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December 23, 2017:

Psylocke arrives on Genosha and meets with Eclipse for a sitrep.

//Genosha - Somewhere Beyond //

Northwest of the Seychelles lying in the Indian Ocean is the
'paradise' isle of east African nation of Genosha. A landmass covered in
gleaming spires, rolling pleasant hills and lush farmland with a single
spines ridge of mountains known as the Ridgeback.
This island is one of the inspirations for the tales of Sinbad.
It's natural harbor is Hammer Bay, a location rich for trade routes between
Europe and Asia. Once upon a time an ideal base for pirates who preyed the
India to Europe pathways. Over time European trading companies turned
Genosha in to a rich port, it quickly developed a robust economy and by the
20th century it had become a pioneer in cutting edge technology, especially
where genetics are concerned. So great was their capabilities in this
department that the title Genegineer became a government post of importance.
Unknown to the world a dark secret is held, an traveler from another
dimension and time known s Sugar Man had helped bolster the tech and
knowledge of Genosha.
Several years ago it was discovered by the X-Men that the Genoshans
undergo testing at the age of 13 and if discovered to have mutant genes they
are stripped of rights, modified further to become sterile and docile while
their powers are tailored to suit a specific role in society. They are
imprinted and placed in a skin bonded suit all for the 'greater good' of
More recently a great rebellion has taken place, foreigners assisted
the mutate forces and their sympathizers in overthrowing the Genoshan
leadership along with their hate group associates; the Right and 'Human
Council' consisting of Cameron Hodge, the Trasks and several others. It
escalated and ended when Madame Reneau was shot and killed by the Genegineer
David Moreau who was then executed live by Magneto. Who is by many now
heralded a hero and by others a devil to be put below again.
Genosha of today looks like a warzone, the Citadel no longer stands
above Hammer Bay a now Acolyte and Genoshan Rebellion stronghold suffering
skirmishes and infighting constantly, the Ridgebacks act as a hideaway for
the Genoshan Regime and Carrion Cove - Hammer Bay's smaller port sister has
been opened to traffic with the outside world while the island renegotiation
trade with the world, much of which was cut off after discovery of their
slave built economy. The Cove becoming a neutral zone where many
non-Genoshan corporations are given asylum while politics are violently


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Magneto, Havok, Polaris, Magik


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Fade In…

Marcos has had a really…really bad day.

He's packing, packing furiously in fact, to get things in order for when he moves out to get Lorna back. He knows that the Zealot isn't blinded easily by his light, so either he's going to have to kill him, or knock him down so hard he decides not to get back up. Marcos was wearing his X-Men uniform that Scott made for him (with Lorna's insistence) and was making sure the added necessities were there. He's taking a gun with him this time just in case his powers don't work, Lead should…right?

The base is also equally preparing for a fight just in case the worst were to happen. It's a madhouse right now, but it's the kind of madhouse that people aren't presently trying to run each other over. It's simply a clear sign that the base is incredibly busy right now. Though it wouldn't be impossible for someone to find Marcos in his residence.

Regardless, on the other hand, it's a beautiful, hot day on the island. Even though hit's winter.

Psylocke has spoken with others briefly, Piotr curious, Scott is adamant, Rogue seems… distant in her own way. But after her absence she is not going to push her friends and team-mates, she is capable enough of finding out herself and stares at the portal laid out by Illyana for transport to and from. That had been silent now for a couple days and with a breath she steps within.

The exit on the other side is a welcome chaos, despite the disarray of the 'Base' in its preparations for… Manicured brows seek to pinch over the bridge of nose while eyes narrow and flick to and fro over the hustle of bodies as they pass, but she is not hard to miss in not only towering height, but the attire of scant one piece, sliced through the middle by a silken red belt sashed around slender waist. Deep purple hair is loosed over bare shoulders and down her back. One stare caught and held.

"I'm looking for the Green to the Purple and her posse. Let's not dally." Even though Psylocke speaks to that -one- individual her voice is lofted enough to be heard by the rest.

"X-Men business. Mani-Pedi Appointment."

Marcos can hear Psylocke making her demands and he exits the room to look at her and…what is she wearing…uuhmm…ahhhh MARCOS YOU HAVE LORNA! and shakes his head a little bit despite how Psylocke looks and he waves her down. "Over here." he says to her softly enough. The man she speaks to tilts his head at her and just moves out of the way so Psylocke can meet with him.

Once Psylocke walks on over Marcos closes the door behind them so they can talk. "What the hell are you doing here? Shouldn't you be back at the mansion?" Marcos asks curiously, clearly looking like he's on a mission. But ahahhhghkjahgkjhlkj she looks pretty. MARCOS! LORNA! GET IT TOGETHER! he shakes his head a moment then. "Right, point."

He takes a seat on the bed. "Scott send you?"

Psylocke is in her usual attire, a look that draws eyes, but keeps things far more simple when she avoids those eyes, as well as is a symbol that would fall unnoticed here… Perhaps.

*Snap-SANP!* "Eyes are up here ya bloo—" Psylocke is bending at the waist to get eye-to-eye with her chosen quarry slowly before her demand is cut off by Marcos' familiar voice cuts it off. Lips painted dark, thin with the narrowed set of her eyes before she rises, pats the 'Wee Man' on the head and passes. "Carry on with your duties! Island to save, people to Liberate!" The current status of the Island politically is known, but inside…

The door closes and Marco is watched as he takes his seat, arms folded across her chest, the wrapping of strips of purple fabric over pale skin twisting together intricately while he speaks volumes.

"I am doing //Tha 'ell I want, first off. Marco Dia/z/. So do not assume I am assigned to *be* in one place, I exceeded that stature years ago." A flash of eyes his way and Psylocke is apparently able to /cut/ without a blade. Psi or otherwise.

"Scott has nothing to do with my presence here. What is going on? Where are the others, Eclipse?"

Marcos stays seated, looking up at Psylocke as she tells him off for a moment, though he looks at her eyes without shying away. Normally he would to avoid messing with her, but he didn't even budge. and that's how Psylocke could figure out immediately that something was horribly wrong. he lowers his eyes for a moment, though that means he's looking right at her stomach then so he averts his eyes for a moment before he looks right back up at her eyes.

"Logan is in the mountains doing some scouting for us…Nate is down at the Cay with Alex, because the latter got himself knocked out…and Lorna's been kidnapped." he states simply and somewhat worriedly. If she looked aroun dthe place he was packing his bags. Gonna go get her? 99.99999 percent possibility. "No offense, but you showed up at a really bad time." he states simply.

Psylocke does not care about his eye contact, she swims in a sea of Alpha Dogs and manages to keep the stature outlined at Marcos' door as a silhouette that only flickers in and out of color with movement down to breathes.

When he looks /off/, Psylocke is still watching him down to the very -trace- of follicle rising along his nape due to muscle-draw.

A flare of nostrils, a sniff and Psylocke is closing her eyes. Not to look away, but to slow-blink belief back into her eyes as she processes everything he has said. "No," Psylocke says as she hunts for his 'packed bag' and if found will start going through it! "I came at the right time, Eclipse."

A pause as she is unabashedly rifling through his things. "What has Magneto said about this? Ya know, 'er da?" Something goes pitched over her shoulder.

"Travel lighter, in fact," If she had his bag she is dumping the contents. "What did I say last we met? Who is your opposition? What can and will they do? What can you take away?"

Marcos seems to blink a moment when Psylocke starts rummaging through his bag after taking a minute to hunt for it. "Um…hey…" and she starts going off on him and she throws useless stuff over her shoulder. "h-hey…" he say, but when she demands that she came at the right time, Eclipse puts his face in his hands in possible 'uuughhhh' before he looks at Psylocke.

"Magneto's forming his plan as we speak, sending people out to look for Lorna since they can't sense her apparently…" hence his probable worry, but something in him knows she's alive. so he's pursuing that with all he has. "Last we met, you took me through a mental maze…as for what can and will they do, kill Lorna and kill Lorna." he sighs then for a moment. "The only thing I can take away from this guy is his life or his followers. Last time I checked I wasn't like you where I can just…make things happen with my mind…" he looks overwhelmed emotionally and he's trying to work things out to frustrating results. he rubs his temples then as he sits back down even as Psylocke keeps going through his stuff.

(More to come!)

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