A Meeting of El

December 21, 2017:

Superman and Superboy have an engaging discussion in the skies above Metropolis. Superboy asks Superman for a favor.

Metropolis Airspace - Sky Above North Eastern America

A shining beacon of light in startling contrast to the dark city across
the bay, Metropolis is very much the City of Tomorrow. With its gleaming
skyscrapers and shining spires, its whole nature is a testament to the
uplifting achievements of humanity, their potential as a species. As long as
Metropolis stands, there's hope, they say, and, in the crisp, clear air
above the city, it's easy to believe that may, in fact, be true.


NPCs: None.

Mentions: The Flash, Impulse


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Fade In…

[Early Evening - Above the Metropolis Amphitheatre]

The sun has begun to sink beyond filling the sky with the reddish orange hues of autumn. Upon the ground thousands of young adults jam into a crowded outdoor venue filling the air with a din of conversation, the smell of smoke, and the taste of alcohol. Just ahead of them within the theatre itself a collection of roadies do last minute checks of the equipment prior to the opening act?

Sixty-Five Hundred feet above upon the most defined wisp of a Cirrus is Kon-El. His weight preternaturally settled upon the nearly weightless collection of moisture one leg hands off of its edge as the other as been pulled up to its edge near to his chest as he watches the crowds below.

The cloud itself seems to stay fixed in one place even as the others around the area drift with the naturally-occurring high-winds.


Superman would be flying about the skies high above Metropolis, wearing his iconic kryptonian garb (New 52 style) with that S-shield heralding his arrival and his vibrant red cape only making the glory more intense. Eventually, he sees Connor atop a Cirrus, and he decides to greet him. "Hey! Long time no see." the man of steel says with the most vibrant of smiles for his younger cloned self.

"How have you been? I haven't seen you in some time….please tell me you've been trying to keep out of trouble." he says with a more serious look that is soon shadowed by the warm nature of the Superman as he moves to land softly next to Kon.



Startled, Kon-El looks upward suddenly and blinks hard as tries to press-away the specific strain telescopic vision places upon his eyes. It takes a half-second to find the correct focus and as he does so the molecules in the cloud begin to drift and separate in a more normalized fashion.

"Hey," Conner replies flatly, "I'm, okay." He points down, "Just making sure it's," slight pause, "all clear - down there." There's the barest tug of a sarcastic smirk at the corner of his mouth. At the question and then the implication that he may have been in trouble he raises both hands in a defensive gesture, "Hey, if you have to ask.." He says with a wry humor.

When the Man of Steel comes to alight next to him he shifts with faint discomfort for his submissive position and falls partway through the cloud before rising upward into a standing position and coming around to face the much older version of himself. Hands on hips-no, that feels weird, adjusting — across the plain black T-Shirt that adorns his chest.

"Hey, so, Christmas.." Conner begins, "Tell Mr.—," he stops, reconsidering the nature of secrecy, "Tell'um I'm busy or something. Whatever you think won't disappoint them. You can take the dog, if you want. I'm just not feeling the peace and joy. Someone's gotta' keep an eye on things, anyway. Right?"


Superman smiles softly to Kon as they both just kinda float there in the sky with the Cirrus still close. But hey, Kryptonians. What do they have to worry about? Regardless, Superman chuckles a little bit when Connor has to play defensive when asked if he's kept out of trouble. Of course he knows he's kididng…or is he? SUperman still reaches out to put a hand on his shoulder when Connor tries to get out of Christmas. "Kon," yes he addresses him by his Kryptonian name.

"Christmas is a time for family and friends. A time to -rest- and enjoy the company of others and to celebrate what you have and what good things have happened in the year. There is definately no skipping out on this one." he gives him a light wink. "Besides, Krypto is more yours than he was mine. Even I can see the bond you two have."

Yes, that was Superman's permission to keep the dog.

"You sit tight and have fun. It's me who'll be keeping an eye on things if anything goes wrong okay? Even you deserve to be happy Kon-El." he gives him a light, fatherly nudge.


Wincing slightly at the touch it doesn't take any degree of super-vision to see the half-roll of his eyes when he gets a dose about the meaning of Christmas, "Exactly," he comes back, "So I'll stay right here with /my friends/ and have a /good time/."

He brushes the hand from his shoulder then and drifts backwards a stride, "The whole martyr thing is so frustrating," he complains, "Can't even give a guy a night off for Christmas. Doesn't trust me to make keep things straight on the most peaceful night of the year." Lips purse and he lifts his chin to stare down Kal-El for a hard moment but then looks away.

"Y'know what? I don't even want to have this discussion right now," He confesses, "You just don't /get me/."

"I'm fine, by the way. How are you?"


Superman seems to sigh a moment when Connor gets uppity with him. This must be what people think are the teenage you. "Kon, it's not that I don't trust you. If I didn't trust you, you'd still be with the Kents." he lets him absorb that knowledge. "It's just that it's -Christmas-. Even the League rests during Christmas. If something comes up, handle it as you like. But even Kryptonians need to rest. Besides, it'll be a good experience for you to slow down." a small chuckle then.

Seems even Connor's outburst doesn't slow his role down much. Either way, when asked how he's doing, he smiles softly. "Good. Busy…but good." he offers a small whew as he turns his head sharply to a sound in the distance…then realizes it's only two friends messing around harmlessly, and he takes a breath. His attention falling on Connor.


"Hey, I am slow," Conner corrects him, "I mean, look at me. Sitting on a cloud," which has now completely passed away from them, "waiting on a concert and I don't even know who's gonna be playing." He sort-of gestures to the area around them, "Just hanging out, waiting for something to happen in the safest big-city in the nation." Pause, "Well, the one with the least amount of violent crime per capita—l? Maybe I should go sit on a roof top in Gotham and wait for something to happen there," there's a bit of mischief in his eyes then but he waves it off as if 'just kidding'.

When Superman is briefly distracted by the distant sound he cranes his head a bit, as if trying to listen, and is still doing so when Superman turns back - but immediately stops.

"Busy," he then quickly repeats, "Intergalactic threat busy, hurricane flooding islands busy, or personal life-work-life busy?"


Superman looks at Connor when he suggests that he should go to gotham and find some trouble and he shakes his head lightl ywith a chuckle, even though he knew Connor probably wasn't joking despite the gesture saying that he was. Regardless, when Connor asks what kind of busy, Superman sighs a moment before speaking. "Sadly, the first one."

"Turns out Green Lantern made some friends on one of his patrols, and we're gonna go tell them earth is off limits." he gives him the simple answer. Regardless, he looks to Conner. "Needless to say, coming up soon Im gonna be gone for a few days. I need you to watch over Metropolis while I'm gone."

Oh yes, Superman was serious when he said he trusted Connor


'The first one.'

Conner's eyes widen a bit in surprise and anticipation of the explanation. His blue-eyes narrow then, "Some friends," he replies tersely over Superman talking suddenly visibly more serious and interested in their conversation.

"I got it," he's quick to reply, "No /problem/. I've got it covered."

He seems to mull over his strategy for a moment and then asks, "Is the Flash going? I mean, he's not really a space-mission-guy - right? Maybe I can get Impulse to pitch in, if not," quickly justifying that with, "I mean just to make sure we can cover as much ground as you do."


Superman sees Connor's eyes widen a little bit at his answer of going off to probably save the sector from alien 'friends'. When Connor elaborates on 'some friends', Superman specifies "Angry Red Lanterns." he sighs a moment before he gives Connor a big smile at his acceptence. "Happy to hear it. Knew I could trust you." he approaches him but stays a respectful distance to his 'son'.

"No, the Flash will be here keeping an ear to the ground in case we need to stretch ourselves out. THough with people like you around to lend a strong hand, I think we'll be alright. As for asking your friends to come in, by all means. Far better to have multiple people covering ground instead of just one."

He nods a few times then as he crosses his arms. a kind smile still given to Superboy.


"Red," pause, "Lanterns?"

Clearly, Conner Kent has some Justice-League-Database-Googling to do.

He shakes his head though, dismissive of his own question, returning with, "So, not a space guy," smirking at the revelation that the Flash will be left behind. "Yeah, that makes sense," he says to the presented reasoning, "Sure. We'll keep things locked down. I mean - the Earth was here for like a billion years /before/ Superman. I think we can make sure she lasts a few days without you."


Superman nods at Connor as he mentions the Red Lanterns once more, smiling a little bit. To be honest, it wouldn't hurt to see Connor doing some studying, at least in Superman's mind. "Flash is not a space guy under normal circumstances, no." he laughs a little bit then.

Though when Connor suggests that they can hold the fort for a few days until he gets back because the world was able to keep spinning without him, Superman smiles, patting Conner -gently- on the shoulder. "THat's the spirit!" he smiles as he starts to float away. "Glad I can trust you with this. I gotta run back to the Daily Planet to meet a friend. Anything you need?" he asks.


"Uhm," his brow furrows, "Well, I already tried to get you to help me out with Christmas and Krypto.."

"..and so, since that didn't work out, I think I'm good. I guess just text me when you'll be out of town so I can make sure we've got that covered."

He nods at that and seems about to move away but hesitates, "Hey, maybe sometime. When there's no Red Lanterns and if the Earth is still here and maybe you're not so busy.." he looks down to the Earth below, "..I would like to talk about all this," he moves his hands vaguely in front of his chest, "I mean, all the changes. Or what. I just, I dunno. Sometimes I feel like if I stare at someone too hard I might accidently vaporize them and I just, you know, I guess you never had to think about it 'cause you it was a surprise to you? But, just about things like that - when you get some time."


Superman simply pauses so he can listen to Superboy's words with his full attention, chuckling a little. "Heh, guilty as charged." he says good naturedly, though when Superboy offers to have a heart to heart talk about his heritage and his powers, all that fun jazz, Superman smiles to him warmly and gives him a soft nod.

"Of course, Kon-El. I would be more than happy to speak with you about this…..in the beginning even for me, it was…hard." he sighs a moment in recollection before that winning smile returns "But! we will definately speak on this matter in as prestine detail as you like." he gives his shoulder a soft squeeze. "I'll see you soon, Superboy." he gives him a two finger wave before he jets out, continuing to wave for about a second before he flies off….

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