Catching up

December 30, 2017:

Batman and Spoiler find Catwoman in a chance encounter after the Dockyard shootout.



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It's one of those Gotham nights as the year draws to a close. Cold, snow piled up in some places where it's been cleared, but the roads still aren't the best. There are a few patches of ice, slushy conditions, the sort of stuff drivers and pedestrians alike need to be wary of.

Somewhere near the Tin Roof Club, a motorcycle's engine hums then grows into something of a purr. The sport bike is a special one, customized in a variety of ways, not the least of which includes a good pair of tires for better traction in conditions that aren't optimal. Its rider, clad in a black catsuit, can be no other than Catwoman herself. Even the helmet has stylized cat ears atop it. She exits an alley and moves into traffic, a shoulder bag slung diagonally across her back. Perhaps she's been busy.


Despite appearances to the contrary, Batman has been keeping a low profile while he did his investigations lately. He's been spotted once or twice… but probably only because he wanted to be. Can't scare criminals in the city if they think he's disappeared again, can he?

Running in stealth mode for most of the week, the second Batmobile has been equipped for the weather. This version Batmobile is specifically designed to blend into the city, while still having enough technology to put up a fight… or to get out of dodge with a fancy cloak.

This Batmobile though? No one has seen it outside the Batcave yet. That's about to change.

Behind Catwoman, she can suddenly hear the sound of a heavy duty engine and see the lights turn on as Batman switches into pursuit mode behind her.

Spoiler? She's in the Batmobile passenger seat when Catwoman is found. Originally, she was tasked with visual recon for some of the activity for Gothams gangs… but the bag has Batman suspicious of the Kitty, so she was recalled immediately for the chase.

In the Batmobile itself? Batman has his winter suit on; the red and black still there, but less armored, and more weather geared. "We don't have time for this." Batman gripes offhandedly, the voice scrambler on.


Recalled to a new task, Spoiler leans forward a bit, eyes scanning the area. She's on the look out for side streets Catwoman could dodge into, or traffic or other obstacles. Any of these, she's ready to call out to Batman. Not a side-seat driver, but a second pair of eyes not needing to focus on the road directly ahead of them.

Voice scrambler is cool. Steph doesn't have one on her kit yet, so her voice retains the very human and quite girlie quality of always.

"Alley two blocks up, after the light. Trash can on the left."


Glancing at one of the side mirrors as the engine kicks in behind her, Catwoman squints and turns her head to verify what she thinks she's seeing. The headlights make it a little difficult, but sometimes you just know. "How many of those things does he have, anyway?" she asks herself, no sign of her face visible behind the helmet's visor and more.

However, she doesn't speed up. In fact, she was (mostly) keeping to the speed limit, even! Winter driving means safe driving, right? Shaking her head, she returns her focus to the road ahead of her, deciding to lead them along for the time being. No sudden ducking into an alley, no racing ahead. Is it truly a pursuit when the one being pursued isn't even trying to escape so far?


"She thinks she's going to toy with us." Batman notes, before he presses a button on the dashboard. The screen at the front turns on with a targeting screen, and Batman hits the shape of Catwomans bike with his index finger, followed by 'Magnetic Harpoon'. "Get ready for a chase." Batman gives in an aside to Spoiler, before he taps 'fire' on the screen… and a sleek looking launcher pops out of the front end of the Batmobile, launching the specialized hook/magnet combo 'harpoon' at Catwomans motorcycle.

Looks like Batman isn't in a mood for games, tonight.


"Maybe she's just out for a drive to clear her head?" Spoiler offers even as she's sitting back and bracing for a high speed(?) batmobile chase. A side glance is given to Batman before Steph quiets anything else she had to say on the matter. Batdad in bad mood, most likely; shutting up now. Her gaze moves back out the front windshield.


Catwoman's eyes narrow behind the visor. Games or not, she's got a bead on that little addition to the front of the Batmobile, leading her to grumble to herself, "Really?" The engine purrs at a higher RPM as she revs it, nudging the bike to the left as the grapple line is launched. It comes close, but it misses the mark.

Now, there may be a decision to make. Fight or flight? Stay close enough to risk a second attempt working, or put some distance between them? The choice is soon made as she cycles down her speed and moves to the driver's side of the new Batmobile, giving the window a long look on the opposite side of the mirror-like surface of the visor. The tilt of her head suggests a question, probably a pointed one at that.


The line is brought back in easily; the computer automatically doing so upon failed attachment, and when Catwoman comes over instead of runs, there's a moment as Batman looks through the one way mirror of the Batmobile cockpit at her.

Batman says nothing as he presses another button on the dashboard, and hits another key multiple times; the loudspeaker built into the Batmobile is activated and linked to the transceiver in his winter helmet, with the volume low enough that Catwoman can hear, but not the whole city block. "We need to talk. Pull over." Batmans scrambled voice is heard clearly as the harpoon launcher slides back into the structure.


You know. Maybe the cat did get into something? With nothing to do but wait for the car to be pulled over and Batman to tell her to get out, Spoiler gets her phone and starts scrolling through her alert feeds of the area, looking for any alarms that might have gotten tripped recently. @SpoiledBat #QuietNight?


Nothing immediate comes up on whatever Spoiler is checking, but if there's anyone who knows how to beat an alarm system it's the woman on the motorcycle. So, all /seems/ quiet on the surface. The shoulder bag, however, sits such that it looks like there's some weight to it, whatever's inside.

Without a word, Catwoman gestures toward a side street. Can't they just imagine her rolling her eyes at them? "Can you hear me, or does that little speaker of yours only work one way?" She hasn't stopped yet, but she is easing back ahead.


It is, apparently, only one way… because Batman doesn't respond and neither does Spoiler. Intentional? Who knows. Batman does pull them over into the street though, and once Catwoman stops, he stops.

The Canopy pops open then, and slides back. Batman stands up, the winter gear obvious on his suit from the way he doesn't seem to be chilled at all. He steps out, then onto the road, and waits for Catwoman to start heading over.

Meanwhile, Batman is scanning the contents of the bag with various spectrums of vision via neural interface. Electromagnetic, X-ray, radioactive, thermal… When it comes to the Kitty, never hurts to be able to keep up with potential lies. Spoiler isn't given any orders yet… but given how ridiculously *cold* it is out there, she's also been given a winter suit.


As the canopy opens and the cold air rushes in, Spoiler is thankful for the added layer of the winter suit. And for the purple scarf she grabbed on her way out. She pulls it up to cover the lower part of her face, exposed by the Batgirl-like cowl she wears.

And Spoiler stays in the car, head turning to look and to shift the 'ears' of her suit so she can eavesdrop from the car. All bundled, only the fade lavender-white glow of her lenses can be seen.

@SpoiledBat #TooCold #HotCocoaAfter? #Ready4Summer


Catwoman takes her sweet time about the stopping part, likely trying to irritate Batman by moving ahead a few more feet just as he seems about to stop, then finally coming to a halt within view of the Tin Roof Club itself. She's also in her winter wear, consisting of a thicker looking suit that's closer to what a diver might be seen in.

"You know, you have a funny way of trying to get someone's attention," she points out once he's exited the Batmobile. She remains straddling the motorcycle for now, the visor flipped up so her goggles can be seen, breath forming on the air. "Do you always try to latch on to someone you want to talk to? If you scratched up my bike, I'd have had to key your car." Of course, as she flexes her fingers, the claws are on display.

Whatever his scans, they reveal some sort of carton or two in the shoulder bag, filled with a liquid. "It's cold out, so make it fast. I have places to be."


Then, after a moment is taken to look back to the interior of the Batmobile, she adds, "I didn't know you did ride-alongs with your trainees." Spoiler has been noted.


"It was the easiest way to get your attention, instead of you trying to toy with me." Batman comments, before he steps forward. "Why were you at the dock deal?" Batman inquires as he's heading over.


Dock deal. Spoiler does the teenage thing and 'plays' on her phone. Namely, she used her phone's connection to the Batcomputer and Oracle's DELPHI systems to see what Batman might have updated on something at one of the docks districts in Gotham recently.

Don't mind me! I'm just looking like I'm updating Twitter. @SpoiledBat <mug of hot coffee emoji> <You Tube Link: "Baby, It's Cold Outside"> #IcicleBat


"Now why would you assume that? I was following all traffic laws, I have my helmet on, and I was driving safely. You're the one who came roaring up on me like an aggressive driver with an attitude and tried to hook me," Catwoman alleges. Games? She can play them, and she can dig deep into semantics when it suits her purposes.

The shoulder bag is slung off and opened up for her to reach in for something. "Since you're both probably so curious, Here. Don't drop it." Sure enough, a carton is what's lobbed Batman's way. A carton of milk. "I was out and my cat wouldn't leave me alone about it. Satisfied now?" Just imagine her, in full costume, walking into some corner store, sauntering over to the cold section.

As for the docks, her answer is more to the point, though not by much. "I was monitoring what was going down." She keeps an eye on Spoiler, squinting in her direction as she does whatever she does with the phone.


Batman listens… and listens. He doesn't move an inch, except for the cold weather fluttering his cape here and there. "You could have monitored from a safe distance much easier." Batman doesn't even look at the carton, grabbing it deftly, before he walks up to Catwoman… and hands it over. "I'd recommend some technique adjustment." A joke? From Batman? Once the carton is taken, Batman turns around and starts to head back to the Batmobile. "Things are going to get messy. I wouldn't do more 'monitoring'; It might become hazardous to your health." Batman gives Catwoman in a tip. "Never know when the thugs in town will start shooting again." Batman continues, as he climbs into the Batmobile.

Yes, it looks like he's ignoring the driving griping of the Kitty.


In the car, Spoiler's head twitches up and to the left. It's a signal to her HUD to replay and zoom.

Ooh! Milk carton.

Purple painted lips beneath a purple scarf kick up in an amused grin.

@SpoiledBat <YouTube Link: Simon's Cat "Cat Man Do">

With the conversation apparently drawing to a close, Spoiler skims the information on the docks deal Batman mentioned to kill time until his back in the car and asking her to side seat spot again. Tag-a-long? Yup. #SHOTGUN!


"You're the one with the drones everywhere," Catwoman reminds him, a way of explaining her need to get a little closer to things she's in the middle of investigating. She stuffs the milk back in her bag and shoulders it again, crossing her arms at his attempted pun, if that's what it is.

His words of warning do little in the way of having an effect on her. "I'll decide what I think is too dangerous for me or not," she remarks, which may be why she got out of the situation at the docks when she did. "And they never /stopped/ shooting while you were off wherever it is you were."

She's eyeing him with lingering suspicion, looking from him to Spoiler and back again. Was this /all/ he came after her for? And she's the one playing the games? "That's it, then?" she goes as far as asking.


[Stephanie Brown teleports to the Quiet Room.]


She might be suspicious, but she hasn't earned many explanations from Batman. Not yet. They've known about each other for a while, but the most he's willing to do it seems is give non-committal forewarning…

"That's it. You're not screwing around, so you're free to go." Batman gives in response. It's certainly more than most of the criminals in Gotham get.

The canopy closes and locks in place, then… and Batman reverses the car in place, before heading out. Once out of sight.. it… seems to vanish into the night. The noise of the engine is gone, as is it.


Catwoman sniffs once, a haughty response if there ever was one once he's out of sight. "How generous of you." Their relationship, it'd seem, remains on antagonistic, not entirely trusting terms. Time will tell which way that goes, but after shaking her head she revs the motorcycle up again before pulling her own disappearing act on the area. At least Isis will have her milk.

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