Not Just a Late Christmas

December 28, 2017:

Piotr meets Darcy, Darcy asks to 'dance'. Lorna tells all.


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Lorna was stone cold sober and mildly annoyed at having to be DD for the next… well however many months this whole baby thing was going to last. She hated it already and she'd barely been free and known about it for all of two days. Still, it meant something to be surrounded by those she loved and trusted—and that was the X-men in a nutshell.

For all that she groaned and grumbled and grumped and snapped back teasingly at the others, she was more relaxed than she'd been in a long time.

The presents from Scott were tucked away, along with several others, to be opened when Marcos was around as many had been labeled as to the two of them.

The green haired mutant was once more bundled up and waiting by the door for Darcy to be ready so they could once more head out into the snow. At least, with Lorna, road conditions didn't mean much. Not when she could make the whole car fly.


Stupid. Stupid Americans and their early Christmas. Well and stupid Piotr for forgetting that they celebrate on the 25th, not on January 7th like good Russians. He is coming in from outside, an Uber having dropped him off from the train station, and a jaunt into the city. It's his fault for leaving gift buying to the last minute. He is bundled up for the cold, full on down jacket, wool hat and mittens.

Bustling in the front door with only a small bag to show for all his troubles, he slams the door shut, perhaps for a moment forgetting his strength. "Boize moi. This is real winter…" He pulls off the glove and hat and is half-way out of the jacket before he realizes the foyer isn't empty.

"Lorna!! So good to see you home!" It's an understatement from Pete, as usual, as if she just came back from a vacation or a trip home.


Darcy had to pee before going out. That's the thing to do when you've had as much coffee as Darcy had. She's had to get things in order so she could skip town for an unknown amount of time.

"Okay! Fuck my goddamn bladder. Sorry, shit, fuck, sorry. Okay. I'm ready to Hello." Thoughts are interrupted by tall and Russian.


Lorna shivered against the blast of cold that Piotr let in as he entered the foyer of the mansion and she twisted around to see who was coming in. A grin couldn't be helped as he greeted her, and she laughed softly. "Merry late Christmas. Hope you had a better time than I did. Sorry I missed it. But everyone has been really good about getting me the usual holiday torment. Now Illyana and Nate want videos of my return trip to Genosha tomorrow." She shrugged lightly and glanced over as Darcy came down the steps and swore up a storm. Hooo boy.

"This is Darcy. We were just gonna head out shopping."


Finishing his awkward dance of getting his jacket off while still holding onto the dainty bag. Piotr smiles sheepishly at having been caught doing some quite late Christmas shopping. He agrees, "Yes, Merry late Christmas." Unaware of her plans to return he casts a quizzical look but doesn't press her. It's probably better to ask someone else.

At Darcy's entrance, Pete swings around to face her. He listens, blinks and is about to announce he is unfamiliar with this person when Lorna announces her. "Hello Darcy. I am Piotr. Illyana's big brother." She looks possibly like a contemporary of Illyana? But certainly not a student, Piotr is quite familiar with most of them by now. He raises his large free hand in a half wave greeting.

"Uggh." he sighs in disgust. "Good luck. I resolve to not do this again until next year."


Darcy extends a hand.

"Nice to meet you. I like shopping throughtout the year and Amazon is my friend. Sadly, the thing we are after is not on Amazon. Plus, dresses have to be tried on," Dary says as she cranes her neck to peer up at Piotr. She turns to Lorna after a moment.

"Fuckign Miracle Grow or what? Shit, man."


Lorna colored faintly in a way that only when she was actually trying to avoid dropping the bomb shells again but then realized she had better do it anyways. She sighed heavily, and shook her head. "We're not going Christmas shopping, though I should.. We're going wedding dress shopping.." She trailed off, and rubbed the back of her neck.

"Marcos.. kind of proposed to me.. and.. yeah.. So, we're going out to get ideas. I mean.. hopefully, we'll get married sooner rather than later so the dress fits and all.." One half of the bomb dropped. Lorna exhaled a breath and dragged her hands through her mess of green hair.

She knew Piotr would likely be as excitedly happy as anyone else in the mansion could be. Still didn't make the words any easier to say.

"Cause I'm pregnant and kinda only have a few months of easy dress wearing.." She winced, her nose wrinkling as she glanced to Darcy.

Nope. She wasn't touching on what Darcy said about Piotr' size. Nope.


Shaking Darcy's hand with his own large mitt, Piotr continues doing it for far too long when Lorna starts talking. He is trying to process the rapid exposition and is distracted from the fact that he is shaking Dacy's hand for WAY too long. By the time he realizes, he half turns back to Darcy and says "I…" he can't even get out an apology.

"Congratulations. On… a lot of things." Pete sounds confused but generally happy as he opens his arms to hug Lorna. Again, Pete is the hugger of the group after all. Though in the process of hugging Lorna he inadvertently gives Darcy a WTF face unsure of genuinely happy Lorna is, or just in shock from her recent capture, father issues, etc.


Hand held and held and held and held, Darcy just waits, a little smirk on her face. When his arms open and he lets her hand go, Darcy takes a half step back so that he can hug Lorna without issue.

"Wanna dance at the bridal shower?"

What? Darcy thought it. And she usually has no brain to mouth filter. And those ARMS! Can you BLAME her!


Lorna smiled weakly, returning the hug from Piotr. He was one of the few that could gain a friendly hug from time to time and not get grumbles. She sighed softly as she let go and stepped back awkwardly. "I know it's… a lot.. Trust me. I'm still processing. The proposal was actually a thing a week.. two weeks ago. We were going to announce it on Christmas.. but you know.. prison. So.." She grimaced and glanced toward Darcy as the woman asked to dance with Piotr. Her brows shot upwards and she gaped for a long moment. Darcy.. did Darcy just.. yep. Darcy just.


About to agree to Darcy's request, as he expected her to say wedding, Piotr only gets as far as "D-.. err" his mind catch up and he blushes furiously realizing her meaning, *cough* "Nyet. I- I will pass." He blinks at her and shakes away thoughts of what Illyana, Rachel or well any of his female teammates would think of that. He may not be shy about his body, seriously he had basically a speedo for a uniform for years, but dancing? That kind of dancing? Yea, no, that will actually make the bearded Russian man blush.

Turning back to Lorna to change the subject back to something less mortifying he says "It is. A lot to process. How are you? Is everything well with, your baby?" Concerned older brother, seriously, it's like his default setting. "And when do I get a chance to smash whoever is responsible for taking our favorite green haired princess?" Yes, as an older brother he also is skilled in the art of teasing.


Darcy no? Darcy yas! That blush was amazing to see and has her smiling brightly.

"Fine. I will accept a private performance instead so I can tell the girls how amazing it was and they will all be jealous of me," she states, hands going to her hips and head nodding sagely. That is, until he retreats into 'elder brother' for safety and Darcy ends up giggling and leaving him be. She moves to get her phone out to check her Facebook.


Lorna just shook her head at Darcy, yep, that was the woman she was bringing to Genosha. Magneto beware. Lorna actually couldn't wait to see Darcy deal with Fabian. It was going to be popcorn worthy, she imagined. And then Lorna could come by and finish the man off with a mountain on his head. Yep. Good times.

Then Piotr was looking back her way and asking after how she was. She laughed softly, grinning. "I don't know why everyone keeps asking as if it's any kind of surprise. It's Marcos of course, gosh. And no smashing, I need him in one piece for the wedding." She teased back, and exhaled a huff of a breath, and dropped her hands to the flat of her stomach, considering in a more serious way.

"Nurse Annie said she thinks I'm okay.. physically. Prison didn't do anything. And it feels okay? I haven't technically gone to a Doctor's yet.." She grimaced.

"Psychologically, I'm a hot mess, but hey.. that's nothing new. I'm not exactly.. happy with the timing or .. the shock.." She laughed weakly. "It could be a lot better.. but I'll get through it."


Piotr was actually referring to the kidnapping not that kind of taking, but he just shakes it off. He smiles and claps a hand on Lorna's shoulder. "Well, you are home. We can take care of all that now. And you apparently have Darcy for dress shopping duty." He has recovered enough from the initial shock to not be surprised by the request for a private show. "I think that will have to wait." He seems almost a bit testy at the thought of Darcy making others jealous, that's different for him.

"But I will let you go, I must go wrap and hope that Illyana has made the same calendar mistake as I have." He picks up his dainty little bag and heads off.


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