Ivy in Themyscira

December 27, 2017:

In an effort to give Poison Ivy a break from the troubles of city-life, Diana Prince has offered the natural-world-loving woman a chance to visit Paradise Island.


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Home for the holidays took a slightly different meaning when your home didn't really celebrate any of the main world holidays that that phrase was referring to.

Diana had met with Ivy at the Embassy in Manhattan and had ushered her aboard the 'invisible' jet, though the visibility of said jet was entirely dependent on Diana's desires. It could be as invisible, or visible as the Princess so desired it to be as it was all fueled by the mysterious power of the disc granted to her by the Lansinarian people.

The interior of the jet was luxurious and spacious and it was generally kept at a partially see-thru level so that one could enjoy the silent flight through the clouds… somewhat of a surreal experience to get to fly inside a plane you could see almost entirely through.

They'd come to Themyscira in short order, they'd parked the jet on a grassy hilltop and Diana and Ivy were met near the plane by an escort of royal guardswomen on horseback. Two extra horses were provided to Diana and Ivy, allowing them a ride down to the beach where the 'Visitor Village' was built.

This village held three docks where boats from off-island could come to delivered authorized guests who had been vetted and given permission to stay on the beach and spend days in the village's small homes and markets setup by the Amazons. It was a heavily restricted allowance to be on Themysicra's beach like this, but to many it was enough to feel immersed in the mysterious island.

After giving Ivy a small tour of the village, Diana was not escorting her through the main market street of Themyscira City itself, with a few armored Amazons trailing behind them… while other women moved about on their daily chores and duties. Dianw as wearing a leather armor bodice and a white flowing skirt, her black hair was tied back behind her head and she had simple sandals upon her feet.

It is a pleasant and sunny day, around 80 degrees with a cooler soft wind breezing past here and there, a true paradise island.

Normally Ivy packs very light. But this time she has two large canvas bags that have been filled. One with a fair bit of her own notes and books that she's not too ashmed to ask Diana to help her carry. Because one of them can pick up tanks, and the other can pick up much much less. She did her best to contain her excitment while waiting on the plane to be fueled and to fly away from the cold and city.

The flight was pleasant enough and Ivy certainly enjoyed the view. But it was the island that she came to visit, and that drew her intense attention exclusively. Soon as they step out onto the grass there was a ripple through all the field. Time perfectly with the deep breath the fair skinned woman takes, drinking in the feel of it all through The Green. She has to admit she's not overly experienced in equestrian things but can at least sit still and not fall off for the short ride.

She was attentive through the tour and only asked if the guards were there because of Diana or to escort the new guest. She knew the place was all women but seeing it is something else. She dressed in simple khaki shorts, sandals, a green button up shirt show off much of her pale skin. The island is so 'pure' Ivy's ability slips a little as some hints of green show up as 'veins' near her hair, ankles, and wrists. "I could just lay on that grass field and stay there for a week, your highness." Being a bit more formal in public and in the nation of Diana's royalty.

Diana was greeting all the people that they walked past who were in-turn greeting her. Her people loved seeing her come home, but they also understood when the Princess was with an off-islander and that meant that they needed to approach her another time, like at one of the feats that would be held in honor of the Princess's return.

Diana looked over at Ivy and she smiled onto her. "We can certainly arrange that kind of time for you to have that chance to lay and just… be. If you would like." She said to the other with a little grin while she reached out to accept a mug of tea handed to her by one of the women at her small food stand. Another mug was offered to Ivy as well by the woman in the blue dress tending the small store.

"I have always been partial to the sun warmed sands and the waves of the ocean to sing me into a meditative state of contentment." Diana would sip the drink and smile to the woman gave it to her. Then she'd look back over to Ivy.

"But the grassy fields are good too." She'd add a little grin.

Ivy smiles to the woman offerng the mug and tries to say in Greek, "efcharisto," in thanks. Taking a small sip and keeping pace with the taller woman. "If you need time to meet your mother and people, I understand. And beaches are nice, but I always like the feel of an old wood. The wind in leaves, the soft sounds of wood flexing, the rustle in a brush form something running through it. Maybe I've just spent too much time in jungles and woods."

She is having to control herself a little because this whole island is a bit more intense then she expected. She has been to places with a strong connection to the Green. But this is differnet, maybe it is the magical or divine presense paired with the Green that matters. Either way it's a heady rush and Ivy can tell she feels a bit tipsy. The current flowing through her to make her smile more and and get just carried away.

A long line of women passed by carrying baskets of clean clothing, probably twelve women in total and they all smiled and bowed their heads respectfully to both Ivy and the princess as they passed by.

Diana sipped from her cup of tea and looked away from the line of passing women back to Ivy. "I spent a lot of time in the forest within the center of the island in my many years here. It is filled with magical life and wonderment, but it is also guarded by Dryads… of whom you may very well share many similar sentiments with… They will allow us to wander along the pathways, but they will watch much closely if we were to deviate from the paths. It takes a very very long time to win their trust."

Diana would reach her left hand over to touch Ivy's right forearm. "Come." She softly told the other while she took a right turn and started up a set of stone stairs to another street that was at the top of the staircase. "A garden shop is just around this corner." Diana would add and when they came around the corner they'd be greeted to a store that had no front wall and it was lined with tables of potted plants and flowers all native to Themyscira, they were lush and full of life, brightly colored and rich with nose tantalizing scents.

Ivy looks at all the woman and is impressed at how effortlessly Diana seems to handle this. Is it a surprise they call her 'Wonder' at all? She has a more relaxed walk as they go through the city and among the people. "I never even thought about meeting real Dryads. If it is allowed, I'd love to say 'hi' to one if nothing else." Would she be able to control them, would they like her, would they see her as a sister or hate her as an intruder? So many questions that raises for the villain.

Ivy looks at the touch and smiles, glad she had the forethought to make herself as safe as possible. "I'm right behind you, Princess." Eager to see what this is like here. When they get to all the new plants Ivy nearly drops the mug. "Oh! Look at all of you!" Clearly talking to the plants as she smiles and moves to breath their scent and gets closer. She can't help but reach out toward them, and sharp eyes may notice how some of the flowers move to face Ivy, opening a bit more. Or those that were naturally wilting perk up just a little. "I wish I could take you all home with me."

"Yes we can make sure that you can at least speak and greet with them. They are.. intimidating, to be sure, the Dryads but they ultimately want what the rest of us want. Peace and order." Diana would stand outside the store's very front after saying this, she'd watch Ivy move up into the store to greet the plants and she observed their reaction to her as well.

"You have a uniquye power, Pamela." Diana said with a soft amusement on her voice and expression. "I can tell that they are both surprised and enthralled to meet you as well." She'd show the hints of a grin on the corners of her lips, her cup was lifted again between her fingertips held with both hands and she'd sip from it again and observe for a moment before speaking again.

"I am sure that we can arrange some of them to go home with you. Your very favorites, of course." Diana had arranged all of this because part of her understood Ivy's plight, part of her knew why Ivy did what she did… even if she didn't fully agree with how she chose to fight back against the threats to the natural world.

"I bet the Dryads will like me, I hope at least." Ivy is still moving from flower to flower examining each one. That is til she's called out on her power showing up. Glancing back to Diana, the red head looks a bit sheepish. "Can you forgive the deception?" She wonders, does Diana know who she is for real? And STILL let her come here?! She figures if the gig is up she will stop fighting to hold it all in. Reaching to touch one flower that seems to be having a bit of a hard time, "Too much sun for you? Here," making the leaves of a plant near it grow a bit more to offer more shade for the smaller plant. "That should help you both out. Lovely little periwinkle colored thing." She forces herself to face Diana, "Your home is much more intense then I was prepared for." She hasn't really noticed the 'vines' of color moving up her legs some yet.

Diana absolutely knew who she was, she'd even told Batman that she was bringing Ivy here to Themyscira… and at first he'd been shocked, but when she explained why… he'd realized it was probably the best place on the planet for Ivy to vacation to, to get a chance to be away from the wretched cityscape of Gotham or even the lesser-wretched Manhattan and Metropolis.

A smile was shown to Ivy and her head shook side to side. "There is no deception here to apologize for." She replied and watched the woman work her magic with the plants who seemed wholely 'happy' to have the help to better their little leafy lives.

"I spearheaded this entire trip because I wanted you to see that there is a place on this planet that cares, like you care… with people who do try to achieve the goals that you've sought in your own life. I hope that this is how you feel, even if it has been a bit… intense, as you say."

Another sip was had from the tea, she loved her homeland's tea and it was one of her favorite things to have when coming back.

Ivy stays close to the plants, just looking over them commiting it all to memory. Slowly she turns from them to face Diana. "How long have you known who I really am?" She clears her throat and sees little point in hiding. She isn't going to fight them even if she is 'arrested' she won't bring violence to THIS place. Never.

"This island is more then I expected. And I did need to get away from some of the situations at home. Winter is ever so draining on me when in Gotham or the cities farther north." Ivy reaches out to a flower to uses her magic to speed it from flower, to fruit so she can try the small sweet treat. "I think your home is making me abit drunk though, Diana. It was all I could do to contain myself. And apparently I didn't even do that successfully."

Diana's blue eyes were on Ivy as she sasked this question while the Princess was sipping from that clay cup she held in her hands. She lowered it again to just in front of her leather clad stomach and she showed a soft smile. "The Justice League's computers are filled with all of Batman's files… or well, at least the ones that he deems us 'worthy enough' to have access to." She showed a faint and brief smirk. "I have known since the first visit to my Embassy." She told her.

She'd observe Ivy pluck a treat from the leafy plant and it made her smile lightly. "That is one of my favorites." She'd quietly comment before moving into the store herself and walking along one of the front rows of plants. The store was tended two by two women who were present, but several rows over they'd seen both Ivy and Diana but had elected to give them their privacy as the Amazons knew and held to their traditions like future other cultures.

"We can return to the beach village if you need a chance to rest and gather your thoughts on all of this. There is to be a gathering on the beach tonight, a bonfire and food. If you would like to attend that, you'd be an honored guest. My people are proud of showcasing our ways to those granted access to observe them."

And here Ivy thought she was being so clever and hiding who and what she was from the begining, "Here I was hopping I made it at least to the pretzels in the park before my hand tipped too much." The fruit is delicately nibbled to be all gone before moving more into the store itself. "Hello ladies, hope you know English or Spanish. I am not great with Greek yet." Waving to them as she looks over the plants inside.

"No, Princess. I don't want to stop this for anything. I'll have time to rest and center myself later. If I 'go green' fully it will help but trying to blend in a bit more. For all I know I'll look like a Dryad to the ladies if I do that. I'd rather avoid confusion." She's never been a guest of honr, "That sounds fantastic, I look forward to tonight, but not at the expence of the day."

Diana walked slowly and casually along, she looked over to the two blonde women who were the proprieters of this shop. They both looked back and smiled to Ivy, one of them spoke up. "Most all of us do, child." She said with a smile. "We have had a long time to learn many languages, so you just speak whatever you are most comfortable speaking." She too had that same accented English that Diana herself had.

The woman smiled and went back to what she was doing, tending to the plants with her partner.

Diana approached Ivy and smiled at her. "I just do not want this to be an overwhelming experience for you, Pamela. If you'd like, we can go and get a seat at the eatery near here. Have a bit to eat and sample our foods before heading back?"

"That's good to know," says Ivy to the woman that spoke to her. "I'll stick with English then." Normally she'd argue the 'child' line but likely this woman has as many centuries as Ivy has decades of life. "You have a lovely shop and I can't wait to talk to you about all these plants here and what you call them."

Ivy faces Diana to admit, "That may be an idea. I just noticed I'm starting to 'vine' up on my legs. Hope I haven't been doing that the whole time." She shakes out her hair a bit. "But sitting and a meal sounds wonderful. May help me gather myself some. You have a beautiful home."

Indeed most of the women on this island even predated Diana in age, most would look to her as a child as well and Diana was a thousand years old.

The Princess' blue eyes looked down at Ivy's legs and then just shook her head softly and showed a faint smile up to the woman. "I hadn't noticed." She told her while she turned to start to drift back out toward the street that was bathed in the light from the high noon sun. "I hope it is a positive side effect, and not a sign of discomfort?" Diana would ask on her way, looking back to Ivy then. She'd sip her tea again and let her blue eyes scan over some of the potted plants on her way out of the store. The Amazonian guardswomen were still there, standing side by side and facing Diana and Ivy, they were dressed in fine gladiator-styled armors with long javelins in hand.

Ivy steps out into the warm sunlight and fresh air to breath deeply. "It is a very positivie thing, Diana. Very much so." She will finish her drink and move to stand closer to teh princess. "Hi ladies," she grees the guards. "So guess they're the precaution for me and not you." Seeming a bit amused, because why would WONDER WOMAN need body guards? "I'm Pamela Isley, and known also by a less pleasant name of Poison Ivy. Take it you two will be my escorts here?" Offering a hand in greeting to the guards.

The two guardswomen were physically larger than even Dianw as, they were strong like blocks of muscle and they both stared back at Ivy and the Princess as they approached. When Ivy spoke to them, one's green eyes glanced over to Diana.

Diana smiled back at Pamela. She leaned over and gently spoke on a softer than normal tone. "They are not allowed to shake your hand or speak pleasantries. Until they are off assignment that is."

Diana would turn then and she'd motion for Pamela again. "Come come." She'd encourage Ivy with a little grin upon her lips. "Do not let the guards make you feel self conscious, they are assigned to every off-islander who has been given this much access. In fact, if it weren't for my presnece, there would likely be two to four more of them with the visitor." Diana explaiend then.

A woman approached the two of them from her shop's open entry, she held up a folded green garment and she offered it to Ivy. "Welcome to Themyscira, malady." She said to Pamela. "I made you this cover to keep you warm after the sun falls, the ocean winds can get a bit on the chilled side." The woman also looked to Diana, afforded her Princess a smile and a bow of her head also.

Ivy dropps her arm. "Oh. Sorry about that women. Well if not pleasantries now I hope you'll at least introduce yourselves when the shift is over. And please feel free to tell me to not do something if it makes your duty easier." She's a guest and doesn't want to cause all sorts of problems.

"Diana, I've been on Akham. Nobody gets out of that place feelign self conscious." The parchment is taken, "Thank you. My favorite color by far." Feeling the weave of it gently btween her fingers.

Diana smiled when the green shawl was handed over. The woman who gave it bowed respectfully and stepped back into her store.

"That is Neopa, she runs the fabrics store you see there. Very nice stuff, I have many dresses made from her supplies."

Diana would then motion onward and start to walk once again. "So tomorrow perhaps we can do the exploration of the woods and hillsides. I would also like you to meet with the elder dragon that lives in the caverns beneath the crystal falls, but that is on the other side of the island. He is a… character to be sure… he will ask you if you ahve any stories to tell him. He absolutely adores new stories, it makes his whole… scaley face… become one giant smile."

Diana grinned then to Pamela and then motioned her to the corner eatery that had tables both inside and outside to dine at.

"I will have to make sure I visit it and maybe get some for when I return home." Ivy knew this was an island of magic but being asked to a dragon was not something she imagined to happen. "I have plenty of stories, not sure which ones he'll like most. But that's an experience won't pass up easily. I can't wait to see the rest of the trip. Thank you for this Diana." She'll heave for a table to sit down and eat.


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