muttered, even as he shifted to sit beside her and massage her feet. She wiggled her toes faintly.

"Those aren't even hurting yet. Give it another few months, then I'm sure I'll bitch and complain about them all the time." She sighed again, closing her eyes as her head lulled back against the wall once more.

"Some way to spend New Years."


Marcos smiles softly to Lorna then, nodding a few times as she stretche out her legs so that Marcos could better give her the best foot massage ever. Once that's done, he squeezes her hand in return softly at her words. "True, true…I would hope it's not cheese, becaues then I can't have cheese pizza. You know how much I love cheese pizza." he winks at her softly.

"I'm sure they will, but I'll still be here to help you feel as comfortable as possible." When she speaks about new years, he nods a few times. "I know this sucks, Lorna." he sits up then to kiss her forehead…then her nose…then her cheeks.. "But hey, we're still here…I'd call that a win."


Lorna smiled faintly, a small curve of her lips as her eyes drift shut briefly as he rubbed her feet, green eyes cracking open only as he stoped to speak and clasp her hand. "Might just be the peppers, or the onions, or geeze, the tomatoe sauce. I dunno. Hope not. I like pasta." She murmured, and sat up slightly, only to slouch back down as he leaned in to kiss her forehead, nose and cheeks.

Her hands reached to brush against his stubble and to rest against his shoulders, her fingers tracing idly against the seam of his shirt's collar. "We are.. still here." She murmured softly, her gaze searching his own. "You know it's only going to get worse. The kind of publicity that will come with Genosha.. With my father. Everyone is going to know and the world is going to be watching. We're painting a pretty nasty target on this kid's back. On our backs.. Magneto has a lot of enemies, and Zealot isn't going to be the only one that thinks they can use me against him." She pursed her lips together briefly.

"We'll have a hard time keeping a low profile.."


Marcos hums softly as they just seem to take pleasure in each other for that moment, with Marcos being close, and Lorna returning his affections. a hand rises up to cup and caress the back of her neck as their lips tease each other more than once with a few touch and go kisses that -barely- touch. Seems he was teasing her…

who knows? they could have one of those wild New Years nights.

"Yeah….but do you know what I think? I can't wait to meet this kid. Our kid….to see that smile, to hear that cry? and to hear it with you? nothing would make me happier." he smiles to her warmly then before he comments.

"We're gonna have a weird kid."


Lorna a soft, amused breath escaped Lorna as she reached up to capture his hands, and press them against the flat of her stomach. Lights bloomed as she smiled up at him, "My baby—Our, baby.." She corrected herself as she looked down at her middle briefly, giving his hands a squeeze.

"Our kid is going to be very, very weird." She murmured, "But it'll be ours." Her voice was soft, and she exhaled a breath.

"I know you can't feel it yet.. But I can. It's alive. It's there." She laughed softly, "As if I needed the reminder.." She drawled. And the distant, muffled cheers could be heard as midnight hit. The muted bang of fireworks going on outside as the residents brought in the New Year.


Marcos smiles to her softly when she moves his hands to her bare stomach, feeling the soft flesh and only imagining what the kid was already doing inside of her. But then Lorna comments on their child being very weird, and he'll smile. "Yeah…it will be. all ours." he smiles as he gives her lips a little kiss before he pulls away to let her speak. He laughs then a moment, but they could hear the sounds of HAPPY NEW YEAR! being screamed by just about everyone, and Marcos looks at her then. "I love you."

then he kisses her deeply, passionately, parting her lips to deepen it. that hand on her stomach moves around her waist and feeling the soft skin there as well.


Lorna grinned up at him, "Happy New Year, Marcos." She murmured softly, as the cheers and shouts continued throughout the mansion. And there they were, couped up in a bathroom, Lorna half sprawled on the floor, with her back to the wall and her stomach feeling raw and empty from having been thoroughly sick. Marcos' warm hands on the flat of her stomach, and around her waist as his lips press against her own.

Her eyes drifted shut as she returned the kiss, a delicate motion compared to her usual passion. Her arms sliding around his neck to anchor herself to him rather than the wall.

When she broke away, it was only for want of air and to look up at him from beneath a fringe of dark eyelashes. "By this time next year.. we're … we're going to be parents, you know." She whispered, her chest constricting. She hadn't said that outloud. As if it was difficult to picture it.

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