Let Sleeping Havoks Lie

December 28, 2017:

Alex awakens and Lorna pointedly does not tell him everything that has happened to get him up to date.

X-mansion living room


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The weather was miserable, but Lorna was the best at getting their car to the mall. Darcy had the day planned, shopping, resting, eating, and more shopping. There were clothes to get and dresses to look for and shoes and Darcy may have gone over board, but if Lorna was okay with it, then Darcy didn't care.

Nor did Darcy let Lorna carry any of the at least a dozen bags they had as they get back into the mansion.

"-I got it! I got it! It's fine. I dont' care if you can fucking move this shit with your mind or whatever. You go sit your ass down on the sofa and I'll get you a drink to warm you up," darcy is saying as she awkwardly pushes her way into the main room of the mansion, leanign this way and that way to see past the bags.


Lorna came in after hurricane Darcy, or was it snow storm Darcy? Hard to say as the two tracked in ice and snow melt and salt and sand on the rugs by the door. Lorna kicked off her boots, laces and latches undoing themselves under a wave of her hand as she made to hang up her thick winter coat, and strip off gloves, scarves and hats. She looked forward to the Tropical climate of Genosha more and more.

"You're going to break your back, carrying in all of that in one go Darcy. Geeze." She rolled her eyes and as the woman once more demanded she head toward the couch, Lorna held up her hands.

"Okay, okay. I'm going, I'm going. I'm pregnant you know, not an invalid." She muttered.


Alex emerges from the depths of the mansion looking … pretty awful. Some unfair genetics still enable him to pull off the look, but it's a close thing. Between a power burnout coma and the odd cave-in rock bruise, he looks like he lost a fight while hungover. He's moving briskly enough, anyway. His wardrobe leaves much to be desired, though: He hasn't yet bothered to get a new set of street clothes over his containment suit, blue-black and skin tight with a silvery metallic disc on his chest doesn't seem winter-ready.

Catching sight of the entering pair, Alex moves closer, calling out with a bit of a rasp to his voice, "Hey, you. Glad you're back in one piece… Heard it got a bit iffy." He finds the closest table to lean on, "Sorry I was a bit … eh, incapacitated."


"Whatever, Ragu. Go sit your soon to be fat ass on the fucking sofa," is Darcy's retort. The rest is cut off by Alex.

Whom the SHIELD agent doesn't know. Whom Darcy gives a once over visually and obviously.

"Damn, dude. Don't drink so much next time. Fuck. I'll get you a drink too, since I'm headed that way," Darcy states, moving past to drop off the bags by the sofa she wants Lorna's rear end on before making her way to the kitchen


Lorna's focus on Darcy was lost as soon as Alex made his way up from the medbay. She hadn't seen him in her own stay in the medbay, which was likely for the better. Still, to see him up and awake? She lurched on her feet to him, throwing her arms around him in a reflexive action before she drew back and winced. "Oh my god, Alex you're okay! I didn't know if you were out because of what I did to get you and Marcos out, or if it was the power surger.. Shit I am so, so sorry for asking you to come along with me to that meeting. It was dumb and I should never have asked that of you." She winced and glanced back at Darcy briefly as she swore and dropped the mountain of bags at the sofa.

Still, she was actively tugging the Summers boy to the sofa, her brows furrowing. "C'mon, sit down. Did Nurse Annie clear you? Do you need some water or something? Hell, Alex.. you want to go change? I can run upstairs and grab something." Worry. Yep. Lorna might've moved on with her love life and all, but as she'd admitted to Rogue before. She still loved Alex on some level.


Always with the people telling him not to drink so much. He didn't even get the upside of a good drunk, this time. There's always later on, though… Glancing back to Lorna, he smirks, "Y'know, I think I prefer the open and direct judgments to the ones I just imagine from quieter people. Just put 'er on out there, right - Oof?" And he is pounce-hugged and worried over.

Too disoriented by the flurry of apologies and concerns coming from Lorna, he doesn't resist being redirected to the couch and slumps into a sit. Shaking his head a few times, "No, no no… Jeez, don't YOU apologize. I just burned myself out making an apparently terrible decision. Caught a rock or two on the head, I think." He clears his throat, "I mean, we're all here, so it obviously wasn't as hopeless as -I- was thinking. I'm just glad I failed completely trying to take 'em all out with us."


Darcy, on her way out, pauses as Lorna tackle punce hugs and frets and… oh! The Ex.

Darcy's lips purse into a little o: The plot thickens!

Darcy slips into the kitchen, and putters about for a bit. Whatever could she be up to?


Lorna smacked Alex on the arm, lightly, for her part as she scowled at him and sat down beside him. "I would've been able to shield everyone important if you went nuclear. You're plasma based, right? What do magnetic fields do best, genius?" She arched a brow and shook her head, crossing her arms.

"And yeah, I'm going to apologize! I brought you into a bad situtation that I knew was going to be rough and I didn't call for backup or anything. It was a shit call on my part and I'm sorry." She exhaled a breath and reached up to shove a few thick bags stuffed full of tissue paper and delicately wrapped packages of … stuff.

"..And I'm glad you're on your feet again." She offered softer this time. Looking down at her lap. She didn't go into the fact that she didn't make it out of there on her own. How she'd spent days locked in a cell and threatened daily.. Nope.

Her fingers twisted a black, metallic ring on her left hand over and over again as she grew quieter, the silence thickening in the living room. The glitter and glare of the Christmas tree's lights reflecting off the shopping bags from various high end stores.

"You missed Christmas."


"Had some important power napping to catch up on," Alex quips, his eyes finding Darcy as she disappears into the kitchen, "A friend? That doesn't live here?" Oh, the novelty. When she doesn't immediately reappear, he looks back to Lorna, "Well, either way. I need to find a way to get more competent and less volatile. Blowing the roof out of the cave we're standing in needs to be much further down on the list of options."

He slumps back into the couch, "Hell of a boom, though, eh? Was intended for Mister Psychotic, though." Alex grimaces a bit, eyeballing some couch lint intently. He's not quite come to terms with realizing he was fully prepared to vaporize a person, deranged or no.


Darcy was making sandwiches and cutting up fruit and crunchy veggies and pouring juice and tea. All on a tray, and then back out. her jacket and heavy outter boots she took off too before getting to work, so she pads in on near silent socked feets. She doesn't interrupt the conversation as she settles the tray to the coffee table, then steps over to hand each a plate with a sandwich and fruit and crunchy veggies and a glass of juice, all before she turns and without a word starts to pick up the bags and set them off out of the way so Alex and Lorna have some more comfortable space on teh sofa.

Don't mind the Darce! Being good right now.


Lorna glanced toward the door and back to Alex, "That's Darcy.. uhh she sort of works for SHIELD as a liason and comes over for visits?" She arched a brow, how was Lorna to explain Darcy in so many words? It was awkward. She still didn't trust SHIELD, didn't know much about them either.. but Darcy had grown on her and somehow had fallen into Lorna's short list of people she trusted.

Green eyes glanced back to Alex after a pause and she snorted lightly at his words. "I told you to aim for the ceiling, I needed a way to get us out of there. If you'd fired off at Zealot, then we'd have been stuck with no way out and you and Marcos could've been killed." She exhaled a sharp breath and then looked like she would say more before Darcy was there and handing out snacks and juice and.. well.. hot damn.

Lorna blinked, taking the food and juice mutedly with both hands. "Darcy, you didn't have to.. uhm thanks.." She laughed weakly and glanced between the two. "Darcy, this is Alex Summers, Alex this is Darcy."


"Oh, in that case I totally heard you in the chaos and timed my spastic fall precisely." Alex flashes a crooked grin, then offers a shrug, "Anyway, lots of work to be done once I get my head around waking up much less dead than I'd planned for." He pauses for a beat, then adds, "And I need a new jacket. Torched my only one, and it's just offensively cold back here."

Nodding to Darcey, Alex leans over and offers a hand, "Darcy. Uh, hi and thanks." He glances at the suspiciously healthy-looking snacks and offers not-so-insightfully, "SHIELD, huh?"


Darcy accepts the hand but only after tut-tutting at Lorna.

"I know I didn't, dahlink. But I did it anyway, so you're just gonna have to shut the fuck up and deal with it," she had told Lorna before smiling at Alex and shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you. Yes. SHIELD. No I don't know why they are being dumbfucks and ignoreing Genosha. I'm two seconds away from kicking Fury's ass," she states as she pulls away and continues tidying up the shopping bags.


Lorna rolled her eyes at Alex as he flashed her his trademark crooked grin and she shook her head. "Yeah, it's been snowing nonstop. Crazy cold and I kinda wanted to go back to Genosha just to remember what it feels like to be warm." She teased lightly, and sipped at her juice and ate her sandwich like a good girl as Darcy told her to deal. She made a pointed movement about doing so, as if to say 'See? Look, I'm listening.'

Than her gaze swung back toward Darcy and then toward Alex and back once more. "Darcy is pretty damn cool though." She grinned at the brunette briefly. "She's going with me back to Genosha."


Alex gives a nod, not having much to contribute regarding SHIELD and/or Fury. He frowns thoughtfully, and elects to not speculate openly about the last interest SHIELD likely had in him, as it involved the Sisterhood using him to nearly blow up a chunk of the Tri-Cities area.

Lorna's comment saves him from sitting there for too long pointedly saying nothing, and he perks up curiously, "Back. To Genosha?" His expression drifts more than a little bit confused, "The same peril and horror Genosha we were just talking about, like, thirty seconds ago?"


"Yup. That's the one," Darcy says, trying to mask that she had blushed at being called pretty damn cool. Because while Darcy will talk herself up loud and proud sounding, to hear anyone else do it even in the slightest way was down right blush-inducing. It helps solidify the fact that this SHIELD agent really doesn't seem interested in Alex that way at all.


Lorna paused to finish off a piece of her sandwich and dust off her hands from crumbs, her gaze swinging back to Alex and she lofted a green eyebrow upwards. "Uh, yeah. I have to go back. Zealot wasn't finished off. He's a threat to everyone on Genosha and to everyone that wants to go to Genosha. Magneto is a very, deeply, flawed person. But at least he's willing to give people a chance there. To give mutants and humans a chance. It helps that he hasn't blown up ships of refugees coming in either. And also isn't completely a crazy, ranting lunatic." She muttered and her lips twisted.

"Zealot is a threat. He's powerful. Very, very, powerful. He has telepathetic, telekinetic, and who knows what else, control over anything 'made' in Genosha. Including the people—" She broke off, her brows furrowing as her hand dropped to her stomach and she frowned.

But then she shook her head and fell silent for a moment and the look passed.

"I need to speak with Magneto about him.. among other things." She murmured.


"Huh." Alex processes for a bit, then shrugs a shoulder, "Ok, fuck it. Consider me on call if you need… Well, my skills are kind of limited to carrying supplies in a painfully inefficient manner with dudes like Piotr around, or blowing things up." He offers a thumbs-up, adding, "And I'm up to something like a fifty percent accuracy with aiming at the right thing people want blown up." Reassuring, yes? "Or sciencing. Hell, if I can't be of some help dealing with a geokinetic, then I've spent way too much time in useless classes."


"OOh. Science advisor. Sweet," Darcy quips. Because Civilization is hilarious to a political science major. She looks to Lorna.

"The idea has merit, Ragu," she says, smiling that Lorna's eatten the sandwich and the healthy not-chips sides.


Lorna grimaced, watching Alex with a critical eye to the condition of his suit. "I won't say no, because we might need you over there. I don't know what it'll take to get rid of Zealot. Though it might be pointless, my father might be able to handle him on his own if he can get his hands on Zealot. I don't know.. But.. I'll let you know." She finished off her juice after a moment and set the plate and glass down on the floor beside her feet.

"The whole island was apparently powered by geothermal energy, all the networks and caves and structures for, Zealot said he dug himself. The island's major export was steel, cheap, strong steel. Most of the island is made up of iron ore and alloys. I wonder who will have a stronger grasp.." She trailed off, thoughtfully, her brows pinched. "He pulled all of the iron out of that cave system.. He'd been prepared for me. For Magneto. If we confront him, it'll have to be on our own terms." She mused and shrugged and then looked to all the shopping bags littered at her feet.

"Get some rest Alex, okay? And get checked out by Nurse Annie again if we need you. Okay? I over did my powers and it sucked, and if you're coming, you need to be at the top of your game." She bent to gather up a few bags to carry upstairs.

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