Bumping Into New Friends

December 28, 2017:

June and Billy have a chance encounter. Two nerds-at-heart find more than they expected in common, and a shockingly NORMAL night ensues.

Gotham City

The streets of Gotham, then a diner. Later Billy's house.


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Fade In…

Gotham City. A city that looks beautiful on the outside, but harbors a dark secret in it's crime-ridden slums that mask it's true heart. While it holds a dark secret during the night, the afternoon is when it's light shines through, and it's on one of these lovely days that Billy Kaplan is up and about. Wearing a leather jacket to help bar the cold, a dark red T-shirt underneath, some blue jeans and tenneshoes, he seems ready to go about his day!

He walks down a sidewalk with nowhere in particular he needs to be. In fact he's actually just left visiting an old friend of his that he was trying to get reacquainted with since high school. But regardless! Wiccan appears to be in good spirits, humming one of the songs from The Sound of Music.

But who knows what he could run into….

June Moone is out enjoying a night out from the base. It's nice for a change to just feel…normal. Bundled up against the cold, the brunette is heading on down the sidewalk. She's NOT paying attention to her immediate surroundings (rare for Gotham), but is instead eyes skyward, watching the gently falling snow.

Of course, that means she's NOT looking where she's going.

Wiccan is just whislting, looking ahead and too distracted to see who's gunnin' for him unintentionally. Regardless, when he turns as if to walk in another direction, he and June run -right- into each other! Wiccan rubs his head for a moment before he realizes who he ran into. "Oh! I'm so sorry! you're not hurt are you?" if she fell down, he'd help her right back up.

Hey, she may have been beautiful, but Wiccan's gonna be a gent first.

June is tall, but willowy; there's not a lot of mass. Especially with snow on the ground, she goes right over, long legs splayed every direction in her jeans. She looks over, taking the offered hand, and blushing some. "I am SO sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going."

Wiccan looks June right in the eyes then for a moment, helping her stand up and offering her the warmest smile that probably definately borderlines flirtation. "It's completely fine, it was my fault really…was daydreaming." he rubs the back of his head, shaggy, but fashionable hair. "I really hope I didn't hurt you." he looks around then. WOw, she was really cute. "Uhm…" an outstretched hand then. "I'm William. William Kaplan. Friends call me Billy."

She pulls herself up with his help, and looks a little flustered, blushing just a bit. June's not used to being the one who gets flirted with, not with the company she keeps. "June. June Moone." She shakes the hand, since she's already holding it. "And only my pride got hurt."

Billy nodded a few times. "A pleasure to meet you June, really….though uh…only wish it was under better circumstances and I didn't knock you down." he laughs a little nervously then…then he realizes he's still holding her hand and he lets it go. "Oh! uh, sorry."

"It's okay, honestly." She says, and brushes back some stray hair. "I was just enjoying the snowfall. I'm honestly not sure if you bumped into me or I bumped into you. Mutual, probably. Also, thanks for not giving me a hard time about the name."

Billy notices her move her hair about in conversation, but he does smile to her warmly as she says she's okay, looking relieved. "Whew…glad to hear it. We probably bumped into each other, for certain." he says with a small smile then, though when she talks about her name, she gets a tilt of the head from Billy. "Why's that? is there something you think isn't very flattering about your name? I think it's beautiful. I always did like people named after months."

"Oh, I've heard everything. People hear your name rhyme and think it's an excuse to make jokes. So, thanks for not going that road." She frowns a little. There's /something/ about Billy, that she can't put her finger on. But it's causing an odd feeling. Of course, inwardly, the Witch is very curious.

Billy wasn't even thinking about how her name rhymed. But then again, he was a nerd, and to someone who thinks something is incredibly silly or jokeful, He'll think it's awesome. But he chuckles faintly "Well, you won't be hearing it form me unless I get permission." because he's respectful. very respectful. But he does tilt his head at her….he can feel that thing inside of her, but he doesn't really know what it is. possession? possibly….or maybe one of those weird Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde type of magic ordeals that he hears about…he's not sure.

It probably feels closest to possession. After all, it's what it TECHNICALLY is. "So, where are YOU headed tonight?" she asks, with a smile. "I was going to see about some dinner."

Billy probably is still undecided on this, but he's leaning towards possession. Regardless, when she asks him where he was headed that night, he seems to blush by the manner in which she asks. "Oh, uhm, I was actually just going for a walk." a small laugh then. "I just live in that apartment complex across the street." he points. "But, hey, to repay for running into ya, how about I buy you a meal? that is, if I'm not interrupting like a meetup or something…" a warm smile then.

She laughs. "No meetup. And tell you what. You don't need to buy me anything. But I'd love some company. All my regular friends were busy tonight, and I'm not much a fan of being alone."

Billy smiles big and warm to June as she speaks that she would end up alone unless he joined her. "Well, if you'd love the company, then I'd be happy to join ya for a bit." he even offers her his arm just to be fun and playful. "Come on, I'll walk ya. Though of course…you don't have too…" he kinda turns pink at what it implied: that it was an impromptu date. Good thing he gave her a choice or Billy might have done goofed.

She laughs at that. "Aren't you the charmer! People don't do that much anymore." She'll reach out to take the arm. "Anyplace good around here?

Billy laughs a little with her, though he blushes when she actually takes his arm. "Well, sadly, it seems Chivalry has died out. People are too selfish nowadays. But hey, happy to make some difference." a wink to her then. "Uuuummmm I think there's a diner a little ways from here, just down the street. Cheeseburgers, hot dogs, fries…you know, american food." he teases.

"I won't disagree with that. And that sounds great right now. Just some regular, /normal/ food." She smiles, and starts over. "So, what do you do for a living, Billy?" She asks, as she walks on with him in the direction he indicated the diner.

A small chuckle from him as they walk, but he does shrug a little. "Well, I was also thinking Chinese…" but of course he was just teasing her. "Off to the diner we go!" a small laugh then. Though when asked what he does for a living, he shrugs his shoulders a bit. "Well…" NO. don't tell her that you are a sorcerer. She's cute and you'll scare her off! "I'm back in college actually. going for Computer Science. I think I want to just have that -knowledge-. But big dream? I want to see all the world. so I guess working as a bioinformatics guy who fixes peoples computers on the side is a good way to make cash." he chuckles. "How about you? What does June do for a living?" he smiles with her, looking pretty happy about this situation.

"That's cool. And I'm an archaeologist, technically. Which means "unemployed grad student looking for funding"." June laughs at that. "Going for your masters, then?" She seems quite relaxed at the moment, which is pretty rare.

Billy nods a bit. Not many would vocalize Billy's choice of study as being 'cool', but he does seem to be like 'ey!' when she says that she's an archeologist. "Oh really? oh wow, that's seriously cool. Way to wipe me out in the 'who took cooler courses in college' competition." he gives her a playful little nudge then as he flirts. "Yeah, goin' for the Masters."

"Well, mine might be cooler, but yours is going to be a lot more employable." She'll hipbump back at the nudge, and move to open the door when they get there.

Billy smiles when she compliments his form of study being advantageous in it's own right…and laughs a bit with the hipbump. Though when she opens the door for him, it's actually he who holds it for her. "After you, please." he smiles then, being a gentleman as they enter the diner. A waitress greets them and, thinking them a couple, actually brings them over to a booth on the quiet side of the restaurant, hands out their menus, takes the drink orders, before she departs. "Whew, alrighty. So, how long have you been in Gotham? or are you from here?"

She moves in. "Me? No, not from Gotham. I've only been living here for less than a year. Been doing some consulting work." She orders a coffee, eyes flicking over the menu, as she smiles. "What about you? You a local, or just here for school?"

Billy smiles softly to her, giving an 'ahhh' kind of gesture, a smile touching his features "Riiigghht gotcha gotcha." he orders a sprite actually, as well as a coffee before he looks over the menu, looking over at June. "Nah. I'm from New York actually, just here to take some classes. But hey, I haven't regretted it yet. Especially since I met someone new, and someone different." he looks at her then, a flirtateous smile touching his features.

She grins a little. "You always move this quick?" Not that she seems to mind. "It's an interesting city, just…the crime level is kind of insane. As are most of the criminals."

Billy almost calls her a ten out of ten right of the bat…but -thankfully- someone taught him people skills. he laughs a little bit. "Not always. Why? would you prefer slow?" he winks then. But he gives a more serious nod. "Yeah…Gotham isn't exactly a good city…especially not at night. I hope you've managed to stay safe." of course, he wasn't asking the entity from within June, but rather June herself.

"Not especially. It's kind of appealing, actually. I'm used to everyone going after my friends, first. I'm kind of the plain-Jane. Or the plain-June. It's refreshing."

Wiccan smiles to her warmly then, laughing a bit. "Well, if that's the case I would be more than happy to remain at this pace?" he teases her, reaching across the table to touch her hand. Though it was flirtateous, it was like a playfulness to it now. "Hey, to me you're awesome June. Nothing plain about you. How many people are archeologists again?" he smiles.

The brunette smiles a little. "Not so many. People who got over-involved with the Indiana Jones movies." She giggles a little, nervously. "I have to admit, I'm surprised you don't have a girlfriend."

Billy chuckles a little at her words. "That's fair enough." he comments on the indiana jones films. "Though admittedly, I do love those movies." But on her comment about him not having a girlfriend, he nods once. "Yeah well…people don't like nerds to much in the romantic aspect." his fingers start to tangle with hers as he continues his flirtations, looking her right in the eyes. "But if you want my honest opinion, ms. Plain-June, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." he says with a warmness to his voice.

That gets a surprised look. "Then you haven't seen a lot of women." she counters, amused. "My immediate circle of friends are basically a rich hot blonde, a stacked redhead, and the original party girl. I don't measure up to them." She looks down at herself, then adds, in an amused tone "literally".

Even as June tries to talk herself down, Billy keeps looking right at her eyes. "When are you going to learn that beauty doesn't match in appearance alone." he smiles to her. He was a sorcerer! But he keeps his hand on hers, giving it a soft squeeze. "If I didn't mean it, I wouldn't have said it….though admittedly, I have seen alot of gals." then he blushes, puasing. "N-not like that!" he laughs then nervously as he choked on himself apparently. He was adorable like that.

June laughs at that. She has an admiration for the adorkable thing, because that tends to be HER thing. "So you've seen a lot of girls, huh?" She teases. "I'm just messing with you." She puts in her food order for the diner, getting a cheeseburger and fries.

Billy laughs a bit with her. "N-no see, I just mean that I've seen like…pretty girls before…but not like…in a bedroom or anything like that…." he lowers his head then until she says she's messing with him. He shakes his head then, putting in an order for simply a hot dog and some fries for him as well. when the waitress leaves, his hand is still playing with hers. "So um…do you have anyone special?" he smiles then.

June shakes her head. "No. Poor barely-employed archaeologist isn't much of a catch. And…I kind of come with baggage. High maintenance." Her mood visibly slips, at whatever-it-is that she's thinking about. She gives a reassuring squeeze once with her slender fingers, then slides her hand back, that sad look on her face.

Billy gives her a smile before he exits the booth…

only to sit with her on her side. An arm wraps around her then as he looks at her. "Well, good thing I don't scare easy. Should we call this a date?" he says with the warmest smile. Truly, Billy must either be phenomally stupid, or accepting in his own right….or he's special, like her.

THAT gets an honestly surprised look. "Billy. I…" She hesitates. "I would love to call this a date. But I'm trouble. We should probably just call it dinner." It's hard to have a relationship when you're possessed by an ancient evil goddess.

Billy doesn't appear to be backing down, though he does give her an understanding smile. "Hey, I got my baggage too. I'm not exactly the safest person. But then again, nothing worthwhile is ever truly safe." he looks her in the eyes then. It wasn't exactly easy to have a relationship when your often off in seperate realities stopping evil forces. It's a stressful event, to be sure. But his smile is true to her.

She doesn't make eye contact, looking away. Like she feels like she's not worth the attention. "We can call it a date." She says, forcing the smile a little bit. "And see where it goes."

Billy can't help but smile at her, nodding a few times. "A date it is!" he chuckles, taking her hand in his as he gives it a gentle squeeze. Though he does touch her chin as if subtly asking to look at him. "Hey, don't you listen to Bob Marley anymore?" he starts to sing in his best Jamaican impression. "Don't worry….about a thing…cuz every little thing, gonna be alright.." he says with a smile.

"Oh, dear god. Not reggae." She can't help but that little giggle leaking out as she says it, and gives his hand a squeeze. "You're one heck of a guy, Billy."

Billy can't help but laugh then as she starts to giggle and laugh a bit, and at the squeeze to his hand, he returns it. "What can I say, I'm a lover of music!" but then she calls him one heck of a guy….and nobody's really called him that before, so he turns bright pink, looking right into her eyes like he has ideas. But he chuckle sthen. "Thanks June. You're one heck of a gal." he smiles to her then.

At least she's making eye contact again. That's something. She smiles warmly. "Now, shoo back over to your side, before everybody decides we're completely insane."

Billy smiles to her warmly then even as she shoos him away. "Hey, nothing wrong with being seperate from the crowd." he gives her a little wink then and her hand a final squeeze (while he's on her side of the booth anyway) and heads back over to his side. Smiling at her. "….so, you don't like reggae?" he smiles then.

"It wouldn't be one of my top styles." she admits, though she seems more relaxed and less morose now. "Not that I don't like music, I do. Just never got into reggae." She sips from her coffee. "You were humming when we ran into each other, I think."

Billy smiles to her as he sips his coffee…..then his sprite. There's that adorkable thing coming back. But either way, his ears are listening to her as he smiles then. "That's fair. I was actually humming The Sound of Music." he smiles to her a little. He almost looks like he's about to sing. "Ironically enough, I'm actually quite terrible at singing."

"Theater fan?" She asks. As the food arrives, she smiles, and starts in on her fries a bit. "You've got an eclectic range of musical tastes."

Billy smiles to the waitress and even tips her. "Thanks so much." before he looks back to the food, nomming on his hotdog when June asks her question. Waiting until his food was swallowed (mostly) he smiles at her. "Eh, A little bit." I mean, he also likes Game of Thrones, so his tastes are a little spread out. "I personally like all kinds of music. Rap is my weak spot though…it's kind of gotten a little….ehhhh over the years."

June nods. "Some of it can be okay. I tend to be more a fan of older stuff. Of course, archaeologist; who's surprised." She says. "Thankfully Gotham has some incredible jazz clubs."

Billy nods then. "You like the oldies too? Frank Sinatra? Bobby Vinton?" he smiles to her then warmly. "Hey, I love the oldies. and there are some good Jazz clubs. You know, how about we go to one after this. Just have fun. could dance, I could hear you sing?" he says with a smile. A more adventurous sort apparently.

"I'm…really not dressed for a club." June's just in jeans, ankle-boots, sweatshirt with a slightly poofy jacket over it. She's not even really wearing makeup. "I'd want to be a little more presentable, I think." Plus the concept makes her nervous. Relaxing too much is bad for her.

Billy 'ahhhs' a moment then, before he nods. "Hm…well, if you want, we could go back to my place then and put on a movie or something?" at this point, it seems he just wants to spend time with her. Admittedly, she's been the best part of the year for him.

There's that hesitation again. "I…wouldn't want to be a burden." Or to put him in danger. Little does she know he's probably the safest person she could be around.

Billy smiles to her slightly. "Come on, it could be fun!" he smiles then a little bit. "I highly doubt you could be a burden to me. Come on, let's just have fun tonight." then he turns bright pink. that could have been taken the complete wrong way.

She looks torn. She wants to agree. But the last thing she wants is anything bad to happen to him. "I…maybe another night?" she says, uncertainly. Relationships have not even been on her radar since…well, yeah.

Billy gives her a seemingly saddened look, but it turns into a smile. "Hm…how can I convince ya? Or should I call it quits?" though he wasn't more flirting now, now he was just seeing if he could get her out of her own head. "Hey, trust me…if you come to my place, nothing bad is going to happen alright?" he smiles to her warmly then, taking her hands in both of his to reassure her. "but hey, if you don't want to do it, it's alright." he gave her an out.

She tries to explain. Some. "Trouble…bad things kind of happen around me, Billy. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you." Her voice is sad at it, because he seems really sweet. "There's…things I can't talk about. But bad."

Billy smiles to her softly. "Didn't we already talk about the trouble thing?" he teases her a moment. Before he decides probably honesty is the best thing here. So he'll smile to her softly. "Hey…this will sound very crazy to you, but I can sense it." he looks down at her where her chest should be then, before he looks back at her. "I'm special too." he smiles to her then. "Trust me, nothing bad will happen. To either of us." he smiles then. "Besides, I think watching Monty Python would be pretty sweet."

June looks over, tilting her head. "Sense what?" She asks. But her resistance is weakening, because it would be nice to relax and just be…normal. "We can at least start that way." Gives her a chance to back out.

Billy smiles to her softly, having long finished his meal. He looks at her then, then to her food. "Are you finished eating?" he asks softly.

June nods. She sets her fork down, finishes off her coffee, and says "All right." She steels herself, wishing that were alcohol. "Let's do this."

Billy smiles to June then as she gets up as if to steel herself. Seems like she isn't the only one that's a little adorkable…and boy does Billy love it. He offers her his hand as if to walk side by side.

THAT she does with no hesitation, taking his hand as they walk on. If nothing else, she's gotten to feel normal tonight, and that's huge for her.

Billy smiles to her as she takes his hand and he walks with his kinda-sorta-girlfriend. But he likes it…being normal. When someone like Wiccan who is a pretty damn close candidate for Sorcerer Supreme gets to experience true normality for a change….it's peaceful. and he wouldn't have it any other way. He gives her hand a soft squeeze and gives her a playful nudge.

June walks on with Billy. She's enjoying it. It's a night to feel normal, to not have to worry about the Witch…she's a fan. She gives him a return bump with her slender hips at his nudge, and chuckles. "So, how far of a walk's your place?" Walking in Gotham at night can be risky.

Billy chuckles a bit as June gives him a little bump with her hip as well in return. Thouhg at her question, he points just across the street to a fairly large building. "Oh? just across the way. Nothing too serious. I don't want either of us out when nightfalls on Gotham." he nods a few times….that's when the crazies come out.

He walks her right along down the street and opens the door to the apartments…and it is actually a pretty nice one. doesn't look like cockroaches roam here as it looks neat and clean. But this is where Billy presently lives. "Here we are…" and he walks her over to an elevator. clicks the button for floor seven and off they go!

She smiles. "That's good. This place gets dangerous when you're out too late." Crazies show up. Like, oh, her team. She walks over with him, gets in the elevator, and tries not to let her nervousness show as the elevator goes up. Deep breaths, June. She squeezes his hand a little more, without even noticing she's doing it.

Billy nods a few times. "Hah, yeah. You're tellin' me." he teases her just slightly. But then he hears her taking deep breaths all of a sudden and her hand squeezing his tighter. "Hey, you alright?" he smiles to her warmly then as they arrive at their level. "Here we are. Come on.." he smiles to her giving her hand a soft squeeze then giving her a little twirl to try and get her to relax a little.

"Sure. Just…nervous." Please, no black ops teams coming for her. No Witch coming out." She steps out, though she doesn't twirl so well; she's nervous and it's showing in a bit of klutziness.

Billy is sure to catch her in the event that she almost falls….but of course, this means that he now has his arms around the gal. "Hey…" he whispers softly with a chuckle. "Come on…" he takes her hand again as he leads her to his apartment…which isn't far away, just a few doors down. He takes out a card key and he swipes it…opening up to…an actually pretty imaculately clean room.

She blinks. "Your place has a card key? That's pretty high end for Gotham." She looks around the room. The fact that it's clean doesn't surprise her; her own place is fastidiously clean among the chaos of her teammates. More to get a feel for the kind of decorations and such.

He nods a few times then. "I got a good deal on the place. See, the guy who owns this joint? I may or may not be fairly good friends with his kid back in middleschool. I asked a favor." he laughs a bit. "Gave me an affordable deal. Contacts help a heckuva lot." he smiles then. There was a couch, a bed in the next room that definately included a bathroom. a rather large plasma screen for their viewing pleasure in an entertainment center-type desk. "It's not much, but I make do." he smiles to her softly then as he walks further in. Though they were in complete privacy now. No one was coming to get them.

"You must have been /really/ good friends. And computer stuff must pay a LOT better than archaeology." She's impressed by the place. "If you think this isn't much, you probably grew up richer than I did." June smiles over, and stops just inside. "Shoes off, or on?" She knows people can get touchy about either.

Billy nods a few times with a chuckle. "Heh, yeah….his dad's a millionaire or something, so.." he chuckles then a bit. "Yeah, it pays good enough. helps me stay in places like this…or at least barely afford it." he chuckles then. THough when she says that he probably grew up richer than she did, he shakes his head. "It's possible, but I'm not sure how well barely middle class makes it compared to you. But then again, I don't know your origins. but I'd like to." he smiles then a little bit. then he looks at her feet. "Oh, you can be barefoot or with shoes, I don't mind." but he does kick his off until he's barefoot. "Besides, this carpet is surprisingly soft.

The brunette smiles. She was ready to match whichever way he went, so she'll take off the ankle boots, and her socks, tucking the latter in the boots. She moves over with him, taking a look at the place. "It's nice." She's a bit uncertain what to do, so she asks, "So…which movie?"

Billy moved to the corner of the room where he had multiple movies and dvds available. "Hmm…well, I was thinking Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Nerd haven right here….kind of cheesy comedy, but it's great." he smiles to her. "But I have alot, got romantic comedies, action flicks, horror movies…you name it." he smiles to her. "But I think Monty Python is a good start." he walks up to her then but he looks her right in the eyes and he's automatically tempted to kiss her.

But he seems to show restraint for the moment.

"No, no. Monty Python's great! Sorry, you even said it earlier. I just forgot." Nerves. In her bare feet, she's only 2" shorter than him. She stands there, giving him the kiss opening, if he takes it. She makes no move to kiss /him/…but she's willing to.

Billy smiles to her warmly….but then he just seems to do a mental 'screw it' and he walks over to her, tossing the movie on the couch as he puts his hands to cup her cheeks, his lips finding hers in a bout of passion. He isn't trying to make it deep, but he's willing. His hands fall to wrap around her waist as he shares such an intimate moment with her. At that point, it's his body and mind in perfect harmony in what he wanted to do since he saw her: kiss her.

She isn't either. It's nerves and hormones and the deep yearning to just be NORMAL all tied up. The kiss isn't deep, if anything, it's one part awkward, one part needy. She puts her arms around his shoulders, holding him there as she closes her eyes.

Billy is lost in the kiss. It may be awkward, but it's perhaps Billy's expereince being kissed only one other time in his life that helps him perhaps guide June through it more comfortably. His hands stay wrapped around her waist to hold her close, and he keeps kissing her….it was like love bloomed between them.

Then, the kiss would end softly with their foreheads still touching. "Wow…."

The brunette looks…relieved. Nothing horrible happened. In her life, that's something to be said. "That was…really nice. Thank you." She tells Billy, after…well, after several good kisses. Because hooray for kisses.

Billy chuckles a little bit. "It…really was. I don't mean to steal anymore or be greedy but….may I kiss you again?" he asks politely because he's a dork . Regardless, he starts to lean in again as if for some more lip action unless she stops him. "So I guess we're…together?" he smiles to her before the kiss.

She blushes a fairly deep red. "You may totally kiss me again. And I guess we are. I usually don't do things this quickly." But with how her life is now…it's how it has to be.

Billy chuckles then with a smile. "Awesome…and neither do I…guess two peas and a pod right?" he smiles as he kisses her again, this time far more passionate and more easygoing as the two just stand there in the apartment, kissing each other. a hand does come up to caress the back of her neck though.

She smiles. "We barely know anything about each other." She admits, a little concerned about that. It's not stopping the kissing from keeping pace, though, and she runs her fingers through his hair.

Billy was a little concerned about it too, but the way the kiss was going…live and let live. He does whisper between kisses "We can talk after." he smiles then as he kisses her again, just enjoying being this close to her…enjoying her presence…and living a normal life. Billy has a girlfriend…who would have thought it?

June certainly wouldn't have thought she'd be in that list. Well, boyfriend. She REALLY wouldn't have thought she'd be on a list of having a girlfriend. She smiles. "So…should we watch that movie?" Because that's an excuse to sit on the couch, and /that's/ an excuse to cuddle.

Billy smiles when they pulled away from the kiss finally, and he nods a few times. "Absolutely." because June isn't the only one who wants to cuddle now. he gives her another quick kiss before he moves to put the movie in. He dims the lights juuuuust a little bit for a more cinema theatre affect, and he sits down on the couch. Extending a hand out to her to join him as his offhand takes the remote in his hand. "Please, sit…though can I get you anything to drink? eat? we have food." he smiles to her.

She takes off her jacket and puts it…whereever she can. "No, no! I'm still stuffed from the diner." She's very thin; one of those girls who looks like she'll blow away if she doesn't eat a solid meal. "The movie, and the company, are more than enough." She settles in on the couch, leaning up against him.

Billy looks her right in the eyes then with a smile. "Alright…" he says, looking dreamy-eyed at the gal. As the movie was starting and June settled against him, an arm went around her shoulders as they snuggled there for comfortability. "You really made my day, you know that? I never thought I'd meet someone like you."

June smiles. "That makes two of us." She says. "I know they talk about falling head over heels, I just never expected it to be literal!"

Billy turns to look at her then, kissing the side of her head lightly as he reaches over and pulls a blanket over the two of them. Though he's happy the feeling is mutual….aside from the makeout session they had a few minutes ago. "Hah! me neither…though I'm happy us two bumped into each other….and I'm happy you came with me here." he looks her in the eyes as he moves a stray hair from her face.

"I am too." She smiles over, and leans her head up against his shoulder. "I'm just…enjoying this moment." June's not sure how long it will last, even if she wants it to be forever; Enchantress is a lot to ask a boyfriend to deal with.

Billy smiles to her warmly, wrapping both of his arms around her so that she can rest comfortably on him. But even she could feel that under his shirt…he was actually pretty cut and built. like someone who works out pretty constantly. Regardless, caresses her hair and massages her scalp….but he's not afraid of enchantress…really having a girlfriend who would be soon to know that he was a sorcerer would be a certain bowling ball into the mix.

She smiles, and scoots over, so that she's laying more on him. "Someone gets some serious gym time." she comments. Honestly, June herself is in good shape. Not that she wanted to be in quite as good a shape as she is, but Taskmaster can be…well, a taskmaster.

Billy is not opposed at all to June laying down on him. In fact he welcomes it, chuckling a little bit at her words as his arms wrap themselves back around her. THough he looks her in the eyes. "Not so bad yourself." he smiles to her, leaning to give her a kiss on the lips.

June returns the kiss in kind. "Thanks." She blushes at that, and it's pretty clear that she's not used to being considered "the pretty one". "So music, British comedy…what else are you into?"

Billy hums into the kiss and he smiles at her after. "Hm…well, you." yes, he flirts even when he's got the gal. It keeps the romance alive! but he seems to ponder this. "Hmm…well, I enjoy a little bit of everything. I like reading fantasy novels, and yes, I like watching Game of Thrones. uuuhmm…as per my major, Il like working with electronics, even the old junk. I love to read though…really anything. I like history and detective novels though." he smiles to her warmly. "What about you? Tell me about June Moone." he smiles to her.

"Well, obviously I love history. Mythology too. Fantasy novels are fun, so is Game of Thrones. I like Sci-Fi too." She smiles. "You already know I like older music. I kinda hate the people I'm working for right now, but there's not much I can do about that."

Billy seems to -love- that they so far have tons in common. He smiles warmly to her. "Can you get any more awesome?" he smiles to her softly. Though he tilts his head at her. "Oh? I'm sorry you hate your bosses. Where do you work?" he asks her.

June sighs. "I…kinda can't say. NDAs for miles." She shakes her head. "How about you? Full time student, or working somewhere?"

Billy nods a few times. "Gotcha…hey, no worries." he smiles to her as he massages her scalp again. "Half and half for me. I go to classes over at Gotham University and then I work over at WayneTech on the side. You know, just focuso n programs and all that. It's kinda boring when you think about it." he chuckles softly.

June smiles. "I'd say it would all be Greek to me…but my Greek's pretty good." She plays with his hair, a smile on her face. "Waynetech is pretty impressive. Good job on that!"

Billy seems to lean into June's fingers as she plays with strands of his hair. "You speak greek?" he smiles to her then. "Frankly, that's pretty hot." he smiles at her then as he starts to laugh a little. "and thanks…I had to work pretty hard for it…not to mention for a spot to be open. I think I got lucky though…" a chuckle then. as he just stops paying attention to the movie, his focus lying completely on June. "Kinda like how I got lucky with you." he leans forward to give her another little kiss as they continue to cuddle. "So, you know Greek and English…any other languages you got?" he smiles.

June laughs at that. "I speak lots of things. Almost all of them are dead languages, but…" She kisses back, then rattles them off. "Ancient Greek, Latin, Aramaic, Sanskrit, French, Old English, and Nahuatl."

Billy smiles then after the kiss as she starts listing off languages. "Oh wow….talk about multilingual much…dead languages or not, that's still really impressive." he caresses her cheek with a finger. "Here I only know a little French to get by. Though I know Latin fluently. Maybe we can chat at each other like it's our hidden language." he laughs a little bit then.

She switches over to Latin, amused. «It's a dead language. Well, except Vatican City. But I doubt anyone is going to know it if we're talking to each other in it.» She kisses the finger that caresses her cheek with a smile. «Going back out into that cold tonight is going to be rough.»

Billy smiles to her warmly. «A dead language it may be, so it should be pretty useful whenever we want to talk behind people's backs.» he grins at her afterwards then, though he blushes when she kisses the finger that caressed ehr cheek. «Well…..who said you had to leave into that cold night? If you want, you could…you know, spend the night?» he smiles softly to her, keeping his hand near to her face as he likes it when she flirts with him.

She goes bright, beet red at that. "We only just met tonight!" She protests. It's more of an automatic response than anything, a lifetime of conditioning to not be "that kind of girl".

Billy lifts his hands up in defense. "Whoa! I nkow! I was gonna offer that you could take my bed and I sleep on the couch!" he laughs a little bit then as they transfer right over to English just as naturally. He leans to give her a passionate kiss that is as lengthy as it is pleasant.

June blushes again. "Sorry, I just—" And then she's getting kissed. She relaxes into that, for a long moment. Finally, when it breaks, she says "You wouldn't have to sleep on the couch. Just…only cuddling." She states, setting her boundaries.

Then it's Billy who turns bright red when June agrees to sleep with him, but no sex. He nods then. "Sounds perfect." he smiles to her then as they continue to lay there together. "If you like, it is a little late…could wind down for sleep?" because that's also and excuse for cuddles.

June nods. "That sounds like a good idea. Hope you've got a bed big enough for two?" The brunette stands…steels herself…and then starts to wriggle out of her jeans. Because she's not going to sleep in jeans and a sweatshirt.

Billy nods a bit. "Yeah, in there is easily big enough for two. It only becomes a problem if you try to put th-" and then she's stripping right in front of him and he turns -bright- red. THOSE LEGS! but he steels himself as he stands up too, removing his shirt to reveal his actual muscles and -whoa-. but then he's taking off his pants for comfortability, and he starts moving towards the bedroom, but he does turn to offer June his hand with a smile.

June does have /FANTASTIC/ legs. She doesn't have the chest her teammates do, but she has legs for /days/, and a runway model's build. She's very very very focused on changing and NOT paying attention to anything else in case she chickens out. The sweatshirt comes off next, which leaves her in bra and boyshorts. Finally she looks up…and then gets to see the muscles. "Gbuh."

Billy looks her up and down and he smiles, though he's blushing himself. "I think that's what I should be saying to you….because…wow." he smiles at her big and warm then, his hand taking hers as he guides her into his bedroom.

She smiles, takes his hand, and will head bedroom-wards. She's going to be a good girl. But she is definitely going to get her cuddle on.

Billy smiles then as he walked her to the rather fancy-looking queen-sized bed, but this was clearly for luxury. He gets in bed first, smiling to her softly as he was most certainly looking forward to cuddling with her. his smile was only for her, and it was like seeing her there made this whole year worth it. "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." he was gonna be a good boy, but cuddling was gonna happen. for certain.

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