An Ending of This

December 19, 2017:

After a brief bar interlude with Syn, J'onn and Amora have a brief exchange.

Central Park - New York City

Sitting on 843 acres of public land, Central Park is one of the
most famous sight-seeing spots in New York, and is considered large enough
to have its own police precinct (the Central Park Precinct) dedicated to its
protection. The Park boasts several lakes — all of which have been created
artificially — extensive walking and bridle paths, two ice skating rinks, a
variety of outdoor theater spaces, several playgrounds, and a considerable
collection of whimsical statuary. It is home to Belvedere Castle, the
Carousel, the Central Park Zoo, the Conservatory, and Cleopatra's Needle
(one of three, 70-foot Egyptian obelisks from the Temple of Ra in Helios,
its mates residing in London and Paris).
On the east side corner of Central Park, the Manhattan island zoo
might be considered small for a zoo in such a famous city. The animals in
residence skew toward those that are able to put on shows, perhaps in an
attempt to draw crowds through cute tricks as opposed to variety. Past the
gift shop and the cafe, the largest open space is occupied by a manicured
garden and the slightly raised sea lion tank surrounded by seats and a slate
courtyard. The sides of the tanks are made of thick glass to give visitors
greater visibility into the depths of the water.
Many of the other exhibits, like the penguins and the tropical
birds, are in enclosed buildings to the east and west. Mimicking the feel of
the vast park that surrounds it on three sides, the zoo feels more like a
large green courtyard and meeting space. It is a playground that happens to
have exotic animals living nearby.


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Fade In…

J'onn has left the confines of the smoky bar, stomach full of 'Irish Nachos' and some mediocre Whiskey. Still, he isn't in the mood to head back to the Watchtower at this point, and so he moves deeper into the Park. The people are clearing out as it is well past Sundown, and even in this area there are few people who will test their luck at night. J'onn does keep a mental scan up, just enough to know who is nearby, but nothing more than proximity of sentient's.

He is about ten minutes into his walk, well off the beaten path in the Park, and has already deterred three muggers from attacking nearby individuals. At one point, he finds a clearing, enough that with his enhanced vision he can see the stars as the standard light pollution doesn't affect the way J'onn sees the World around him. In this space, he stops, looking up at the Sky and wondering what Fate has ahead for him… what lies before J'onn of Mars?

Stars do not dance horizontally from the landscape, or do they?

/Blinked/ in and out of existence, the reflection of the Space Above off pale mossy huen gaze is but diamonds sinking into the depths of swamp-waters, rimmed in the darkness.

Eyes lined in that kohl are revealed, but not after the figure he had seen not 20 minutes prior within the bar with 'Syn'. Those eyes lower from the sky to J'onn's of Mars with a loft of a single brow that does not stop the approach closer, those heels silent over the hardened ground of winter months, a wrap lined in Fur brushes along her jaw that lifts with the hook of lips in a smile his way.

"What is it you seek, now?" The Enchantress is slow in her approach, her words coming forth in a similar pace, her head tilting lightly to spill several braids over her shoulder.

"Answers? You are as silent as a scholar."

There is a small smile, somewhat sad in nature, but as J'onn turns to regard Amora his form shifts like the ripples from a rock dropped into a still lake. Within seconds the towering Green Martian is before her, "I find if I am going to have a conversation with someone I have just met, it is more polite to do it in my true form." A quick bow of his bald head, and he greets her again, "Hello Amora."

The Martian does not seem disturbed by her presence in the least, in some ways perhaps he welcomes it given that she will likely not react to his features as others normally do, "Are we not all seeking answers in one form or another?" J'onn asks in response, a grunt after he realizes he answered a question with a question, "I am wondering what may be out there past my own experiences." His hand gesturing towards the Stars, his tone implying the greater Universe.

"I have been called a Scholar, Philosopher, Judge, and Executioner." J'onn nods slowly, each of those do not define him, but are a portion of who he is, "I have heard you are working with Syn to get her back into Asgard." not changing the subject exactly, but it seems a similar vein, "What do /you/ seek from such an endeavor?"

Amora does not slow in her pace despite his speaking of her name, nor the physical revelation of… "J'onn of Mars."

The name Syn had given in the bar gave her a few answers, but not all… Not then, but now, beneath the Stars within a clearing - That pale green of irises becomes ghosted by the direction of the turn of eyes from him to the sky, and that of which Mars has aligned for the night, the mote where Red should be matching that of scalerae alabaster. Muted away to a blindness.

A lie.

When she looks back upon J'oon and his true form, tall, her own natural height of 6'4 unwavering despite his words and that follow up of question. Lids fall to half mast, his reflection a shadow upon eyes that are slowly becoming the hue of multi-faceted emeralds, a deeper fire burning, but trapped behind… "I am called many things, but they do not define me," A pause and before her lips the chill air meets heated breath in a fog that hovers.

"Not right now." Lips thin in a withdrawal that peels lips from teeth as if biting back something sour.

"I…seek to keep Asgard from chains held in the hands of one undeserving. It is my home, and will not stop there."

The red orbs regard Amora's emerald ones as he considers what she's told him. He has no reason to disbelieve her, and she can sense from him .. perhaps a trick of his telepathy .. that he finds her reasoning interesting even if he doesn't think it is the entirety of her reason.

"I find it very interesting that you both have similar reasons you speak of for returning to Asgard, but I believe while the words are similar the intent behind them are vastly different." Again, his tone is not confrontational or accusatory, but simply an observation from an Outsider with little information on the machinations of the two women.

There is a sigh he lets out, however, adding "It is troublesome that you both have found yourselves outside of your Home and at Odds with what is happening within it." he glances back to the stars, to the Red Planet, adding "As I have told Syn, I would offer the same for you, Whatever I can do to help your Home I will, because I want no one to know what it is like to lose their Home."

Amora listens, when he speaks - a chance taken willingly with a 'Martian' - in Truest form and placement. Alien herself in a different definition, she still does not keep from playing her cards close to her chest. But when he mentions her barring from Asgard, said chest /flutters/.


The high-boned cheeks go a shade of rose-red and pupii pin-dot upon J'onn while the body seems to remain lax, a feline ease to the motion that draws footsteps around J'onn in a semi-circle of her predatorial pace. Every step presses hip to the fur-lined hem of her cloak, trailing shadows over the criss-crossed laces of her dress that leave lashes over exposure to the shadowed form beneath the blanketed /svelte/ beneath.

Hands rise and the massive shroud of hood that had /sagged/ from visage is tugged back into the place of casting a deeper Abyss of shadows over her features.

"You /believe/, despite your loss?" The final escape of consonants come in a hiss, something he has said already makes the 'Serpent' recoil for a Strike

… A blow she does not take…

"All Father has allowed me limited access. This is war, J'onn's of Mars, and I am fighting the "Winning" side."

Tiny golden chains, tracing that of hands and fingers grip the hood, tugging it back into place to conceal her eyes from him despite the kindling deep within - ignited.

"I have brought forth My Ber-Odr, A Valkyrie Scorned, all on their own Belief in Home," Oh, so much more unsaid! "My Reasons… Do not matter."

Fingers on the hood clench when she faces J'onn and pushes the hood to fall in the mass of hide and fur down her back, revealing the Woman he had seen not 30 minutes before in the Bar.

"Swear it, then - J'onn's of Mars. You will help save Asgard," A working of the hollow at her throat. "The Realms."

Despite the pause, she is unwavering in her stance before him.

J'onn's calm stance is reflective of the serenity seen in his glowing red eyes as he follows her slow gait around him. While her grace and gait is that of a feline, one could compare his stillness to the Warriors of Old, the inaction and poise belies the ability to move with surety when needed.

The empahtic pulse of emotions that flow from him is similar to the physical reactions other Species show. A hint of curiosity at the conversation tinged with a sprinkling of apprehension that is not to be confused with fear.

There are spikes of confusion still peppered with loyalty and honesty that is rarely seen on this World or any other.

Most noticeable, however, is the calm regard and sense of Duty that flows from him like a River from a Mountain. Clear, cool, but moving with a certainty that it will never have it's course changed.

"On my Honor as a Manhunter, I will do what I can to protect Asgard, and the Realms from what trouble may be brewing…" There is a pause long enough that one might think he is done, but then "…and see that those who wish to see their Home are not denied the Right of Sanctuary."

There is a sigh then, from the Martian, "I am pledged to a cause to help protect this World…" J'onn adds, "…I am not sure how long it will take me, but when I return of my own will then I will find You and Syn."
There is a pause, a small show of a smile, "We will make an Ending of this, You and I and Her."

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