Just the Three of Us

December 26, 2017:

Lorna tells Marcos he's going to be a father

Medbay at the X-mansion


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Lorna came out of the portal, with exhaustion pulling at her. Marcos was of course, the first person she wrapped her arms around and leaned against.. but there were shadows under her eyes and a faint lean against her figure. Betsy had pushed for her to go to the medical room before she'd even been rescued, and even though Lorna looked ready to drop, it was likely easy enough to cajole her to get checked out.

Phillip, of course, had been ushered there immediately.

Thus the green haired mutant ended up in the medical bay. Lorna immediately laid down onto her side after Nurse Annie had finished the first round of checks and went to find a something per Lorna's whispered request.

Which left the two alone in this section of the medical bay.


Marcos came out of the portal after everyone else, making sure everyone got there safe and sound. Though it was once he saw Lorna on that medical bed that he approached, the nurse getting a good idea of what was about to happen and makes her humble way out. Marcos approached his fiance and he knelt down next to her bed. "Lorna." and he kissed her without a second thought.

Passionate, loving, smooth. Marcos put his emotions into this kiss. He missed her desperately. He did whisper in between kisses though. "Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?" he looks her over, up and down.


Lorna smiled faintly behind the kiss, as she returned the affection. Her hands sliding over his arms as she scotted over slightly to give Marcos space on the bed beside her. His questions, worried and well intentioned had her hesitating and she swallowed a lump in the back of her throat.

"I'm not missing any arms." She offered lightly instead.

No need to worry about her mind, how scraped she felt, raw, and worn thin. Betsy had started to repair her mind from the trauma Zealot and thrown on it (all of Genosha's trauma that is). Much like a temporary bandage, Lorna knew that anything too consuming mentally would likely make her snap.

…Which unfortunately, at the moment included seeing her fiance. How could she approach what Zealot had told her? What Betsy had confirmed? Sure, she'd asked Nurse Annie to run the blood test.. to triple check… but..

Lorna's silence could have filled an ocean between them after that as she closed her eyes. "I'm just … tired.." She offered lamely.


Marcos happily sat right next to her, keeping the kiss up for a moment longer before pulling away to hear Lorna speak. "Well, that's good." He teases her with a smile. "Did he torture you? what…" He looks her up and down once more just to be sure. But then he realizes she's been through a lot and he takes her hand in his. "Hey…how can I help?" He smiles to her then.

He brings his offhand to caress and massage her scalp to help her relax. It's what he would want if he went through what she did. He holds her in his arms, just clearly happy that she's back, and that she's safe.

And none the wiser that she's pregnant.


Lorna whimpered softly as he snuggled up against her and ran his hands through her hair, massaging her scalp. She closed her eyes, "No. Not like he had his guards beat up Phillip.." She muttered, her head pounding as she slumped against the warmth of his chest. His hands were nearly magical to her, warm and tender and he knew how get her to relax. Tears stung her shut eyes, and she struggled to slow her breathing and calm down.

Her heart pounded in her chest like she was running a marathon, and her features twisted slightly with a grimace.

If she wasn't already so exhausted, doubtlessly, her powers would've reacted to her spike of panic and fear. She knew, realistically, Marcos wouldn't mind. Wouldn't be upset, or angry, or anything other than excited. Happy even.

And yet, to admit anything, or to say it? It filled her with dread.

"…Marcos.." She whispered, her voice thick as she reached up to tangle one of his hands in her own.


Marcos keeps Lorna held against him as she leaned into his warmth…he did know exactly what to do to help calm her down and to help make her feel safe and comfortable. Though he could tell she was severely traumatized and shocked at some event, but when he hears about what they did to Phillip, he shakes his head a moment in silence before he kisses her forehead a few times.

Even he can feel the rate at which her heart was beating, he knew she was nervous about something. But what? So, Marcos wipes a tear from her eye before she tangled her hand in his. "Hey, I'm here." He smiles to her warmly then, like no news she could give him would make him run away from her. He put a ring on that finger for a reason.

After a small moment, he leans to kiss her softly.


Lorna leaned away from him as he made to kiss her and she sat up, despite the pounding in her head. Her throat constricted as she looked at him with a twist in her expression and a knot in her chest.

Though she still held onto his hand, in fact she took it in a grip with both of her own.

"..The entire time I was .. the entire time Zealot had me.. I couldn't help, but think about the purpose behind that prison. Why it was made. Who made it. Who it was for." She swallowed a lump in her throat and looked vaguely ill.

"I couldn't feel my powers. I couldn't feel anything. I was helpless. I hated it. And I fought against it with every ounce of strength I had. It was cruel. And it was terrible. To think that any mutant on Genosha suffered there.. that any mutant in the world, could face such imprisonment.. Marcos. The people that made that place, some of them escaped Genosha. And they'll bring that tech to other countries."

Her voice pinched and she looked down squeezing his hand. Her jaw set as she focused on something easier to talk about. In a way.

"My father is the only that can lead Genosha, that stands a chance against Zealot. When I'm cleared here, we have to go back. We have to help him beat Zealot and make Genosha a place for mutants. He thought.. he'd have the island in… what another month? If we help, honestly, and truly help him. Maybe it can be done sooner. But.. we have to go back."


Marcos seems to listen closely to Lorna even though he was briefly hurt that Lorna leaned away from his affections. Regardless, he listened…he knows it's serious when Lorna takes both of Marcos's hands in hers…it usually only happens when she's pleading or asking him something that means a great deal to her.

"You couldn't feel anything? It was probably the power dampeners….I haven't experienced it, so I can only imagine what you've been through." His offhand still massages her scalp to help her stay relaxed. "People are….good at hurting each other. As much as it breaks the heart…..I would know." He was the pyro for the cartel after all….made a living off the suffering of others. Thankfully, he's done with that life.

But! She squeezed his hand and he squeezed hers in return to show that strong love he felt for her. But it's what she says next that he's a little taken back. But he looks at her, and he nods then a moment. "Alright….alright. we go back." But then he looks her dead in the eyes. "But we stay as far from Zealot as we can you hear? No Phillip trying to ask favors, nothing. Alright?" Clearly, he doesn't want her captured again.


Lorna exhaled a breath, both of her hands clutching his in an ever tightening grip. She seemed to struggle with her emotions, her reaction, until he agrees to return to Genosha. Then her shoulders slump, her eyes close and she exhales a short breath.

"I'll do whatever it takes to make sure Genosha is safe. That.. mutants have a homeland. That we have a home there, Marcos." Her green eyes opened and her hands trembled faintly, her grip going slack briefly before she dragged his hands to her abdomen and pressed them there.

Light burst to life around them and she stared at him, "For… all three of us."


Marcos looked at Lorna as she squeezed his hands tighter. What on earth was the matter? Then, she tells him that Genosha should be their home, and Marcos looks skeptical about this. "I don't know Lorna…" then she drops the biggest bombshell that Marcos will ever have hit him…even more than Lorna saying yes.

'For…all three of us.'

Marcos turned pale for a moment, looking right at her as he looked to her stomach. He pressed his hand against the flat of her stomach as he tries to…work it out. "You…..you..y-you're pregnant?!" He looks flabbergasted. Shocked. In every sense of the word, "H-how, w-when? How long…?" He looks around then for a moment as he looks upward then, leaning his head back against the wall.

"I'm gonna be a father. I'm gonna be a father?" He looks at Lorna then as his eyes welled up with tears that he fought back.

"I'm gonna be a father!" He puts a hand over his mouth then as he takes a moment. The kid that nobody said would get anywhere is going to have a family. He looks at Lorna then and then he realizes how much of a bad timing deal this was. But it still doesn't stop his joy. He hugs Lorna tight and she can feel his body shaking as he restrains the tears.


Lorna looked distinctly uncomfortable, lost even as he looked at her and stared in shock. His questions had a small smile twisted at her lips as she looked at him, "Well, you see, how.. we had sex.. And apparently my birth control didn't work, or maybe it was the time in another reality. Or I don't know, mutant swimmers are really potent?" She arched a brow upwards and looked down at her lap as he tilted his head back to look to the sky.

"..How long? I don't know.. a month? Maybe.." She whispered, her voice growing soft and pinched. Her hands closing around her waist. "But now that I know it's there.. I can feel it. Like metal. Or electricity.. I can sense it.." Her voice was hushed and she shivered faintly.

Then of course, his arms were winding around her nad pulling her close. His own trembling frame, his joy, seemed to drown out her own misgivings as she fell silent in the face of his emotions. What could she say to such a reaction?

She had known it would mean the world to Marcos. That he'd be happy.

Perhaps it was her own fears, her own noxious anxieties that were smothering any joy she could feel. Her exhaustion? Maybe..


Marcos keeps her in his arms, chuckling softly in pure joy. He leans away only to look at her, then her stomach. She could see how much this meant to someone who began with absolutely nothing. No home, no house, no food. given up and thrown away.

But now he had Lorna…and a baby on the way. he looks at her with tears threatening to spill from his eyes, but they don't, and he hugs her tightly. "I love you. I love you." He pulls away to steal a kiss.


Lorna smiled softly as he held her close, closing her eyes as she held onto him. She was scared, overwhelmed, and exhausted.. but Marcos was there. Marcos was alive, and she was safe. They were safe. And there was no one threatening her death. No one, for the moment, threatening either of them.

So why did she feel that inexorable need to do something? As if that mental clock that was ticking away before was humming ever more to life, with each passing day, with every second. She was so tired, and could finally sleep.. rest.. and all her mind wanted to do was anything else.

But when Marcos leaned back to look at her with tears in her eyes, she couldn't help but smile up at him, reaching for his cheeks and smoothing her cool, pale, hands over his stubble. Her capture had clearly wrung him ragged. And she didn't want to think about how her father had reacted..

"I love you too," She murmured, "But are you repeating yourself for one or both of us now?" She quipped as he leaned in to steal a kiss.


Marcos smiled big and wide as he just held her in his arms. Even as he leaned away to look at her. Though when she puts her hands up to his cheek, he smiles to her warmly…big and warm in fact. He loved her more than himself…more than anything else he could imagine. to him, Lorna was first…but now, she may fall to second because of the baby. Their baby. Regardless, he holds his hands on her hips and he smiles to her warmly. "Both of you, all of you…hell, I dunno." he laughs then as he kisses Lorna, enjoying the bliss that was life.

And there they remained, enjoying such comfort in each other that all the world seems to fade away except each other, and the gift they created.

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