The Short Artificially Lit Tea Time Of The SHIELD

March 13, 2015:

Various SHIELD agents come and go, talking about various things over coffee and tea. There are no pastries or cucumber sandwiches.

The Triskelion


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In a building the size of the Triskelion, break rooms are plural. Still, there's certain ones that people gravitate towards. There's one in particular near the top of the tower that has a nice view, a good kitchen and comfortable sofas. It's far enough away from the labs that the eggheads don't pass out on the couches while waiting for lab results, but deep enough inside the secure levels that the agents can relax.
Emmett Argyle is currently seated at the table, eating from a Tupperware container of spaghetti and slurping a V8 while looking at something on a tablet. He's currently the only person in the room.

Sara is still settling in here. Training isn't so bad. There are new things to learn, but she's a quick study. She was top of her class at the police academy, and the youngest to make detective in the history of the precinct. Learning a few new procedures isn't hard. The hard part is figuring out where she fits.

The most important part of starting work at anywhere new, though, is finding the good coffee. Which is what's brought her here. A rumor that the coffee in this break room is more palatable than the coffee on the sixth floor.

"So I'm walking down 9th." Paul is saying to Sara as they walk in. "And just as I'm passing it, I decide to stop at this little Mediterranean deli. And right behind the counter is a demon. I swear, they're all over the damn place. Was it Constantine or Blood or said they weaker ones can sneak out on their own. Cause I swear there's got to be an underground railroad for demons wanting to come cause problems. Fortunately, there weren't any customers." The rest pretty much goes without saying.

Argyle isn't so engrossed in his tablet-reading that he's unaware of people entering. He's certainly not unaware enough to miss demon-talk. His eyebrows raise when he overhears the tail end of Paul's story. "That sounds like a tale best told over beers. All we got's coffee, though. And the level sevens and up sorta frown on Irishing that up." His words are coated in a Louisiana drawl.

"Both, I think," Sara replies ruefully to Paul's question of which wizard said what, heading over to the coffee. "You sort of get used to it. Eventually. And then you get really, really sick of it. And then you either work it out, or you crack. Just like being any other kind of cop," she adds with a smirk, reaching out to clap a hand to Paul's shoulder as Argyle speaks up. "On the up side, you should have a harder time going through partners than I did. Coffee's good enough for me, thanks," she adds with a flash of a smile for Argyle. "I heard a rumor it was less bad up here. Any merit to that?"

"It's not all that different from being a cop." Paul agrees, nodding at what Sara says then glancing over at Emmett. "It's just surprising, is all. I'm not even including the ones coming after me specifically. They're just here. Coffee is fine." he tells Emmett. "Even without the Irish."

"Ayep. This is the place. Don't ever drink the stuff on any level with a lab. Somethin' in the air, man. It just tastes off." Argyle wrinkles his nose. "Also, the milk tends to grow its own ecosystem at an alarming rate. Don't know what the hell's up with that."
His spaghetti more or less done, he stands and wipes his hands off on a napkin. "Y'all are new around here, I take it?" He moves over towards the coffee machine. "This one's got a trick to it. And the trick is, use the filters from the back of the box. Don't ask me why, but it throws up errors if the filter is wrinkly."

"Duly noted," Sara nods as she pulls out a cup, pouring herself some of the current pot. "And yeah, we're new here. So to speak. We both did a little bit of contract and liaison work before we signed on all the way, but the badge wallet is still a little stiff around the edges." She doesn't add anything to her coffee, stepping over to offer a hand. "Sara Pezzini. This is my partner, Paul Manning. Both formerly NYPD."

"EI division." Paul adds, offering a hand once Sara's is released. EI would be Extranormal Investigations. Once he's poured his cup, he adds some Half & Half or milk or whatever's available. Though not without a quick look at it, despite Emmett's implied assurance it's safe. "Pleased to meet you."

A hand is extended to take Sara's. "Emmett Argyle. Some folks call me Socks. And well, if you want any insider tips, I'm your guy. I've been around here…" he sucks air between his teeth and looks up and to the right as he thinks, "…coming up on 11 years? I'm a part-time lab rat, part-time field grunt. I do weapons R&D and demolitions. Lil bit of wetwork too, if it's needed." He shakes Paul's hand in turn, too. "Welcome to the club. Get lost yet?"

Sara's grip is firm, someone used to shaking hands, and with people who make more of a point of it than she does. "I've got a feeling they're going to have me stopping by weapons R&D at some point, actually," she nods as she steps back, taking a sip of the coffee. "I'm pretty good at reading the signs, haven't gotten too turned around yet."

"Besides, we'd been here a fair amount before deciding to join up." Paul continues. "Lobby to conference rooms. Lobby to offices. Lobby to Medbay." He glances over at Sara and shakes his head. "You shouldn't. But you're probably right."

Argyle's hands bear the telltale callouses of someone who fires weapons frequently. His handshake is likewise firm. "Well, I'm usually down there when not assigned to an active mission. I mostly work on upgrades and modifications. Sometimes I'm building from scratch, but those projects usually start off with someone smarter than me." He grins wryly.

Sara shrugs to Paul. "Shouldn't's relative. It's not like it's a gun they can take away from me. I've had enough people try to take it to know that it's mine now. But eventually I'm going to die, and when it happens, I'd rather SHIELD figure out a way to keep it safe than have it end up in someone else's very bad hands. Besides, I want someone to know things in case something goes wrong. Sorry," she adds to Argyle. "Don't mind us."

Paul smiles at Emmett's comment. "So you're a tech and a field agent. Impressive." He shrugs at what Sara says. "I was thinking more that having a file on it might be dangerous. We were here when they had that security breach, remember? Though that reminds me… Spear is still there? I haven't asked in a while. We really need to think of something to do with it."

Argyle holds up a hand towards Sara. "No, no. S'ok." He's clearly curious about just what it is they're talking about, but he's not the type to pry. "I guess," he says of Paul's comment. "Actually using the equipment in the field gives me a perspective the full-time scientists don't have. The biggest thing is that they try to add too many doodads or the handling is not intuitive or comfortable. You don't wanna mess with muscle memory of field agents if you don't have to."
He glances down at his watch and sucks air between his teeth again. "Listen, I should probably get back down to the lab, speakin' of science. It was nice to meet you both, welcome aboard, all that." He claps his hands together. "Beer sometime? Trust me, you're gonna be wanting to make yourself leave this building for not-mission reasons now and again. Not that I'm assuming you don't have personal lives or anything. I just know how this kinda work can go. I mean…" he waves a hand. "I'm just gonna stop talkin' now."

One of the less common of May's duties is unofficially termed 'hassle the newbies'. Nah, just kidding. It might feel that way, though, when May enters the lounge area still in full mission gear (or maybe freshly in full mission gear, difficult to tell) and gives the trio chatting a brief nod as she heads toward the coffee counter.

May bypasses the coffee completely, though, and fills a ceramic mug with steaming-hot water from a different dispenser nearby (but not attached to the coffee maker. Ew, no.) then adds a tea bag whose paper sleeve has zero English printed on it. Then, finally, she turns to regard the others. And says, nothing.

"It's safe," Sara nods to Paul, though she doesn't give any more detail than that. "Nice meeting you, Socks," she adds with a brief smile for the other agent. "Beer sometime sounds good." She takes another sip of her coffee, then nods to May's silent stare treatment. "Agent May."

"I know exactly what you mean." Paul assures Emmett. All agencies like to try out new equipment and the grunts are the guinea pigs. "Beer is always good. We can definitely go get some sometime off duty. Believe me, I have no desire to start bunking in this place." he adds just as May comes in. Someone who probably does bunk in this place, whether it's by choice or not. "Nice meeting you Socks. Catch you later. Agent May."

Argyle pauses long enough to clean up after himself (because he's a good guy, not just because May is standing there staring.) He gives the stony-faced senior agent a nod, then lifts his hand to all gathered. "Welcome aboard again. It's good to have some cop blood in the ranks." Then he's slipping out while whistling an aimless little tune.

Melinda May watches Argyle leave, then studies the former NYPD pair before snagging a paper coffee cup to carry empty to a nearby table along with her still-steeping tea. "How are you both?" Clearly, simply moving toward the table is an invitation to sit.

"Settling," Sara answers May with a small smile, taking another sip of her coffee. "Well, actually. First time in a long time I've been able to just focus on the work." She moves to the table, pulling out a chair and settling in with her elbows on the table.

"Fine." Paul answers, moving over to take a seat as well. "It's not much different from anywhere else at its core. A bit more rigid in some ways than the force, a bit less than the Marines. Feels strange though not dealing with civilians and their problems."

Melinda May claims a chair herself and nods to each of them as they relate how well they're settling in. "That's one of the perks of this job," she deadpans to Manning. "It's a trade off. The paperwork is government-level red tape. You're getting off easy so far." She then plucks the tea bag out of her ceramic mug and drops it into the paper cup.

"Mmmm, paperwork," Sara drawls with a look toward Paul. "You know, Paul, did I ever mention how really good you are at paperwork?" They may be the new recruits, but there's something to be said for having been partners for the better part of a year already.

"I like dealing with civilians and their problems." Paul notes. He's the nice one. Which probably explains why he was slow in joining up. "You know, I think you have mentioned that a time or two." he responds blandly to Sara. "Which is why, purely for your own good, I'll let you do the majority of it so you can improve your skills. After all, what if you're lost in a desert without me and need to fill out some reports.

Being who and what she is, Natasha has her own space in the Triskelion. She's not there much, but people are generally respectful of it, and it's slightly more than just a place to hang her hourglass-belt. It's also a fantastic place for anyone who A. has her permission and B. likes things that don't come out of drip coffee pots.

Natasha likes her drinks. She likes her French press. She likes her vacuum pot. She has an entire collection of Ways To Make Beverages, and those who ask nicely, who prove themselves to be Responsible and Worthy and Not Accident-Prone, and — especially — those who bring her tea or coffee she appreciates, may have access to her Cupboard of Beverage Machines.

The scent that follows her and her very large mug into the room suggests that today's tea came from a samovar. She strolls on in wordlessly, nodding to the others and strolling toward a chair.

"Well then," May says over a sip of her tea. "Now I know who to take along when there's a high profile mission on the docket." She takes a second sip of her tea, then nods to Romanoff as she enters as if completely unsurprised by her arrival. As she nods, the faint glint of a chain at her neck shows past her garment for just the briefest moment.

Simmons wanders into the break room, reading her the tablet she has in her hand, oblvious to the others in the room. She's wearing her lab coat but has remembered to remove her safety googles and has been sequestered in the R&D lab since the incident at the zoo… there's a lot of results to go through. Right now, she's heading to the tea making facility.

"That's why I have a gun," Sara deadpans at Paul's desert suggestion. "I'll make sure to save a bullet." She takes another sip of her coffee, smile quirking despite herself. "In all seriousness, though, I'm liking it here so far." As others come in, she looks up from her coffee, tracking Natasha with cop eyes before Simmons catches her attention. "Hey, Simmons," she calls over, smile flickering. "How's the lizard man holding up?"

"For yourself?" Paul asks with a grin. "Isn't filling out a form less drastic?" He tracks Tasha as she walks in though the glint at May's throat catches his eye. Brow furrowing a moment, he looks over at May and quirks a brow in query though doesn't actually ask anything. LIfting his cup, he takes a sip of coffee and looks over at Simmons when she walks in as well. Getting busy.

May receives a small nod from Natasha, who tosses her hair slightly to one side. She sits backward on a chair, settling in and leaning her chest against it. It's a comfortable sprawl, and she's evidently quite content with being quiet. For now. Her eyes flick to May, to her neck, but they skim right past as though quite confident there's nothing there she needs to be worried about. She observes Simmons. She looks on past.

"May," she says. Nods once.

Melinda May of course notices Paul and Natasha's eyes catch on the chain at her neck, but she doesn't offer either of them any information. It's for her to know, and for them to wonder and NOT ask. Her eyes then track Simmons briefly though return to Sara at the mention of a lizard man and then focus on the biochemist again, far more intently. WHAT lizard man? She doesn't even ask that question aloud, though she does acknowledge Natasha's greeting and returns it in kind. "Romanoff."

Jemma has been heading for Mays 'secret tea stash'… and pauses as Sara calls out to her, dragging her attention from her tablet. "Oh, Agent Pezzini and Agent May, I didn't see you there." she speaks distractedly "The lizard person… well it's still alive. We're holding it, and the other creatures, at an offsite facility." Tapping the tablet, she frowns a little "I'm still analysing the results but …. " She's not sure who is and isn't cleared to hear this news so she turns to make herself tea.

"It's not a form. It's never a form. You take one step down that road…" Sara shakes her head with a smirk at Paul, cradling her coffee between her hands. Precious, precious coffee. "Save a bullet." She winks, then takes a sip, looking curiously to Simmons' explanation. "But they're not from around these parts, are they?" she summarizes.

Paul looks from Sara to Jemma and back. "Lizard man?" he asks. "Other creatures? I assume they were hostile and couldn't be reasoned with?" Which might be considered an obvious, or perhaps insulting, question but hey. Government agencies don't have the best reputation and he's a realist. "Are they from this dimension?"

"Simmons." How does Romanoff know the young agent's name? Think about that question for a moment. But she does, and she doesn't even look at the young woman as she speaks, pausing only just a moment to take a sip of her mug again. Russians, like Indians and Brits, are tea-worshipers. She raises her mug slightly, letting the aroma waft.

"There's more of this in my office. Have some."

And if she's concerned about lizard men, she's not saying anything. Just listening.

"Most of them aren't sentient," May asides seemingly randomly. She does, after all, keep up with the goings on around SHIELD. She's nearly finished her mug of tea, but doesn't seem inclined to get up and fix a refill. She glances over at Natasha waving that samovar-brewed tea. "That the Kashmiri blend?"

Simmons finishes preparing herself a lovely cup of tea and turns back to the group. Cutting her eyes to May and then back to her tablet. "Well, they might be…" slipping into a chair at the table, she startles slightly as Romanoff says her name but is distracted with the information she has to share. "from around here, but just not this time period." Paul gets some attention "We've not met, I think, I'm Dr Jemma Simmons. And I believe they are from this dimension as well."

Sara's brows rise at Simmons' explanation. "Now that's an interesting one. The call out from the other day," she adds in explanation to Paul. "I think you were qualifying over at the range. There was a spike in some readings, I went out that way with Steve and some of the science agents," she nods toward Simmons. "To the zoo. Things went weird there. Pretty sure we cut out the civilian casualties, though."

"Manning." Paul tells Simmons. So, mostly not sentient. Which doesn't answer his question but he wasn't really expecting anything else. "Not from this time? Interesting." Sara gets a nod. "Yes." He passed of course and with more than just pistols. "So did they have a purpose coming here?"

"And in the Kashmiri samovar," Natasha confirms. "That copper one I showed you on eBay." Romanoff likes to get things right. Siiiiip. She eyes Simmons's tea and shrugs: if the woman isn't going to avail herself of something clearly better, it's no skin off her nose. She'll just offer it to Fitz when she sees him.

But she pauses when listening to the conversation, rolling the tea around in her mouth and swallowing before raising a finger: "Point of order," she says. "Are you telling me you have an intelligent saurian humanoid in the basement? Does she respond to 'Madam Vastra'? Was there a man with floppy hair and a silly suit, too?"

Melinda May furrows her brow at Natasha very briefly at the vaguely familiar name she just tossed out, though she can't really place where she's heard it before. (hint: probably from Couson in passing) She contemplates the offer of tea from the samovar in Natasha's office. She'll definitely be heading that way for a refill, but she can wait for now. "What can you tell us about this lizard person, Simmons?"

"Agent Manning" Simmons bobs her head then looks vaguely at Natasha "Not responding to anything at the moment, we're keeping it sedated. I'm not sure if it even could respond to us." The young biochemist clearly did not get the reference. "The lizard person" cutting her eyes to May "is not a lizard at all. They are human, their DNA has just been warped causing the physical changes we've noted." biting her lip, she thinks for a moment "I've only been examining the samples I've taken, I want to go and visit this person soon and see what I can find."

"Based on my analysis though" Jemma takes a sip of her tea and sighs in delight "Fitz and I surmise the DNA warping is due to someone being sped up so much to get them to travel through time." Looking back at her tablet and then to May again "There's more…"

Sara takes another sip of coffee, considering Simmons' theory. "Like some sort of radiation damage, almost? The process of moving through time warps the code and you end up with an elephant with two heads, or a person who looks like a lizard when it comes out the other end." She pauses, making a face. "I'm going to say that's a failed experiment for the creator, if that's the case."

Having received a text from Simmons, Fitz comes wandering in. He's wearing a pair of slacks, a shirt sans tie, and a navy cardigan, unbuttoned. "Simmons says there's tea?" he asks, before casting a look toward his research partner. "Don't tell me you're actually getting this lot some proper culture."

Melinda May can't help but agree with Sara, though she refrains from making a similar face. Instead, her eyes briefly track Manning and Romanoff each as they take their leave, and she adds her own two cents. "What else, Simmons?" Her eyes flick up toward Fitz as he arrives. Well, that explains part of why her tea stash has been dwindling so quickly of late.

"I suppose that's an analogy" Simmons looks to Sara and then is momentarily distracted as Fitz walks in. "The results vary widely, the first samples I got from a few weeks back…" she shakes her. Wait! Is she saying, she's already seen this before?

"Hello Fitz, I'm just bringing Agent Pezzini and May up to speed on our findings." Turning her attention back to the two women, Simmons consults her tablet. She doesn't have to, she's just stalling for time. "Well…." she says slowly "the green lizard-person had something in their hand. It was mangled terribly, but it was a watch and it had an inscription on it." Biting her lip and cutting her eyes to Fitz, Simmons continues "The watch belonged to Agent Peggy Carter."

Sara pauses at Simmon's explanation, letting that sink in for a moment. "Agent Peggy Carter, one of the pioneers of women in the service," she says in a carefully even tone. "Any chance there are some old mission reports of her running into one of these sorts of- no, it wouldn't be a creature like that when she ran into it if it was the time travel that made it all…lizardy." Nope. She's not saying anything else about Peggy Carter.

Finding a seat, Fitz looks toward Agent May and then Sara in turn. "Congratulations, by the way. Welcome to the insanity."

After fixing himself some tea, the young engineer seems content to sit quietly and observe for the moment. In the past few weeks, he's seen far more action than he's ever wanted to see. Truth be told, it's rather pleasant to be in others' company, without being drilled for scientific results or wielding fringe tech.

He does nod his head when Simmons explains what has taken place. "The one and only," he offers quietly.

Melinda May focuses on Simmons again at that. "SSR Agent Margaret Carter's watch?" Wow. Laser focus going on here. "And you say you've had multiple occurrences where evidence has been collected. Show me a map of these locations."

Looking over to her friend, Simmons nods slowly. "Correct, Agent Pezzini, Agent May, the one and only" Jemma gets why the two women might just be interested in this. Pulling up the information on her tablet, Jemma shows May the locations. Rum Row and the Central Park Zoo.

"There was some form of ectoplasm that we managed to gather in the latest anomaly at the Zoo." Simmons glances again at Fitz "When I searched our databases for information on it, I found there was a case opened, Case 00013 in 1948. But there was nothing else I could access. It has been restricted to Level 10 by orders of Howard Stark." She shrugs a little "I've tried to call Mr Stark but he's not called back yet."

"Well, at least he's inexplicably still around to be called?" Sara points out. "That's…kind of an improvement? Over having it restricted by a dead man, at least." Awkward moments at the new office for $1000. She stands up, going back to the coffee machine to pour herself a refill.

"We could always request the file be opened by Director Fury." Fitz doesn't say this lightly, and he sure as hell isn't volunteering. "If, uh, Mister Stark proves not to be cooperative, of course." He takes a moment to sip his tea, carefully so as not to burn his tongue.

Melinda May looks between Simmons and Fitz for a moment. "Let me try getting in touch with Stark before you approach Fury with this. If I can't reach him I'll go with you to talk to the director." She debates fixing herself a second cup of tea, then refrains when she remembers there's a samovar in Natasha's office.

Simmons nods. "Well I've left a message for Mr Stark, as I've said." The biochem blushes a little "I was hoping, given how much he flirts with me, he'd call me back." Sara's comment gets a small frown "You know, I don't know when that restriction was placed. If it was placed after Mr Stark returned…" Simmons glances to Fitz "I'll try to find that out, it might be pertinent."

Looking over to May, Simmons takes a deep breath "I want to go and visit the off-site facility, do some tests on the poor beings we have held there." she pales a little and adds quickly "Nothing bad, some blood tests etc… Would you be able to come with me." Pulling the sleeve of her labcoat up, Simmons reveals the bandaged forearm "If it wasn't for Agent Pezzini here, this might have been a whole lot worse."

"You made it to the back of the zoo on your own," Sara points out, turning back with a small smile once she's refreshed her coffee. "Besides, it doesn't do us any good to lose the people who can make sense of what we're picking up. That lizard man definitely rang my bell, though," she adds, shaking her head. "That one took a few minutes to wear off."

Mention of Mr. Stark's flirting earns a cross look from Fitz. He says nothing of it for the moment, exercising good sense and biting his tongue. After all, it was Howard's doing that brought him an ARC reactor, without which, his Portal Buster technology might have never become a reality. His eyebrows shoot upward and he remarks, "Time travel is a real bitch. Don't get me started on temporal and quantum mechanics. This place doesn't look like MIT; it'll clear the room." A pause. "I… have been doing the numbers. We are definitely dealing with temporal mechanics, and the arithmetic is chaotic. If I were to guess, whomever is manipulating the regular order of space time either doesn't know what they're bloody up to, or got enough a cheek to not care."

Melinda May finishes her tea as Fitz and Simmons start to explain. "I'm going to go try to get in touch with Stark. Pezzini, don't let them talk your ears off." And with that she's standing, tossing out the paper cup with the already-steeped tea in it, and on her way to talk with Howard. And she's taking her ceramic mug with her. Refills await.

Watching as May leaves, Simmons turns her attention to Fitz in time to see that cranky look and she smiles slightly. Sara's response gets a bigger smile "Yes, I did, didn't I? But still, I put four dendrotoxin darts in the being" she shakes her head "It was a good thing you had that armour. It could have been a whole lot worse. You seem to have recovered though" That's sort of a question, and then again maybe it's not. "I don't know Fitz, if it is Agent Carter… I'd like to think there's a very good reason for it happening."

Sara raises her coffee cup in salute to May before going back to her seat, looking between the pair. "The armor helps," she explains to Simmons with a small smile. "Not everything, and not all the time. Sometimes it can be a little…weird about what it will or won't help with. I had a hell of a headache for a couple days. On the other hand, it's taken bullet wounds down to next to nothing more than once." She takes a sip, considering Fitz's suggestion.

"Didn't you conjure up dendrotoxin to handle metahuman threats?" Fitz asks, incredulously. He wasn't aware that Simmons had expended that many darts. "I didn't realize those things packed that kind of punch. Makes sense though, if they were dealing with the same kind of hyper-accelerated metabolism." Look, Simmons may be BioChem, but Fitz is no spring chicken. That's B.S. material there, totally undergrad level.

"Fair point," he offers in response to what she says about Agent Carter. "Also, Stark was involved. I've read some reports on what kind of tech he was developing in the forties. The bloke sort of invented the term 'cutting edge'." He turns to Sara, saying, "Still doesn't stack up to some of the things I've seen." The Witchblade, he will reckon, cannot yet be explained by science, and it's literally millennia old.

"I did Fitz. The damn thing pushed the darts out of it's skin and it's metabolism is amazingly fast. I need to look at a better delivery system, that hand pistol I used…" she shakes her head. "Well, not withstanding the headache, Agent Pezzini, I'm glad you're ok and again, I'm appreciative for your help."

"Any time," Sara assures Simmons with a small smile as she stands. "I should be getting back to my desk. Break time's about up. But give me a call if you guys need back up on something for this, yeah?" she asks. "Seems like it's definitely running into the weird stuff, and I wouldn't want something else to slip through the holes this person is making in space and time."

"That's…" Well, Fitz realizes that part of the problem might be his delivery method. "Maybe I need to re-think his we define 'armor piercing rounds'. Could use barbs, maybe a micro-fused injection method powered by highly compressed o2, but if it…" He stops himself, if anything, for Sarah's benefit.

"Expect more of them," Fitz tells Sara. "I keep re-doing the math; these temporal portals might be opening with exponential frequency. I can only power so many Portal Busters off one ARC reactor." When Sara rises, Fitz finishes his tea and sits forward with a sigh. "No rest for the wicked."

Simmons smiles at Sara "As Fitz says, expect more… and I'm sure I'll be calling on you." As Fitz goes into ways to improve the darts and then stops himself, Simmons chuckles "And must have been very wicked." Rising herself, mug still in hand she motions asking Fitz to join her "I only came up her to raid Mays stash of tea. I was going to head straight back to the lab."

"And then we get two kaiju at once," Sara nods sagely to Fitz. Was that…was that a joke about portals? Surely not. Agents don't joke about that sort of thing. "Take care, guys," she grins, raising her mug in salute before she turns to head back into the den of offices.

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