So, About That Kryptonian

January 02, 2018:

Tony drops by League HQ to talk to Carol about things.

Hall of Justice - Metropolis

Built in the same architectural Art Deco style of buildings such as the Empire State Building and Union Terminal in Cincinnati, it harkens back to a simpler time. With its wide open rotunda as the lobby and carpeting gracing the marble and granite floors, the Hall of Justice seems to embrace the concepts of Liberty, Freedom and the Rights of all Humanity.

It is a practical building; a front desk is manned 24/7 with a less-than-obvious security force, ready and able to help any who may seek aid from those within. Beyond, down massive lines of corridors, lies the inner workings of the JL. High tech labs that mix both alien and earth technologies can be found there, conference rooms, and even some living areas.

*<O> leads to Avenue of Tomorrow [MET]
*<SKY> leads to Metropolis Airspace [SKY]


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This is not really a place Tony Stark visits often. Not because he doesn't like the city of course. No its a great city. Its mostly because he isn't really needed there. I mean with all the other suits with /actual/ powers hanging around they don't need one more man in a can to visit now to they.

Besides he usually ends up making people frown at him just by being himself.

He has a gift.

Regardless the Starktech jet that banks on an approach to the Hall of Justice is there. The sleek looking aircraft moving with a grace and speed that is leaps and bounds beyond most of what humanity has to offer. Painted reds and golds, Tony loves to show off, its a flashy thing. But they should be used to that by now.

He /could/ have come in a suit of course. But this isn't an official emergency visit. He has a pair on bord just in case, but the man himself is dressed down for the occasion. Well. Down-ish. The suit he wears likely costs more than the gross national product of a small country if the security scans are reading the amount of technology packed into it. Still it looks like a normal business suit, pin stripped and dark. Perfectly tailored as always.

He's called ahead, just to make sure the good Miss Danvers is home. I mean some of the League are fine to hang out with but if he has to listen to one more truth and justice lecture he might just fall asleep.

…the hazards of being friends with Steve.

Calling ahead? Danvers is out by the landing strip, watching the plane as it hotdogs in. Trust Tony to put on a show. Not that she minds terribly; if she were flying, she would be showing off at least a little bit, so why not?

Once the hatch opens and the stairs swing down, there's Captain Marvel, standing at the foot in her red and gold on blue costume, that long red sash about her waist flapping in the breeze. "Hey, Tony. You having fun? This way."

That said, Carol leads Tony to the building, keys herself in with one guest.

"Recognized: Captain Marvel, B-zero-seven. Guest acknowledged: Stark Tony, G-three-eight."

A bounce in his step, Tony strolls down the ramp with a wide smile on his face. "Carol! You know me, I can't stop having fun. Always good to see you. You as always look compleatly incredible. And I mean that in every way possible. Even in the ways that would get me slapped by most people." He chatters as he slips off his sunglasses, following along with her as a smile plays across his face.

"Man you all have to work on your pass phrases. G-three-eight. Does that at least stand for something cool? I hope it stands for something cool."

The man is in usual form today.

"So! I bet you're curious why I called!"

"G is for Guest. Three Eight is because you are the thirty-eighth guest profile stored in the system." Carol informs Tony, as if he doesn't already know. As good a friend as he is to Steve and Carol, it's rather unlikely he didn't already. It's why his guest profile number is so low. Someone new would be some four digit number, for pity's sake.

"Curious?" Carol shrugs, grabbing a bottle of water out of a fridge as they stroll. "Nah. I know you, Tony. Eventually, you'll come out with it if I just hover in your orbit long enough for you to get bored." Knows him well, see?

"I make all mine nicknames for people. Steve hates his." There is a flash of a wicked grin at that. He might be friends with the man, but that doesn't mean he's above teasing. "I guess thats cool enough. For now." He adds with a smirk towards her. "I'll work on something new."

"What when I run out of ways to compliment you and poke fun at the rest of the League? It might take awhile…" A beatpause. "…ok not that long a while, you know I can't keep focused for more than thirty seconds at a stretch. Anyway, met someone who name-dropped your name and I wanted to come by and find out if that was actually a thing. Since…I didn't know there was a new Kryptionian around these parts! …at least I'm pretty sure thats what she is."

Carol arches an eyebrow. "You mean Supergirl?" she inquires. That's the only new Kryptonian she's aware of. "We've met. Or rather, this her and I have met." The old Supergirl she knew much better. But apparently she's gone, like so many others. There are times when Carol gets really uncomfortable with the results of whatever it is that means the world is not as it was, as it 'should be'. She hates it. But her only choice is suicide; she can't undo it. "What about her?"

"Time shifts get so confusing," Stark just shakes his head. "I /really/ hate time travel. I mean dimention hopping I can deal with but all this crashing together just makes a mess!" The inventor adds with a shake of his head. "Though I think I'm more ok with dimetnion hopping because the last one I went too I was made a sun god buy a bunch of bug people."

A smirk at that before he cants his eyes in her direction again. "She crashed a party that Emma Frost was holding in Gotham, and seems to have /no/ clue how to use her powers." A shake of his head at that. "Or even that she had powers. It was kinda adoreable really. Just was wondering if you knew if she had a place to stay."

Carol just shudders at the idea. She is loathe to deal with either kind of scenario, honestly. Her world and her life are complicated enough without trying to keep track of all the stupid variations that can occur and what she's supposed to do about any of them. "She went to a high-class party? Weird. But, no weirder than anything else, I guess. My assumption, based on what she'd said, was that she was staying with Superman, and that he was teaching her. That's all I know." Though yes, Carol is the one who bought her a human wardrobe.

"Well she was there with this other kid, didn't catch the name but they way he was talking I'm guessing yet another transplant from somewhere. Said something about 'not his Tony'." Stark snorts. "I'm /my/ Tony that should be enough for anyone! Right?"

A shake of his head before he adds. "But yeah, she was there. The kid outted her as Kryptonian infront of Emma and I, then she ran off. After nearly blasting a hole in the wall and scaring herself half to death. The Boy Scout better get cracking on that teaching thing!" A pause. "She mentioned you brought her the clothes though, you always had good taste."

Carol shrugs. "Hey, I just do what I can. Not a big deal. Sorry for the damage she caused. I'll make sure someone is reimbursed." Yep, Carol is that blase about it. She's curious, obviously, but it's not her cousin, so it's not really her problem. She cares, but as with Tony the cross-world thing makes this feel like it's not really her Kara, and not really her problem. "I'll make sure to mention it to Superman when I see him. How have you been, otherwise?"

"Naw, she didn't do much more than scare a bunch of easily scandalized socialites. No harm no faul!" The inventor seems equaly willing to just wave it off. "I just wanted to make sure she was legitimate and not just using your name and all."

The man pauses before he stops for a moment to lean a shoulder against the smooth wall of the HQ. "Me? I'm always ok."

A smirk again returns after a moment of him standing there. "Trying to keep the world spinning. Its what we do isn't it? Now there is all this anti-mutant hate getting whipped up. Don't perticularly like it…" A chuckle then. "…people trying to get me to sign some kinda of accord thing. Its a mess." A beatpause. "We should go get dinner."

"Plenty of dinner to be had here at the mess hall." Carol teases. Not that she expects Tony to accept anything so plebian as all of that, but it's what she offers. "The food here is pretty damned good." And no black card required to pay for it.

"I've never been in favor of all of this crap." Carol is honest. "But like it or not, we're responsible to the legal authorities. If they sign it into law, we have to do what we have to do." Meaning Carol will sign the accords. Probably.

Stark just gives her a look. There is a twitch of a smirk. "Mess hall. Man you really do want me to get stared at by everyone." A beatpause. "You know I'm the only one here that most people could just casually flick to death right?" A flash of a grin, he doesn't seem bothered too much by it. More strangely proud of the fact that he's still human.

All too human at times.

"Yeah…I'm kinda on the fence about it right now. Though…man…the potentional for about of something like that is just what makes it a mess…" A pause. "…right now /I'm/ the downer in the conversation. This must be a first. I'll have to have JARVIS mark this down."

"Well, you're not the only 'normal human' here, Tony." Carol offers, honestly. "There are 'normal humans' all through the League." Not that she expects anyone to openly acknowledge that, but it's true. Granted, many of the League are super-powered. But many are not.

"No one is going to mind you in the mess hall. But the choice is yours. You said you were hungry, and that's the closest food." Carol is always so practical. "I mean, unless you brought a chef and a full kitchen on the plane."

"Well I could have a full kitchen and chef here in like…I don't know. Fifteen?" A blink. "Oh man maybe I should make a /chef/ suit. Just get JARVIS to whip up all the recipies. That would make things pretty easy…" He stops a moment before turning to smirk towards her. "I'm getting way off topic arn't I?" He asks with a raised eyebrow. "Anyway! Sure sure. Show me the way to your mess hall." A grin. "But next time? I choose the place."

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