What Color Dresses

December 29, 2017:

A few of the X-Mansion people meet up in the rec room for a little discussion about Lorna's future wedding.

Xavier's School


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Lorna was sprawled on the couch, dozing once more as it seemed that was all she did for the last few days. Plans to go to Genosha were still planned to occur, but it was more of a 'when we get there, thing'. Marcos had gone off in search of, well something. She wasn't sure. Likely out to get more chocolate chips for her to bake more cookies. She'd complained and he'd gone.

Between Marcos and Darcy, Lorna hadn't actually done anything more strenuous than baking cookies, eating cookies, and driving a car since she'd gotten up from the Medbay after her rescue.

Stir crazy didn't even get to the level of how much Lorna was tired of being tired already.

Rogue stepped into the rec room with a black hoodie on and the hood lifted up over her head, she had on a leather flight pilot's jacket overtop of it and some dark blue jeans tucked into tall boots that went up to her knees. She's carrying a few bags of groceries from the store and she sets them down on the countertops in the kitchenette off to the side of the main rec area. She has a bright green headphones wire trailing down out of her two-tone hair down into her hoodie's pocket and she's humming some music softly to herself.

Bets said Shopping to Rogue, and what she got was … Groceries, but despite some minor sidelong looks from Rogue, Betsy made 'Pit-Stops' at botiques and durg Rogue in. The food was in cold-tight bags where needed, so Psylocke has no concern as she steps within with Rogue in an awkward arm-hooked tow to be sized, but by careful (gloved) hands of Psylocke to give measurements.

Fabric, measuring tape, and stall-doors fly in hours passing until they return.

Rogue has a reason behind her 'zen' music headset, but it is bluetooth! «Threw your bags in your room, I won't go in. It smells like aged alcohol and the horses.»
Leave it unsaid Psy did the same to her own bags as she joins company in the Rec Room of Xavier's, plucking a bud of her own headset out. "So domesti—-"

A pause as violet gaze lingers on Lorna, a manicured brow (freshly threaded!) lifts and the tiny bottle of Pinot is slid into the pocket of hide trenchcoat lined in a dark purple stained fur.

"How long did it take them after?" A question from Psylocke to Polaris before the jacket half-slid off shoulders is caught and tossed over a chair in 'Claim'.

Lorna blinked away at the noise of others entering into the main room, lifting her head from the pillows and nest of blankets she'd made for herself. She should've gone upstairs but then, the couch had been warm. And getting up was hard.

Green eyes settled first on Rogue with her music and headphones and then her gaze slid over to Betsy as woman asked her question. It took the green haired mutant a moment, rubbing her eyes and yawning faintly.

"Hmm? Long? Eh.. Maybe a few hours? An hour? I didn't have a clock and I couldn't exactly feel the Earth's magnetic fields to tell you." She muttered and dragged her knees to her chest.

"Also, I need your help with planning a wedding in the next.. month? Two? Darcy has been helping and all.."

"But you got name dropped, and Rogue wanted yellow for bridesmaids dresses and now I've got to figure out a political power house of a guest list," Darcy says, flipping apps and turning her tablet so Betsy can see the wedding dress selection. A white thing with red roses and trim. Over al, gorgeous.

"Wanna help?"

"I like alcohol'n horses." Rogue said quietly with a little grin on her dark red hued lips. She started to set the bags down and pulled items out from within them, setting them down one by one and wadding up the plastic bags there-afire… stuffing them into her pilot's jacket left handwarmer pocket. Rogue reached her hand up to pop her headphones out of her ears and then tucked them down into the top of her zipped-up hoodie. She kept quiet humming though. "Tooootally yellow." She said, nodding her head inside of her hood, her back still turned to the rest of the room while she faced the counters. "Or, ya know, whateve'ah. Ya'll don't want that color, don't get it. Its up to you. I'll make due either way."

Betsy nearly freezes when Darcy makes herself present, the reveal of color-choices causin he nose to crinkle along the bridge. "Yellow is not my colour." A flick of wrist, a draw of fingers over exposed skin fraed in black-on-mulberry attire, accented in silver.

The British accent is definite from the Asian woman.

But from "Display", her wrist flicks and points to Lornaon the couch. "First you crawl before you walk, than you run…" A Tsk-Tsk of finger in tick-tock of motion. "Month. One." A single finger extends before it hooks a bag and tosses it Lorna's way. "So walk." Call Psylocke cold, but the bag of vegetation will do her no damage but give her reason to get the hell up!

"Cookies are the prize. White Chocolate covered Oreo's." A snare from one of Rogues bags and they are waved like in an 80's commercial while winking to Rogue. "Face it, you lay there and be catetred to, your dress will be the only thing holding you in."

Psylocke won't coddle, but the wedding dress revelation has her drawing basck and flicking gaze to Rogue. "This…" A shift of flippant wrist between screen and the Belle shows the unsurety, the /tension/…
"Not my bag. I do not like yellow, or red… Mostly."

It almost looks as if Psylocke needs hand sanitizer!
Lorna laughed softly, and shook her head as she pushed herself up to stand. "I don't want anymore cookies. Thanks. I baked a few dozen today. Already sick of them." She exhaled a breath, dragging her hands through her hair.

"Also, I was thinking blue might be universally kinder to people in the wedding party. Illyana, you all.. Jean." She tugged her sleeves down her arms as the chill from under the blankets sunk in.

"And yeah, it's gotta be in like a month or two.. or I'm not going to fit any wedding dresses soon."

"WEll, it's not your wedding. You were name dropped to help, not be a bitch," Darcy says to Betsy while she leans forward to collect the thing tossed. Pushing to her feet, tablet still in hand, Darcy starts for the kitchen.

"You wanna drink, Lorna?"

The grocery bags were wadded up and stuffed into her jacket pocket and then the remainder of the groceries were put away into the cabinets and the fridge in here. Rogue pulled a bottle of tea out of the fridge and turned to look at the other three, she smirked at the dress conversation. "I'll wear whateve'ah ya want me to. Just hand it t'me and tell me what time, where t'be, I'll be there." She popepd open her drink and took a sip from it and then glanced over to Darcy. "Don't think Betsy was tryin' t'sound bitchy, think she's just tryin' t'have a good time."

Darcy is paused upon once more, and there is an evident debate in some form of /relevance/.

"Ooo~kay~" Sarcasm viden in the rotation of eyes in Psylocke's sockets as the SHIELD Agent 'over reacts' enough to cause Psylocke to smile, the tilt of lips towards her when she turns to make her wasy back towards aifdidng in grocery dispersal. A hand rises when Rogue is to her defense, one meant to guard Rogue from any backfire!

Milk plced on lower shelf for the smaller Mutants…

"I was speaking for matching the bride, but forgive me the name "Named", for the designee/"
A flicker in rotation of wrist and Darcy is -handed the title- by a *flick* of finger with a wink.

"Bitch is not just my middle name, so please, annuciate, Agent." A kiss to tips and she offers a waning smile to Rogue.

"I think I will repay your unloading burden with more wine..later.." Bets tried, but Bets is done.

Lorna stood there for a long moment, seeming to take a long moment to try to follow the conversation between the three other women. A muffled groan followed and Lorna dragged her hands over her face and grimaced. Her fingers tangling in the green of her hair. "Can I please just have people get along and help me plan a damned wedding without heads butting? Please? I'm pregnant, and freaked out and I have a civil war to end in Genosha, Magneto to deal with, and half siblings that are wanted criminals, and a fiance that is too damned fucking happy, an Ex-boyfriend that still doesn't know and I hate all of this and I'm having melt down!" She exhaled a breath, heaving for air as she shuddered.

"And I can't even have a damned drink." She snarled, her voice hitching as suddenly everything metal around her jumped with each point of her words. She was left swallowing a hard lump in the back of her throat.

Rogue watched Betsy and then smiled softly at her. "Ya had me at 'more wine', Purple." Rogue said back to her fellow X-Man before grinning and then taking another sip of her drink. Her green eyes followed Darcy while that mysterious SHIELD-woman departed from the rec room… Then she looked over at Lorna and just sort've watched the green haired bridge-to-be. Rogue certainly thought it was an odd time to get married, with the whole Genosha thing going on… but she sure knew not to say it outloud! "Look, Lorna." She spoke out, clearing her throat. "I'm here t'help ya, just tell me how and it'll get done."


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