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December 27, 2017:

In which Darcy learns of Lorna's pregnancy and engagement and plans get made.



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Lorna Dane had been rescued and returned to the X-mansion the day after Christmas. Which meant she'd spent Christmas in the ultra-max-security jail on Genosha. Her presents had remained unopened under the tree, and her stocking untouched. Even today, they'd been avoided. Mostly as she had spent the better part of the day asleep in the medbay. Though it certainly helped when Marcos had spent the night down there with her.

She moved slowly, groggy, and had been sat down for a late, late breakfast some time in the afternoon. Then had spent another several hours plopped out on the couch dozing. Who knew that exhaustion didn't go away after sleeping for twelve hours.

Vaguely, she hoped someone had sent a message to Magneto before he flipped his shit and sent someone to find out what was going on. She had told Marcos she wanted to go back to Genosha.. she just.. didn't have the energy for it. Not yet.

The green haired mutant, was now, of course, hungry again. A plate of Christmas left overs was spinning slowly around in the microwave in front of her, and she sighed as she stared at it. Wearing a borrowed pair of sweat pants and someone's over sized band T-shirt. Likely Rogue's again.

Into which Darcy walks. All the Christmas crazy was over with and work was getitng back to 'normal'. Checking in as she is want to do with the mutants, Darcy smiles at seeing Lorna in the kitchen.

"Hey," she says as she makes her way over. She heard. She worried. She wasn't able to do anything. That Lorna is back and safe is really a great thing. But, what do you say here?

"Wanna beer?" Because there's some in the fridge.

Lorna glanced up from the microwave as Darcy entered the room a distracted wave as the machine chimed a beep and she popped the door open at the base and grabbed her heated up left overs. A fork rolled out of the drawer to her left and into her hand, and the green haired mutant levitated herself onto a clean spot on the counter top to sit and eat.

Then came Darcy's question and she swallowed hard on a piece of green beans. She coughed and shook her head, inhaling a breath as she cleared her throat.

"I can't."

"Oh?" Darcy blinks, having no idea why. But. Lorna declined, so Darcy pours them both some tea and brings it over.

"Okay. No problem. Don't choke, alright? You don't have permission," she says, worried but trying not to let it show overly much.

Lorna grimaced and set her plate aside, coughing again as she glanced at Darcy. "Yeah it's typically frowned upon when pregnant women drink, or so I'm told." She offered dryly, rubbing her throat as she waited to see Darcy's reaction. She wasn't sure how long till word out out entirely. Marcos certainly hadn't been quiet and she'd only told him last night.

She had a feeling that soon enough it would be plastered all over. Lorna Dane. Pregnant.

Just wait until her father found out.

Never mind that her accepting Marcos' proposal had been the biggest thing in her life that she'd never gotten to share either. That seemed to have more or less taken a backseat to the panic of 'Oh my god I'm pregnant' mantra in her head.

"And yeah trying not to choke.."

For a full minute, Darcy just nods. Lorna, trying not to choke and pregnant. All good things. Yup. Nothing out of the ordin-


Look! Darcy's brain caught up. Her eyes wide, she stares at Lorna.

"I mean… how far along? Have you gone to an Ohbee-Gee? Do you have prenatal vitamins? It's your boy's right? This wasn't related to the kidnap bullshit? Because I swear to Jesus I will kneecap a bitch."

Lorna's lips quirked faintly as she crossed her legs and kept her perch on the counter top. Her bare feet swinging. Look, she was bare foot and pregnant in a kitchen. She stabbed her left over lamb chunk at that thought and took her time to nibble it as she watched Darcy's reaction and slowly tried to follow along with all the questions.

"Pregnant. And uhm.. it's Marcos'.. yeah.. and he's my fiance now. Just so you know." She murmured and left up her left hand where a little black ring sat on her ring finger.

"We were supposed to announce it on Christmas. I only found out that I was pregnant …. well, when Zealot nabbed me and told me. I guess I'm a few weeks along. Maybe a month? I didn't even notice." She offered dryly, and stabbed a green bean.

"And considering I just got out yesterday.. all of those things? Nope… and I don't know what I'm going to do yet. Kinda freaking out on that part. Especially as I plan to go back to Genosha as soon as I can convince the well intended that I'm fine.."

"You need pre-natals, and a doctor, and I'll start setting aside for all the baby things, diapers and bottles and blankets and snot rags." Darcy continues to word-vomit. Her eyes track to the ring, and it's clear that she cares more that the child is from a happy coupling and not the R word. Darcy hates that word.

"Well, if you have to go back, then you have to. But you have to make sure you play the 'making another person' card to get people to shut the fuck up and listen because you and that baby don't need their fuckign stress."

Lorna laughed softly as she listened to Darcy's words. "Can you help me plan a wedding say, three months? Because I'd really rather still fit into a wedding dress you know. And not have to deal with a screaming baby after.." She drawled and as the list of baby things got longer, Lorna's nose wrinkled faintly.

"Do I really need all of those things? I mean.. I plan to stay in Genosha right now. Which is an active war zone. I think stress is kind of par for the course?" She arched a brow upwards as she considered, "Still plan to use that card to get what I want on the council there though. Think it might get my father to shut up a bit more. If it's something I can use, I'll use it." She murmured, stabbing a few more pieces of meat on her plate.

"Duh. Of course I'll plan the fucking wedding. In Genosha. Because fuck everyone. If they War on your fucking wedding, I swear to Jesus I will oops some launch codes or something," Darcy says. No, she really can't do that, but she threatens to anyway. Because her friend is getting married nad having a baby and -

"Of course you do. I helped Moose plan her babyshower. I've totally got this.

Lorna dragged a hand through her hair. "Maybe I should have the wedding here? Shit.. my father still doesn't know at all. I can't really see him giving me away for my wedding. How pissed do you think he'd be if he wasn't invited?" She muttered mostly to her plate, green eyebrows furrowed as she mentally went over just how messy her life was about to get.

And here she was thinking that she'd just go over to Genosha, train with her father and help put down a civil war to start rebuilding a country so her kid could grow up free.

Small things Lorna wanted. Yep.

"..Uhm where do I get pre-.. ah.. those vitamins? Do I need to like.. take some meds or something too? I uhm.. really kinda clueless here.." And she had no mother to call either for help. Fun.

"Wherever you want, but honestly? Having it there would SAY something. And if I was your dad I'd be pretty pissed if I wasn't invited. And in my opinion, if he didn't raise you he doesn't have the right to 'give you away'. Which is such bull shit in my opinion anyway. You're a woman, creator of life. You're not a thing to be handed over, which is where that custom came from, you know. BUllshit. But if you want him to walk you down the aisle, and hadn you over, we totes can. But this is YOUR wedding. It happens the way you want it to." Darcy says, pausing to get her phone out to start a note to herself on things to get.

"Yeah. Vitamins. Any Walgreens or CVS. They're over the counter, though prescription's better. I'll track some down. Don't worry about it. And no. Unless you're sick, you don' tneed meds. Moose had to go on anti-puke meds becuase she couldn't keep anything but pizza down for four months. And all she wanted to eat was fucking strawberries and broccoli and salads… And A1 sauce. Babies are weird, yo. Just take the vitamns and eat as healthy as you can. If it feels good to eat, eat it. Unless it's motor oil. You tell me if that shit happens."

Lorna wrinkled her nose, "Okay, so scatch that whole aisle nonsense. Gotcha. I'm sure that'll wrinkle Magneto's cape enough that I'll be annoyed. And yeah.. I guess it does say something to get married on Genosha. Big fancy wedding. Joy." She rolled her eyes and continued to pick at her left overs, listening carefully to what Darcy had to say. Hot damn the woman knew about babies and shit. More than Lorna knew in any case.

"I puked up pizza a week or two before I got nabbed? Maybe the kid hates pizza. That or it was Nate's inability to heat up a frozen pizza. Either is possible." She drawled and picked another green bean off her plate.

"When should I expect to be horribly ill all the time? Can mutant babies have powers in the womb? Should I be worried? Are there complications I need to start planning for, like, powers? I mean.. most don't manifest till they're teens.. but hell, I manifested when I was like three..? I dunno. I'm second generation.. this kid'll be third.. Hell. How many people do you know are third generation mutants?"

"My big fat mutant wedding," Darcy says, nodding sagely as she types at her phone. "Hmm.. well. Moose said she was sick all teh time. But PK was hardly sick at all. Everyone's different. And I don't fucking knwo if mutants can have powers in the womb. For now, don't stress it." Her lowe lip is bitten. "When your kid's born. I'll know one. WHich is a start."

Lorna laughed weakly and set the plate aside as she finished off the left over and put it in the sink. "..Great. Now I have to add planning a wedding, ending the Genoshan Civil War, spying on my father and keeping him there for however long, whilst ensuring his worst tendancies are limited.. and oh.. right, preparing for a baby. I don't think I've got enough to do, Darcy." She drawled.

Her hands curled around the edge of the counter and she hung her head, exhaling a breath.

"I am so screwed. At least Marcos is happy in this hot mess.."

"No. You are going to add focus on baby being healthy as often as you can and that's about it. I'll plan the wedding and I'll turn in all my unused vacation time so i can go sit with you in Genosha and help you out with politcal bullshit. And to tell people to leave you the fuck alone when you are tired," Darcy states, bcause fuck it all. She's tired of this shit and now there's a baby involved.

Lorna a warmer laugh escaped her at that, and Lorna dropped down from the counter top. "I still plan to be working up until I can't anymore you know. And I still plan on training my powers and doing everything I can to help make Genosha a safer place for.. for the baby." She shook her head, and made a heavy sigh. "Ugh, I am.. still … still not used to saying that outloud." Her hands closed around her waist and she looked down.

"I can feel it, you know? It's as if.. learning that it existed meant I could sense it. Like metal.. or electricity. That's kinda weird, don't you think? I can't sense people.. I mean, I know technically people have electromagnetic bits in their nervous systems and brains.." She trailed off and glanced back up to Darcy.

"You know, Genosha is going to be so much easier with you around to yell at people for me."

Darcy softens, moving over to Lorna to give her a hug.

"I'll turn in my vacation tonight, grab some things and be back up here tomorrow morning. You'l lbe sick of me before you know it," she adds, not adding anything about feeling a baby. She doesn't know herself and neither Moose nor PK ever said anything about it. But… that could be the difference between human and mutant?

"I will yell at all the things," Darcy promises.

Lorna hadn't wanted a kid. Had pushed that to 'someday' category. She'd told Darcy as much, complained to Darcy as much. And now that she was stuck in the situtation where she couldn't? Where there was a ticking clock until the day the kid arrived? Lorna still struggled to fathom just how much her life was going to change.

Marcos could only see the joy, the excitement of being a father.

Lorna could only see how much work it meant. See the danger involved.

Perhaps Darcy's softer, more down to Earth, solid plans would win out and calm some of that panic. Maybe.

Lorna awkwardly returned the hug, not entirely expecting it. Still, another small smile cracked at her lips. "Good. Great.. uhm you're not going to get in trouble for going to Genosha, are you?"

"Probably. If I get caught there, I'm gettign disowned. I lose everything. But, fuck them. This is more important," Darcy states, smiling and waving off the potential End of her Life as if it were an HR slap on the wrist. She lets go, straightening up.

"Now. You march yourself back to the sofa and put your feet up. I'm going to tidy up in here, then I'm going shopping. You want to come with me?" Because baby things.

Lorna dragged a hand through her hair, arching a brow upwards. "Okay.. couch.. I'm going. I'm going.." She grinned, holding up her hands sheepishly. She wasn't going to pester Darcy on the status of her job and going to Genosha with her. How off the books did going to an active war zone with Magneto's daughter have to be to not garner SHIELD's attention?

"And yeah.. I uhm.. still need a wedding dress too…" She murmured. "Can we go shopping online? Because then we can stay on the couch you know.."

"Pnline shopping is totally my favorite," Darcy calls out happily. She washes up the plates then brings the drinks with her to the sofa. She has her tablet, which she keys into the mansion's wifi and kicks up Amazon. She settles near Lorna and invites the woman to just lean on her so that Daryc can hold the tablet and Lorna can surf about.

"I've already made a Lorna List. So, anything you want, you drop there."

Lorna was on the couch when Darcy came in, the tv was off, and her feet were up on an ottoman. She grabbed a throw pillow and a blanket, settling in to lean against Darcy's shoulder as she looked over the tablet. "You know I never bothered with these or a smartphone? I have one bad day and I fry 'em. Didn't make sense to have one. I steal Marcos' all the time though. It remains purely for silly apps and cat videos." She murmured.

And looked over the tablet with a frown. "I don't know where to start. Does Amazon actually sell wedding dresses?"

Darcy giggles and taps at the search bar. Wedding dresses. Bam. Dresses.

"Amazon's my bitch," Darcy says happily, holding the tablet for Lorna to look through what she'd like.

"This tablet's from work. It's EMP shielded. You shouldn't be able to fry is without trying to."

Lorna laughed as she leaned over and peered at the dresses. "Uhm a wedding dress for thirty bucks sounds a little too cheap.." She murmured and winced at some of the images there. "Bet its made of plastic. You know, I could just make my dress out of steel and uh…" She trailed off as Darcy spoke about the tablet being shielded and she blinked.

"Well that's rather sweet. I should look into how hard it is to get one made." She murmured, scrolling.

"I have a feeling my father would throw a fit.. Jean, Rogue, Illyana.. They're invited. Bridesmaids. I don't know what Marcos wants as far as Groomsmen.. I mean.. outside of the X-men here.. he doesn't really get out. That whole Cartel thing." She winced.

"Another reason to get married in Genosha is.. I don't think Marcos is actually legally allowed to be here.."

"OOh… Can you shape metal, because a metal wedding gown would be fucking amaze balls. Hmm.. I wonder if I could sweet talk your dad into making it. That would be a hoot." Darcy has her priorities stright.

Lorna laughed and she concentrated for a moment, her hand rising up before her. A drawer opened in the kitchen and fork came flying to her hand across the room. When it got there, her brows furrowed for a long moment, and the fork liquified into a little ball. She focused again and it morphed, changing shapes slowly into a star, a heart, and then a little mini dress that looked like a bracelet charm.

"Yeah, I can mold it to fibers actually. It's how I made the armor for my suit. Connect metal to the fibers and fuse it and viola! Metal clothes.." She grinned faintly, and laughed again at the mention of asking her father to make a dress.

"Pretty sure my father would make it an evil dress Darcy."

"Wedding dressed can't be evil, Lorna. And if he tried, I will kick his ass from here to Timbuktu," Darcy states as if this were just a matter of fact. She watches the metal molding with fascination, a smile on her face.

"Seriously. Let's find you some metal, and you can make your own and then Let me at Daddio and I'll have him make it better. Or he'll say fuck all and leave you alone about it. It'll be one or the other."

Lorna laughed again, grinning. "Leave it to my father and it'll come out purple and with cape. Have you seen that man's sense of style? It ranks somewhere around super villian to Paris Fashion model and I'd rather have my dress come out looking like a dress." She drawled and held out the metal charm toward Darcy.

"Here have a charm that was a fork in another life." She smirked and shook her head.

"I want one thing in my life to be normal and wedding dresses are about all that's going to be. We can find one online or in person." She murmured, and glanced over the tablet again, scrolling.

"I want roses on it. Red roses.. I love 'em."

Reaching out, Darcy takes the charm, smiling. It's looked at for a moment before put into her cleavage for safe keeping.

"A normal wedding dress… withred roses. I'm on it, Boss." she says, turning back to search Amazon again. If that turns up nothing, there are OTHER bridal stores to look at!

Lorna grinned as Darcy tucked the charm away into her cleavage. Safest pocket really. She shrugged and leaned back and exhaled a huff of a breath. "I wish I could have a beer right now. A martini. Wine. Anything. Geeze. This is going to be a horrible nine months. I can't even get a good drink after being captured over Christmas. New Years is gonna suck." She groaned, and pressed the throw pillow over her face.

"I need to find a mutant that can carry a kid for me." Came the muffled continuation of her complaint and she plopped the pillow back onto her lap.

"Better start ordering whatever I'm supposed to have as I'm pregnant and shit. I'll need bigger shirts, right? Pants? Do pregnant women get to wear pants still? Or am I gonna be stuck in an oversized tunic dress?"

"Maternity lines have these like elastic waist things. I have a few pairs I wear on my feeling fat days. Pants are totally a thing," Darcy says, leaving off the wedding dress search for now. It's going to take a bit to find something to show Lorna after all. But maternity clothes? Totally doable right now.

Lorna grimaced, "So sweats. Right. Okay. Get some of those vitamins too I guess?" Her brows furrowed.

"I guess deliver it all here. No one delivers to Genosha yet." She muttered and wrinkled her nose.

"Uhh what else am I gonna need? Besides, you know the obvious stuff for when the… uhm.. baby comes.." She squirmed around the word. Still awkward over saying it outloud. She'd only been saying it for less than a day after all. It still made her chest constrict and her mind dip with fear.

"Uhh.." She leaned forward to look over the tablet's contents again.

Nodding, Darcy orders some fashionable yoga pants and some blue jeans with the expandotummy.

"Right now, that's about it. I'll make a wish list and order as I can. Gift registry. Everything will deliver here. Don't stress," she says as she loads up the wish list.

Lorna nodded, "I'm pretty sure everyone here will want to chip in. It's kind of how everyone is. My adoptive.. foster.. whatever parents, had quite a bit of money. I can technically use what they gave me for college. I didn't use all of it since I went to an online school. Easier to deal with falling into alternative realties and fighting bad guys when you're doing online classes.." She murmured and grinned faintly.

"Rogue said she wanted yellow bridesmaid dresses. What do you think?"

"Oh god. Yellow?" Darcy asks, a whine in her voice as she thinks.

"We can do… a soft cream and she can have yellow roses?" she offers, making notes of whom to ask for money to get all of this put together.

Lorna wrinkled her nose, "I wasn't going to do yellow. I was worried it with my hair and Jean's it might make us kinda washed out looking. Jewel tones might be safer. And Rogue's a redhead! She should appreciate that, right? Like maybe a nice blue. What do you think?" She grabbed for the tablet and started searching up various sapphire blues and gestured to them.

"People look good in blue, right?"

"Totally. Gemtones would be amamzing. OOh, that blue looks like hte sky. I do like that. You?" Darcy asks, glad that Lonra was not willing to entertain yellow, and hat she had an idea for dress colors. Blue really is a good color.

Lorna grinned and nodded, "Mmm, I think blue will work then. I don't really care about the dress itself, I figure you guys can figure out what you want to wear. And then we can just have the same color blue. Same fabric or something… that should be do-able, right?" She arched a brow and considered.

"This would be so much easier if I knew how to actually sew something. Or had like a mutant that could manipulate fabric." She added as an after thought.

"Oh! Betsy! We have to talk to Betsy. She's all fashionable and shit. Lectured me a ton when she saw me in my street clothes."

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