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December 22, 2017:

Misfit takes down a high-tech bank robber and meets a Green Lantern.


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Earlier today in the City of Tomorrow a pagan ritual took place in a location not far from Queensland Park, the ordeal was horrific, it involved magic, murder, Beastmen and apparently the unleashing of a creature known as Krampus. It's become a Justice League task to seek out any possible fallout. This is no easy ordeal right now with how frozen everything is this side of the world, the Tri-Cities have been dealt a record high in snowfall with a storm that came in out of nowhere, the more paranoid and superstitious people claim this blizzard is the work of great evil. They could be right. It has been one thing after another recently.

Hal Jordan the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 is visible above the blanket of snow that covers the streets, a green light in an otherwise dark on pale cityscape. His glow zipping back and forth, shooting between buildings and around them pausing only to scan with a Star Trek like illumination ray.

Typical uniform, black-on-green fitted to the tall Flyboy's soldierly frame. Hes bored though, its causing him to pause and look at his phone more and more. It's not that he doesn't take his job seriously as a member of the League but right now, this is a lot of hurry up and wait, wait for Martian Manhunter and Batman to be ready for the Red Lanterns, wait for evil to show back up… plus, well, it has been close to 4 hours since he started searching outside of the incident zone. Hes found nothing that registers even remotely as suspicious.


While all that sounds terribly fraught. Terribly. Misfit isn't really in on League communications and missions and cleanup duty.

I mean sure Batman assigned chores all the damn time but those seem to be mostly focused around Gotham. With accompanying lectures on this being too dangerous and being safe. How crime fighting isn't fun. We are not fighting crime to fun Misfit.

Yet right now she is fighting crime for fun. Notably she snuck off to Metropolis to do such.

From above it looks like flashes of pink and purple smoke… smoke bombs maybe… dashing around the center of the park. In the middle of the configuration of smoke puffs is a villain, who just robbed a bank figuring the first responders would be slowed down by snow. Which to his credit they were.

Misfit though, not so much. She is teleporting here and there. Up high. Down low. Throwing snowballss at the would be villian. He is blasting lasers from a prism canon and generally being driven into a rage. Soem of which shoot off into the sky.


"Coffee sounds so good right now." Hal is talking to himself. Its habit and its not even noticed, when you spend as long as he has in OUTER SPACEspacespace… you tend to do whatever you can to keep your sanity. Talking to yourself is the first and easiest one.

He is about to go and actually get himself a fresh cup when a puff of smoke and them blaster fire registers. "What the… don't… "

A slash of green through the air, distance between himself and the event in question traversed in a snap, not a Flash because thats trademarked by his pal.
"Don't you people realize how cold and dangerous it is right now!" A shout. Augmented by his Power Ring's astro-cosmical-techno-powers to sound much louder. Loudspeaker ranges even. Not at all a Gotham style hero but then this is not Gotham.


The villain in question is wearing some sort of black armor (covered in snow) and has a duffle bag full of money in one snow drift, another is open and bills are fluttering through the park in another drift.

Really the park is pretty empty with this snow storm… so the laser… not really putting civilians in danger. Pew.. .pew… pew….

Misfit tosses several iceballs down on his head and vanishes appearing behind a tree over yonder. "Dangerous?" she calls up. "I've got this… I mean.. I could end it whenever I want.. why is this so dangerous?" pause "Also… awesome… It is totes cool to meet you!"

At that point her tree gets lasered and cut down from behind her.


The threat of laser fire usually scales pretty high. Most people consider it a 'I could die' sort of caution but now close to the fighting a younger woman is fighting a black armored robber with snowballs.
"Whoah! HEY!" He shouts not at Misfit but at the man, "Watch it! Cease fire now or I will be forced to act."

"Uhm, totes cool to meet you too. Who are you? What is happening?" The man uplifts his fist and an emerald glowing ring SHINES once brightly and suddenly around the two combatants and Hal Jordan a rounded wall appears. It looks a lot like a green translucent ice hockey rink. That will at least save the trees and anything beyond. Unfriendly fire is always a consideration when in an urban area that is populated.


Well the young woman kind of has a bat motiff, when she isn't moving. There is something definitely a bit off kilter about it though. Sort of Bat Adjancent. Bat askew.

There is a whistle "That… is sooo coool…" from Misfit.

The robber… well he is a bit spooked by Actual Green Lantern and perhaps going to prison and chooses to start rapidly firing his laser at said Green Lantern. Good question where he may have got his gear.

Misfit, vanishes from behind her tree in a slash of pink and purple smoke. Ruined tree. Only to reappear behind the bad guy in question and slap a disc on the back of his helmet. One more bounce (teleport) and she leaves as the disc explodes with concussion force sending the guy flying forward (not bloodily exploded but stunned or unconscious.

"Sooo… I'm Misfit. You are green lantern right?" from behidn you on the ground right outside your hockey rink. In the penalty box really. "That is so cool."


The power ring's chime informs Hal that the technological tier of the laser fire is insufficient to penetrate his autoshields directly at current power levels. Boldly the Green Lantern doesn't avoid the attacks instead he folds his arms over his chest and attempts to look stern, Superman does it all the time. Why not? Shots deflected even as the teleporter that bargain variant looking Batgirl pulls a rather impressive takedown.

Upon crash landing a green Zamboni appears, chuffs along the rink and then stops on top of the robber, keeping him held in place with no ability to get up and make like a Stormtrooper on a bank robbing spree again.

"Misfit? Never heard of you and yes, I am Green Lantern." He is rotating slowly in the air trying to follow her until shes parked herself in the penalty box.
"You, are one of the Adams Family out of Gotham aren't you? Papa Gomez know you're out playing in the real world?"


Well the gear looks very bat-legit, but it isn't quite right. Color scheme is off. Goggles even for that matter. Skewed ear. M symbol not a bat symbol.

Still the young woman grins. "Oooh snap." she shakes her head smiling broadly there. "I mean… I am almost too young for that joke granted.. but I watch a whole lot of TV so that was pretty stinging banter." Misfit leans back in the penalty box. "Also I assume the Man probably knows I snuck out of Gotham again to fight wierd criminals.. not that some of ours aren't wierd but.. they are so painfully grimdark all the time you know?"


A closer inspection shows she is not exactly as 'streamline' and polished looking as most the gadgeteer kick-fu Gotham vigilantes he has encountered. Even Spoiler had a less 'pieced together' look about her. It is making him doubt his first assumption a little. Maybe shes a massive fangirl? Who just happens to have explosives and a teleportation power.
Hal really regrets not stopping for that coffee.

"I wouldn't even know where to begin honestly." Dumbfounded briefly by the talkative Bat'imp'.

"You actually are a part of that crew, huh? Misfit right… " The ring is already searching the Justice League databases. Surprise to none shocking amount of data is always left out of Gotham entries. Part of the reasons Hal really doesn't get along well at times with Batman.

"They are generally straight out of horror movies, yeah, really gives that city it's very unique je ne sais quoi… I suppose."


A very close careful eye would reveal the actual armor weave and technology of her goggles. It's entirely legit batech (waynetech) just not quite to theme. Maybe she is a very smart of very well backed fangirl. Hard to say really. God knows Batman hasn't introduced Charlotte to the league.

The database does reveal a whole lot of blips in Metropolis. An encounter with the Manhunter and Starfire plus a slew of villians a few weeks ago. Then one with Fairchilde and Toyman. Also others. It is clear she is on the side of the good guys. That said the Gotham entries are… light. Definitely sightings and flashes in Gotham dealing more with street crime vs. the zany adventures so far in Metropolis.

"The cat flavored one is pretty okay but yeah… eeeesh Scarecrow.. Joker… Harley… I mean damn. Seriously damn. They make me look much too well adjusted or there by the grace of the gods go I… " she smiles "But yes I am part of that crew… though he will probably lecture me about this collar later once it hits the system."


Eye for detail and Hal only go so far and he often cheats with use of his ring. Corners are meant to be cut.

"You check out at least. The League's got you with a big bright thumbs up from situational reports. No bio but if you're one of his broodlings in training thats no surprise."

Hal's no longer floating but now touching the ground with both feet that ice hockey rink even if she is still parked on it vanishes. The Zamboni transforms in to a much smaller set of shackles on the man.

"He'll lecture you? In my head all I see that equating to is just a very long stare. Tell ya what," Hal Jordan grins, "Just tell him you had an awesome time with your new friend the Green Lantern. The taller older one not that other guy." Yeah, there is two of them. Kyle Rayner and of course himself,


Misfit peers past you at the shackle change "Okay that is awesome…." then leans back and looks to you with a crooked grin now. "If you know the Man then you know that will mitigate the logn stare to another long stare. Though seriously.. we get actual lectures. With words. Also disapproving Looks. I mean.. Robin and Spoiler less than I do.. but I think it is because he still thinks I should quit to be honest…" she is rambling.

"So how does the ring work.. it seems pretty awesome."


"Huh? Who knew. Then it's off to the coffins and no True Blood reruns before din-din?" Hal taunts the amusing Batling in his casual joking manner. A rumble through the clouds says more storms are wanting to happen, its odd though as lightning will dance above, act like its going to stop blasting the world below with snow and just… not, more and more snow.

"No one likes a quitter, kid." A Jordan attempt at more quick fired and casual motivational talk, his dad was a pro at it.

"Space magic, little blue aliens and a lot of stubborn pride and a hold my beer lets do it sense of fearless." Best explanation he can offer out to a non-Lantern candidate or trainee.


"Well no one likes a quitter but Batman. I mean … one can't entirely blame him from trying to get young peeps to not be vigilantes and risk there lives I suppose." she pauses "Also yes chores and grounding and no gothic TV Dramas…" she grins playing along with that line of banter. "Or well more likely just more time in the practice rings honing the ninja bat skills to a razer sharp dangerous edge…."

There is a pause as she peers at the ring, then vanishes from her penalty box seat with a slash of pink smoke. A split second later Misfit is peering at the ring standing right by you and said hand, bent over to study it. Okay that is no god damned smoke bomb, something else is at work. Also not science at all. Pure dangerous chaos magic. "Woah.. like .. blue aliens and fearless recklessness…. damn. Also space magic sounds amazing.. I bet I could do that… do they have blue or pink rings?"


The pop flash and smoke bomb thing again and… "HEY! What the… " A jump from Hal, unexpected and random movement then shes RIGHT there leaning over his hand, that ring really quite unremarkable looking close up.

"Lets give some warning or just not do that again." A hesitant chuckle and he lifts his hand up a little closer, letting her look but it's clutched in a fist now.
"All of the above and blue, uh and pink… " A question he lets hang in the air. Then realizes thats exactly what annoys him about her boss, "Both of those and more. A whole spectrum that are all activated and 'powered' by emotions." Thats as much as he figures is safe to give.

And outside of Krampus being unleashed today thats been the serious threat plaguing the Justice League… Red Lanterns…


Well she does have the whole appear and all out of nowhere down, though it isn't at all the way Batman does it. "Okay that is neat…" she reaches a gloves finger to try to poke the green ring on your clenched fist. "Emotions.. huh." Misfit steps back instead of bouncing. "That sounds pretty cool. Are the colors like different emotions?" well she does seem fearless, though it may be a lack of common sense or fitting in with her name. "I imagine different ones. I like Pink.. purple.. blue.. red myself. Why did you pick green?"


The poke is harmless enough though Green Lantern watches it until shes satisfied enough to give personal space it's birth again, a cock of his head to the side as she inquires further about the rings, "I suppose it is pretty cool." The trickle of snow around them now a speeding up and going sideways, whipping against trees, not right now unusual in this Demon Bear inspired snow pit that the tri-cities have become.

"I didn't pick it. It picked me. Thats the trick in there I suppose, they choose you and its not something you just pick up one day and decide its your career path." Hal realizes hes saying this to a possible teenage crime-fighter. At this rates hes going to lose count of Batman's growing child army.


It currently stands at roughly three or so, Robin. Spoiler. Misfit. That said there are legitmately three older bat family members or exers in Nightwing. Red hood. Batgirl. Still it is a bit amazing how he attracts young vigilantes to his banner.

"huh. Well okay I guess that is fair.. my trick kind of just happens for me too so I can't really say I picked it. Sort of who you are or fate or beyond your direct control." still Misfit looks over at the cuffed villain with snow piling up on him. "I still think a blue one of those or pink would be pretty sweet." then back to the Green Lantern. "Snow is pretty bad.. much as I find it kind of amusing the bank robber is going to get frost bite not just be a comical snowman… should probably take his butt into the police and I should bounce back to Gotham." there is a pause of a beat "I should get an autograph book.. would that be dorky?"

"I'll take care of him. I'm headed that direction and an autograph?" Hal pauses, this isn't Coast City, he isn't used to autographs the last time that happened he thought it was for him and they were talking to his ex-girlfriend Power Girl, embarrassing moment when you say SURE step up and they give you the stink eye. Very lame.
"Yeah, not a problem. You going to be able to make it back to Gotham in this blizzard?" A serious question really but given her power…. "Also do you have a pen?"


Misfit starts digging around in her utlity belt. "I am sure there is a bat pen in these things somewhere…. I mean… huh… explosive bat-a-rang.. stun beads… glue bomb… rebreather.. bolo… tracers…" rufffle rumage ruffle rumage "ah a pen.. and tiny pad of paper.. I swear this thing has everything." she offers it up.


"Oh.. home. Sure.. I pop between the Tri-Cities all the time.. one time I went to Las Vegas even." Misfit does not actually sound like she has likely tested the limit of those 'bounces' she was doing. "I'll be home with hot chocolate in no time no worry."
Patiently as hes not in the least cold Hal watches the redhead pilfer her own belt. It really is amazing how much they do stock up in those things, folded compartments? Micro utilities… neat really. "Clearly, tic tacs too?" The Lantern is toying with her again as he plucks the pen up and takes the paper pad from her, a scribble of his name 'Green Lantern' and 'You made me realize Vampire unLives Matter' a flick of his fingers as if holding the pen gave him knuckle cramps and he hands them both over, signed and all. Even a green laser dash marked in as a dot somewhere.

"If you're sure. If not you can always park it in the Hall of Justice. Its not a far jump and you can't miss it on Tomorrow Avenue."
"Alrighty, kiddo. I got your crook you travel safe."


She looks over the signature and tucks it away again closing the compartment. "Pretty sure this is intended for clue gathering and all.. but .. really we have a HUD and a batcomputer.. esh.." with that Misfit ooohs "I.. okay justice hall.. I mean Hall of Justice sounds amazing but I imagien I am due one heck of a lecture now. So maybe raincheck. I need to corner Manhunter and others for autographs from our epic battles too…" she grins with that.

There is a brief kick of snow your direction "Next time Green Lantern" and she is gone with a flash of pink and purple smoke that starts to fade very quickly. A split second later she is back in the Bat Cave kicking snow off her boots.


"Huh?" Gone.
"They just get stranger and stranger." Hal says once the hyperactive Batimp has vanished, the man in the armor groaning, "Oh goody you're awake just in time to get dropped off in a jail cell. Don't worry, pal. It's Metropolis the food is not so bad in there I hear."
A green nimbus ignites around Jordan and he darts off with the techmonger in tow. Science Police in Metropolis are fairly advanced, they're likely going to pick this guys gear to shreds.

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