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December 21, 2017:

Titans (look at Pokemon cards) Together!

Titans Tower

Situated on a man-made island in the middle of the East River, in the shadow of the great glass and steel buildings of Manhattan, Titans Tower is one of New York City's stranger landmarks. Originally constructed for the first incarnation of the Titans and since largely abandoned, the Tower has recently seen significant remodeling and reconstruction for modern use.

The island itself is lightly wooded, and its primary point of access is a sturdy dock capable of handling both personal and small cargo boats; hidden on one side of the island is access to the Tower's sub basements, through a large concealed cave that allows the Titans' T-Jet to take off and land. Though the island isn't large, there's enough space for outdoor training and recreation, with the greenery providing some privacy from the city to either side of the river.
At the center of the island, Titans Tower rises out of a circular plaza, ringed with spotlights to illuminate the Tower in the nighttime. It is a remarkable feat of architecture and construction: A roughly T-shaped structure several stories tall and modeled loosely on Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, the Tower is surprisingly resistant to the elements and other sources of wear and damage despite its apparently ungainly shape. Each of its floors above the entry level is ringed with windows and a balcony, though these are understandably less used in the winter months. The topmost level of the Tower is split between the center trunk of the building and the reinforced arms of the T-shape, while on the roof is a landing space for helicopters or other short-landing aircraft, or any of the residents who can fly under their own power.


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Scientific studies have shown that the Fall season is one of the COOLEST seasons to recruit new teammates. It's true, look it up. It appears that Red Robin's been at it again and has landed yet another hot free agent, though unfortunately this time around a certain Wonder Girl hadn't gotten the memo. Or just wasn't paying attention since trolls have been unusually active on the girl's Wonder Woman fansite forums today.

Red generally isn't the toursy-type, wheras the wig-wearing heroine most certainly is and so his plan to give Static his keycard, let him check out his (mostly empty) room, then step out to find a completely different person there is now in motion. ".. Hmn? That's odd, that door wasn't open before," Wonder Girl murmurs to herself and so, curiosity getting the best of her, she peeks her head inside. "Hey Spidey? Are you in the wrong room again?"

Virgil Hawkins is looking around this room like its the greatest place he's been in, in a while. That might actually be true, considering that he hasn't really had an opportunity to be too many places. He's standing in the middle of the room and looking around at the walls and from the look on his face, it's pretty clear that he's doing some mental interior decorating.

"… and my Pokemon cards definitely gotta' go right there."

Okay, so maybe he's doing a little bit of it verbally as well.

It's not until he hears the voice of someone else that has him turn around and with that quick spin he's flashing a big ol' grin. "Spidey? As in… Spider-Man?" Virgil's eyes get just a little bit bigger. "THE Spider-Man lives here too?" Virgil overplays his hand and wobbles his knees a bit, just to make it seem like he's getting woozy. "… I can't even right. Can. Not. Even." Somebody's happy to be here.


Ok there's a lot for Wonder Girl to take in right now, for the briefest of moments Cassie is left wondering if she's looking at a male version of herself, as she also tends to get rather excitable. Anyhow at first there's a surprised look of her own on her face, then suddenly she breaks into a smile even if she is just a smiiidge jealous. "H- Hey, he's not the only big name on the team, I am too!"

"You must be the new recruit; it's nice to meet you!" She steps inside, as she points to herself with confidence in her stance. "I'm the one and only Wonder Girl!"

"Aaaand I just so happen to be an owner of a 'Shining Charizard' pokemon card~."

"Hey! I'm Virgil. Virgil Hawkins. But you probably knew that. Okay, maybe you didn't know that. It's not like Red Robin put out a memo or anything, right? Right. Of course, he wouldn't. He's too busy kicking mucho crime butt."

It takes Virgil a second to calm himself down and then he's leaning against whatever bed thing that's in here that he's going to get rid of and put his own version in here. Actually, he's probably just going to turn this room into a lab or something with a sleep hammock.

"Hey, no, Wonder Girl's up there on my Fanboy Over list. It's just more embarrassing when you're standing right here. Like, if I fainted right now, you'd have to pick me up and while that'd be an awesome moment for me… who knows what that'd do to our future as teammates. It'd be a whole big thing."

Virgil gives a dismissive wave until there's a moment a special card is mentioned. "Shining Charizard??! No way! I have to see this. Right now." And he's excited all over again.

"… Really??" Wonder Girl's eyes widen, then she quickly settles back down to cough into her fist, "I mean.. Of course, right, right. I wish I thought of that before I lost it in front of Spidey." Not… That it will help in the future either. Still, the mention of fainting right then and there leaves Cassie just a little skeptical. She can't tell if he was exaggerating, so she goes along with it by saying, "Well, can't argue with that logic!"

But the reaction to the card? She knows 100 percent that its genuine, and she can't help but appear just a bit smug as she makes a gesture for him to follow her as she turns her back to him. "Hm hm hmm, sure! Right this way Virgil… Hawkins? That's a pretty wild code name. And don't both laying any compliments on Red Robin- his head doesn't need to get any bigger."

That might have come off a bit more nasty than she wanted but, well, she's mad at him right now. It's a long story.

"Wait, no, Virgil Hawkins is my real name. When I'm bussin' heads and stoppin' bad dudes from y'know, bein' bad? Everybody calls me Static."

Virgil trails after Wonder Girl in a moment of quick thinking, though he's already out into the hall and pulling the door closed with some of his electromagnetism without even thinking about it. H's focused on followig Cassie because Shining Charizard.

"Okay, the fact that you collect Pokemon cards just shot you up to one of top spots on my list. Right under Red Robin." Virgil realizes something a little bit late.

"Wait. Was I not supposed to tell you my real name…?" He's still pretty bad at this secret identity thing when not in public or hiding it from criminals!

The propulsion in Virgil's list outwardly gets a simple smile from Wonder Girl but inwardly she's pumpking her fist in with a 'YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS'. His effect upon the door is also noticed, though it doesn't really help make the connection to how the door closes has anything to do with his code name. Well, she can work on that later.

She raises her hand to her lips with a chuckle, "No no, it isn't a faux pas or anything it's just.. Hmn, how do I put it… It isn't really 'common'. But I'm sure at some point we'll all know who one another are. And at that point we'll be at our most united." she clenches a hand into a fist.

It isn't too far down the hall that they reach her room; the layout isn't anything special with a bed, desk and closet, but the walls and flat furniture have all sorts of things on them; posters of various 90's movies, and Wonder Woman, a Buzz Lightyear plush on the bed, stacks of various books on the floor, and several random beanie babies on flat surfaces. "Uh lets see, so the binder.. it's here somewhere." she says as she opens her desk drawer. "So is it Static like… Cling?"

"Heh. Guess I'm going for the Automatic Unity. I figure the more we know and all." Virgil's dropping those references to the old days and Saturday Morning Commercials like nobody's business. Some deep cuts but from the look of Cassie's posters, he's pretty sure she'll have an opportunity to get those references.

"Uh, yeah?" Virgil offers with a shrug and then grins. "Here. Check this out." He brings his hands up and draws a heart in the air in front of him. It crackles there in a bluish glow before he blows it (kiss style) in Cassie's direction. From there it sails off towards Wonder Girl for some static-explosion that may or may not have some pretty 'static-y' effects on her hair and clothes. Whatever.

It's always a lot easier for him to show his power than just, y'know, trying to explain it.

"Aww, well now I feel a little guilty." Wonder Girl says with a weaker smile. "I guess… I've changed a little once this team formed." After all she feels the same way; yet she's been hesitant about revealing her own identity without really understanding why herself. But her feeling of uncertainty ends up inturrupted by his demonstration when she's to her feet; her brows raise at the demonstration, then she gasps, "Oh *wow*! It's a *heart*!"

Her cheeks redden a touch as it gets closer, her eyes close when it's closest, and when they open she notices the after-effects rather easily with the black hair fibers pointing every which way. "…"

".. Now I know!" she then pipes up with a laugh, converting his reference into another, but ends up appearing a bit sheepish afterward. With her card binder in hand, she hands it over to him- It's a collection of roughly 100 cards of various generations prints, and values. Virgil can probably tell by the lack of multiple energy cards that she's a collector but doesn't actually play.

Virgil's already grabbed the binder and is sitting on the floor, because he's not going to presume to be able to sit on someone else's bed— that's rude! Besides, it's so much more fun to look at Pokemon Cards when there's room to spread them out. He's flipping and turning through the pages with some semblance of speed but not doing too much.

He doesn't want to ruin someone else's collection.

"This is so cool. I didn't even think for a second that joining the Titans would make me Pokemon friends as well. I'm gonna' love it here." Virgil looks up at Cassie and offers a raised eyebrow with a smile. "You play?" He's probably noticed the severe lack of Energy cards. He, himself, has an entire binder dedicated to those. His collection is crazy.

It warms the heroine's heart to hear Virgil's expectations yet again being exceeded. She isn't used to people getting excited over her interests with anyone other than Conner and she was the one getting sparkle-eyed in that situation. "Yeah… Yeah it *is* cool, isn't it?" Cassie agrees after a moment of thought.

It's a lot more fun seeing it from the opposite side!

"You can sit at the desk if you want by the way," she then offers, but if he doesn't then she'll join him, sitting cross-legged. She then admits with a bit of hesitation, "Oh.. Uh, no. I like pokemon but I.. Don't actually know how to play. I like to collect all kinds of stuff- You know, the 90's was a pretty amazing era for all sorts of wild crazes!"

"I'm gonna' let you in on a secret, Wonder Girl." Virgil looks up with a serious expression even though it's probably quite obvious that he's being pretty darn playful about all of this but playing it for keeps is the best bet. "There is no era of life better than the 90's. Love it. Live it."

Virgil goes back to flipping through the pages and admiring the various cards. "Y'know, if you ever want to learn, I can show you. I'm not the greatest player in the world but I know what I'm doing. I could learn you a few things."

And that's when Virgil is reminded of the best thing ever. And he rolls onto his side to get his phone out and he's typing in the passcode with speed. "You play Pokemon Go, at least, right?!"

Cassie does take his look seriously, only for her jaw to go slack at the words that follow. Following a few seconds of silence, she raises a hand to her chest, "Where.. Where have you *been* all of my life? If you were born in San Fran, we would have been besties for sure!" a pause, "We need to figure out a way to cram eighteen years of life into, like, a year."

His excitement is infectious, and really it's difficult for her to stop grinning at this point. "Oh! Sure, I'd love to learn sometime! Who knows, maybe will end up being rivals if I'm good enough."

Ah but then the mention of Pokemon Go. Cassie cringes as she rubs the back of her neck. After a moment of hesitation, she reaches inside of her pocket to withdraw a small-ish, isosceles shaped phone- possibly recognized as a Sidekick brand. It's obviously old, but incredibly well taken care of. ".. It doesn't run on my phone."

"Dakota. Fighting crazy teenagers with powers that make the X-Men look like the Ninja Turtles."

That's the easiest way to explain his origin without having to actually go all the way down the rabbit hole of trying to figure out the best way to drop some origin story on her.

"Whoa." Virgil looks at the phone and his eyes go a little wide. "Okay, first of all, we gotta' get you a new phone. And then we gotta' get you on Pokemon Go." Virgil grins. "Leave it to me. I've got a couple tricks up my sleeve." He doesn't mention his internship but he figures he can score a phone for a friend from it! Or maybe Richie can hook something up. He's got a few plans running around in his head.

"We're gonna' kick some serious butt together. I can already tell."

"Oh wow! You're going to have to tell me more about some sometime! I've dealt with mooostly normal-ish guys; I mean barring those we've fought when the Titans were *way* smaller. And we didn't actually have a team name."

Cassie passes a glance to her phone, though an answer is given to her before she can talk about her budget at which point she clasps her hands together, "*Really*?! That would be *so* amazing! Oh my , I- Wow, I really don't know what to say… I mean, I guess I should say 'you don't have to' but, I mean, I don't really want to say that, ah ha ha.."

Wonder Girl gives him a meek shrug, though again that sheepishness doesn't last for very long. "Yes, I *totally* agree! We've got to go patrolling together sooner rather than later too!" she pauses a moment, then she offers her hand to shake. "I'm Cassandra Sandsmark. But you can just call me Cassie."

"Nice to meet you, Cassie."

Virgil hops up to his feet. "I'm gonna' run. I gotta' get to work and more importantly I gotta' grab Pokemon cards and start moving in. We'll hit those streets soon and show everybody why Wonder Girl and Static are hottest Titans on the block!" Virgil just grins and makes with a small wave to get himself out of Cassie's room and to start making some calls. He's got to get this girl a phone!

"All right, I'll catch you later then. Don't work too hard!" Cassie replies with a wave, of course always up for a good old-fashioned Marv- Er, DC team-up. All right, she may be upset with Tim, but she's going to have to give him extra credit for this one.

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