Escape from the Bastille

December 26, 2017:

Lorna spent Christmas jailed by Zealot in Genosha's ultramax prison the Bastille. Fortunately the X-Men are ready to rescue her now.

The Bastille, Genosha (supposedly abandoned) prison


NPCs: Zealot

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Fade In…

Early in the afternoon of December 26th

The beach house turned X-Men hideout feels a bit crowded right now. It was supposed to be an observation point and emergency safehouse (with a secret teleport disk to Limbo) but today the small living room is an improvised planning and command center. Topographic maps cover the table, along with a few (too few) reports from the Resistance about how is the ultramax Bastille prison inside.

Fortunately between Illyana's magical scrying and Betsy sneaking through the (underpowered) anti-telepathic defenses of the building, the X-Men know Lorna is in the fifth floor of the main tower. The question remains, do they just rescue her, or do they try to take out the crazy mutate called Zealot.

Whatever they do, this is not really an X-Men mission because the X-Men are not in Genosha and have never been in Genosha (yeah, right). So no X-symbols or colorful costumes are allowed.

It is a good thing Betsy has yet to don the cliche colorful 'X' attire, it doesn't match her eyes, or her hair, or her mien. When Psylocke got done finding Lorna her withdrawal from the Green haired mutant is slow, the feed of memories given her way from Lorna's mind is images. Sterile, clean, secured, but as she pulls back the way she found Lorna via 'signature' is used to find everyone else surrounding this prison, a slow draw through halls, through corridors, rooms as if in a dance that draws fingertips over everyone's psyche left exposed…

That is until a shield suddenly fizzles back to life and with a loud metal clang of induced jaws slam shut and suck her out f the mental airlock to send her reeling back…

Eyes open, and Psylocke is seated on the line up of paper towels one by one laid beneathh her like a rug to keep her from touching bathroom linolium in her seat to reach out. Coming back to herself so suddenly she is rocked back, but not -to her back- where she would end up /touching/ the bathroom layer of filth, but almost.

Eyes snap open and abdominals flex in her lateral-lean, stopping the dirty disaster from happening with a shaken exhale.

The knocking on the bathroom door is ignored as she peels paper towels from ass, and the backs of thighs, disposing of them and unlocking the door to snap it wide leaving the eyes of another woman wide with the tall Asian standing over her, a deep umbral shadow save the blood-huen wrap around her waist teasing ends over thighs lashed in wraps. "All yours."

Message relayed, Psylocke is standing in the room as it turns into a menagerie of flitting birds for the oncoming rescue mission, arms folded over her chest while she watches in repose, lids half-mast, if she was feline she may purr.

Tell me I'm too crazy,
you can't tame me.

Violet eyes flicker, a flare of wings around the /smeared/ lining of kohl and thickebed lashes, lifting to shed the shadow from the strikes of light that emit from narrowed outer edges. Tape wrapped fingers bend, capturing an edge of long deep amethyst hair, twining it through and around in a gesture of modelesque dalliance. A sigh escaping low and hard.

Pushing from the wall those footsteps carry her towards the layout of the Bastille, fingers flicking over the projection outlined in violet, bleeding off but fading with a touch of her hand to spin the projection and spread fingers for 'Zooming-In' to a specific wing.

If we don't fuck this whole thing up..

"When you're done blowing up another wing of travesty, be sure she is brought back to the infirmary. Home." Nothing said, secrets left safe as Psylocke walks off. No, she is not here to be a part of what the X-Men's "hellions" are up to. She respects Scott's call, but also somewhere deep ((DEEP)) down, gives a shit.

Psylocke exits via the portal she came. "Don't forget Eclipse."

Guaranteed it will Blow Your Mind.

Kiss blown and Psylocke is gone to feel another level of 'delousing' need in Limbo.

Later in the evening…

The sun set about an hour ago. The X-Men have been lurking up here for several hours. Trying to avoid being seen by pro-Magneto scouts, rebel mutate patrols, old regime soldiers and innocent bystanders that probably report to one of the half dozen minor factions fighting the civil war.

The Genoshan Bastille is built on the slope of a mountain, Hammer bay visible in the distance, the suburbia maybe 15 miles away. It is a yellowish stone tower surrounded by smaller buildings. An ultramax prison, it has some unique defenses, including an anti-teleport field and psychic dampeners to prevent telepathic communication. But it was abandoned after the coup. Zealot rebels took over it a few weeks ago, and they have restored some of the systems. At least Illyana was unable to teleport inside. But Betsy was able to establish communications with Lorna, so the anti-telepathic work only spottily. Also, Illyana can definitely teleport within a hundred yards of the walls.

Eclipse, Cyclops, Phoenix, Magik and X-Man have been watching the place for a few hours. There are some guards, but not a many, and they follow a simple routine. Obviously the mutates have little military training. A rough psychic scanning hints there are 50 to 60 human minds in the fortress. Undermanned for that size.

"So. Do we go to rescue Lorna or just beat the crap out of Zealot -and- rescue Lorna, and Phillip too," Nate is asking Scott and Illyana, since they are supposedly the ones good with plans.

Eclipse was in his full X-men garb and was straightening out the cuffs as Nate asked Scott and Illy for what the plan could be. He shakes his head a moment. "Want my opinion? we do the latter option. All of the above. But personally, I want to get Lorna and Phillip. I can do it if we split up, though judging from how large that freaking fortress is and how many people are there, splitting up might be a bad idea." he states simply. But that doesn't really permit a singular group either. Regardless, he trusted planning to Scott and Illyana.

His eyes move then to the Prison, taking a knee as he looks it over once more. Noting exits, climbing routes, number of soldiers in the very off chance that they missed one…any sight advantage he could get. Afterwards, he remains kneeling for a moment, eyes on the prize.

Illyana finds the Genoshan Ultramax's anti-teleportation field a personal affront. Teleporting in, snagging Lorna and teleporting out, possibly leaving an insulting note in the process, would have been her attack plan of choice. But, of course, things are never that easy on Genosha. She's been sending the occasional glare the Ultramax's way, in case the force of her displeasure will cause the place to open up to her. So far, no success.

Illyana shakes her head when Eclipse decides to be an overachiever. "If I get a vote?" Illyana asks, casting a significant glance in Cyclops' direction. "Our priority has to be Lorna." She smiles, in case anyone thinks she's going for the nice option. "Once we break Lorna out, assuming she's… relatively… OK? We have a high end magnetokinetic. Then we can knock out whatever is blocking me." Illyana's smile becomes truly nasty. "At that point, we're in control. We can leave whenever we want."

As much as Illyana likes her idea, she's still deferring to Scott. She looks at him and shrugs. "We go in. Every time we take out a guard, Jean or Betsy steals their memories of us." Oh, does she wish Rachel was here. She'd be easier to talk into this. "See how far we can get and still be a surprise. What do you think?"

Jean was dressed in a form-fitting black bodysuit and a jacket, no insignia visible but it was not hard to discern she was uncomfortable with being here. Her dislike of the X-Men's involvement and Lorna being here was all leading up to one big giant 'I told you so', but she wasn't going to voice it.

"I could head right for Lorna on my own without being seen if I'm just using my powers to hide myself. A distraction would make it even easier." Jean seemed confident as she spoke but Illyana's words cause her to frown and shake her head, "I'm not violating any minds today."

"Technically I am not even supposed to be here." Scott grins in the darkness. He is wearing a black logo lacking costume similar to his usual just lacking any Xs. The red visor dimmed, heavier lensing than usual to allow for some modicum of stealth. Not much though.

"Which says, we defer to you in this Magik, you're field lead on operations here in Genosha for the time being unless Colossus wants to step up. Correct though, in and out, mobility and Polaris are priority but we have to do everything in our power to get Phillip." No one should be left behind, especially the Moreau that is actually on the right side. That has too much political pull.

A look over at Jean, "Dampners have been reported, you'll hit a pocket and they'll see detect you. Alone isn't an option in this unless someone has a clear straight shot." No comment on mind violation, memory erasing or otherwise. Telepaths and what they are capable of can, cannot or will to do is always a sticky maze.

A hand gestures towards the Ultramax, "First target, Magik?" Emphasizing use of 'mutant' / codenames in his dialogue.

"Well, Polaris is in the fifth floor," points out Nate. He is not trying to reach her mind because if he pushes against the dampeners this close chances are good he will overload something and fire off alarms. "Telepathic dampers might mean telepathic detectors too. Genosha used to have those everywhere."

Then he has an idea. "Hey, Illy? You had some hiding magic, didn't you? Maybe you can go with Jean? Although going through those walls will require some serious force." That is Scott for blasting, or maybe Eclipse for wall-melting.

Eclipse nods in agreement with Illy and Scott. "Agreed. Polaris is priority." he echoes just a little bit before he listens to Nate telling them where Polaris was. "5th floor…" he says a couple of times as he takes a moment to plan. Though when Scott mentions going through those walls, he looks at Scott. "Well, with your optic beam and my light, together we could probably have enough firepower to get through."

A look then to Jean and then to Illyana, nodding a few times to the latter. "Alright, guess it's your show lady." he nods once to Illyana as he waits for the specific plan.

Illyana just shrugs when Jean balks at memory-erasure. Telepathic ethics will make this harder, but not impossible. Scott's decision to (re?) confirm her as field leader here gets a bit more of a reaction. She thought that had lapsed after the engagement at the Sentinel factory, what feels like a lifetime ago. A flicker of surprise, quickly hidden, flashes across her features, and she tilts her head fractionally to one side, her eyes still on Scott, as if she's giving him a second to reconsider. When he doesn't - at least, except to add another priority - she offers him a sharp nod. "Got it." She confirms, briskly.

She takes a moment to adjust her plans, and then there's Nate. Sharing her secrets in the way he's so good at. "I can cast a spell of concealment." She confirms. "If they're expecting mutant powers it should work. But I wouldn't like to try it on more than one or two people. Between Phoenix and me we should be good." She's even using codenames now. Nate gets a smirk. "You've never been subtle. You're on the diversion. If you see anything that looks like it supplies power? Make it go away. You're also on making sure we have a way out if we can't knock out whatever's keeping me from opening a portal." She glances between Eclipse and Cyclops. "When he does what he does best, who wants to get us through the wall?"

"Dampeners would make it hard." Jean agreed with the assessment, keeping further opinions on the matter to herself, "I'll do what I can to shield the team with my powers, hopefully the magic will serve as a good contingency."

Arms crossed over her chest she waited for the team to move forwards, staring towards the fifth floor where Lorna was being held. If her powers could reach Lorna, she would feel Jean's brief but reassuring mental connection and words of, <We'll get you out of here, don't worry.>

"Been hitting the books?" Cyclops half-teases half-questions Eclipse. It is a new thing to see the former Cartel enforcer asserting himself, taking charge and declaring what anyone's powers are capable of. That grin Scott has been hosting remains a few seconds more. Marcos Diaz is becoming one of /them/. It is a good thing to see, despite the current circumstances regarding Polaris' captivity of course but at times a catalyst is required.

Jean gets a long analyzing stare from Scott before he looks at Illyana, reconfirming her plan in his words,"Sounds the best course, Magik. You and Phoenix go in. But considering what happened with X last time we're not going to let him be the only diversion out here." Let his 'son-not-son' die again isn't an option.

Nate and Marcos are given a nod, "The three of us will provide full support and cover fire. X, reel it back in a bit and remember Eclipse is our rookie. He'll need your protection." Maybe that addition will help Nate Grey ease up out of full battle mode with consideration of Marcos.

A long intake and an exhale from Scott, he forsees much running around. Suddenly hes feeling 'older'.

"Now, about that door…" A red after trail as he turns around lights after him, a pulse beginning to form that will be come a lance of concentrated energy, hes waiting though, waiting to synch up and fire with Eclipse and for them to get in motion.

"I can sneak around," protests Nate. But the plan seems okay to him, anyway. The sneakiest, Kitty, Betsy and Logan, are not here. He looks again to the prison. Power generators are probably inside one of the buildings and well protected. Or maybe the Bastille is hooked to the grid? No, if it was it would have drawn Magneto's people attention. It must have its one power supply.

"I guess I need to do some telepathic snooping," he starts walking towards the gates of the prison. Telepathically invisible, but he will hit the dampeners soon. "Want to come, Eclipse?" He erfs at Scott comment. Unless they have another clone of Jean jailed there he should be safe enough. For fucks sake, not even Scott could have predicted something like -than-.

Eclipse looks to Jean for a moment, cracking his neck a little. "I can manage. don't let me slow the rest of you black ops guys down." he seems to sigh a moment, in terms of power, he was mostly inferior to most of them, at least at the stage they were at right now. "If you want quick, better go with Cyclops. I pack firepower, but it'd take a few hits for me. Scott can clear it in one go." he nods in his confidence towards Cyclops.

Then he looks to Nate who calls to him and suggests he comes with Nate. "I'm better at sneaking…sure, I can tag along." he nods a little bit with a soft smile. At present, he feels more like he's in the way than anything else.

"Or I can blast the wall with Cyclops then go with X after." he adds.

Illyana might be concerned. Then again, she might just be thinking that if Lorna is awake and alert, this rescue might go a whole lot more smoothly.

As Cyclops prepares to open the door for them, Illyana takes a deliberate step back, as if to clear his field of fire. Not, of course, that he needs that. "Make us a way in, Eclipse." She tells Marcos, a smirk on her lips as she puts a heavy emphasis on his codename. "We'll see you on the way out." She tells him, confidently, then looks toward Jean with a grin. "Ready?" She asks, but doesn't wait for an answer. Instead, she makes a complicated series of gestures and speaks quietly and rapidly. A shape made of lines of white flame that seems to have too many angles appears between her hands, then expands with a flick of her fingers to encompass herself and Jean.

As far as anyone without magical senses is concerned, they vanish.

"Let's go." She tells Jean, then begins moving toward the prison - and hopefully, the breach in the wall that'll be waiting for them when they get there.

"We've already got one damsel in distress today, don't make it two, alright Nate?" Jean teased her 'son-not-son' before heading in with Illyana, focusing her telepathy on cloaking the pair from sight with a hand pressed to her temple as they moved forward, "Got a backup plan in case we come up with something that nullifies magic and mutant powers?" Her tone was lighthearted, but she was very serious as she looked towards the other woman still concerned that she had not been able to feel Lorna.

No more words it is time to make a door.

Crimson red energy ribbons start to flicker and arc out from the visor illumination casts off around the hellish glow and there’s a loud SKRAZZKOOOOM sound as debris casts in all directions, blast of pure force rockets the side of the jail and begins to hammer it with a constant force of mutant powered pressure. Scott's teeth grit and he pushes forth his head, feet brace as though hes standing against heavy winds and attempting to bolster his own stance, that rose lance getting wider, larger, more force projected through it but that added extra 'umpfh' will come from Marcos' inclusion. It'll give the extra kick needed to break through the wall itself.

Once Eclipse and Scott are done, "I'll help out here and maintain fire from multiple points." Running. Lots of it. Wall targets, any reinforcements and added distraction. He's going to be like Mel Gibson in the Patriot. One man appearing to be many…

Lorna for her part, was groggy from her constant attempts to break out on her own. It wasn't very effective. Draining was more appropriate. Though Jean's mental voice was heard loud and clear, the power dampeners were running at full tilt. Much more than a muffled, cotton-y response was difficult to get through. In her cell, the green haired mutant rose, rubbing at her temples as she made her way to the cell.

"Jean?" She frowned, brows pinched as she cocked her head to the side.

But then again, there was the muffled noise of a blast that shook the prison from Cyclops and Eclipse's powers. She went to the bars of her cell, struggling to peer through.

"Phillip, it sounds like we'll have our chance soon. I'm going to try to open the door. Maybe if the alarms are already going I'll be able to get out of my cell at least." Never mind that she'd be exhausted and wobbly if she managed that much. The last few attempts had resulted in her passing out on the floor. But she'd begged the man for as much intel on the anti-mutant tech that made the building run as she could.. She was still working blindly. It was one thing to short circuit things when she could sense them, knew how they worked and what to turn off or fry. Here? She had to throw everything she had at the dampeners, and hope that it struck what she wanted. It was impossibly difficult. Still.

Lorna was nothing if not stubborn.

The annoying buzz of telepathic dampers hit Jean as soon as she is around a hundred yards from the prison perimeter. It is not a huge deal, but it makes harder to do delicate telepathic work. A lesser telepath would be pretty much neutered. Telekinesis does not seem hindered at all, however. Which is a good thing since Polaris is behind eight feet of concrete reinforced with ultra-hard ceramics. A wall so strong even Colossus would need a few minutes of punching to get through.

And then Cyclops starts blasting, and yes, there is an alarm. But it takes almost ten seconds for it so begin blaring. Then a few mutates in colorful skinsuits open fire with automatic weapons from the perimeter wall. They are far and firing in the darkness, so not much of a problem.

Nate gets to the main gate and starts looking for minds. The dampeners annoy him too. In fact they hinder him more than they would hinder Jean because he has focusing problems. But he -pushes- against them, and soon they start to short-circuit. « Damnit. Looks like there is a geothermal station under the tower. No easy way to cut down power. » He sends the others once he finds a tech-savvy mind.

And down there, in the geothermal power-station, Zealot was resting.

Perhaps resting is not the right world. He is in contact with Genosha and its people. He does not much 'rest' as he gets lost for a time. But the impacts of forcebeams on the walls of the prison 'wake' him up.

Eclipse follows Cyclops to where they have a good vantage point…then they both just let loose. Eclipse fires a massive beam of light at the wall to coincide with Cyclop's optic blast to help take down that wall. But then, after that job was finished, Marcos turned heel and started to follow Nate as he heads down to the main gate. When he sees that they won't be able to cut the power so easily, he looks to Nate. "Plan B, X?" he asks with a raised brow.

He looks over as the guns start to fire, bullets screaming into the night. He hopes they will be able to get in and out as quickly as possible, but he's learned over the years that the more guns and firepower on one side could change the whole game. He just hopes that Lorna is alright.


Illyana looks back at Jean as she asks her question and says, very seriously. "I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure." Then she grins, the expression completely lacking any form of teasing gleam in her eyes. Maybe she needs to stop watching classic movies in the middle of the night with Rachel…

Cyclops and Eclipse's assault on the wall is impressive enough to get Illyana's attention - and to provide the way in that they need. Illyana takes a second to admire the destruction. "You can't tell me he didn't enjoy that." Maybe it's not so hard to believe that Nate's related to him in some twisted way after all. Illyana waits an extra second, just in case there's some automated - and nasty - countermeasure that's triggered by the breach in the wall, but it seems that random, blind firing is all they have to worry about. Illyana smiles in satisfaction and glances over at Jean again. "Anyone who sees us? We take down and keep moving. If we get pinned down, it's over." It's pretty much the reverse of a pep talk, but with that Illyana takes off running towards the door that Scott and Marcos are making for them.

"One way to make an entrance." Jean remarked as she watched the display of powers with a certain degree of awe despite an almost lifetime's exposure to such feats, "Let's just get Lorna, and get out then. I'd like to avoid confrontation if we can." She considered simply flying up using her telekinesis but instead kept close to Illyana with her sense extending outwards for not only danger, but also to try and locate null zones where her powers would not work.

Lorna closed her eyes as she leaned against the bars of her cell. Despite the blare of alarms, she tried her best to concentrate. To find, not the center of her powers, but at least the state of mind she used them in. Perhaps, instead of freeing herself and passing out, she should try for Phillip's door. If she opened his cell, at least, he would be able to be out and moving.

But then again, maybe it was better to wait and see. Better for someone to turn off the power dampeners to her cell block and give her a fighting chance..

Of course, that meant sitting and waiting. Sitting and hoping that Zealot didn't figure out what was going on and decided to send his men to kill her in the process.

That wasn't particularly a chance she was willing to give him.

So she shifted, trying to at least hook her hands through the bars of her cell. "Phillip? I'm going for your door this time. If I manage it, you'll have to see if you can't let me out. We have to get out of here.." She murmured.

And promptly threw everything she had, once more, at Phillip's door, trying to push past the dampeners to release the lock on his cell. Sweat trickled down her back, and she snarled at the strain. Another chorus of alarms adding to the prison's blaring.

The wall around the prison has been designed to stop super-humans from breaking out (or in) and can stand tank shots. But Cyclops full power blasts are causing some serious damage, and after the third or so, part of the wall crumbles. Nate himself pretty much blasts the gates in, making another hole in the defenses. But he doesn't bother going in. Instead he begins hitting mutates with telepathic blasts, knocking them out.

In the confusion Illyana and Jean sneak into the compound without much trouble. They can see two dozen mutates - some with obvious combat powers rushing to meet the non-existent invaders. The problem is no one is assaulting the prison, they are just breaking down the walls.

Unfortunately Lorna would find the dampeners in her cell still as strong as ever. She can't quite go through them. She would need maybe a second or two to force the door to open, just that.

Eclipse follows X inside as he blasts another hole into the complex, and even as Nate seems to be telepathically knocking them out, Marcos helps out in his own way by emitting concussive blasts of light. One of the mutants attempts to jump Marcos but instead gets a concussive laser to the face, instant knockout. Regardless, Marcos keeps up his efforts until that part is clear and Nathan and himself can progress normally.

Marcos instantly starts looking for a way in. "Part of me just wants to make my own damn door." he mumbles then, his hand lifting as if to blast another entrance open so they could progress…given, that could be a really annoying and durable wall.

Illyana cocks her head to one side as she hears the main gates cave in under the force of Nate's telekinesis, and nods with a knowing smile. If there's one thing she can trust him to do, it's to make a huge and very noticeable mess. Ducking through their personal breach in the wall, Illyana beckons Jean after her and then angles off to one side at a dead run, away from not only the hole punched in the wall but also from the carnage happening around the main gate. Finding some cover in the lee of one of the guard towers, Illyana takes a moment to catch her breath, watching the mutates as they run past to man the defences, seemingly unaware that those defences have already been breached.

"That could have gone worse." Illyana remarks, then leans out of her cover to look for their next target. They're still several floors away from Lorna and they don't have time to waste. The flow of mutates heading outwards is slackening off, but Illyana's not interested in where they're going to, only where they're coming from. And they're so considerately opening their own doors for her. "How the hell are they powering all this?" Illyana mutters under her breath, but they really can't wait. If Nate was able to cut the power, he'd have done so already. Instead, Illyana jerks her head toward one of the inner doors and breaks from cover at a run. She trusts her magics - and Jean's telepathy - but there's no sense wasting time. As soon as they're inside, she'll be looking for a way up - and wrecking anything that looks like a junction box on general principles.

Lorna slumped against the cell bars, breathing hard and cursing under her breath. Nothing. Not even a flicker of lights. Her head felt dizzy, light, and she was already pushing herself too hard. Too many days of throwing whatever she could against back up systems and not enough sleep. Her nightmares, and the disorienting cell room was enough to make it hard to sleep in the best of circumstances.

Exhaustion was a cruel mistress when combined with panic and an inability to do anything, especially when one was used to being a power house more or less.

"Sorry.. Phillip.. Just.. give me a minute.. Try again.. when I catch my breath." She murmured. Her eyes screwing shut against the florescent lights above. How she loathed them.

Jean and Illyana sneak into the tower just in time. As Zealot surges from the ground a few yards from the door a couple seconds later. “What is going on? The walls are breached, but no one is trying to get inside. It is a trick!”

The tall mutate looks around, then gestures, and the walls… just grow back. Shattered stone and concrete flow like water and return to their right places. Nate pulls Marcos out, “not going inside, man, make them get out. And away from the ladies.”

But Zealot is not going outside, “search the area,” he commands to his men. “Someone must have sneaked inside among the confusion,” but who, or why. If it was Magneto he would be leading the charge.

About then Jean and Illyana find a monitor room for the cells. And a mutate on duty that happens to know how it works. So suddenly Lorna finds the power on her cell going out.

Marcos is pulled back by nate right in the nick of time. "I need to get Lorna." he says in an almost angry whisper before he sees the numbers coming out to greet them. "Fine, we let the ladies handle it." He pushes off then from the wall, looking to the large mutate, cracking his neck a little. "I'll distract him, you knock him out with a telepathic blast of yours." he says and nods to him as if it could be a really good plan.

Regardless, Marcos wants to make sure he and Nate are on the best page possible so that they can be the most effective they can be.

Marcos is pulled back by nate right in the nick of time. "I need to get Lorna." he says in an almost angry whisper before he sees the numbers coming out to greet them. "Fine, we let the ladies handle it." He pushes off then from the wall, looking to the large mutate, cracking his neck a little. "I'll distract him, you knock him out with a telepathic blast of yours." he says and nods to him as if it could be a really good plan.

Regardless, Marcos wants to make sure he and Nate are on the best page possible so that they can be the most effective they can be.

Illyana doesn't really trust good luck, but in this case she'll take it. As soon as the switches are thrown to cut the power to Lorna's cell, Illyana allows a wolfish grin to draw her lips back from her teeth. "So now we just have to wait for the sound of tearing metal?" She suggests to Jean, from where she's holding the mutate on monitor duty at swordpoint. The Soulsword won't actually hurt the mutate, true… but they don't know that and having a glowing silver sword at one's throat tends to concentrate the mind.

Illyana casts a quick look across the monitors, seeing Nate, Scott and Marcos all still in the fight, and with a satisfied nod withdraws her blade. "He's all yours. I'm sure you can find something nicer to do than wipe his mind." Illyana tells Jean, before glancing at the mutate. "So be nice to her." She advises. "I'm going upstairs. If you can knock out the rest of the power great, if not just try to keep the boys alive until we're ready to go." Illyana moves swiftly to the door, checks the corridor, then vanishes into an emergency stairwell, heading up.

Lorna knew the instant the power dampeners were off, and not just because the lights went out. The snap back of her powers, the return of her sense and her connections to the Earth's magnetic fields seemed to return some measure of energy back to her. She inhaled, and stepped back, a breathless sort of laugh escaped her and her hands rose up from her sides as the bars were thrown out before her. It wouldn't be long until Illyana and others likely, would hear Lorna taking immense pleasure in wrecking everything she could pull in.

Electrical systems were drawn on hard to boost her own powers and to fry existing curcuitry, a massive power flucutation following as the ceiling was more or less blasted off and Polaris turned her focus to Phillip.

"Time to go."

"We can try that," agrees Nate. Eclipse and he are now inside the compound (disregarding the plan - but this time it was Marcus!) although Nate is masking them telepathically. Scott is still outside, trying to blast new holes in the wall.

So Nate focuses in Zealot, hitting him with a strong telepathic blast.

Which has an odd effect. The mutates around Zealot stagger, some fall down. Nate damns quietly. "That guy… just redirected my blast to the people around him! He is like a hive queen of a hive mind or something."

And Zealot glares at them. "I see you now, worms," a swift gesture and a wave of earth and concrete four yards tall is sent against the pair.

The distraction works, though. Because Zealot fails to notice the upper floors of the tower lost power for a few seconds. Backup generators kick in, but the electronics in Lorna's cell have been obliterated already. Illyana will find her when the green-haired mistress of magnetism forces the steel blast door of the cell block open.

Marcos seems to smile as he and Nate completely disregard Nate's plan. Regardless, once they are inside the compound and they come across the Zealot, Marcos utters a silent 'shit' before Nate blasted him with that telepathic blast…only for it to do jack shit. "Well…..could always try just punching him." he says in sarcasm to try and improve morale, but regardless, As soon as that earth wave comes at them, Marcos moves in front of Nate and fires a bazooka of a light beam right into it, hoping to smash it to pieces immediately….

and if an opening forms? shoot Zealot with a few laser beams to wake him up. He can't be blinded maybe…but nobody said he was immunte to extreme heat.

The door to the level where Polaris is being held is thrown open and Illyana pokes her head through - pulling it back just in time as the bars that were formerly attached to Lorna's cell slam into the wall nearby. As the bars clatter to the floor, Illyana steps through the door with exaggerated care, wearing a sardonic smile. She seems unfazed by the electrical equipment and cabling all around sparking and shorting out, but even she can't /quite/ pretend that the whole roof being ripped off the tower isn't just the /tiniest/ bit impressive. "I see someone's feeling better." The slightly mocking tone is spoiled by the fact that Illyana has to yell over the sound of excessive property damage to be heard.

The blonde demoness isn't quite as offhand as her words suggest. As soon as she's sure it's reasonably safe, she's moving quickly over to Lorna, her eyes raking over her for signs of injury. Moreau gets a glance, too, but despite Cyclops' instructions Lorna is clearly Illyana's first priority. "You're welcome, by the way." Illyana tells her, once she's satisfied that neither of them are in immediate danger. "Feel like returning the favour? We could only knock out the dampers for your cells. If you can kill the power to this whole place, I can get us all out of here, right now."

The metal of the bars crunched and reformed, swirling around her and Phillip as the door opened and ..revealed Illyana. The metal dropped and Lorna grinned at the blonde, exhaling a breath as she rolled her shoulders back. "Yeah, just peachy." She looked physically okay, though there were new shadows that ringed around her eyes she otherwise looked unharmed.

"We really gotta get out of here before Zealot realizes this is break out. If he hasn't already.." She muttered and exhaled a breath.

Her gaze swung to the floor and she knelt, pressing a hand against the floor and concentrating. "Killing the power? Right.. I'll.." She frowned, her senses reaching out and following the path of electrical wires and the alike as far as she could. She pulled back, straightened and looking to Illyana.

"There's more power dampeners. But I think the power comes from below. Zealot mentioned that he was digging tunnels for most of his life before, underground. He controls everything on Genosha, or rather anything Genoshan. I don't know exactly. But it includes people. Even if I tried to shift the iron core below and the plates.. which is entirely hypothetical on the list of things I can do.. he might be able to move it back and keep the power going. I can fry the interior wires as we go, but he'll likely repair them right after." And she was moving to leave, her pace quick and light. Time to go.

There is no opening at Marcos' blast. The 'wave' are several hundred tons of rock and dirt and melting a chunk only means there is now lava involved in the wave. Nate grabs the other man by an arm and flies over the wall, outside. And still the avalanche crashes against the prison wall, shatters it like glass and keeps coming. "Yeah, I'd say we got his attention," snickers Nate. "I am going to punch him as soon as I can drop you somewhere you don't get crushed."

Now they are also getting shot with blasts of fire, lightning and regular gunfire from the mutates at the walls. Fun times. Nate's telekinetic shields are holding, for now.

Lorna can sense the steel in the tower structure. She can cause some damage, indeed. Maybe crush a few mutates if she brings the whole building down, although it is very strongly reinforced, it wouldn't be easy.

There are electronics all around too. But shielded from ECM pulses in Faraday Cages. She can reach them and tear them apart, but knocking out the power of the whole compound is a feat even Magneto himself would be hard-pressed to accomplish. The prison is designed to control super-humans, after all.

Marcos utters a quiet. "oh SHIT!" and then Nate saves his life, pulling him aside. just in the nick of time…but then they are flying over the wall and even still that thing is still going. "Wow…this guy at least gets props for determination…" he shakes his head then a moment. Marcos tries to fire back at the mutates firing at them, using a sort of blinding light from his hands in the form of a handheld flash-bang. He wants to blind all of them, but he knows this can only serve to distract or otherwise annoy Zealot more than anything.

"Okay, next idea! How about…." he looks over at one of the tall towers. "Think we can knock that over?"

When Lorna kneels, Illyana moves smoothly into a defensive position to cover her, the Soulsword suddenly in her hands, silver armour manifesting around her left arm and shoulder. They made it in relatively unscathed, Lorna is free, if things are going to go to hell it's going to happen now, and Illyana intends to be ready.

And sure enough, Lorna can't shut the place down. Illyana's lip curls when she hears the news, but the expression is gone by the time Lorna's on her feet again. "I like this guy less and less." Illyana says, sourly, attempting to call a stepping disc from Limbo despite knowing the attempt will fail. She shakes her head in disgust. "Fine. We'll do it the hard way." She agrees, moving quickly after Lorna. The Soulsword remains in her hand, and there's witch-light playing around the fingers of her other hand.
Stealth was for getting in. She's fully prepared for them to have to fight their way back out.

"Keep ripping out anything you can reach." Illyana tells Lorna as they move. "If you can bring the teleport dampers down for a minute, I think I have something that'll get Zealot's attention." Her smirk is downright nasty.

Lorna rolled her shoulders back, her hands out stretched as she ripped out eletrical wires as they moved, doors, everything she passed that she could get a grip on. "I can bring down the main supports for the structure. But we really should be out of here by then. Or in the air. Is there anyone else we have to get?" She was jogging for an exit.

Illyana's words had a smirk playing over her lips. "I think I can bring them down locally. Those systems aren't blocking me from getting at them really." She murmured, and paused in the hallway, her hands clenched into fists and she emitted another pulse of electromagnetic force. This time, taking pleasure in the simple destruction she caused.

"If you get a portal handy, I've got the main structure. I don't know how long we've got here." She murmured.

Eclipse blasting and blinding the mutates shooting at them gives Nate the chance to grab one of the watchtowers and topple it on Zealot. Or try to. Zealot grabs the tower mid-fall with his own power. "Well, crap," mutters Nate, pushing down and… yeah, the structure shatters like caught between two invisible giants. A huge cloud of smoke and debris covers half the prison area.

"I think Magik got Polaris out, Scott is signaling us to leave," mentions Nate, finally landing some distance from the wall. "That guy is not even hurt, he is projecting pretty strongly in the telempathic psychic area of the…" vague gesture. "You know, I think he can control the emotions of the other mutates."

Meanwhile Lorna is having a field day with the tower electric systems. It is just a question of time she hits one of the teleportation disrupters, which allows Illyana to summon a stepping disk. Which some effort, as there are other disrupters nearby.

Marcos seems just a little hopeful that since the mutants were blinded and Nate brought that massive tower down on Zealot…then the bastard caught it under his own strength. Alone. That's when Marcos just sighs, looking to Nate. "For Christ's sake…." he sighs a moment as he looks down at him. "Okay, we're gonna need a new plan for dealing with him." he sighs a moment, but he looks to Nate. "How are the gals doin'? did they find Lorna?" he asks, then he sees some elecrtical grids bursting and flailing. "There she is." he says just on that sight alone.

"Okay, let's get out of here then."

Illyana's eyes are roving across the corridors and stairwells ahead of them as they head back down. She's professional enough not to glance over at Lorna when she makes her suggestion, but not professional enough to keep the grin that's both delighted and evil off her face. "I left Phoenix downstairs. Try thinking really hard that she should be somewhere else?" Illyana's mostly being sarcastic, but only mostly. She knows the redhead will be hooked into Lorna's brain if it's at all possible.

Illyana, up until this moment moving smoothly with Lorna, almost stumbles. This time she does glance across at Lorna. "OK. Now I know how you felt upstairs." Because Illyana can feel her connection to Limbo and its portals restored. "Bring it down." Illyana tells her, decisively and looking like she's enjoying every moment. Her eyes narrow. "I've got Phoenix. I'll make sure the boys will get the message. Let's go." Illyana looks back over her shoulder at Moreau, and grins. "You're going to LOVE where we're going next!" She tells him, cheerfully, and as soon as Lorna makes her move, they'll all be swallowed in a circle of light.

Illyana, alone, reappears outside the range of the teleportation dampers in a familiar burst of silver-white light. "Hey, Eclipse!" She yells, "I found something you lost! Time to leave!"

Lorna only paused for the briefest of moments, flashing Illyana a grin, wicked in its own delight. She wanted to destroy this prison, and even though she knew Zealot would likely rebuild the thing as soon as they were gone? She got a strong sense of satisfaction as she threw her hands out and clenched her powers around the center of the structure.

She stopped her little harassing over the electrical grid and focused everything she had. Exhaustion would likely hit her after, but eh.. it was worth it, she told herself.

The entire structure started to groan as she ripped and pulled and yanked at the supports and as things started to fall apart? She hopped into the portal that Illyana opened.

Making sure of course the Phillip went in before her.

"I think Jean got the message." She chimed.

"I am still leaning for the go kick his teeth in plan," mentions Nate to Marcos. But then Lorna brings the prison main building down by tearing at the steel beams. The 75 feet tall building cracks and crumbles as he watches. "You got quite the woman, Eclipse," mentions Nate. So when Illyana appears some distance away and calls for him, the young psion just flies both of them to meet them.

"Did you got Phoenix and Cyke too, blondie?" If so it is Limbo express time. Before Magneto's goons come investigate.

Phillip Moreau looks quite sick after the first teleport jump. As well as generally bruised and battered, since Zealot never sent the healers to his cell after his men beat him up. Not that he wants to see his brother again anytime soon. He just manages to thank both women for the rescue.

Marcos grins a little at Nate as he is still pretty on board with the 'punch him in the face and see if that works' plan. But regardless, when he turns his head and he sees the prison's building collapse utterly in destruction, he whistles. At Nate's comment he nods a few times. "Damn straight." but then Illyana yells at him that she found Lorna, and he looks overwhelmed with joy.

"You alright Lorna?!" he calls down to her as they get ready to go.

"Everyone else knows when to leave the party!" Illyana fires back to Nate. There's a large silver portal held open behind her, and she beckons imperiously with the hand that's not holding her Soulsword. But when the last two stragglers reach the portal they'll see she's wearing a distinctly satisfied smirk. She even has a mocking little salute for Zealot when the others have passed through, before she takes a step backward and the portal vanishes. It's only a moment later that they're halfway around the word, back at the X-Mansion.

Mission Accomplished. This time.

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