Meet the Zealot (and die)

December 18, 2017:

Lorna, Alex, Marcos and Phillip Moreau manage to get an interview with the Zealot (Thomas Moreau, Phillip's older brother). Unfortunately the peace talks hit a wall of crazy and everything goes to hell pretty quickly.

A mining village in Genosha


NPCs: Phillip Moreau, Zealot

Mentions: Magneto


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'Help me reason with my brother.'

It sounded a good idea, and Phillip Moreau is certainly one of the most reasonable voices in Magneto's cabinet. The one to speak first for the civilians in Genosha and to suggest measures to shield them from the intermittent warfare that still flares up in Hammer Bay every few days.

Reaching Zealot is not easy, however. Of course the Acolytes have tried to get him. But no one has been able to even see him. He hides underground, where the mutant detection equipment fails to track him.

A few days after the request, Zealot followers blew up a ship carrying refugees to the Hammer Bay port. A hundred mutants died. Magneto was furious. Then a building collapsed, brought down by mutant powers. More dead. They attack the foreigners. 'Genosha for the Genoshan' and 'Zealot, the true protector of the island' show up in walls and sidewalks.

Meanwhile, back in Carrion Cove, Alex has been recruited to haul supplies and manage the communication channels with the Resistance. Look like Piotr is busy in Westchester, Logan sneaking around somewhere in the mountains, and Nate went to Africa chasing after human traffickers.

That is when Phillip contacts them, telling Alex he has managed to setup a ceasefire and an interview with Zealot, asking for Lorna and Marcos.

As always, Alex wears his 'uniform' underneath his street clothes, for fear of becoming distracted and becoming a walking plasma bomb. He's much more comfortable with the hauling supplies portion of his helping than having much to do with communications.

"Lorna and Marco? Ah…" Straightening from the supply crate he was just rummaging about in, Alex scans the area, "Just saw Lorna a minute ago, actually…" He manages to avoid actually verbalizing signals of incompetence, though, 'It's my first day' hovers close to his mind. Green hair is usually easy to spot, though, and Alex waves a hand over his head.

Marcos was sticking by close to Lorna. After all, yesterday was a very important day and the jolly good vibes needed to continue. He wore his uniform plain and simple-like, but the top was zippe down to reveal a tanktop..might as well to help sustain the heat because unlike Alex…Marcos was a smaller atomic bomb. Unless Fabian is involved. then it's supernova time.

Regardless, Marcos's attention is stolen by Alex as he starts to wave, and he gets an upnod in reward from Marcos. as he approaches. "Hey Alex. What's up?" he tilts his head a moment before he turns his head to Phillip. "Hey. Is it that time?"

Lorna had been taking a break, the heat in Genosha was a force to be reckoned with, and metal alloyed fibers did not breathe well at all. As a result she was wearing something a little more slashed than before. Slits curled up her legs and sleeves, easily knit back together if something should happen. She looked up from the supply manifest as each in turn addressed her. "Well, color me surprised that we might actually get somewhere after the chaos of this week." She rolled her eyes, getting up from her perch a top a supply crate.

"Also, thanks Alex for coming to help out.." She murmured softly, shoving her hair back from her face. "Lets get a move on."

"Polaris… sssrrrkk," looks like the transmission is not very good. "Do you copy?" A pause, but regardless of the response. "I can barely hear you. But these are the coordinates," he repeats them a few times. The map shows a mining town about 20 miles west of Hammer Bay. "I will meet you there in about an hour, I am driving. Over."

Apparently he left Jenny behind. It is odd because Phillip and Jenny are pretty much joined at the hip. Even more than Lorna and Marcos. Ah, young love.

Responding to Marcos with a quick eyebrow raise and a tight smile, Alex stays tight-lipped, operating under the assumption that the less said by the least-informed X-Representative the better. The younger Summers is unfazed by the heat, his secondary mutation (And really, his only useful one to hear him complain) earning its keep.

Lorna's expression of gratitude gets another silent acknowledgement in the form of a thumbs-up. For the most part, Alex focuses on standing around and looking alert as he curiously scans the area. Truth be told, he's still a little unnerved from the whole trip through Limbo more than actually being in Genosha.

As the communication ends, he tries for a casual info dig, "Who's that one?" Ok, more blunt than casual.

Marcos smiles to Lorna when she arrives. "Hey." he moves to stand next to her, though his eyes move to the transmission. "Alright…guess we better start heading out that way at the very least." a few nods then. Though he only momentarily wonders why Alex is so silent, he remembers it's the first day. Right on. Welcome to the party Alex!

Regardless, Marcos fixes and zips up his uniform so that it's being fully worn. "Best not waste time yeah?"

Lorna reached her hand out and summoned the radio to her hand. "Copy you. We'll be there." She set the radio down and nodded to Alex and Marcos each in turn. "That would be Phillip , the man that's related to Zealot.. one of the native factions that's not okay with Magneto ruling the island. He's attacked the ships coming in. We're going to see if something peaceful can be found… Though I'm beginning to think it's likely to not happen given how things have been."

Green eyes went to Alex and she grimaced. "We were hoping others better at that whole diplomacy thing might be available. Oh well. I get to play with my two favorite nuclear bombs instead." She teased and made for the jeep.

Taking the jeep out of the packed streets of Carrion Cove takes a while, but then the ride to the mountains is fairly quick. The road sees little traffic and has been untouched by the civil war. A couple times they pass the wreckage of burned out trucks. Of course the road was for heavy vehicles. Most Genoshans had flying cars. Those are rare just three months later.

They take almost two hours to reach the town. And Phillip is waiting at the side what looks like a metal processing plant. Going through his twentieth cigarette, it looks. "Thanks for coming," he says when Lorna stops the vehicle. "They were getting nervous," he glances to a pair of very large, strong-looking mutates. Skinsuits, number tattoos, vaguely empty gazes. They still look like slaves. "Miners," murmurs Phillip.

Marcos just shakes his head at Lorna and gives her a light nudge. "One time…" he teases his fiance as he hops into the jeep, making room for Alex. The Ride there is likely filled with high points and low, laughs, awkward silences, playful banter, the whole nine. So, when they finally arrive, Marcos looks at the quite large mutants, though he's already uneased.

"Damn. they're big." he states in mild wonder as he hops out of the jeep. Then when Phillip murmurs, Marcos sees the damage finally. "I see…and no problem Phillip. Anything for a friend right?" he says with a small smile.

Alex pretty quickly retreats to following the other two around looking stoic after a couple hours of inane chats about the weather. To summarize, he definitely prefers the Genoshan climate to the 'frozen death wastes' of New York. It turns out growing up primarily in Hawaii does little to endear one to winter.

"They ain't small." Alex intones dryly, though he doesn't seem to have reached quite a significant level of nervousness since the gawking Limbo demon earlier.

Lorna had stayed serious as she drove to the location given to them. She had taken over a jeep that had come from.. well, somewhere from the military base her father controlled, for use of supplies. To make up the rocky mountain path wasn't that big a deal, though if all else failed, she could fly it there. Though she figured that most people would see that as a rather aggressive move.

Her conversation was stilted, mostly spent trying to fill in Alex about the time they'd visited with Phillip before.

By the time they pulled to a stop, her clothes had reknit themselves to a skin tight body suit. Metal had been rearranged to make something that looked more armor like around her vital organs, all of the slits for dealing with heat had been closed off and doubled down on the amount of metal she was wearing. A skull formed around her neck clasp, and as she stepped out of the jeep, a green head piece formed in her hands, shaped out of metal she kept in the jeep, and placed against her forehead.

Green eyes settled on the large men and she glanced toward Marcos and Alex briefly. "Size doesn't matter when it comes to mutations and powers.." She murmured, lofting an eyebrow upwards. "After all neither of you are the size of a nuke.." She drawled and made her way to Phillip and offered him a nod.

"Well, lets not make them wait any longer then. Lead on."

"Yeah, thank you for coming," replies Phillip, offering his hand to Alex. "Phillip Moreau," he introduces himself to the unknown blonde man he assumes is another X-Men, since he can't see Logan or Nate.

Sighing, he approaches the two burly mutants. "Please, take us to Zealot."

One of them nods slowly, and they move deeper into the factory, past massive concrete walls. The scent of weird chemicals is in the air, despite the place having been abandoned for at least a couple months. What metals would have been processed here? Certainly not the high-quality steel Genosha was famous for before the embargo. Lorna can feel steel in the structure, but not iron or iron ore.

The mutates lead the small group down, into the bowels of the factory, which apparently was built over a mine. A few other figures appear in the hallways. Quiet. Watching. Colorful skinsuits. More mutates. But they just watch, not join and not follow.

Finally they arrive to a large chamber. Cavernous, but obviously artificial. The very stone sculpted to look like some kind of granite and crystal cathedral. Sans religious symbolism. Sunlight somehow gets here.

There is a small group of mutates here. Perhaps half a dozen. One of them is very tall, perhaps 6' 8". Lean. Bald, in his late 30s, yet prematurely aged. He has no number in his forehead, but his black and white skinsuit, which looks like a crude design, states 665.

"My god," murmurs Phillip. "Thomas, it is you!" He steps forward, smiling.

685 grimaces at seeing Phillip. He gives the impression he is trying to smile but has forgotten how. "That is no longer my name, Phillip. I am the Zealot. The guardian of Genosha."

Marcos just kinda scoffs a little bit when Lorna references Alex and himself to nuclear weapons even though they are normal human height. "Yeah, yeah…I get it." he chuckles, but he looks up to the large mutates, and their size is just slightly intimidating. Though as he sees the Mutates around them, Marcos gives Lorna's hand a quick and fast squeeze as if to show her how he felt about the whole thing before he lets her hand go. He's wearing his X-men bodysuit that he received. though he's not sure how much good it'll do him right now.

As they come upon the Zealot and despite Phillip's reaction, Marcos knew Thomas was gone, and only the Zealot remained just in that form of greeting. Polaris and Alex could probably see the look on his face when the realization hits him and he gives a look to both of them in a 'get ready to scram if this goes south'.

Alex toyed briefly with the idea of stripping down to his containment suit. It looks somewhat superheroic, after all, though possibly with a bit of 'built in the garage' to it from the past year and change's worth of modifications made to it. In the end, he decided against it. Captain Blasto shall arrive in street clothes. And will also continue to keep a pin in the 'Figure out a Codename' task.

"Maybe a smallish nuke." Alex quips before deciding not to talk TOO much about small portable nuclear devices in what is probably an area of elevated paranoia and security.

He smiles and nods, giving Moreau's hand a firm shake and answering, "Alex Summers," before thinking of whether or not it'd be best to leave the surname out for now. Oh well, maybe some sort of leadership or other form of competence will be assumed if its recognized. Marco's pointed look gets a bit of an eyebrow shrug in return. He'll have to just hope it does NOT go South. And then that his containment will hold if it does.

Lorna walked, just ahead of the other two. Her back straight and her chin up, her hands swinging lightly at her sides. She didn't glance at the other mutates that came to watch, though she made a point of noting they were there. People knew she was Magneto's kid, and there were certain expectations to follow when she was there on the island for 'diplomatic purposes'. If she didn't look and act the part? She knew it could mean a bloodbath for the citizens that were caught between The Zealot and Magneto.

Though she stretched her senses out as far as she could, trying to figure out what kind of metals were mined below.. she couldn't senses anything magnetic. Which was decided unfortunate. Though she figured Zealot would've been foolish to chose such a place if it had been.

As Phillip stepped forward with a smile, her own expression remained carefully neutral. She waited until Zealot, Thomas, whichever pasued and stepped forward herself. She offered a polite nod. "I'm Polaris, thank you for seeing us."

Phillip looks somewhat disappointed to the response, but not entirely discouraged. "No, I mean… alright, you can be the guardian too. But you are my brother, do you remember me, right?"

"Of course I do. You were only eight when I left to join the army. To change into what I am," replies the mutate. "But I have not forgotten you, little brother. Your betrayal to our father dream hurts me deeply, but I will find the mercy to forgive you in time."

That is not what Phillip expected at all. He loses his smile. "Well… at least you weren't mind-wiped. I was afraid…" This time Zealot interrupts him, raising a hand with an imperious gesture. "We can talk later. I should attend the Ironworker's daughter."

He turns to Lorna, his eyes glazing over. "I see… the false messiah, Magneto, has brought his unholy legacy to this sacred land. He will seek to wrest the Homeland away from us. The Choosen People. The Genoshans. And build instead the Empire of the House of M."

Marcos stands next to Polaris, though he doesn't introduce himself, treating himself more like Lorna's personal guard alongside Alex. Though he does seem a little on edge, he keeps his cool phenomenally well. Though he does smile just softly for the briefest of moments once the Zealot and Phillip seem to recall each other perfectly, the frown returns when the Zealot seems to target Lorna, and his defensive paranoia just skyrocketed.

He takes a more protective stance, keeping next to Lorna's side even as she's addressed. Though he keeps silent, because if he talks, he's going to piss the guy off and they'll have to fight out of a -lot- of mutants. a shaky breath is exhaled and he looks to Phillip.

Perhaps a small gesture to remain on his guard even if the Zealot is his brother Thomas and a 'good guy'.

The only visible reaction from Alex is a tilt of the head, giving no indication of his internal trepidation at the … zealousness. Perhaps he was hoping that 'The Zealot' wasn't quite so literal an adopted title. For the moment, he doesn't say or do much of anything. The man wants to talk with Lorna, and Alex has no interest in putting his foot in it or muddying the waters.

Whether for lack of awareness or just a knack for stoicism, Alex gives no outward sign of concern. Perhaps he doesn't think anything will go wrong, or perhaps the notion just doesn't concern him as much as it should.

Lorna shifted her weight, an eyebrow lifting upwards faintly at the various terms used to describe her father, and by extension herself. Her lips thinned and she smiled faintly. "I have been called a lot of thing, but 'unholy legacy' is not the usual." She murmured dryly.

"You deserve your homes, your freedom. What was done to you was wrong, and the deaths you've suffered on top of your struggles is nothing short of a tragedy." She murmured, her gaze trained on the Zealot.

"But this island has supported more people than just your own. I doubt you desire humans to return here, to have them attempt what they had before." She murmured. "My people, mutants, suffer similarly else where. Why can we not share the island?" She tilted her head slightly.

"My people need a safe haven too, and lack one just now. I don't argue for my father. He's a monster to many, and has killed more people than is right, than can ever be justified. I did not come to the island to back him, to support him, I came to help those that suffer." She paused, her jaw tightened briefly as she paused to find her words.

"What I am saying, is that there is a very low bar, to clear for you to be considered a better ruler than my father. But killing mutants that arrive seeking safety, isn't.."

Phillip goes a little pale when Thomas goes 'prophetic' or just plain crazy. The mutates in the room, passive so far, look a little more awakened now, and murmurs among themselves. 'Unholy'. 'Empire' and 'Our lord is having a vision'.

Zealot looks at Lorna, and sneers. But then seems to change his expression to something more neutral. "You don't understand," he says, adopting a more diplomatic tone. "Deserving. Freedom. Those do not matter. Humans, mutants. Those labels do not matter either. Genoshan, foreigner. Those. Matter."

He paces away, giving Phillip a sharp glance. This lesson is also for you, brother, he seems to say. And Phillip flinches. Phillip has stood Magneto a few times, but something in Zealot makes him very nervous.

"Father made me one with Genosha. I feel the land. Every rock, every insect, every blade of grass, every living soul. Conected. I. AM. GENOSHA." The earth trembles when he makes his statement.

"Genosha, it was to be the most powerful nation of Earth! We sacrificed everything. Our children, our mutants, our families! And it was all BROUGHT DOWN BY A TINY GROUP OF FOREIGNERS! IN THREE DAYS WE LOST EVERYTHING!"

He glares at Phillip. "Magneto killed father." He glares at Lorna. "You have no right to be here."

As soon as Zealot starts to get angsty and visibly look absolutely insane, and Marcos overhears the mutants there treating the Zealot like a god, he instinctively moves a little bit in front of Lorna when Zealot gives a glare, Marcos fiercely protective of what he cares about. Though he gives Phillip a look like 'your brother's gone'. He looks right back to the Zealot like he can feel this is gonna go down.

He stays silent however, his fingers feeling the charge of light to them but no visual effect is made, he gives a look to Alex and then to the surrounding mutants. They walked right into the den of lions. Here's hoping they can be like David.

Alex exhales heavily, his eyes moving from The Zealot to scan the rest of the area. This conversation is definitely more significant than anything he'd planned on involving himself in when the discussion about carrying supplies popped up. He's caught somewhere between flattered and ambushed. And then Zealot starts working himself up, as Zealots are wont to do.

Almost of its own accord, he drifts a hand up to his chest, feeling the thin metal array beneath his shirt. His security blanket. Catching Marcos' glance, he gives a slight shake of his head. Alex's available options tend to be 'Do Nothing' or 'Kill Everybody at Once', and neither tend to be particularly helpful strategies.

Lorna shot Marcos a scowl, and shoved him back with her hand on his shoulder. Even as the earth beneath trembled, she didn't look eve slightly concerned. Instead, she looked furious. "Your father did and supported horrible things. Genosha wasn't a paradise. It was a country of slavery and pain. A country built on the blood of those quashed beneath! How can you claim otherwise? My father is horrible, but compared to those that came before him? He looks like a damned saint." She spat.

"If you were really connected to every Genosha you'd have felt their suffering. Felt as they were experimented on, tortured, and tormented. Killed and used." She lifted her voice, to try to be heard throughout the cavern.

"I might have no right, as you claim, to be here. I didn't fight to free the people here. I wasn't here." Her voice lowered again and her hands dropped to her sides. "But I know there's something wrong if you've lost your ability to care about what happens to those beneath you. When you can kill and sacrifice the innocent for nothing. For less than nothing. Like when you killed those refugees coming here. They did nothing wrong. What you lost?! In three days? It was an Empire built on blood and ruin."

"The mutates were one in one hundred," replies Zealot, looming over Lorna. "We are the sacrifice, yes. But what a small sacrifice for a poor nation that became a super-power in less than a generation. And it was temporary, just a temporary situation."

Phillip steps forward, pale and obviously scared. He knows too well it was not a temporary situation. And that with the international embargo Genosha was about to invade other countries. And they were building an army of Sentinels while harboring some of the most fanatic anti-mutant people of America.

But it looks obvious Zealot is not going to listen to reason. "Thomas, I am sorry. Brother. Listen, I understand what you are saying, and how you feel to a point. But Genoshans, mutates and humans, can now be free together and we can built a better country. Magneto… uh, we can negotiate with him, I am sure. But no need to fight yet, okay?"

Zealot looks at Phillip and smiles. "Oh, my little brother. You are a true Genoshan. Do you know what that means to me?" He smiles, but it is again an ugly grimace. "I am in your head and in your heart. You can't deceive me." He raises a hand clenches it, Philip cries holding his head, and falls to his knees. "In your mind, and in your soul. Brother."

With both Lorna and Zealot exchanging verbal escalations, Alex's mind goes to potential solutions. Fate has given him a pretty sharp sword, however, so his mental approach to this particular Gordian Knot is predictable. Zealot makes for a promisingly large target, but Alex doesn't quite have the mindset of a killer.

His suit doesn't really know that, however, and merely decides to do its job in alerting its wearer of some fluctuations in energy stability, giving a soft buzz and lighting up in a series of concentric circles readily visible beneath his t-shirt. Focused on the debate, he doesn't notice. His fingers coil into fists at his side as his internal tension bleeds over into visible actions.

Alex's eyes flick to Lorna as Phillip crumbles to his knees, the little 'Just blast him. Blast him while there's a chance.' voice in his head begins to sound more and more reasonable. For better or worse, Alex hesitates.

Marcos gets easily shoved back by Lorna, and possibly the only person who can do that in the entire planet who could do so without an aggressive response from Marcos. But even as Lorna's words hit close to home, the insanity of the Zealot, as you do, is made mighty apparent. When Phillip is brought down, Marcos reacts. Unlike Alex, Marcos is not known for subtlety in this situation.

"Enough! he's your own blood!" he calls out to him, speaking for the first time during the meeting. His hand comes up like he's going to try to blast the zealot if he continues, the light not appearing yet in his hand, but he was a mutant. to them, who knows what Marcos can do?

He gives a look to Lorna.

Lorna looked aghast at the Zealot's words. "You're kidding yourself if you think they would have ever stopped what they were doing!" She shouted, but then her gaze was swigning toward Phillip as he stepped forward only to be brought low by his own brother. Her brows shot upwards, her eyes going wide. The fact that his brother could use his powers against him? It was horrific.

"Marcos, Alex, get Phillip! We have to go!" She reached out, her eyes closing as she tried to reach for the steel in the factory above and bring it down. Her hands out stretched before her.

"Leaving? I think no," Zealot turns to face the mutant trio. "My brother will stay with me. He is family. In time he will see the light, although he must be punished for his mistakes first. But pain purifies."

Then he scowls. "You, daughter of the Ironworker, you will remain here and if your father, the false messiah, wants to see you alive again, he will leave Genosha with all his followers." Again the Earth shakes. His mutate followers advance, trying to surround the small group. "The others, the X-Men, will die for their crimes against Genosha."

There is iron and steel up there, but there is also hard stone on the way. This chamber is not the best place for a magnetokinetic to fight.

Figuring that protesting that he isn't technically an X-Men is unlikely to make any significant difference, Alex grits his teeth. Making use of his abilities is a bit of a crap shoot, and even when the alternative is Certain Death it's a close call. His body starts to make the decision for him, with electric blue plasma arcs springing to life around his torso. His eyes go blindingly white, and luminescent wisps of plasma smoke from his clinched fists.

"Lorna! Get cover!" He gets out as the halo of plasma and light start to pulse out from his center. His street clothes begin to ignite, and his called warning turns into an incoherent shout as he struggles to maintain some sort of control or direction.

As soon as Lorna even gives the call, Marcos is already on the move to get Phillip, and from his hands in the direction of their mutant opposition with the Zealot included, a flash of intense light comes from both of Marcos's hands as if he intended to blind them with a sort of flashbang…then he uses his light to fire a blast at the zealot to see if he can give him a parting gift.

"Phillip! we gotta go!" he shouts to the man as he runs up to try and whisk him away.

Lorna glanced at Alex, seeing that he was about to blow. "Aim for the ceiling!" She shouted, one hand curled above her as she glanced toward Marcos. "Get close, and then get ready for a flash bang!" There was steel up there, and it was blocked by layers of rock. If Alex brought down the ceiling? Then her barrier should be able to protect them in a small area. Even better, when everything came down, and with a flash bang from Marcos? She could fly them up and out of there.. She hoped. With the steel above.
If not, she also wore a good amount fused metal alloys, but she'd rather not remove all the armor she was wearing.

The flash of light makes many mutates cry in alarm and cover their eyes instead of advancing on the American mutants, but not Zealot, he just blinks in annoyance. And then the floor starts moving, shifting as if it was alive, likely making Alex lose balance. When Marcos attempts to grab Phillip, Zealot reaches with his own hand and grabs his brother’s arm with an iron grip.

Eclipse’s blast makes him wince in pain, though. But the laser blast doesn’t go through his body leaving a nice hole like it would have happened to a normal human. It just scorches his skinsuit and the flesh underneath.

Alex has braced himself for a directed blast toward Zealot, which kind of works against him when the ground itself moves beneath his feet. He is pitched forward and to his side… at the last moment, he turns to land flat on his back, giving a deep grunt from the impact as his budding light show abruptly goes dark.

For about a second.

Alex closes his eyes, voices a shout, and releases a full-force blast of plasma into the cavern ceiling. The stone above shatters, ignites, and vaporizes variously as the chamber is filled with blinding light. Alex is still blasting energy upward as the entire chamber begins to collapse.

Marcos finds himself in a vicious tug of war with the Zealot when the man refuses to let go, and Marcos reacts by attempting to put a more deadly blast of light at the Zealot again, this time aiming for the head. "Back off asshole." he says to the zealot before a powerful heat beam flies at him.

He looks to Alex and Lorna, giving them both a nod though he seems a little awed at Alex's power. "We gotta go!" he shouts as he pulls harder on Phillip to try to pry him free from Insane Thomas's grip.

Lorna lifted off the ground as it began to rumble beneath them. Her gaze whipping around to see how well the boys were able to be relatively 'safe', which at the moment included 'alive'. Her hands stretched out above her to hold the barrier up above the small gaggle, protecting them from rocks that rained down from Alex's blast, and she yanked hard on the steel above them, hoping to pull it down to their level.

And then she noted in the chaos that Marcos was struggling to free Phillip. She dropped back to the ground, still trying to maintain the barrier and protect Alex and her. She couldn't maintain it for much longer and pull down the metal to their level.

"Marcos! Blind him! C'mon!"

With contemptuous ease Zealot pulls Phillip away from Marcos, showing obvious superhuman strength, and tossing him back into the hands of his followers. Then raises a hand, and the shattered ceiling of the chamber, hundreds of tons of stone and rock, just stop a few yards from hitting the ground, only a few fragments of granite fall on Lorna and Alex, to be deflected by her forcefield.

"Enough!" He cries. "I am Genosha's champion, its soul! You can't hope stand to my power!" The floor shifts, forming flailing limbs that strike at the foreign mutants. In Lorna's case, they try to grasp and pin her down. Then Marcos' laser blast hits his head, forcing him to duck, giving Lorna and the others a second of reprieve.

As Alex's stored up cosmic energy burns out, the blast emitting from his chest stops. Unfortunately for him, it also stops vaporizing any portion of cave-in that was about to fall directly upon him. It was the most energy Alex has released at one time, and it seems that he was unable to maintain consciousness in its aftermath.

It's possible he was aware of this, and was simply willing to go out with a bang. Regardless, the act leaves him incapacitated on the floor of a collapsing cavern, wearing the remnants of a burning denim jacket. The array on his chest, now visible having burned through his shirt, is completely dark. He does not appear to be becoming useful in the immediate future.

Marcos shouts back to Lorna "I TRIED IT DIDN'T WORK!" he says, then the Zealot pulls phillip away and stops the rocks that Havok sent tumbling down and Marcos rolls away, instead lifting up his hands to free Lorna from the confines that were about to strike out at her with beams from his hands. He keeps the pressure on Zealot, and any mutants who are foolish enough to charge at him. "We gotta go! now! run!" he starts moving back, knowing he won't get to Phillip in time, but he tries to make that distraction so Phillip could seize his chance if he chose.

Not a whole lotta options now!

Frustration became apparent as rock slid up to capture her feet and Lorna screamed in rage. She struggled to free herself, to lift up back into the air as the ground tried to grab at her like quick sand. She quit the barrier as it became clear that Zealot was controlling the rocks above. She shuddered, quickly realizing that, if it was 'made' in Genosha, it seemed that Zealot could control it. His powers seemed to quite literally give control over the island it would seem. It was a disturbing thought.

She ripped the metal from her suit, iron alloy rippling into the air around her as she manipulated it.

The hole in the ceiling was clearly the best way out, and as Marcos screamed how Zealot wasn't falling prey to light blindness, and Phillip was thrown…? Lorna flung the metal that liquidified in the air before her, not from Genosha, and wrapped Marcos around in it, as well as Alex. "Hold on!" She wrapped the two boys up in liquidous metal and made to fling them up into the air, above, pushing with everything she had to make sure they cleared the blast hole above.

The air of the chamber has become painfully hot after Alex' plasma blast vaporized a good chunk of the ceiling. In fact there are globs of molten rock floating among the debris, held on the air by Zealot power, but forming a deadly hazard. Dense smoke falls down, making most mutates cough and choke and seek the way out of the ruined chamber. Only a few mutates seem unaffected, and those move to assist Zealot.

The insane Genoshan seems unaffected by the heat or the smoke, although there is a burn line in his cheek from Marcos' laser. But in truth he is holding hundreds of tons of rock and multi-tasking, so he chooses to concentrate in Lorna, whom he wants to capture alive, and forget about her companions for a few seconds. His mutate miners can pound them into fine paste when they reach them, anyway.

So large chunks of rock hit Polaris' forcefield, trying to bring it down, and a huge hand of rock rises from the ground to attempt to grasp her body and keep her from flying away.

Marcos seems to still be trying to take down some mutants that charge to help the zealot before Lorna's metal wraps around Marcos and all he can do is try to melt through, but she's too fast, he turns in time to look at her. "Lorna!!!!" and just like that he gets launched right up to the ceiling along with Havok, completely helpless to do anything about it.

Though long past his probably rough landing on the ground, he tries to rip himself free from the metal contraption but likely won't have any luck "LORNA!" he shouts, trying to get free.

Lorna struggled to push the two boys up in the split seconds that her presence occupied Zealot's focus. "I'll be right behind you! Get out of here!" She shouted after Marcos' calls.

As soon as the two landed above, they were well beyond her range and whatever Marcos did to free himself was against vaguely magnetized steel. No longer the grip that Lorna had forced onto it. The metal was spread thin, like foil at that point, and ripped free easily enough.

Meanwhile, below Lorna's focus, so set on getting Marcos and Alex out— was snapped too far to hold the forefield against the constant barrage and keep from being caught from rising rocks.

An arm of rock snaked around her ankle and plucked her out of the air as she tried to rise and escape into the hole in the ceiling. She snarled, her hands out stretched above her to continue to keep the barrier up as she struggled in vain.

Zealot fails to see Alex and Marcos have left, too much spoke and debris. But his mutates are moving on to search for them, and he floats close to Lorna, adding more stone to the bindings around the green-haired woman. "Surrender already, you can't hope to prevail against me," he growls. With a gesture the shattered ceiling floats up, shifts shape, merging and restoring the top of the chamber. Closing the way out, and the way in for Eclipse and Havok.

Marcos runs back to the entrance after wriggling himself free of his binds, and tries to make it. "LORNA!!" he shouts when it turns out the gate is closed, fully panicking. "Need to do something…anything…." he looks around hectically before he growls, dragging Alex back into the jeep and making a radio call to the one person he thinks could effectively help.


Lorna didn't give up her struggles as the stone and rock bindings continued to climb higher and cement her to the ground. If anything, it made her fight all the harder. She struggled to lift off the ground, to free herself, her lips parting as a scream tore from her throat and she tried to pull herself up by the magnetic fields above.

But it wasn't enough. She continued, and struggled to get free, glaring at Zealot, her chest heaving as slowly exhaustion began to take hold. She had to stop. She had to breathe.. but if she did, it meant she stopped, gave up.. that the slow climb of the stones up her leg that encased her would spread.

"Screw you, asshole. We came here in peace!"

"Peace?" Zealot growls in anger. "Your X-Men attacked Genosha! Your father wants to conquer it! You did not come in peace. But I will throw the filthy invaders back into the ocean. I will make Genosha great again!"

To the physical assault now he adds a psychic one, an empathic attack of grief and hate to batter Lorna's mind. The anger and pain of the Genoshans at seeing their country turned into a ruin, channeled through his psychic link with the land. It is true he is connected to the population, small wonder he is insane.

Unfortunately, like happened to Phillip before, it is difficult to establish communication from this area of the mountains to the cities. Hammer Bay is even further than Carrion Cove. And some of the mutates outside now are moving towards the jeep.

Marcos looks to the mutants chasing them and he just mutters. "Shit." and he starts to book it, driving away and fast, keeping to try and call for help of the master of Magnetism "Come on, PICK UP! YOUR GODDAMN DAUGHTER IS IN TROUBLE! We need help! The Zealot has Polaris!" he keeps trying, perhaps in vane, until he can get their attention.

"come on!"

Lorna panted for breath, struggling still, though weaker now than before. Any further response was broken off entirely under his psychic attack. She screamed, crumbling to the ground as her hands clasped at her throbbing head as tears welled in her eyes and trickled down her cheeks at the mixture of grief and anger. The pain was so intense, she couldn't control the choked sobs that racked her form.

She had no defenses against a telepathic, psychic attack, and had there been steel around, it would have trembled at the spike in her powers from the swell of her emotions.

But there wasn't. And she was left screaming and sobbing as she cried out against the sorrow that Zealot lobbed at her.

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