No-Christmas Party

December 28, 2017:

Lorna spent Christmas in prison, so the X-Men are throwing a small party to celebrate her rather flawless rescue.


NPCs: Harry and Molly, from Harry's Hideaway

Mentions: Magneto, Eclipse, Havok


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Fade In…

Pretty much the only tavern within walking distance of the school is Harry's Hideaway. Fortunately it is a pretty good place for such a tiny town. Harry Morrel purchased a sleazy dive for truckers around the same time Xavier opened his school, and turned it into a pleasant, cozy place with good beer and decent snacks.

And Harry never bats an eye when someone weird steps through the doors. He never gives alcohol to the kids, and if someone tries to pass a fake ID Card, well, he has Xavier's cellphone. No one tries twice.

The food is marginally better than the food at the school cafeteria, at least if you know what to ask. So mutants come here to celebrate… stuff, like an operation in Genosha where no one got injured, killed or brainwashed. They said at 7 pm, and for once Nate is on time (must be he is hungry). Of course most everyone else is going to be late, but that is typical.

And when Darcy gets the text, she shoos Lorna into a shower, sets out clothes for her, then insists on DRIVING to the within walking distance party location. So, she and Lorna arrive together, fashinoably late.

"Trust me. Best idea ever," Darcy's saying as she holds the door for Lorna. She may or may not have told Lorna what's happening or why she needed to shower or where they were going until they got there or…

Darcy is the worst of what it is to be a good friend.

Lorna was bundled up, scarves, heavy coat, mittens and gloves. She looked downright annoyed at being sheparded out of the mansion and out the door without further explanation from Darcy. But she didn't argue all that much, mostly just grumbled every now and then at the woman as she took the keys and drove over to Harry's.

As they entered and Lorna spotted Nate inside, her gaze flickered back to Darcy.

"What is this? What are we doing? Cause if this is a bridal shower or any kind of 'shower' party thing, I'm gonna tell you right now, Nate is not the person to invite for girly stuff."

"Pssht! Of course he is. When he's the stripper," Darcy retorts before smiling and waving and calling out.

"Hi Nate!"

Given it is non-stop snowstorm outside Nate will not tease Darcy and Lorna about skipping the 20 minutes walk from the school. The young man is by the bar, already starting with a plate of chips and cheese when the women step through the door. Just as Molly brings three large mugs of beer. Yes, was waiting for them. Telepathy.

But he doesn't know Lorna is in no-alcohol area, no one told him. "Ladies, our table at the back," he states, grabbing the beers and the plate. "Shower what?" He mock-glares Darcy. Blaming Darcy for anything weird is automatic.

Logan is sitting in the corner of Harry's drinking yet another pint. He is slouching in his seat, deep in thought staring at his beer. He had been recently looking for more clues as to the disappearance of the other Logan, as requested months ago. Alas, still no luck. Logan is frustrated, that no one in New York had any clue. The past several months had involved checking out his own hide outs in the hopes that this world's Logan's were the same. Apparently not. However, that is what brought Logan to Harry's today.

Logan's hunt had kept him away from the mansion a lot, and he feels that he was neglecting his duties there. He had occasionally made an appearance he and there. He had helped Nate a couple of times, in multiple realties even, and in fact made went as Emma's plus one to a charity event. But even then, he disappeared early on in during the event.

Darcy hands Lorna the car keys, giving Nate the sweetest smile she has. The one that paints a halo over her head and begs you to ignore the horns.

"Bridal shower slash bachlorette party. Only way you're getting an invite is for you to agree to drop your pants and shake that money maker on a pole," come the words out of Darcy's mouth. Is anyone shocked.

"Alternatively, I will accept you in a speedo and a bowtie, serving all us girls finger snacks and cutesy drinks," she adds while following Nate to the table in the back, not yet having noticed Logan.

Lorna shot Darcy a look and the keys catching in the magnetic field she was already generating to take them away from the brunette. "No, no, and no. Considering Jean is on the bridal party, we are not have her son-not-son from another reality shaking anything." She made a face and shook her head. Making her way toward the table and plopping down, already shucking off her gloves and extra layers of jacket, and scarves.

"Have I said I want to go back to Genosha just to be able to feel my fingers outside again? Cause it's true. I miss the sun already."

"Count me in," replies Nate with a perfectly straight face, only to look very disappointed when Lorna kills the plan. "I guess you can ask Alex, instead," he comments with a smirk.

"Hey look, Logan is here," he points out. Missed him because his mind is somewhat hard to catch. "Where have you been all week, old man? I thought you were in Genosha. We are celebrating Lorna is out of the jail, and apparently she is getting married. Where is Marcos?"

"Oh, hey Nate. Lorn. Darce." Logan snaps out of his deep thoughts. "I didn't see you three come in." He picks up his beer and walks over to three younger mutants. "Yeah, I was in Genosha. Then I got wind of a lead… so I rushed back. But, it was a dead end." He pauses and takes a sip of his beer. He turns to Lorna. "Out of jail? To be honest, I didn't even know you was in, in the first place. Wow am I out of the loop. Anyway, congrats. On both accounts." He offers a hand forward to Lorna, to shake hers.

"Three accounts," Darcy offers as she moves into a seat, collects two of the beers and pushes one to Logan.

"If you wanna light up, Logan, please go outside in the snow and the cold. I hereby put a ban around all smoking around Lorna for a period no less than twelve months from right now. I will tase the fuck out of anyone who breaks this ban, I swear to Monkey Jesus," she says before turning to Nate.

"Mind ordering Lorna some sweet tea or water or a soda or fruit juice or seomthign? What do you want to drink, Lore? Oh, and for the love of my sanity, don't say alcohol. You are banned from that too." She's not commenting about this Alex dude. Hasn't met him. And the questin about Marcos is totally on Lorna to answer.

Lorna groaned, and reached up to rub her temples. "Alex is my ex-boyfriend Darcy. He is not dancing at my bridal shower or anything. Telling him I'm getting married is going to be hellish enough—" And then Nate was going on about her getting out of jail, and Logan was offering his congrats and Lorna just groaned again and let her head fall onto the table as Darcy started in on a ban of all the things around her.

"I want a beer so bad right now, you all suck." She muttered, and lifted her head slowly, scowling, understanding that the two men at the table were likely lost as well.

Another sigh followed as she dragged her hands over her face. She lifted a hand and started to tick off fingers as she spoke. "One. Logan, I was captured for the past week by a guy wanting to use me against my father. Two. I'm getting married to Marcos. We were supposed to announce that at Christmas. Obviously, that was ruined by number one. Three. While number one was going on, I found out, to my surprise I'm apparently pregnant. Hence Darcy's…" Commands? Orders? Mandates?

"And five. Marcos is out getting supplies for numbers two and three. I think. I'm sorta not allowed to do anything these days, apparently."

It is a good thing Darcy has taken the beers from his hands, because Lorna announcements would have probably caused Nate to drop them. "You are what?" The marriage is hardly as surprising. It is probably not a good idea, but Nate is all about bad ideas.

But pregnancy is different. He considered children once, briefly. But he (and his girlfriend) would have left them orphaned in a few years for sure. So no. It was -too- bad an idea even for Nate.

Lorna and Marcos are still in the denial I-am-not-a-X-Men phase. Nate lived there for years. Also, what was point four?

Pause. Ponder. Drink half a beer. "Congrats," he finally says in a rather neutral tone.

"Well, I wasn't going to say anything if you didn't already know. I assumed not, as there's three beers…" Logan picks up the beer that Darcy pushed to him in his other hand. "… I probably wouldn't have let you drink mind you. But you definitely seem to be pregnant, I can smell it on you. However, I will point out that you are a mutant, and well these things are never so straight forward." He looks at the two beers in his hands. Shrugs, chugs one and then the other. "How about I get us two new drinks Lorn?"

"Nate! ohmygod. WHy!? You jerk." Because Darcy thinks this is the start of payday for having her agree to ex-boyfriend shaking it at a Lorna anything party. OMG Bad Nate! Preying on Darcy's ignorance. booo. She looks to Lorna then laughs.

"Totally Preggo. You're already forgetting things," Darcy says, leaning her shoulder into the green haired woman at her side before drinking a bit from the beer Nate got for her. She's not really mad at Nate. Her revenge will come later. muhaahha

Lorna shot Nate a flat look, her fingers drumming against the table top. "Oh c'mon Nate, I didn't exactly plan to get knocked up. Don't give me that, Jean does the same look when she's about to say 'I-told-you-so'. I didn't think to myself and go: 'Hmm what's the dumbest, most dangerous thing I can possibly do while I'm trying to do a mission in Genosha? Oh, I know, lets get pregnant and try to raise a baby in the middle of the newest trend in 'lets hate mutants' thing." She rolled her eys and grimaced.

A glance was spared toward Logan and some of the sourness faded. She wasn't happy about being pregnant, that much was apparent.

"Hot chocolate would be great, thanks Logan." She smiled weakly and glanced at Darcy and wrinkled her nose. "Four is you Darcy. There ya go."

Nate smiles innocently at Darcy and then chuckles at Lorna's words, "your read my mind, the irony." He sighs. "Just with the life we lead having a kid seems pretty bad. For the kid. But if you are serious about not being a X-Men and if you won't volunteer to do things like going into a warzone where Magneto is the lesser of three evils, then it should be okay."

Is that going to happen? He lets Lorna figure that out.

"Oh hell. Are you going to tell Magneto?" He blurts out.

"I'm sure the pregnancy wasn't planned, so let's hold our judgment. It will not fare well. OK one hot chocolate coming right up." Logan disappears for a minute before coming back with another beer and a hot chocolate. When someone has a reputation, like Logan's, people are quick to do what's asked. "Here's your hot chocolate." Logan places the drink down in front of Lorna. "Well, Nate, the kid's got a couple of powerful parents. Then there's everyone else at the mansion… Sure, we attract the wrong sort of attention. Yet, I can't help reminding ourselves that we have a SHIELD liaison in our midst. What do you think Darce, do you think you'd be able to pull some favours and get Lorna some extra SHIELD protection?"

The outside door bangs open, letting in a gust of freezing air - and Illyana Rasputin, who's dressed in a skull-decorated top and shredded jeans. No sweater, no jacket, no scarf hat gloves or anything similar. At least she's wearing some heavy boots as a concession to the snow.

Closing the door firmly behind her, she wanders over to the group just on the heels of Nate's sudden exclamation. "What are we telling Magneto?" She asks. "And do I need a beer before I hear this?"

Everyone will hold judgement or Darcy might start kicking people. Doyou want the chancla? Becuase this is how you get it! The question of getting SHIELD anything has Darcy's shoulders drooping and the smile fading from her face.

"No. Not going to happen. Not as long as she's in Genosha, which we're going back to as soon as possible. I'm putting in vacation and sick days to go help Lorna with the political nonsense side of things and to slap the sense into people who try to over stress her. She's making a new person. She doesn't need their bullshit. So, unless you can get anyone at SHIELD to get their heads out of their asses and not, you know, disavow me for trying to do the right fucking thing… yeah. Best help I can give is locations to some SHIELD medical warehouses," Darcy says, looking up at Illy.

"We're telling him he's gonna be a Grampa so he needs to get his shit in fucking line and stop being an asshat. Want tickets to that?"

Scott's making for an arrival. The text he intercepted from Nate rather non-telling about what is going down, the Mazda RX Spirit much warmer than a motorcycle though hell on the unatural snow laden roads of Westchester parks out front. A hooded sweater underneath leather jacket, full gloves, glasses, beanie, boots… nothing light about the attire. It is cold out.

Kicking his heels off on the door at entry to Harry's Scott will make way in slowly, letting the bright wash of red-white outside adjust to the darker red-dim inside. Voices carry, familiar ones are picked out and he joins them in a silent approach.

Lorna accepted the hot chocolate with a faint twist of her lips. She so wanted something even vaguely alcoholic now. "Thanks Logan," She desperately wanted to crawl into a hole and not move. Nate's words had her coughing softly into her mug, as she laced her hands around it and fought the urge to grimace. Barely.

Anything else broke off as Darcy started in on what exactly Lorna was planning, IE, going back to Genosha within the next few days. Marcos had agreed. Darcy had agreed. Now she was certain to get an earful from Nate, who strangely enough, was decidedly more like his not-parents just then than Lorna had previously seen him. Totally unfair.

She looked about ready to speak and then Illyana entered, followed by Scott.

The gathering was complete. Oh boy.

"No, my father doesn't know because I was in prison when I found out. So, yeah that's a conversation that's going to happen. And I am staying in Genosha. The wedding is going to be there."

"Oh yeah, Molly bring five more mugs of beer, please!" Nate yells-waves at the waitress. "Heya, Illy, Scott," he greets the newcomers. Molly, the waitress, was already bringing more plates of chips and cheese and hot wings to the table. Harry lives out of the school, really. Salem Center is too small for a tavern otherwise.

"If you are there when Lorna tells him, Darce," smirks Nate, leaning on the woman, "I want pictures, or holos if you have a Starkphone."

Illyana's head turns sharply when Darcy mentions Magneto is about to have grandkids. Then she glances toward Lorna with an appraising look. "Well that makes a lot more sense." She says, thoughtfully, before offering a smirk and a nod to Lorna. "I hope Marcos is happy." That's probably as close as Illyana gets to 'congratulations' without beer.

The blonde sorceress' eyes flick back to Darcy. "And I wouldn't miss it. If he's not happy about his princess being knocked up I can get us out of there quick too." She's almost grinning now, the look one of anticipation, even as Lorna's declaration makes her roll her eyes. "Am I going to have to rescue you from Magneto next?" She asks, in a very fake resigned tone.

"None for me." Scott waves off any offer of alcohol as he joins the others. Not seating himself instead just using the back of whomever's chair is closest to prop his forearm against and lean, "Driving still." He says as if it's an excuse.

"Pregnant and staying." Scott makes a noise thats in his throat somewhere, a fingertap druming. A smile is flashed to Darcy though, "Agent Lewis." A nod towards Logan, "Staying out of trouble?" He teases the man, though in a crowd like this… Nate, Illyana, Darcy, Lorna… Logan might be the safe medium in his aged state.

"He's going to be happy about it or I'm going to hit him on the head with a rolled up newspaper until he is happy about it. Fuck you guys! All'a'yall need to fucking make with the this is happy time and everythign is going to be fine or I swear to Jesus I'm going to - Oh, hi Scott. Back to Agent Lewis huh? Whatever. She's pregnant and all but leader of a nation. She's going back," Darcy says. Fiesty human is getting fiesty and ready to argue with just about anyone. Lorna's very own yappy dog. Aint she cute?

Lorna snorted and rubbed her temples as she loomed over her hot chocolate, as if willing it to become something stronger somehow. "Marcos is utterly happy and pleased and I'm here. Still alive.." She groaned and grabbed her hot chocolate as she sipped at it, carefully. It was hot, after all.

"And no, you're not going to have to 'rescue me' from Magneto. You might have to save Marcos though.." She muttered dryly and rubbed the bridge of her nose. Considering what she'd heard from Marcos about her father's displeasure at her capture, well.. Magneto wasn't likely to be pleased about any of Lorna's newest bomb drops. It was as if she was making up for lost time. Hey dad, know you weren't in my life, so here. Here's all twenty some odd years of trouble all in one go!

"Besides Darcy, made a good argument that it'll big thing over there and can be used to drum up sympathy, diplomatic things and what not. If that's not a wrench, Scott.. I dunno what is.." She grimaced at that.

"Hey, Illy, Slim." Logan turns back to Darcy. "Well I guess, your right Darce. Even if originally SHIELD was supposed to be an international organization, back in the day, Mags will probably see it as an act of war." He looks at Lorna. "I can volunteer as a distraction against Magsy. If things do turn ugly. I'm sure he would love a five foot three, three hundred pound yoyo. Unless, you know he decides to throw me at you. Then I guess it would be a game of tennis."

Illyana intercepts one of the beers as they arrive and looks over at Scott with an impish smile. "You could always leave the car here and go back my way." She suggests, raising her beer in a little mini-salute, as if she's trying to tempt him. "It'd be warmer, and I'd have to be really drunk to miss the mansion." She doesn't expect to win this one, but it's fun to try.

"Killing the heir to the throne's father is a bit much even for Magneto." Illyana puts in, in the tone of one trying to be helpful and probably failing. "He might make him Prince Consort, though. I'm not sure I can rescue him from THAT." She shrugs, taking a sip of her beer, and grins at Logan's solution. "You two should practice this." She decides, waving a finger between Logan and Lorna. "I'll watch."

The 'whatever' coming from Scott gets that flash of smile going wry, remaining but he winks at the SHIELD Liaison, "Darce, if shes 'all but the leader of a nation' we are about to have a whole new conversation." Scott knows that isn't the case though. Magneto's games are still being played though and the island is very much in the thres of constant warfare. For the newspaper though… if she'll curse out and shoot at Apocalypse she'll definitely try and get physical with Erik.

"Only repeating what I heard not declaring anything there. Lorna is her own person." Also not officially an X-Man, despite the constant back and forth. Shes got sticky notes on her file.

"Congratulations though, Lorna. I am sure Marcos is both terrified and overjoyed."

Illyana's suggestion gets a swallow from Scott and a long stare, "Almost tempting. These are new boots though and recalling my last visit your Sy-servant spit cigar chud allover my last pair." A bold faced lie. Not tempting in the least.

Nate finishes his first beer, looking pretty displeased about all this talk about Magneto. Maybe he doesn't like the idea Lorna is going all daughter-y with him. That can't end up well. "I guess SHIELD answers to the UN and they decided giving Genosha to Magneto was a good idea. And…" he glances to Darcy. But no, she said she knew nothing. "Maybe they hope the mutants kill each other, so SHIELD is not being sent to pacify the area. Sounds about typical politics. What country in the Security Council could be called pro-mutant? France maybe?" Wild guess, but lately he has trying to learn some geopolitics, at least in what regards mutant issues. Europe and Asia are no longer called Eurasia, like they said in the Age of Apocalypse.

Lorna coughed into her mug again, and shook her head, even if she tried to hide a smile at Logan's words. "Hey, I told I'm sorry about flinging you around before. I'm trying to be more careful.." She muttered dryly, and her gaze swung toward Illyana.

"Actually.. right now he's Lord Marcos.. apparently.. and I'm only on the council of Genosha, Darcy. And the whole island isn't under control yet either.." Though if she had anything to say about it, Zealot was getting tossed out on his ass.

Her gaze swung toward Scott finally as the man offered congratulations and she grimaced. "I'm mostly terrified. He's mostly overjoyed. Together we make a whole person."

Darcy glances between Scott and Lorna, but backs down as Lorna speaks up and sets things more or less straight. She drinks her beer to keep from commenting on SHIELD and hte UN and that whole clusterfuck of a situation. Fury's hiatus has been the only reason Darcy hadn't busted into his office to give the man a piece of her mind.

Logan turns to Nate, "Yes officially, SHIELD answers to the UN. But when was the last time you saw boots down outside of North America?" He turns his attention to Lorna, "Hey, I'm not mad… anymore. And no need to feel bad, I'm still here. Mostly. Besides, the second attempt was more successful." He smiles warmly, before turning to Illyana. "There's no point Illy, Slims a light weight."

The stare she gets from Scott only draws a shrug from Illyana, and she takes another sip of her beer before replying. "He's his own… person. But he probably wouldn't do anything worse to you than that." She's so reassuring, but she doesn't press her offer any further. "Can't say I didn't try." She remarks to Logan in a long-suffering tone.

"/Lord/ Marcos?" Illyana sounds intrigued. "What do I have to do to get a title?" She almost sounds serious. "Other than, y'know, what Marcos did." She adds with a smirk. Nate's foray into geopolitics makes her grimace a bit. "One thing at a time, Nate. We won one for a change." Her eyes flick over to Scott, and she makes a great play of shielding her lips with a hand as she stage whispers to Nate, "You can tell me all about the fun you had playing with Zealot later. It sounds like he needs to be next." That's what happens when you make Illyana field leader, it seems.

Nate nods to Illyana and smirks a bit, "yeah, we won. Good job, Illy." He bets no one has yet congratulated her for making a plan that worked. Plans that work are an uncommon thing in the land of X-snafu. "I am sure your beer will find an owner, Scott. But really, the mansion is 20 minutes away," which would be nice except for the blizzard. Blame that to the Demon Bear.

"I'll raincheck you on it, Illy." Scott assures her, he honestly would like a more personal accounting for Limbo anyways. As uncomfortable as it is there it's good to know your options and possible tactical layouts. The concept of Limbo itself is already a huge strategic value for the X-Men at Magik's leisure, of course. One if push comes to shove Scott will bargain or press.
"Which I mean seriously." The man adds, a clearing of his throat and a smile is given Lorna again, a lighter one, ignoring the hand-to-mouth whispering between the Russian and Nate. No comments for the UN and Genosha, he is doing his best not to appear all business.

A package about the size of a knife box is set down in front of Lorna, "One for yourself and one for Marcos. The last time Jean and I were in uh… " The Savage Land? "Away on vacation we managed a few souvenirs. This one suits the two of you."

"I should go though, I'll try to be back and catch you all here on my return swing through Salem. 20 minutes away Nate and most accidents supposedly happen near home. No, I am okay. If I do come back and drink it looks like I'll be having a tour of Limbo anyways." A low chuckle, just a tad forced.

"Anyways, I will be back as soon as I can be."
Snow, wind, cold! Back in to it. Scotts noticibly been spending a lot more time alone these days.

Lorna shrugged, "I can't drink, so I guess I'm DD for the rest of the next however many months." She drawled and sipped at her hot chocolate. Her gaze flickered to Logan and she smiled faintly. "I only gave you a heads up last time."

Her attention shifted to Illyana as the woman asked what it would take to get a title and she snorted into her hot chocolate. "'Fraid that's the only way I know that gets you an automatic title Illyana." She teased back and shook her head. Her focus plopping to the boxes that Scott set before her and she gaped briefly, then grinned. "Thanks."

Logan pats Lorna on the shoulder, "Once again congratulations on everything. And I sincerely it goes well for the pair of you." He takes a step towards to the door, "Anyway, I need to go. I'll catch you all later. And no one needs to give me a lift. This weather ain't that bad for an ol' Canucklehead like me."

"20 minutes -walking-, damnit," grumbles Nate. But Scott is already in the way to the door. By car are usually five minutes, but with the blizzard it might be a little more. "I read somewhere SHIELD keeps a helicarrier in every continent, Logan." Maybe someone's mind, since real information about what SHIELD does and where is still scarce. He leans back in his seat, going through the second mug of beer and feeling a little less tense already. Not going back to Genosha until tomorrow, definitely aiming to mild-drunkeness now.

For once, Illyana wasn't actually fishing for compliments. She'd meant to remind Nate that getting Lorna back was the important thing. Ah well. She'll take the compliment anyway. Scott gets a brisk nod when he takes his leave. There'll be a portal ready for him if he wants to get home… even if Illyana expects he won't leave it at that. It's a concern for another time, and the Russian pushes it out of her mind.

Finding a seat, as Scott and Logan make their way out, Illyana slouches down into it and sighs at Lorna. "Damn. I'll just have to try harder." She grins. "Find some other services I can render that don't involve continuing the royal line." She's just being a brat now, and she doesn't care.

Logan earned a smile and a wave as he departed, a muffled thanks following, and her glance returned to Illyana as the blonde stole the vacated seat. Bad jokes and ribbing she could take. Awkward talk about babies, weddings and shit? Totally beyond her scope.

"Well technically, he got the lordship just for dating me. There were no babies when that happened." She grinned and finished off her hot chocolate.

"Though I'm sure if you want to take credit for my rescue, I'm sure he'll give you something. Course that means admitting the X-men had to once more swoop in and do something better than he could ever do. Might be worth it for that alone you know."

Illyana puts on a tempted look - and then shakes her head. "Scott wouldn't go for it." She says, as if she really regrets not getting at least a medal. "Wait." She says, as a thought occurs to her, and a smile creeps across her lips. "Someone has actually TOLD him you got out, right? Or are you planning something dramatic?"

Lorna shrugged helplessly. "I wasn't awake for like twelve hours after we got back. That whole, being in jail and over working my powers thing made it very hard to sleep. So I crashed. I hope someone told him. Otherwise, he's gonna be pissed. He'll have sensed me when I got out of the power dampeners.. so, he knows I'm alive?" She arched a brow.

"Honestly I'm waiting for him to get pissed that I keep hopping continents. There's this whole.. I know vaguely where he is no matter what… and he's better that whole power thing than I am.. So I'm guessing he knows exactly where I am.." She pursed her lips.

"So that's going to be fun.."

@emit “Oh, I would have loved to see his face if he got to the prison five minutes after we teleported away to discover someone else rescued Lorna and left,” comments Nate, looking at the hot wings hungrily. “Can he really detect you when you are not using your powers? Even a continent away? If so maybe we should move the hideout. He must have figured out where it is by now.”

Lorna shrugged, "That's my assumption, Nate. I can sense the magnetic poles all the time. I can tell you where magnetic North is. I can point in the vague direction my father is in the same way. He's got a few decades on me. So… extrapolating here.. but I think he knows exactly where I am no matter what." She dropped her gaze to her stomach.

"I can sense … it inside me, and I don't think it's using powers yet. So maybe that's just a strange thing my family can do. And maybe it's a sign my kid is gonna have magnetic powers. I don't know." She grimaced and looked at her hot chocolate. Someone had slid her a new one. Joys.

"I wish I could drink.. geeze.." She sighed and shook her head.

"Right, lets talk about literally anything else, then. How was Christmas without me?"

"Uh… missed it, I was in Genosha" Nate got a few gifts somewhere, but really, he has no use for toys and trinkets. "I was worried about you, so I went looking for info on the Bastille and then chasing some leads on a missing refugees problem. I gotta report to Scott, it goes all the way to Bagalia and Gamorra, it seems."

Definitely not party talk. "We can try interrogating Rogue and Darcy later," he adds with a grin. "So, are you already thinking about names for the kid?" Because yes, that will open a can of worms with everyone, even Illyana, making suggestions.

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