Eclipse's Run

December 23, 2017:

After escaping Zealot and with an unconscious Alex in tow, Marcos reach the Carrion Cove hideout and then goes to report to Magneto.



NPCs: Fabian Cortez, Scanner, Frenzy, Pipeline

Mentions: Polaris, Havok

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Fade In…

While Lorna and her group went to talk with Zealot, Nate has been doing telepathic investigation in some of the darker spots of Carrion Cove. Always a headache. So he went back to the safehouse to do a brief jaunt to the school and get some food and painkiller. That was twenty minutes ago.

He is just back to hear Marcos jeep arriving. A brief telepathic scoop confirms Marcos and… Alex? Are back. But Alex is unconscious and Marcos is pretty nervous. Weird. He hurries out.

"What happened?" He asks first of all. Marcos is covered in dust and Alex looks even worse, clothes burned and that weir high-tech thing her wears too visible for a supposedly secret hideout.

Marcos drives up to Carrion cove and picks up Alex in his arms, looking nervous and mildly panicking now as he starts to come up with a plan. But then Nate runs out to him and Marcos almost looks relieved to see him. "Everything went to shit, that's what happened. We went to see the Zealot to see if we could talk a peaceful negotiation, but he was having none of it. Lorna pushed Alex and I out before we could do anything. He has Lorna, Nate. I have to get her back. I -must- get her back." he says hurrily.
"We still have access to Illyana's portals right?" he asks Nate curiously. "Take Alex back to the mansion, I need to speak with someone." Because Nate can read minds, he could probably easily find out Marcos means to ask Magneto for help. He'll beg if he has to.

Though judging by the way Marcos was moving, his mind was at a thousand miles per second.

Nate grabs Alex telekinetically and pulls him inside, "damnit. I should have gone with you," he mutters. Of course he is not a good diplomat, he was told to avoid confronting Magneto and has been helping with other things.

"Come inside and give me some details, man," he adds. Not reading his mind, but he is obviously projecting anxiety, "you look like hell and are not going to be of much use if you go for a half-cooked rescue," he sight. "Those things never work out well, I know firsthand."

Marcos nods as Alex is taken away, and he follows Nate inside as he starts to pace. Did not have time for this, in his own humble mind. "Details? Okay, okay. Remember Phillip Moreau? one of the guys who gave us such a warm welcome here?" partially sarcastic. "Apparently his brother is the Zealot. Guy's lost his mind and is apparently about to incite war against Magneto because he wants a Genosha full of Genoshans without any foreigners. the man is insane, Nate. should have heard the guy." he says shakily.
"So, to try and get Thomas back, er, the Zealot, Phillip enlisted Lorna, Alex and I to help him out. But everything went to shit within the first two minutes of talking. He's over in a cave in the mountains. Look, I need to get Lorna. If something happens to her I…." he shuts his mouth then and looks like his emotions and his brain are on constant adrenaline. he was scared.

"I'm going to do something I never thought I would do. I need to ask Magneto for a favor." he sighs.

"Ugh, the usual xenophobic speech," notes Nate, leaving Alex in a couch while he verifies is he has any injury. "Blame the foreigner for all the problems. And still a log of idiots will follow him, uh?"

No obvious injuries, no obvious broken bones. Why is Alex unconscious? Might be internal bleeding or psychic damage. "I need to take him to the medlab," decides Nate. The idea of asking Magneto for help gives him pause. "Is Lorna getting along with him? Oh well. I guess he needs to know. Try not to get killed. Let me see if I can find Lorna first."

He concentrates a few seconds, frowning. "I think she is unconscious, I can't get a clear mindscape. But maybe I can track her down. I will be back in…" but never-mind, since Marcos is driving back to Hammer Bay. "I will contact with you telepathically in ninety minutes, alright?"

Marcos nods a few times. "Yeah…the xenophobic speech. He went on about how much of a god he was and how he could 'feel all of Genosha'. He was certainly on something, or he's just batshit crazy. Leaning towards the second option." he says with as mall frown, though when he hears that Nate can't feel Lorna, Marcos looks worried. "She might be." he takes a sigh.

Though when Nate tells him that he will contact him telepathically in ninety minutes, he nods a few times. "Sounds good. I'll see you soon Nate. Stay safe." but then again, Marcos was the one doing the dangerous shit. So after a nod to Nate, Marcos hops right back into the jeep and fires it up, before leaving with an impressive drift towards Hammer Bay for an appointment with Magneto.

Hammer Bay, about 90 minutes later.

Although Marcos got no response when he radioed Hammer Bay, obviously someone heard his panicky plead. The instant his jeep arrives the military base there is visible movement outside the main building, and he has barely parked the jeep when Magneto himself slams the doors open and steps into the street, in full battle armor. Fabian Cortez and a few other Acolytes follow him.

He would recognize Frenzy, a tall dark-skinned woman that rarely agrees with Cortez about anything. And Scanner, a young, slim blonde with some unusual psychic powers who is rarely part of the cabinet meetings but seems pretty important among Magneto's team.

"Eclipse! Where is my daughter!?" Yes. Magneto sounds positively furious.

Marcos approaches Magneto with the same exact dedication in his step, this time not afraid of the Master of Magnetism. "The zealot took her. We need to get her back and we need to get her back now. Phillip Moreau, his brother is Thomas. Thomas is the Zealot. the Zealot, is a goddamn lunatic. we went to try to see if we can find a peaceful solution."

"Needless to say, it all went to shit. Zealot's hideout is in the mountains, in a cave. But thanks to the way Lorna threw me out of there, I doubt that cave is still standing. I can lead you there, or you can get there yourself, I don't care. Magneto, we need to get Lorna."

Even Magneto could see the desperation in Marcos's eyes.

Magneto clenches his jaw when he hears of the identity of Zealot. He is going to have words with Phillip. But Phillip is missing, of course. "Why did you two go alone?" he growls at Marcos. But he already knows the answer. They don't trust him.

"You fool!" Shouts Cortez. "You are an idiot, Eclipse. Or a traitor! You have delivered Magneto's daughter to Genosha's most dangerous rebel. Guards, arrest this fool!" A couple of big Acolytes step forward, eager to obey Cortez. Those are the Kleinstock brothers. They have some super-strength and can merge their bodies into a four-armed giant body.

"Oh, c'mon," interrupts Frenzy. "Not even you are stupid enough to think the boy is a traitor, Cortez. Or that this was his idea." She grabs Marcos arm and drags him inside. She is incredibly strong. "I need to know every detail of what has happened." A glance to Magneto gets her a brief nod. "Scanner, see if we can track Polaris down."

Marcos looks like he's about to answer Magneto, but he can see that Magneto has already arrived to the proper conclusion. Though then Cortez opens his big fat mouth and Marcos looks at him like he's about to get into a fight. "Oh why don't you-" then Frenzy comes in and grabs Marcos by the arm and tugs him aside. Saving an explosive event rather abruptly and effectively, Marcos nods to Frenzy, keeping to the point. He tells her -everything-.

"-and then we entered his hideout after arriving by jeep, two large…and I mean, massive, mutants led us into a cave which led into what lookedl ike the heart of the mountain. That was where the Zealot was, and he was surrounded by mutants who treated him like a god. We tried to talk peacefully, but he wouldn't listen, in his own words, he said that he only 'wanted Genoshans on Genosha.' He didn't want other mutants from foreign lands coming here, even willing to kill other mutants when he claims to make it a paradise. The man is a lunatic, pure and simple."

he keeps going. "Then, when everything broke down he attacked Phillip Moreau, his brother. I tried to free him along with Lorna, but the numbers were too great and he was too strong for the both of us. I managed to put a hole in his cheek." he adds in every detail. "Then, Lorna wrapped me in metal and threw me upwards towards a breach that was made in the ceiling, but before she could come up herself, the Zealot grabbed her by the foot I think. I think she's imprisoned, I don't know. Look, we need to get her." he looks Frenzy right in the eyes. Don't need a telepath to ensure he's telling the truth.

@emit Frenzy takes Eclipse to the cabinet chamber, so the report is only for Magneto’s inner circle. Magneto, Cortez, Frenzy, Alda Huxley and Pipeline are present, but Jenny Ransome is not.
None of the present is particularly sympathetic to Marcos. It is Pipeline, of all people, the one that brings him a mug of coffee in the middle of his report.
“So Zealot is Thomas Moreau,” comments Frenzy. “You killed his father,” he stays to Magneto. “He will kill your daughter in retaliation.” Magneto nods, “I am aware. But first he will try to use her against me, for blackmail or just political leverage. We still have some time. Finding Zealot is still the priority. We will have an opening soon.”

Marcos nods then to Pipeline who brings him a coffee mug. "Oh, thanks." before he finishes his report in fairly record time, all things considered. Though he looks at Magneto and Frenzy as they discuss what he already knew: that Magneto killed Thomas and Phillip's father. Marcos looks like he's about to press Magneto about waiting. "Why? What do you have planned?" he asks then, looking directly at Magneto and not anyone else.

Though he's finally free of the clutches of Frenzy, so he stands up from his seat and he looks at Magneto in a manner that says 'we can't wait forever or we'll lose her'.

Magneto seems to have recovered his cool after almost losing his temper when Eclipse arrived. "Scanner will project and explore that factory Eclipse mentioned. It is unlikely there is anyone left there, but we might find some stragglers."

He is sitting on a large throne-chair, high tech devices keeping him connected to multiple sensors and with quick access to reports. "I can't feel her magnetic field, so Polaris is not using her powers. Send a mutant tracker and see if we can find her nevertheless."

He stands up and head out. But by the door, he looks back at Eclipse. "If Lorna dies it will have been because her and your lack of trust on me. If I had been there Zealot wouldn't be a problem anymore."

Eclipse looks on as Magneto lays down the groundwork of the plan for the others to do. Though when he rises out of his chair and walks past Eclipse, only to tell him that it's his and Lorna's fault if she dies for not trusting him, and Marcos gives him a look. "You being there would have been exactly what he wanted. We weren't going to take the chance because right now, Genosha needs you, not him." and then Marcos turns to leave, having completed his objective. He was going to do his own part in rescuing Lorna.

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